McDonald's: Ronald's Road


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McDonald's: Ronald's Road

  1. 1. Ronald’s Road Kenzie Fetzer, Summer Borowski, Jordan Loyd
  2. 2. Our Problem  Misconceptions about the quality of McDonald’s food.  The truthful information, posted by McDonald’s, is not as open / transparent as it could be.  Push people to the site for their Food FAQ (What We’re Made Of)
  3. 3. Our Goals  Inform the customer’s about the quality of McDonald’s food in a fun and interactive way.  We want customers to discover the truthful information in a way that is enjoyable and education.
  4. 4. The Target  Our target customers are those who already eat at McDonald’s locations, as well as those who do not.  Word of mouth is an ideal spread of the campaign.  We do not want to segment down the customers too much, because everyone who visits McDonald’s can learn new, positive, things about how the company prides itself on quality.
  5. 5. Key Consumer Insights  A great deal of misinformed information about food quality.  The internet has further perpetuated the spread of misconceptions.  Fake meat  “blended parts”  Supersize Me facts  People do not realize that 87% of McDonald’s are locally franchised.
  6. 6. Main Message  Because McDonald’s values their consumer above all else, they themselves uphold quality to the highest standards.  “Feel Good About the Food You Already Love”
  7. 7. Our Plan: Ronald’s Road  The “Yellow Brick Road of McDonald’s”  In store  Vinyl Ronald (Each numbered) foot prints leading from the door to the counter – great advertising for little money  Banner with quick introduction to Ronald’s Road  Entry mat with two foot prints starting off the road  Up the wall  On the side of the drive through windows  Each with a fun fact about McDonald’s food quality  Interactive Wall Trivia / Games
  8. 8. Drive – Through
  9. 9. Billboard
  10. 10. Print Campaign  Ronald’s big, red footprint incorporated in all print ads  “Feel good about the food you already love”  “Go to to find out what Ronald’s Road is all about”
  11. 11. Print
  12. 12. Guerrilla Tactics  Light rail foot prints  Sidewalk chalk foot prints leading to McDonald’s restaurants  Kids day in the park, “Romp with Ronald” (paint/chalk footprints)  Kids activity day, promoting a balanced and active lifestyle.  Encouraging kids to get out and play  Activities and games set up in the park  Invite News Stations to join in on the fun  PR!
  13. 13. Storefront
  14. 14. On-Line Media Tactics  Share your favorite Ronald’s facts on Facebook, Twitter  Banner ad (footprints coming down the screen)  QR codes at restaurants
  15. 15. Banner Ad Example
  16. 16. Radio  [Sound of feet]  [Squeaking]  [More footsteps]  [Whisper] “Did you know that McDonald’s only uses fresh USDA Grade A shell eggs for breakfast sandwiches?”  “Come on in to McDonald’s to find out what the rush is about”
  17. 17. Why The Consumer Will Believe It  Real facts!  Naturally fed animals; none of the meat is fake.  Same chicken as Tyson, only breast meat.  Burgers are 100% beef, no added fat.  Freshly cracked eggs.  Targets everyone!
  18. 18. Questions?