SunGard Managed Server Replication & Recovery


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SunGard Availability Services’ Managed Server Replication & Recovery is a managed service that protects your data, keeps critical servers running and ensures rapid recovery of failed systems in the event of a disaster.

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SunGard Managed Server Replication & Recovery

  1. 1. AVAILABILITY SERVICES Rapid recovery of your critical MAnAgEd SERVER REpLICATIon servers & RECoVERY SunGard Availability Services’ Cost-effective – as it eliminates the need for redundant infrastructure such as a Managed Server Replication & secondary replicated server Recovery is a managed service Storage Area Network (SAN) Efficient – block level replication identifies changes, that protects your data, keeps rather than copying an entire file, so critical servers running and the system runs at optimum speed with minimal bandwidth ensures rapid recovery of failed Reliable – as it delivers consistent systems in the event of a disaster. replication of data across multiple systems Benefits at a glance Saves time and money – server recovery in minutes and there is no requirement for Real time data and system replication – duplicate software licences so that in the event of a disaster, data loss is kept to a minimum Application independent – supports all applications running under an operating Secure remote testing – so your key IT system, including bespoke solutions staff do not have to travel to a recovery or alternative location when testing your Flexible – asynchronous replication is recovery strategy not distance dependent, giving you the ability to choose your preferred Highly resilient – systems are hosted in Technology Centre secure Technology Centres with multiple sources of power and cooling Suitable for organisations with large volumes of data – as recovery time is 24/7 replication monitoring – unrelated to the volume of storage all hosted hardware is monitored and managed centrally via the SunGard Transparent – an online portal allows you network operations centre to view replication processing Access to SunGard’s unrivalled recovery Hardware agnostic – you are not expertise – for a faster recovery in the restricted to a specific manufacturer. event of a disaster tive S o l ut io n ova of t he nn tI Ye os a rM 2010 2010SH DATA CenTReS euRope AwARDS O RT L I S T E D Finalist 2010 – Best new european Cloud Services
  2. 2. MAnAgEd SERVER REpLICATIon & RECoVERY Rapid recovery of your critical servers Managed Server Replication & Recovery delivers corruption. As a managed service, Sungard an Rpo (Recovery point objective) of near zero provides the hosted hardware and software and an RTo (Recovery Time objective) of just at the Sungard technology centre: the 15 minutes per replicated server. hosted solution includes the firewall, network switching and internet connectivity The service works by replicating your required to deliver the solution. systems and data in real time via a dedicated communications link on to hardware and For added peace of mind, Sungard monitors software hosted in one of Sungard’s highly the replication system availability 24/7. resilient Technology Centres. This is achieved Should one or all of your servers fail, the by installing unobtrusive software on your replication service can take over and act as system so no additional equipment is needed the production server upon invocation of at your premises. This enables information the service. to be electronically transferred to Sungard without affecting your system’s performance. In short, SunGard’s Managed Server (The transfer uses just 1 - 3% of your CpU’s Replication & Recovery service is designed processing power). to dramatically reduce RTO and RPO to help ensure business continuity at Managed Server Replication & Recovery a fraction of the cost of traditional also provides you with near continuous data replication solutions by either replicating protection (Cdp) by taking snapshots of your only critical servers or indeed the whole replicated data so that it can be restored in the server estate regardless of application, event of a virus, hardware failure or software vendorhardware or type of storage attached. Replication, recovery, testing and vaulting CUSTOMER ENVIRONMENT NETWORK SUNGARD Crit ical ver LAN ce) Ser /LES tan /WA y dis REC Crit ical rver N (IP an OVE Se RY Crit ver ical Ser REPLICATION Crit ver ical Ser Crit ical ver TESTING Ser FAIL-BACK OPTIONAL SERVICES Les s Cr ver WO Ser OPTIONAL SERVICES itica R Les l REC KPLA al) BACKUP O CE s Cr itica Server CENVERY (op tion Les l TRE s Cr ver itica l Ser Les s Cr ver itica l Ser ELE C VAUTRON tion al) LTIN IC (op G Local Area Network (LAN) / LAN Extension Service (LES) / Wide Area Network (WAN) / Internet Protocol (IP) United Kingdom & European Head office, 12-13 Bracknell Beeches, old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire Rg12 7BW 0800 143 413© 2010 SunGard Availability ServicesSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in theUS and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. V1:09/10