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Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Information, Communications & Technology Continuity Management (ICT Continuity) can help your organisation mitigate risk and keep people and information connected by:

- Protecting people and assets Maintaining the ability to manage uninsurable risks
Identifying and managing risks of business disruption
- Helping ensure availability of business critical information
- Protecting time critical business processes and applications
- Meeting legal and regulatory requirements
- Protecting shareholder value and reputation
- Identifying and managing supply chain risk
- Satisfying external requests for evidence of business resilience
- Potentially gaining competitive advantage by continuing a level of service in times of disruption.

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SunGard Consulting Brochure

  2. 2. TalenTed, experT people To help you achieve resilience Information Availability that Scarce resources, climate embraces business continuity is change, economic pressure, evidence of quality management growing regulatory processes; and not just an requirements, increased emergency service. outsourcing and technological advances are the key drivers With SunGard Availability for change in today’s global Services, you can access world business landscape. class expertise and knowledge which spans five decades In this fast paced environment your business continues to be surrounded of experience. by external and internal threats, be they human, technological, competitive, And trust. The kind born from environmental or terrorism. no matter exemplary customer service, how large or small your organisation, an unrivalled track record, without robust, effective and tested continuity strategies in place – your 100% recovery success rate and business is at risk. multi-award winning services. ntinuity m co a g derstanding Understanding the ICT ontinu ontin ntin ntinu ntinui ng remen emen continuity requirements n na di ge Understand Understanding nd nding Embed the organisation ment Exerc Exer r Exercising, Exe xe xercising, Exercising, mining ining ning Determiningg te e esting, testing, Programme Determining ing i Determining maintaining ma maintaining nuit ui ui ICT continuity main maintaining Management strate y e egy BCM strategy and reviewing tegies gies strategies d revi rev revie re and reviewing Developing and re in menn implementing a respo pons po ponse BCM response tu th lopi opi eme m me Developing and implementing T con co onti strateg ateg ICT continuity strategies ul or c e gan s2 isati on’
  3. 3. BuSIneSS ContInuIty And ICt ContInuIty ConSultInGSome incidents are unavoidable. specialists in what we doThey can prevent production and yourability to reach customers, suppliers, Delivering continuity, availability andstakeholders, prospects and staff. resilience is SunGard Availability Services’ core business – we are specialist, focused,To maintain resilient operations your it’s all that we do. And BCM and ICTpeople need effective and timely access Continuity are at the very heart of makingto data, systems and applications. sense of the solutions that will work bestBusiness Continuity Management (BCM) for your business.and Information, Communications & Our Consulting Services are managedTechnology Continuity Management (ICT as independent projects, but are alsoContinuity) can help your organisation embedded as part of a much widermitigate risk and keep people and continuity solution.information connected by: Effective BCM is essential to protecting Protecting people and assets your business operations. ICT Continuity Maintaining the ability to manage supports the overall BCM process and uninsurable risks helps ensure your systems are resilient and able to be recovered within predetermined Identifying and managing risks of timescales. SunGard has a unique business disruption knowledge base that provides end-to-end Helping ensure availability of business support and advice on all areas of BCM critical information and ICT Continuity – including the relationship between the two disciplines. Protecting time critical business processes and applications We always start by determining your specific business needs, working Meeting legal and collaboratively with you from the outset regulatory requirements to identify and manage key issues and Protecting shareholder value risks. Drawing from our breadth of and reputation experience we can develop a bespoke and workable solution that helps ensure Identifying and managing supply your business is equipped and prepared chain risk for any eventuality. Satisfying external requests for Our advice is modelled on industry good evidence of business resilience practice so our services may be tailored Potentially gaining competitive to align with, comply or even exceed advantage by continuing a level BS 25999:2* depending on your appetite of service in times of disruption. for risk and security and BS 25777**. * British Standard BS 25999-2: 2007 Business Continuityintegrated BcM and icT Management Specification.continuity capability ** British Standard BS 25777:2008 ICT Continuity Management Code of Practice.SunGard has one aim: to keep yourcritical information and key peopleconnected, no matter what.To help you, we have some of the UK’smost experienced and talented peoplewho are both intellectually curious andplace customers at the heart of ourbusiness. Whilst we pride ourselves on ourunrivalled real-life recovery track record,we never forget the importance of listeningcarefully to your needs and opinions,so that we can produce exceptionalresults and value for your business. 3
  4. 4. Business conTinuiTy ManageMenT services “79% of people who had BS 25999:2 provides detailed plans were forced to activate requirements to help facilitate them last year” the implementation of a comprehensive BC solution. Chartered Management Institute SunGard can add value to all March 2010 stages of the BCM Lifecycle irrespective of the maturity of your BCM programme. BC is a business driven and business owned management process that requires solid BCM expertise and knowledge. Our team of independent consultants provides a depth of experience spanning both the public and private sectors.4
  5. 5. Supporting you through the complete BCM lifecycleunderstanding the organisationFor BC to be effective in anyorganisation, it is imperative to have adetailed understanding and analysis ofyour business. During this stage of theLifecycle SunGard will work closely withyour people in order to understand whatis important to your business and whatyou need to consider when recovering.We will work with you to identify themost efficient and effective BC response.determining BcM strategies exercising, maintaining and reviewing BcM arrangementsOnce BC requirements are understoodSunGard can draw on its five decades BC plans are not robust until they areexperience to help you identify a exercised and rehearsed. Exercising notnumber of strategies to meet your only confirms validity of plan data, butBC requirements. This includes also provides essential awareness of rolesbalancing your business and budgetary and responsibilities within the process.requirements to provide a ‘fit for From our experience, the lessons learnedpurpose’ solution that considers people, during exercising will help you justify theprocess and technology. SunGard overall investment into BCM. SunGardcan also help you to identify any can add significant value at this stageconsequences of inaction. of the Lifecycle, as we can provide you with support across all areasdeveloping and implementing of exercising, including incidenta BcM response management, business and IT recovery plans. Furthermore, SunGard canOnce your strategies have been agreed also provide valuable insight from ourSunGard can support you in developing experience gained from managingand implementing an appropriate thousands of real-life incidents.BCM planning process. SunGardhas unparalleled experience in the embedding BcM in theproduction and implementation of BCM organisation’s cultureplans, including incident management,business and IT recovery. We believe For BCM to be truly successfulplans should be simple, clear and easy to requires it to be embedded withinuse. They can be presented using various your organisation’s culture. Suchmedia, including SunGard’s Continuity culture change needs a clearly definedManagement Solution (CMS), the BCM strategy, strong leadership, effectivesoftware tool with the industry leading communication and buy-in fromLDRPS® at its heart. management and staff at every level. Having plans in place is not enough – they have to be understood and owned by your organisation. SunGard can provide ongoing support in creating and sustaining a BCM culture. This can be achieved by transferring skills through the BCM Lifecycle process, training staff at all levels and developing awareness programmes. This process helps ensure your people will have both the tools and confidence to respond effectively to any business interruption, 5 at any time.
  6. 6. icT conTinuiTy ManageMenT services “[SunGard] has a sizeable BS 25777, the British Standard consulting organisation that for ICT, provides a Code of supports the full BCP/ Practice to assist with the implementation of an ICT DRP life cycle.” Continuity solution that The Forrester Wave™ Disaster underpins your BCM system. Recovery Service Providers, SunGard has a proven track 2010 Forrester Research inc record in implementing resilient ICT solutions combining good practice with expertise that will support you in achieving strategic alignment of IT and business. Our highly experienced team of consultants will support you across the range of ICT programmes, including migrations, implementations, technology changes and new initiatives.6
  7. 7. Supporting you through the complete ICt Continuity lifecycleunderstanding icT exercising, testing,continuity requirements maintaining and reviewingFor ICT Continuity to be effective Testing ICT Continuity solutions helpsin supporting your BCM strategy ensure that your strategies work, as andit is important to understand your when required, thus providing assurancecurrent ICT capability and whether it to the business and stakeholders thatfully supports your current business strategies and procedures are robust.requirements. SunGard’s experienced From our experience, testing should notICT professionals can assist you in only test recovery capability, but alsoindentifying recovery priorities, Recovery confirm that each ICT service is eitherTime Objectives (RTO) and Recovery protected or can be recovered –Point Objectives (RPO) for each ICT regardless of incident – to the levelservice. This process helps enable gaps required by the business (e.g. meetingbetween your capability and business your predetermined RPOs and RTOs).requirements to be fully identified. Continued maintenance and review of ICT Continuity plans and strategies isdetermining icT essential to remaining resilient as yourcontinuity strategies business evolves.Once your ICT Capability and BCrequirements are understood, SunGardcan assist with the evaluation andrecommendations of ICT Continuitymanagement strategies. Our consultantscan provide you with unparalleledexperience in determining appropriateICT strategies that will deliver the requiredlevel of resilience and continuity for yourbusiness. The resultant strategies willbalance your risk appetite against availablebudget, resources and current technology.developing and implementingicT continuity strategiesOnce your ICT strategy gainsmanagement approval, SunGard canfully assist you in the planning andimplementation of the continuity solutionfor each ICT service. SunGard hasexperience in delivering ICT Continuitysolutions that will fully support you inaddressing any people, process andtechnology requirements. This includesall skills training, documentation andtechnology deployment projects. All Listening to you and understanding yourprojects are managed and tracked using business needs is the first rule of ourSunGard’s proven and structured project engagement. We marry your objectivesmanagement methodology. with our know-how to deliver a solution based on authority and partnership. 7
  8. 8. our services overview of BCM Services inuity ont BCM Programme Management (Policy Definition) c m BS 25999:2 Gap Analysis g a n na Understanding Business Impact Analysis the organisation di ge BCM Risk Assessment Embed Supply Chain Review ment Continuity Strategy Definition Exercising, BCM Determining maintenance programme BCM Developing and Implementing and review management strategies a BCM Response Incident Management re in Managed Testing Developing and tu HR Planning implementing th a BCM response BCM Training and Awareness. ul or c e gan s isati on’ Buying from an industry leader has always been a sound procurement policy. When it comes to Business and ICT Continuity Consulting you would be hard pressed to find another provider more experienced and trusted than SunGard.8
  9. 9. overview of ICt CT co ng IContinuity Services ICT Resilience Review and IT Capability d di nt in Understanding be network/Infrastructure Assessment the ICT continuity ui requirements Security Audit Em ty Penetration Testing ICT Social Engineering Exercising, continuity Determining testing programme ICT continuity Technical Recovery Assessment maintenance strategies management and review Technical Recovery Documentation in t re PCI/ DSS Compliance Virtualisation Assessment Developing and tu implementing he Infrastructure Feasibility a ICT continuity ul Assessment or strategies c ga n ’s Backup/ Storage Assessment Vaulting Assessment nisatio Data Profiling and Trend Analysis Exchange Server Services. 9
  10. 10. Why sungard? results – With a 100% recovery good practice – SunGard was the success track record based on handling first continuity provider in the world to over 3,400 invocations worldwide, our become BS 25999 certified, whilst our value and performance is unrivalled. UK Technology Centres are SAS 70 compliant. Our consulting approach specialist – Unlike our competitors, is aligned with the requirements of Information Availability and business BS 25999, BS 25777, FSA/Bank of resilience is all we do, which is why England Guidelines and the Federal we do it better than anyone else. Financial Institutions Examination Customers benefit from practical Council (FFIEC). lessons learnt from five decades of customer support. comprehensive – Our services span all areas of BCM, including experience – SunGard has ICT continuity, to help keep been delivering BCM and ICT your key people and critical Continuity solutions since 1978 information connected. to all industry sectors. global reach – SunGard has the Trusted partner – SunGard is capability to deliver global consulting retained by hundreds of Government programmes and has access to and business organisations in the over 300 BC and resilience UK including: Baillie Gifford, BDO consultants worldwide. Stoy Hayward LLP, Centrica, ICAP Management Services, Irwin Mitchell, Flexible – Our services will meet your London School of Economics, BCM requirements however mature northgate Information Solutions, your current programme is. Sainsbury’s, Smiths plc, TnT, Virgin Media and Weightmans.10
  11. 11. award Winning – Year-on-yearrecognition for excellenceand innovation:– cir Business continuity awards – Business Continuity Service Provider of the Year 2010, 2009, 2006, 2005, 2002, 2000, 1999; Excellence in Infrastructure Management 2010; 10 Year Anniversary Award for Excellence in Business Continuity 2008; Business Continuity Consultant 2006.– Financial-i leaders in innovation awards – Best & Most Innovative Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Supplier 2009, 2008, 2007– oprisk & compliance – Business Continuity Strategy & Planning Software 2007; Business Continuity Planning Software 2007 (joint). 11
  12. 12. SunGard Availability ServicesSunGard Availability Services delivers secure, resilient IT infrastructure and organisational availability servicesthrough a unique combination of scalable, managed IT production environments and Workplace Recoverycentres, with the added benefit of remote access solutions for your workforce: Connected via our privatenetwork across our multiple locations and all supported by experience gained from five decades of keepingbusinesses resilient.Managed Services Recovery ServicesSunGard’s Managed Services give you the IT resources Interruptions to business are difficult to predict, butand skills you need to ensure availability, reliability, SunGard customers know that when disaster strikes,security and cost-efficiency. Yet we leave you in full they are always ready. With the widest range ofcontrol of the systems, applications and data that effective solutions SunGard ensures that any businessdrive your business forward. Meanwhile our impact is minimised, returning you quickly back toenterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service ‘private business as’ delivers computing power, data storage,security and connectivity for almost zero CAPEX. BCM Software Our industry leading suite of BCM Software allowsConsulting Services you to develop a world-class BCM regime, to manageWe help you get risks under control, thereby your preparedness, and any business interruptionssafeguarding your profits, operations, customers and you experience. It ensures your staff and customersreputation by leveraging our industry-acknowledged are fully informed, and that the right people andoperational risk management expertise. From resources are deployed at the right continuity management to the full lifecycleof technological solutions, we deliver results uniqueto your business because our start point is alwaysyour business Kingdom & Information Availability you can trustEuropean Head Office SunGard Availability Services understands how12-13 Bracknell Beeches, vital Information Availability is to protectingOld Bracknell Lane West, key operations, servicing customers, preservingBracknell, Berkshire reputation,maintaining profitability and engenderingRG12 7BW stakeholder confidence. Over 10,000 customers trust us to keep their people and informationt: 0800 143 413 connected. Trust us to do the same for you.e: infoavail@sungard.comw: