Realestate website revamp


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Realestate website revamp

  1. 1. Real estate website
  2. 2. A brief overview of the revamp which includes: What is the main purpose of the site? What are the secondary goals? What are the long term goals? a) Enable hits and increase traffic onto the site. b) Ultimately market the projects globally. c) Increase product awareness and generate more sales d) An advertising medium that also enables service & support e) Gain recognition in the global market for the company.
  3. 3. Current Situation The site that was initially created with a lot of content but it was not receiving good website traffic because it was not user friendly, informative, easy to navigate, not search engine optimized & no feel good factor Goals of the project. What is this site supposed to achieve?- More hits/ enquiries/ interactions / global reach/ Increase brand value/ recognition/ futuristic appeal How will this site achieve these goals? SEO/ interactive design/ easy navigation/ informative/ feel good factors/ visionary messages How will the site allow the target market to perceive your company? Customer friendly/Trust/ track record/ technology/ front runners/ innovations
  4. 4. Deliverables/Requirements What are the key features of your site?- What elements are imperative to your business and what would be just nice to have? People need to be able to get in touch with you or transact on line People to subscribe to a news letter/ updates in a way we collect the database To build a database with some interactive tools by registering Mix of flash & HTML site-During a launch or spl promo or a campaign we want to highlight the project/information, we might want a flash site. To enable & bring the happiness in customer interactions, support & service, trust to book on-line
  5. 5. Target Audience Who is your target audience, - NRI’s, Elite & cream crowd, IT/ industry crowd, lifestyle home buyers, unique home choosers, etc…/ Investors/ Media What are their demographics- Tastes: Joy/ Comfort/Elite/premium/ultra luxury/ comfort/ futuristic/ technology Age: 25-60+ Income: 5L and above Online preferences. You need to know the likes of your customers to determine who will come to your site and more importantly, keep them coming and recommending their friends. The look and feel of your site would be more informational and categorized according to the product offerings.
  6. 6. Communication Strategy How do you plan on using your site to communicate with your audience? Is it going to be through the copy, through visual imagery, through points to action on your homepage? How will you measure the success and effectiveness of your site? Is it going to be through revenues, hit rates, conversion to sales, leads generated? Calls to Action An effective site compels the audience to interact with it at some level. This could be as simple as filling out a form to get a newsletter, enquiry or a live support Whatever the calls to action may be, they should be readily available and evident to users. Competitive Positioning Who is your competition and how are they positioning themselves? Will you be following the competition or differentiating yourself? Final Target Message When people leave your site, what is the impression that they should leave with?
  7. 7. Revamp- Changes for improvement Homepage: •Corporate logo with verticals •Home screen – Image/ illustrations – Largeness, happiness, futuristic , corporate… •Shuffle options/ slides/ flash/ trends •Current attractions, latest launches, special offers •News/ Market trend & info’s •Social media interfaces •Awards & certificates •Corporate Av link •Teaser message or quotes of excitements •Banner ads and static info’s •News letter & subscription page •Site view resolution 1024*768
  8. 8. Segments: Primary •About (Overview, Vision, mission, corp AV, company presence) •Investors relations (Board of directors, investors presentations, Corporate profile, FAQ’s) •Press room/ Media center (Press clips, articles, media contact, logo, launch videos, events) •CSR •E-support (online help for new & existing clients) •Carriers •Contact (Corp add, site address, Vendor contact, JV contact) Secondary •Residential (Current- Completed- upcoming) •Commercial (Current- Completed- upcoming)
  9. 9. Project page: Overview-(project name, logo, location, type, amenities, USP, availability, Status ) Site plan Floor plans Specifications Model apartments Architect renderings Status images Availability Price/ terms Payment schedule Booking forms E-brochure & floor plan download options Contact info
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Banner advertising on internet Blogging Paid promotions through pay per click campaigns Email marketing campaigns Product centric promotion through micro sites Pod casts/ Video Marketing Social Media Promotions SMS/ MMS Marketing etc.
  11. 11. Thank you Presented By Sundarji Nandagopal