McDonald's: Ronald's Road
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McDonald's: Ronald's Road






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McDonald's: Ronald's Road Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Ronald’s Road Kenzie Fetzer, Summer Borowski, Jordan Loyd
  • 2. Our Problem  Misconceptions about the quality of McDonald’s food.  The truthful information, posted by McDonald’s, is not as open / transparent as it could be.  Push people to the site for their Food FAQ (What We’re Made Of)
  • 3. Our Goals  Inform the customer’s about the quality of McDonald’s food in a fun and interactive way.  We want customers to discover the truthful information in a way that is enjoyable and education.
  • 4. The Target  Our target customers are those who already eat at McDonald’s locations, as well as those who do not.  Word of mouth is an ideal spread of the campaign.  We do not want to segment down the customers too much, because everyone who visits McDonald’s can learn new, positive, things about how the company prides itself on quality.
  • 5. Key Consumer Insights  A great deal of misinformed information about food quality.  The internet has further perpetuated the spread of misconceptions.  Fake meat  “blended parts”  Supersize Me facts  People do not realize that 87% of McDonald’s are locally franchised.
  • 6. Main Message  Because McDonald’s values their consumer above all else, they themselves uphold quality to the highest standards.  “Feel Good About the Food You Already Love”
  • 7. Our Plan: Ronald’s Road  The “Yellow Brick Road of McDonald’s”  In store  Vinyl Ronald (Each numbered) foot prints leading from the door to the counter – great advertising for little money  Banner with quick introduction to Ronald’s Road  Entry mat with two foot prints starting off the road  Up the wall  On the side of the drive through windows  Each with a fun fact about McDonald’s food quality  Interactive Wall Trivia / Games
  • 8. Drive – Through
  • 9. Billboard
  • 10. Print Campaign  Ronald’s big, red footprint incorporated in all print ads  “Feel good about the food you already love”  “Go to to find out what Ronald’s Road is all about”
  • 11. Print
  • 12. Guerrilla Tactics  Light rail foot prints  Sidewalk chalk foot prints leading to McDonald’s restaurants  Kids day in the park, “Romp with Ronald” (paint/chalk footprints)  Kids activity day, promoting a balanced and active lifestyle.  Encouraging kids to get out and play  Activities and games set up in the park  Invite News Stations to join in on the fun  PR!
  • 13. Storefront
  • 14. On-Line Media Tactics  Share your favorite Ronald’s facts on Facebook, Twitter  Banner ad (footprints coming down the screen)  QR codes at restaurants
  • 15. Banner Ad Example
  • 16. Radio  [Sound of feet]  [Squeaking]  [More footsteps]  [Whisper] “Did you know that McDonald’s only uses fresh USDA Grade A shell eggs for breakfast sandwiches?”  “Come on in to McDonald’s to find out what the rush is about”
  • 17. Why The Consumer Will Believe It  Real facts!  Naturally fed animals; none of the meat is fake.  Same chicken as Tyson, only breast meat.  Burgers are 100% beef, no added fat.  Freshly cracked eggs.  Targets everyone!
  • 18. Questions?