SunGard Case Study 3i


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3i invests in managed hosting for greater efficiency and better service

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SunGard Case Study 3i

  1. 1. 3i invests in AVAILABILITY SERVICES managed hosting for greater efficiency CASE STudY and better service “The SunGard Availability Business problem Services proposal was the 3i’s data centre was no longer fit for purpose and the investment firm needed most commercially viable either toto a third party to manage. Opting to host its systems at one of systems invest considerable sums in upgrading it or entrust its critical IToption. It will not only give SunGard Availability Services’ highly resilient technology centres, more thanus a better service but also 100 vital serversmulti to be relocated in a military-style operation over a single weekend. With had million pound deals at stake, failure was not an option. save us around £1m.” Solution Tim Rance, director of IT infrastructure, 3i Managed Hosting Consultancy Services Technology Recovery Workplace Recovery. Business benefits Avoided capital outlay needed to upgrade an ageing data centre Peace of mind that critical systems are hosted in resilient, secure data centre Liberated IT staff from routine housekeeping tasks Considerable cost-savings No interruption to business operations.
  2. 2. 3i invests in managed hosting for greater efficiency and better service CASE STudY 2“The inability to access our systems for “SunGard came up with the most creative and commercially viable solution,” explains Tim Rance, director of IT an extended period would cause severe infrastructure for 3i. “They recognised that we needed disaster recovery and business continuity provision as well as operational difficulties and cost us time a managed hosting service. They made a strong business case and money.” for a blended solution that would not only give us greater resilience than our old in-house data centre but would also save Tim Rance, director of IT infrastructure, 3i us money – around £1m over five years. We couldn’t lose!”For over 65 years, the international investor 3i, a The decision made and a date set for the move, SunGardlongstanding SunGard Availability Services customer, and 3i each set up project teams to plan the data centrehas been working with management teams to develop relocation. decommissioning over 120 servers on a Fridaybusinesses that have potential for significant growth. night, transporting them 150 miles away and recommissioningThe firm, which focuses its investments in the three them ready for business as usual on Monday morning was a mammoth undertaking. There was no room for slippage: ifkey areas of private equity, infrastructure and debt events did not go to plan, the only possible contingency wasmanagement, has £13bn assets under management to abandon the operation. understanding the enormity of theand employs around 500 people across 13 countries. task ahead, over the next six months the two teams worked as3i recognised that it needed either to invest considerable one, planning every aspect of the relocation in minute detail.sums in upgrading its ageing data centre or entrust itscritical IT systems, on which the entire business depends, Tim Rance recalls, “We knew we faced a daunting task butto a third party to manage. Following rigorous examination SunGard clearly knew what they were doing, which filled us with confidence. Very early on they presented us with a projectof all alternatives, and wanting to sell the building in which plan, which highlighted all the actions we needed to take andits data centre was housed, 3i opted to outsource its IT the timescales. We could see that they had done this manyinfrastructure management. times before – their experience shone through.”The Birmingham-based data centre supports not only 3i’s The weekend of the move dawned and the joint project teamBirmingham office but also its uK, Mainland Europe and New swung into action. The outcome of thousands of man hoursYork operations. Tim Rance, director of IT infrastructure for 3i would be determined over the course of a single weekend.knew their choice of provider was critical to the success of the Tim Rance reports, “Everything went without a hitch and weproject. Highlighting just one of its IT systems, he explained, were actually back in business again ahead of our deadline,“We store all our deal-related documentation on an internal by midday on Sunday. It was a really smooth transition,portal where it needs to be accessible to colleagues globally better than I could ever have imagined. We knew the testto collaborate effectively as a virtual deal team. The inability to would come on Monday morning but, in the event, we didn’taccess our systems for an extended period would cause severe receive a single support call – there weren’t even any teethingoperational difficulties and cost us time and money.” troubles. Quite simply, it couldn’t have gone any better.” Several months on, no issues have since come out of the“We could see SunGard had done this woodwork. In fact, Tim Rance notes, “We’ve just conducted many times before – their experience our second service review and everything on the RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating is green. The best result when carrying shone through.” out a large technology move is that people don’t notice anything has changed...and that is exactly what happened.” Tim Rance, director of IT infrastructure, 3i Reflecting on the working relationship that developed in theWhile 3i had renewed its contract for disaster recovery run-up to the move, Tim observes, “Our two project teamsservices from SunGard Availability Services several times were effectively one big team – it was a real partnership.since becoming a customer in 2004, in keeping with the firm’s The SunGard guys understood our work ethic and culture.reputation for thoroughness, it conducted a rigorous selection Their professionalism and attention to detail showed.process to ensure its mission-critical systems would be in We’re very happy with the service we received from SunGard –safe hands. 3i started with a longlist of around 60 possible I felt at all times that we were in safe hands.”companies, which it whittled down to a dozen following market He concludes, “SunGard really has delivered an excellentresearch. SunGard was among the shortlisted companies asked solution for us. It’s cost-effective and, most importantly of all, it’sto complete a Request for Information and, subsequently, a improved the service delivery levels we can offer the business.”Request for Proposal. united Kingdom & European Head Office, 12-13 Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7BW 0800 143 413© 2011 SunGard Availability Services (UK) LimitedSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in theUS and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. V1:06/11