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    Olfaction3 Olfaction3 Presentation Transcript

    • Summer Thompson May 14, 2012 B3The Use of Olfaction in Marketing
    • Olfaction: 1. The sense of smell 2. The act or function of smellingScent-Marketing: The use of odors in order to attract customers to a productOdotipo: A pleasant smell that consumers relate to a product
    • Scents and Moods Odors are sent to different areas of the brain, which causes varying moods depending on the odor.• Jasmin and similair scents cause the release of natural pain- killers and cause a sense of well-being.• Scents such as lavender cause the release of serotonin which bring about a state of relaxation.• Scents like rosemary cause the release of noradrenaline, which causes the body to "wake up".
    • Scents and MemoriesThe olfactory system is thesense that is physicallyclosest to the limbic system,where memories areprocessed. Therefore: • Odor-evoked memories are highly emotionally potent • People remember a large amount of what they smell. (35%)
    • Companies are Taking a Notice "Brands are increasingly recognizing that in order to wow consumers, they need to work on an emotional basis. Its no longer enough to build a rational proposition based on function, price, or convenience.” - Simon Harrop, founder of the Aroma Company
    • Why is there an Increase in Scent-marketing?Progression in technology, thus: • Easier for companies to incorporate this technique into their marketing compaigns • Odors can be cheaply added to environments Large increase in reasearch of the Olfactory System, leading to: • advanced understanding of the sense of smell • how to use scents to a companys advantage
    • Several Techniques in Scent-marketing Campaigns:• In the shops o Particular product fragrances o General fragrances• In malls or department stores• Fragranced merchandising• Fragranced packaging
    • "Its purpose really is to keep customers in your store, to create this welcoming environment - and it works; it does keep people in your store longer. It helps people feel better in their shopping, and in a lot of cases causes them to spend more money."- Mike Gatti, Executive director of marketing at the National Retail Federation
    • Net Cost Supermarkets in Brooklyn, NY• Use artificial food aromas• Uses scent-machines to distribute fragrances • chocolate smells are distributed in the candy aisle • fruit smells abound in the produce aisle • the smell of freshly baked bread is released into the air in the bakery
    • M&M World Store in Londons Leicester Square:• Have been distributing the scent of chocolate into the store• Use the scent directly outside of the store to attract customers• The store does this because the goods come pre- packaged
    • Hamleys, a toy shop: • Uses the general scent of Pina Colada throughout their store • Believe the odor entices parents to linger in the store for longer periods of times
    • Other Shops:Hotels, such as Holiday Inn: • The focus is reception in common areas. • Its about creating a fresh, airy, and welcoming environment that reflects the brand.Casinos: • Use "musky, masculine scents“. • Believe it encourages men to remain on the premises for longer periods of time.
    • • Used to create an even more well-known brand• A technique that allows the companys fragrance to be taken home and remembered by the consumer (Odotipo)
    • Merchandising:• Scented candles, soaps, incense, perfumes, etc. o can be used to ensure the fragrance is abundant in the consumers home• Merchandising can increase the likelihood of a fragrance becoming fully associated with a product
    • Direct Mail and Fragranced Packaging:• Have seen an instant success• "In one door drop for a laundry product, putting a fragrance on brand literature doubled the response rate compared to the non-scented equivalent. Its made us realize there are opportunities around smell."
    • Scentair:• Aids companies through the process of beginning a scent-marketing compaign• Scentair creates the scents for companies (either shelf or customs fragrances).• Provides the "full Service" package once the scent is created o Supplies, installs, and replenishes fragrances for the companies
    • • Increasingly large amounts of companies are beginning to use scent-marketing.• Scentair has reported that they currently have 600 clients • Dramatic increase in clients within the last 6 months.• Appears to be a bright, full future where scent-marketing will become a common phenomenon
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