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Save time and money understanding the resilience of your supply chain with SunGard’s online Vendor Assessment tool that automates, improves and simplifies the selection of vendors from a continuity preparation perspective.

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SunGard CMS Vendor Assessment

  1. 1. AVAILABILITY SERVICES Understanding the resilience of VENDOR ASSESSMENT your supply chain Save time and money Business pain understanding the resilience Running leaner stock levels or requiring your suppliers to hold it for you, may keep the of your supply chain with money in your bank, but a supply/value chain SunGard’s online Vendor disruption can quickly turn normally profitable businesses into financial disasters – not Assessment tool that forgetting to mention the reputational damage automates, improves and that lasts long after the initial loss of trade. simplifies the selection of You may well be one of the 50% of businesses who have a BC plan. But you would be hard vendors from a continuity pressed to find any survey (whether carried preparation perspective. out by a leading management consultancy or similar) whereby procurement executives Benefits at a glance express complete confidence in the resilience of their supply chain. Helps improve supply chain resilience Helps to stimulate vendor resilience activity This is somewhat surprising when so many businesses rely on integrated or straight Task effort mainly placed on vendors, not you through processes with their suppliers. Provides a clear picture of non-compliance Too many firms rely on trust and contracts and risk exposure for protection. The truth is, the actual degree of supplier resilience and what may Accelerates the assessment process be signed up to in a contract can often be Tracks vendor responses poles apart. This is not through any devious Simple to use survey attempt by suppliers to misrepresent their business, they simply do not know Easy to update and maintain data or understand their risk exposure. Integrates with SunGard business continuity management (BCM) software planning modules. nui t y M ana Conti g ess o f t wa re o f t h e m e s in i n g S eY n Bu lan n ea t P r 2010 2010SH O RT L I S T E D
  2. 2. VENDOR ASSESSMENTUnderstanding the resilience of your supply chainThe value of Vendor AssessmentOn the upside, a business that candemonstrate the resilience of its supplyand value chains – and force this disciplinedown the chain – not only protects itsoperations but also that of its customersand to some degree its suppliers.Therefore it can be a positive, uniqueselling point in business development.Reaching the level of understanding thatsatisfies your requirements can be a painfulprocess in terms of the time and/or moneyrequired to visit or sift through yoursupplier’s processes and BC plans.So a process that strikes the right balancebetween time and money spent assessingvendors and value of the output, can beachieved with SunGard’s Vendor Assessmenttool which is an online assessment processthat automates, improves and simplifies theassessment of vendors from a continuityperspective. The findings of which can thenbe incorporated into SunGard’s ContinuityManagement Solution (CMS) BCM Softwareplanning tool.How it worksThe Vendor Assessment module comes readyto input vendor(s) details, publish the survey, A powerful vendor surveyand produce quality reports to help you The Vendor Assessment starts with aunderstand their BCM programme(s). powerful survey that addresses all of theVendor Assessment will save both you and key elements within an effective BCMsuppliers time and money in meeting your programme. The survey assists in evaluatingvendor BCM programme requirements. the vendor’s BCM programme. Questions are written in easy to understand terminology to improve the quality of vendor responses. Each question response carries a specific weighted value, selected based on best BCM practices for the issue the question addresses. Values are used to compute scores by question, topic, and the overall questionnaire.
  3. 3. With the Vendor Assessment module, SunGard’s Vendor Assessment module will docustomers can either: use the survey this for you. As a vendor provides a responsequestionnaire as it’s designed; customise to a question, the system selects a value forspecific question(s); or even add new topic that response. Some questions will only havearea(s) with additional questions. Users can one value, such as ‘Yes/No’ or a single answerthen adjust scoring formulae to match the from a list of responses. Some multiple choicechanges made to the survey. questions will accumulate values from all ofVendor Assessment topics: the selections the vendor makes. General programme information Each question and topic area will have a score, whilst the overall survey will provide a Risk management summary score. The objective is to provide Crisis management/notification information to enable you to make your Pandemic continuity decision about a given vendor, or compare one vendor’s rating against an alternative Business operations vendor that could provide the same goods Technology or services. This feature will make it possible Programme testing/exercises to strengthen the vendor portion of your BCM programme. Scoring values are based Customer access to continuity on recognised industry good practice. Documentation Customer participation. Standard reports to help you see the big pictureMeasuring your vendor’s Vendor Assessment includes powerfulBCM programme standard reports that help you understandAsking lots of questions of a large number the information you’ve collected, and relateof vendors will generate a large volume of vendors and identified issues so you caninformation. An effective Vendor Assessment make better vendor decisions.product should offer a way to help you With more than 40 reports available, you cancomprehend all the data gathered. drill down to specific scored vendor survey responses. You can also track the status of ntinuity m your Vendor Assessment by specific vendors. co a These reports allow you to measure suppliers g within a specific service group (that you can n na Understanding the organisation control), and rank some or all vendors by di ge computed summary ratings. Embed ment Exercising, BCM Determining Reports are key to any effective system, maintenance programme BCM and review management strategies the powerful reports provided within Vendor Assessment will be a great tool to help you evaluate the continuity programmes of your re in Developing and supply chain. tu implementing th a BCM response ul or c e gan ’s isation
  4. 4. VENDOR ASSESSMENT Understanding the resilience of your supply chain Vendor Assessment integrates No need to mail requested smoothly with other CMS modules documents One of the most important design concepts Part of a Vendor Assessment can be requests behind SunGard’s Continuity Management by the organisation for copies of the vendor’s Solution (CMS) is the integration of data plan, test, policy, or other documentation. between component modules like Business In the past, the vendor would be given Impact Assessment (BIA), LDRPS®, NotiFind®, instructions on where the documents should and Vendor Assessment. be mailed, faxed, or couriered, but those days are gone. With Vendor Assessment, It’s tough to keep vendor information up to vendors can directly attach documents to date in a BC plan. Typically, an organisation’s the survey, and when the survey is closed vendor process involves more than one the documents are made available to BCM department; and supplier information is administration for review and inclusion in the often maintained in more than one place. documents library – all within CMS. However, with an annual Vendor Assessment refresh policy, your vendor information can No more waiting for documents to arrive be reviewed and updated by the vendor, at your desk; no more documents lost as and that information can be entered directly they make their way through an internal mail into your plans within the CMS dictionary system. The documents come back with the structure, reducing keying and timing errors. completed survey – a great timesaver. Information shared within the CMS platform Vendor Assessment – A big step includes vendor addresses, contacts, vendor forward ratings, vendor group categories, and other key data elements. At last, an integrated Vendor Assessment module that can be used almost immediately. Updated information can also be used in next One that integrates with your other BC year’s BIA, to verify the continued criticality plans and dictionary information, simplifies of the supplier for specific organisational the transfer of requested documents, and areas and strategies. contains a powerful survey and reporting tools. Now your vendor programme has the tool you need to understand the continuity preparedness of each vendor, and provides the ability to rate them in a variety of ways. Now you and your organisation can understand the continuity risks you have assumed within your chain of supply. United Kingdom & European Head Office, 12-13 Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7BW 0800 143 413© 2010 SunGard Availability ServicesSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in theUS and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. V2:09/10