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Getting Organized & Time Management
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Getting Organized & Time Management






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Getting Organized & Time Management Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  
  • 2. Get Organized & Balance Time By: Sumera Muhammad
  • 3. Getting Out of Balance
    • Ignore your health
    • Postpone family time
    • Don’t plan your financial life
    • Stay away from intellectual development
    • Let your social contact decide your future
    • Let your professional life just happen
    • Avoid spending time in your spiritual area
  • 4. The Zen of Organizing
    • Become aware of your surrounding
    • Create a plan
    • Simplify
    • Less paper
    • De-clutter and group
    • Investing in organizational products
    • Celebrate your accomplishments
    • Maintenance
    • 3 Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity, from discord find harmony, in the middle of the difficulty lies opportunity. -Albert Einstein
  • 5. No-Fuss, Affordable Ways to Contain Your Stuff
    • De-clutter
    • Group like items together
    • Re-use and recycle
    • Use the space you have efficiently
    • Appropriate solution for each room
    • -- living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen
    • Streamline your approach
    • Find various solutions for long term and short term storage
    • Be creative
  • 6. 7 Habits to Ensure You’re Being Efficient
    • Efficiency is “the state or quality of being efficient; competency in performance or the accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort
    • Schedule your day
    • Prioritize-Prioritize-Prioritize
    • Multi-task small projects and details
    • Say NO more often
    • Delegate as much as possible
    • Organize
    • Control your procrastination
  • 7. Organizing Your Kitchen
    • Today’s women spend on average of 1,092 hours a year in kitchen
    • Identify kitchen zones
    • -- food preparation zone, serving zone, baking zone, cleaning zone, meal planning zone, etc
    • Invest both time and thought
    • --Consider your cooking habits, kitchen flow and areas of convenience
    • Sort, then purge
    • Assign everything a home
    • --Things that work together should be stored together
  • 8. Clever Storage Ideas for Small Living Quarters
    • De-clutter
    • Time to organize
    • Rethink storage
    • Creative counter-space
    • Think up
    • Think double duty
    • Mount up
    • Hooked on hooks
    • Bathroom storage
    • No linen closet? No problem!!
  • 9. One Dozen Travel Smart Tips
    • Start early
    • Call ahead
    • Apply the 50% rule
    • Use a packing list
    • Take an empty suitcase
    • Make a schedule
    • Carry one on
    • Bag it
    • Bring games for kids
    • Safety first
    • Play catch up
    • There’s no place like home
  • 10. Outsmart Procrastination 1-2-3
    • So how do you eat an elephant
    • Try completing a task immediately
    • Reward yourself when you complete a task or a series of tasks
    • Create a to-do list
    • Create a schedule and set deadlines
    • If possible, do the worst, most difficult or uncomfortable task first and get it out of the way
    • Whenever possible, eliminate distractions
    • Goal visualization
    • Use a timer
    • No one and nothing is perfect
  • 11. Time Management
    • Time management is really life management
    • Women differ from men in their approach to manage their lives
    • In addition to balance their time, illusive expectations permeate women in our society
    • Super women syndrome
    • Society does not encourage women to set goals
    • God created each of us with a plan-Greatness
  • 12. Time Management (contd.)
    • Meaning of our lives is tied to our contribution to society
    • Wisdom is the result of time and activity simultaneously producing a desired result
    • Our lives are composed of our days
    • Teach me to organize my life so that I can know when to do the right thing at the right time
    • You must find your own hidden treasure
  • 13. How We Waste Time
    • Lack of discipline
    • Indecisiveness
    • Personal disorganization
    • Procrastination
    • Inability to say “No”
    • Poor delegation skills
    • Day dreaming
    • Worry
  • 14. Time Waste-Caused by Others
    • Telephone interruptions
    • Drop-in visitors
    • Unscheduled meetings
    • Poor communications
    • Confused chain of authority
  • 15. 4 Key Elements to Effective Time Management Skills
    • An accurate understanding of how long task really take to complete
    • ---time your task, learn to say “no”
    • A single focus on the goal or task at hand
    • ---don’t allow yourself to be distracted
    • Efficient uses of small amounts of time you don’t even realize you have
    • More efficient ways of completing the more mundane, but necessary tasks in your life
  • 16. D-O-I-T N-O-W
    • D=divide and conquer what you have to do
    • O=Organize your materials, how you will do it
    • I=Ignore interruptions that are annoying distractions
    • T=Take the time to learn how to do things yourself
    • N=Now, not tomorrow. Don’t procrastinate
    • O=Opportunity is knocking
    • W-Watch out for time gobblers
  • 17. Tips for Better Time Management
    • Make a time diary
    • Learn to say “No”
    • Time-based, to-do list
    • Let your computer help
    • Multitask
    • Don’t be a perfectionist
    • Reward yourself
  • 18.
    • Doing a better job of managing our time is meaningless unless we are managing it to accomplish those things that are of greatest importance in our lives
    • Many people think too much of destinations and too little of preparations. They don’t realize that today’s actions will determine tomorrows achievements
    A Final Thought on Time
  • 19. Thank You