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SunGard Recover2Cloud (R2C) services provide fully-managed recovery of applications and data on a secure, enterprise-class cloud platform. Similar to more traditional SunGard recovery options, these cloud-based services help reduce business risk and lower administrative and recovery costs. In addition, they deliver fully-managed testing and recovery, incorporating SunGard’s process expertise in a suite of simple, turn-key solutions.

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SunGard Recovery-as-a-Service - Recovery-to-Cloud Services

  2. 2. Recover2Cloud® Services Suite RECOVER2CLOUD® FASTER, MORE FLEXIBLE AND MORE EFFICIENT Organizations need disaster recovery, but can’t always afford the setup and maintenance of a standby recovery site. Even leveraging shared, physical infrastructure components, which can deliver 30 – 60% cost savings when obtained from SunGard, can’t match the efficiency of shared cloud infrastructure. New secure cloud technology has mitigated long-standing security concerns, and has enabled viable applications recovery using a shared enterprise cloud environment. SunGard Recover2Cloud (R2C) services provide fully-managed recovery of applications and data on a secure, enterprise-class cloud platform. Similar to more traditional SunGard recovery options, these cloud-based services help reduce business risk and lower administrative and recovery costs. In addition, they deliver fully-managed testing and recovery, incorporating SunGard’s process expertise in a suite of simple, turn-key solutions. RECOVER2CLOUD ADVANTAGES • Fully-managed recovery process • Enterprise-class cloud infrastructure • Guaranteed service levels • Elastic on-demand scalability of networks, • Isolated Test network, testing without impacting production • Subscription-based OpEx model • Seamless interconnects between SunGard’s cloud and legacy infrastructure storage and compute capacity • Dedicated, shared, or hybrid infrastructure • Modern data protection • Multiple availability options, enabling a tiered recovery strategy based on the business value of specific applications and data SunGard › Availability Services
  3. 3. Recover2Cloud® Services Suite FLEXIBLE CLOUD PLATFORM IMPLEMENTATIONS You need flexibility in your cloud implementation for recovery. Why? Because not all applications are worth the same to your business. For higher-value applications with mission-critical data, you need secure private cloud options — which cost more. For lower-tier, back-office applications, you need lower-cost options — obtainable with shared cloud implementations. Recover2Cloud services provide the flexibility to choose. In addition, these new recovery-as-a-service offerings can be incorporated into customized availability solutions, spanning multiple systems with different uptime requirements. SunGard’s infrastructure resources and process expertise enable our experts to combine cloud with virtual infrastructure and dedicated physical equipment and deliver comprehensive, effective solutions tailored to your organization’s individual needs. ENTERPRISE-CLASS CLOUD BUILT ON BEST-OF‑BREED TECHNOLOGY The SunGard Recover2Cloud platform leverages best-in-class technology from partners including EMC®, VMware®, NetApp® and Cisco® to deliver high availability and security. SunGard combines the cloud platform with fully-managed recovery services, backed by contractually guaranteed service level agreements.
  4. 4. Recover2Cloud® Services Suite RECOVER2CLOUD® ADDING MODERN DATA PROTECTION TO CLOUD FOR BETTER RECOVERY RESULTS SunGard offers Recover2Cloud solutions packaged with server replication, storage replication and vaulting protection — so you can select the availability level that matches the value of individual applications to your business. SELECT FROM THESE RECOVER2CLOUD SOLUTION OFFERINGS: • Recover2Cloud for Server Replication – packaged with asynchronous server-based replication and managed end-to-end to deliver recovery of Windows and Linux applications at sub-4 hour recovery times; built-in Continuous Data Protection enables restoration to any point in time within a three-day timeframe prior to the outage • Recover2Cloud for vCenter SRM – provides SLA-backed automated recovery of applications on VMware infrastructures at secure SunGard Availability Services cloud-based recovery sites. The service helps deliver fast, assured application protection and recovery, eliminating recovery challenges from customers at the time of test or disaster while also reducing recovery times from days to just hours. • Recover2Cloud for Vaulting – packaged with online backup and recovery services, managed end-to-end to enable assured restore of data from your online vault together with applications recovery at sub-24 hour recovery times Flexible cloud recovery solutions to meet the unique needs of your business SunGard › Availability Services
  5. 5. Recover2Cloud® Services Suite TECHNOLOGY OPTIONS RECOVERY POINT (RPO) Bandwidth dependent RECOVERY TIME (RTO) SERVER REPLICATION Sub-hour (typically 5 to 15 minutes) < hours for most small environments 4 (50 servers) vCenter SRM Sub-hour (typically 15 to 30 minutes) hours for most medium environments 4 (250 servers) VAULTING At time of last successful backup — avoiding the need to wait for tape rotation Sub-24 hours using disk-based restore speed 6 hours for 100 servers
  6. 6. 4 Recover2Cloud® Services Suite In addition to our Recover2Cloud solutions, SunGard Recovery Services provides a comprehensive and affordable suite of recovery services that cover your needs for complex data and application protection and recovery for everything from mainframes to virtual machines. Our solutions bridge the gap between traditional recovery and cloud-based recovery for your enterprise IT infrastructure, providing a single plan for all your recovery requirements. SunGard Recovery Services offers a full complement of solutions that can be customized to your unique requirements • Managed Recovery Program: ensures comprehensive, compliant and effective testing and recovery • Data Management: delivers data and application availability to help you manage your data more efficiently, effectively and securely. • orkforce Continuity: provides your employees with the workspace, W technology and resources they need to get back to work after a disaster • anaged Recovery Services and Testing: allows the ability to perform and M document recovery tests and provides critical support at the time of disaster To learn more visit the SunGard website. SunGard › Availability Services
  7. 7. WHY CHOOSE SUNGARD FOR RECOVERY CLOUD SERVICES? ADVANCED EXPERTISE IN THE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ENTERPRISE-WIDE SECURITY PROGRAMS FLEXIBLE SERVICE DELIVERY TAILORED TO THE EACH INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMER’S SECURITY AND BUDGET NEEDS, USING SUNGARD FACILITIES OR REMOTE MANAGEMENT ON CUSTOMER PREMISES STRONG PROVIDER MAKING CONTINUOUS INVESTMENTS, BACKED BY MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF IT OPERATIONS AND INFORMATION AVAILABILITY MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE SERVING CUSTOMERS ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES AND SIZES ACCESS TO BREADTH OF SERVICES, INCLUDING SECURITY CONSULTING, MANAGED HOSTING, DISASTER RECOVERY, AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY CAPABILITIES HEADQUARTERS SunGard Availability Services 680 East Swedesford Road Wayne, PA USA 19087 1-888-270-3657 AROUND THE WORLD Belgium Pegasus Park De Kleetlaan 12b 1831 Diegem Belgium + 32 (0)2 513 36 18 France 93, Cours des Petites Ecuries 77185 Logne France + 33 (0)1 64 80 61 61 Ireland Unit 5 Beckett Way Park West Business Park Nangor Road Dublin 12 Ireland 1 800 36 59 65 + 353 (0)1 46 73 650 Luxembourg 6, Parc Syrdall L-5365 Münsbach Luxembourg + 352 35 73 05 30 Mexico Carr. Toluca – Ixtapan de la Sal No. 556 4º Piso Col. Hipico Metepec Mexico 52140 + 52 (722) 270 882 Sweden Sandhamnsgatan 63 Box 27 157 102 52 Stockholm Sweden + 46 (0)8 666 32 00 India SunGard IT Availability (India) Private Limited Wing 4, Cluster D, Plot No.1, S.No.77 MIDC Kharadi Knowledge Park Pune – 411014 India + 91 20 673 10 400 United Kingdom SunGard Availability Services UK Limited United Kingdom European Head Office Unit B Heathrow Corporate Park Green Lane Hounslow Middlesex TW4 6ER + 44 20 8080 8002 0800 143 413
  8. 8. EXPERT EXPERIENCED FLEXIBLE VERSATILE RELIABLE CONTINUOUS AVAILABILITY SOLUTIONS About SunGard Availability Services SunGard Availability Services provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software. To learn more, visit or call 1-888-270-3657. Trademark information: SunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. © 2013 SunGard, all rights reserved. BRO-034 1213 Connect with Us