12.07.2012 T04 Digital Takeover, Yann Depoys, eBay


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12.07.2012 T04 Digital Takeover, Yann Depoys, eBay

  1. 1. eBay ADVERTISINGMultichannel Marketing – eBay 2012© 2012 eBay Inc. All rights reserved. Not approved for external distribution. Confidential
  2. 2. eBay in a nutshell... 11.7 bn$ revenue 60% of sales on 40% of sales on in 2011 Fixed Price format Auction format 96 million users in the world 7 millions of new products listed every day on the Presence in 39 platform 210 million objects available at countries any time on eBay 5 500 available $2 000 spent on product categories eBay every second
  3. 3. We come from a world where offline and online Sales &Marketing are 2 distinct universesConsumer purchase funnel 94% of Drive offline sales global commerce Build Instill awareness and Drive purchase drive sales intent consideration 6% of Drive online sales global commerce
  4. 4. Offline and online boundaries are blurring and onlinebehaviors now influence a lot offline purchases 82% of consumers said they actually 43% of shoppers conduct some form of prefer to purchase items offline1 online research before making a purchase on stores2 Online channels, and especially eBay, are extremely relevant when it comes to driving offline purchase intent1. Forrester Research - 20112. Ginger – Smart Shopping Survey / Jun 2011
  5. 5. Case study: Showcase eBay Advertising contribution to amultichannel promotional campaignContext:• Leclerc (major French retailer) runs 2 national promotional operations annually called Big Bang• National offline media plan (Radio / Outdoor / Press)• Goal is driving traffic to stores and incremental revenueMechanism:• Test markets (5 mid-size FR cities) where Marketing Scan is having online panelists• Leclerc ads on eBay in the 5 cities (Zip code targeting)• Observation of household panel’s behaviors in stores thanks to loyalty card tracking
  6. 6. Criteria of performance measurement Retailer revenues Promo campaign target Loyal clients Occasional clients revenues + revenues Frequency of Frequency of Average basket x purchase Average basket x purchase
  7. 7. The on-eBay component of the media plan was a key success factor of this multichannel campaign Leclerc’s occasional clients spending +8 107 115 Retailer revenues Loyal Occasional clients + clients revenues revenues Exposed to offline Exposed to offlineAverage Frequency Average Frequency campaign campaign basket x of purchase basket x of + eBay campaign purchase of visits in stores for clients +12% exposed to offline + eBay campaign vs. exposed to offline campaign onlyIndex 100 is based on prior to test consumption
  8. 8. FOLLOW UPFor more information contact:Yann Depoys Adi KornfeldTelephone: +33 1 78 40 41 28 Telephone: +43 (0)676 836 08 807Email: ydepoys@ebay.com Email: adi.kornfeld@mammamedia.at