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Why choose SunGard’s Long-term and Mobile Recovery solutions?

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SunGard Long-Term and Mobile Recovery

  1. 1. avaiLaBiLity SERvicES Survive a building loss without having LOnG-tERm and mOBiLE REcOvERy to relocateWhy choose SunGard’s Flexible – accommodation for 25-300 seats, built to your predefined specificationLong-term and Mobile Local – recovery at the location ofRecovery solutions? your choiceChoice – the widest range Productive – keeps your people and/or systems working.of services to suit your needs,all delivered to you: How would you cope in the Long-term Workplace Recovery – for a event of major building or complete office environment, comprising equipment loss? desks, chairs, data cabling and temporary your immediate response may be to move key office buildings staff to your designated recovery location to – QuickShip – servers, PCs, telephony ensure your business continues to operate. But and LAN equipment to complement what if the disaster cannot be resolved inside workplace options your contracted invocation period? For many – Long-term Computer Equipment organisations, the answer is to remain on site wherever possible to minimise the disruption Room (CER) – to house your critical to staff caused by relocation. IT servers and equipment when your computer room is out of action SunGard’s Long-term and mobile Recovery – Mobile Infrastructure Package – services are designed for the occasions when short-term electrical and mechanical your workplace, data centre – or both – are support for your buildings going to be out of operation for some time and you have access to spare land. We will bring the – Mobile Workplace and Mobile Mid- facilities you need to your preferred location range Unit – deployment of pre-built so that your staff are not inconvenienced while buildings to house personnel or your business is recovered. systems, delivered within 24 hours – Mobile Bespoke Accommodation – pre-built bespoke buildings developed with you to house your business
  2. 2. LOnG-tERm and mOBiLE REcOvERySurvive a building loss without having to relocateRecovery where you need itSunGard’s Long-term and Mobile Recoverysolutions offer the UK’s most advancedrange of facilities and services to helpyour organisation survive a building losswithout having to relocate. they haveproved ideal for government departments,local authorities, schools, military bases andbusinesses whose recovery time objectivesare measured in days or weeks.We provide everything you need tokeep running from your own site, from acomfortable, well-equipped workplaceto all the accompanying technology. Pcs,servers, communications (including data andtelephony) can be pre-configured to yourrequirements and transported to yournominated site at time of disaster.We offer a choice of cost-effectivepackages so that you only pay for what youneed. these include Long-term Workplace,Long-term computer Equipment Rooms andmobile infrastructure Packages. Our rangeof tried and tested solutions enable you toresume near normal business operations untilyou are able to restore your original office ordata centre.Our purpose-built buildings – on 24-hourstandby at our central distribution centre in The SunGard Availabilitythe midlands – are constructed of modular Services approachblocks, accompanied by generators, UPSsand all necessary furnishings. SunGard offers a unique range of services according to your business needs and theLong-term Recovery Solutions can be nature of the invocation: SunGard is theconstructed within four to 30 days, only major provider to offer Long-termdepending on the size of building(s) required. Recovery and provide the appropriateWhen a smaller workplace is needed, infrastructure, it and communicationSunGard’s fleet of mobile buildings can be resources.delivered to your premises in a much fastertime frame, normally within 24 hours. Long-term Workplace Recovery – SunGard constructs high-specificationWhat’s more, SunGard will transfer Workplace Recovery accommodation,ownership of the Long-term building to your configured to suit your organisation’sorganisation if your permanent building needs, at a location nominated by you.cannot be recovered inside a 13 week time SunGard will survey the nominated site –frame. in the case of SunGard’s largest often a car park – prior to an invocationLong-term buildings, that’s an asset and assist with any necessary planningworth £1.5m. applications to ensure that the structure conforms to local authority regulations.
  3. 3. these buildings provide a comfortable Like our Workplace Recovery option,office environment, including toilet temporary cERs are built of modularfacilities, for up to 300 staff. their modular blocks and sized to suit your businessnature makes them highly flexible so needs. individual building sizes range fromthat a mix of computer room and office 1,054 sq ft (98m²) for four units to 6,878 sqaccommodation can be provided to meet ft (639 m²) for 26 units.the requirements of any business. cERs are powered by generators for one-Long-term Workplace Recovery buildings month period after invocation to alloware powered by generators for up to a time for mains electricity to be installed,month after invocation to allow time for although the use of a mobile generatormains electricity to be installed, although and UPS can be extended for a longerthe use of a mobile generator and UPS period by subscription for up to 13 weeks.can be extended for a longer period Mobile Infastructure Packages –by subscription for up to 13 weeks, the Mobile Infrastructure Packageif necessary. provides short-term support when anQuickShip – Each of SunGard’s Workplace incident has occurred that affects yourRecovery centres has sufficient fixed normal operations but is not seriousPc technology to meet our customers’ enough to require a full transfer to one ofimmediate recovery and testing our fixed-site Recovery centres.requirements. But when a mobile typically, this might mean where thereRecovery solution is needed, because has been a minor fire, limited waterproperty and equipment has been damage or loss of electricity through andamaged, SunGard’s QuickShip package incident such as fire, explosion or flooding.provides all the technology you need the service comprises:to support a recovery at your site,including Pcs, servers, telephony and – Portable accommodation andLan recovery services. storage unitsto allow rapid deployment, Pc units are – mobile air conditioning units andstored and delivered in purpose-built power distribution unitswheeled flight cases. they will fit through – diesel generators and UPSa standard door and into most lifts. – Rapid portable structured cabling.SunGard provides the same high-specification model Pcs, (refreshed at Bespoke solutions – SunGard has theregular intervals) for all fixed and mobile experience and expertise to advise onrecovery solutions. We aim to get you and supply bespoke disaster recoveryfully operational within eight hours. solutions. We will work closely withOnce equipment has been delivered and you to identify and create a uniqueassembled, our sophisticated imaging recovery package to meet yourmethodologies allow a Pc ghost image to specific multi-cast to multiple Pcs in minutes,slashing Lan restore times.Computer Equipment Room solutions –it is not always the workplace that isaffected by a disaster. Our Long-termComputer Equipment Room (CER)solutions provide full, raised floortemporary cER accommodation at or nearyour site supported by uninterruptiblepower supply (UPS), generators andair conditioning.
  4. 4. LOnG-tERm and mOBiLE REcOvERy Survive a building loss without having to relocate Mobile disaster recovery in practice mobile Workplace Units were designed and to be able to be deployed and operational built for a national bank to allow it to recover anywhere in the UK within 24 hours. SunGard and continue operating its local branches; designed and built a new solution to meet complete with separate customer and staff these unique requirements, which included areas, teller facilities and security measures. a generator; an interview room and toilet, the ‘mobile branch’ is ready to serve the in addition to all the technology to support bank’s customers throughout the Scottish the investigators in their work. the unit’s Highlands and islands. frequent use means it is dedicated to a self-contained office unit was required to that customer. support six investigators. the facility had United Kingdom & European Head Office, 12-13 Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7BW 0800 143 413© 2010 SunGard Availability ServicesSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in theUS and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. V1:08/10