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SunGard CMS BIA Professional


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SunGard’s BIA Professional conducts business impact analysis surveys which determine organisational vulnerabilities and prioritise business continuity planning efforts. It organises complex data and presents it in a usable format and comes packed with pre-written, expert questions to help start the planning process.

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SunGard CMS BIA Professional

  1. 1. AVAILABILITY SERVICES An intuitive business impact analysis BIA PROFESSIONAL® survey tool BIA Professional® simplifies the BIA Professional® delivers a well-focused, detailed picture of financial and operational BCP process by allowing users vulnerabilities, impacts and recovery to create surveys that are easy strategies. It is available in both standard and Web-enabled versions. BIA Professional® to distribute, easy to understand Web Server allows creation of online surveys – and make reporting a breeze. participants receive a link via e-mail and can answer from anywhere they have internet Additionally, the end results access. The latest version of BIA Professional® streamlines the business impact analysis can be integrated into LDRPS® process with increased security, print and so that separate business units approval capabilities. can use them to create their Ask the right questions detailed plans. Designing a survey is a big task. BIA Professional® gives you more than SunGard’s BIA Professional® conducts 40 questions and question templates to business impact analysis surveys which get started. Use the questions as is or determine organisational vulnerabilities customise them. Either way, BIA Professional® and prioritise business continuity planning jumpstarts the process and can help fill in any efforts. It organises complex data and presents gaps in a plan. The templates provide layouts it in a usable format and comes packed with that are adaptable to meet specific needs. pre-written, expert questions to help start the planning process. As questions are added to the survey, a branching function shows a slide view of To prevail when an incident occurs, an the survey’s flow. This view enables the organisation must consider every scenario. administrator to easily create customised A business impact analysis provides a clear surveys with the most relevant questions for view of an organisation’s weaknesses and participants. A Design Survey summary lists vulnerabilities. The quality of the questions, all questions and their properties, such as participants and data dictates the soundness associated reports. As participants complete of a business impact analysis, thus the a survey, a Collect/Review Survey screen effectiveness of a business continuity plan (BCP). ess Conti nuit y M ana g indicates percent complete, online status o f t wa re o f t h e m e s in i n g S and last update. eY n Bu lan n ea t P r 2010 2010SH O RT L I S T E D
  2. 2. BIA PROFESSIONAL® An intuitive business impact analysis survey tool Ask the right questions continued Distribute the appropriate information The administrator can ‘lock’ the survey to ensure that neither individual answers nor the Once a survey is complete and all recipients survey as a whole, are added to or changed. have responded, the data analysis, Question and survey design can then be presentation and plan creation begin. reviewed or changed. And event-driven data During this phase, the powerful analysis synchronisation ensures that any changes tools in BIA Professional® give you intuitive made are visible to the administrator and reporting capability. participants immediately. You can review raw data using the Review Include the correct people Answers summary, where each participant’s name is hyperlinked to a copy of his or her While a survey administrator usually has specific survey and answers. The Analyse most control, BCP teams include at least Results summary page lists all associated one representative from each operating reports by question and a rating system. Drill unit or department. Actively including down into any report using the enhanced team members in the BIA phase fosters filter function. BIA Professional® filters data interest in the project and can cut down on by location, department or criteria from administrative tasks. BIA Professional® 4.0 current and previous surveys. Web lets users in approver roles change answers and monitor responses. Approvers For quick and efficient reporting, BIA can also review surveys, communicate Professional® creates a standard report changes, approve the survey or send it back for each survey question. Alternatively, for changes. the Report Wizard can be used to build customised reports. Preview each report Security enhancements on the BIA before creating or printing. Display data in Professional® and Web surveys include charts and graphs and include a table of encrypted URLs that ensure only invited contents for clear communication of results. participants have access to a survey. Once Each report can be saved in PDF for easy participants respond, the SSL security distribution via print, e-mail or over the web. protocol protects the transmissions of all This reporting versatility assists BC teams information provided. to disseminate information to management and other interested parties. BIA Professional® automatically accommodates proxy servers or SSL Plan what comes next for setup, administration, routing and certificates. BIA Professional® Web Server Once familiar with every perspective of the enables administrators to survey participants picture BIA Professional® provides, you can via the internet. Participants click on a link prioritise potential crises. The next step is a delivered via e-mail, log in and answer BC strategy to reduce or respond to those the survey. The ease of using Web Server potential outcomes. BIA Professional® increases response rates and decreases integrates with SunGard’s LDRPS®. time spent tracking down participants. BIA data is easily incorporated, making No downloading or installation of for easy transition from data collection executables is needed. to plan building. United Kingdom & European Head Office, 12-13 Bracknell Beeches, Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 7BW 0800 143 413 infoavail@sungard.com www.sungard.co.uk© 2010 SunGard Availability ServicesSunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in theUS and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. V1:08/10