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Energy Rich OPEC member states of Persian Gulf region are soccer mad countries. They invested billions of petro-dollars in soccer infrastructure, imported the best brains to take the technical assignments of National teams as well as premier clubs. Professional leagues already introduced & have strong ventures with EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Calcio etc. Whatever they do, they do the best. The VisionAsia project has over-successfully implemented in Iran, Qatar, U.A.E, Oman & K.S.A. They never go with cheap projects like IPL style of sports circus because their administrators are serious of their countries developments in all sectors.

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Gulf soccer venture

  1. 1. A General Presentation of Indo-Gulf Soccer VentureBridging India & World’s Fastest Emerging OPEC Members of Gulf Region.
  2. 2. Football BusinessInternational Soccer Industry is a very complex business, hence it deals withso many attributes and variables. However, being one of the prominentgrowing markets in the world and directly impact on nations most importantassets which is the youth market and global corporate companies haverealized that associating their brands with Soccer Business will result in longbranding and customer loyalty for long years to come.Top spending Persian Gulf Countries, like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, IslamicRepublic Al-Jamhuriya-Ye-Iran, State of Qatar, United Arab Emiratesbelieve at Football Business that through creating local and internationalpartnerships with specialized companies in each of its specialized domain itwill create strategic alliances to foster better products and services to thisindustry. As Gulf countries have world class football infrastructures at par orbetter than western nations & developed Asian markets of China, Japan,South Korea etc., Gulf officials strongly believe in sharing and creatingquality professional team works to provide high quality standards and betterdeliveries for coming future generations.
  3. 3. Vision Gulf Investors vision are to participate PPP model and promote the private investment in Professional Football Businesses which will eventually contribute into Indo - Gulf Soccer Venture with various commercial related activities in the field of technology, loyalty, financial investments, soccer events in Gulf States as well as in India other countries of Subcontinent too. MissionSoccer Property Holders (Clubs, Academies, with its investors, board ofdirectors, executive management, Governing Bodies, Counties, Academies,Professional League Boards and Football Employees) fully understand thebusiness of soccer management and marketing and will engage in FootballProjects that will enhance the community lifestyle and the prosperity of bothIndo – Gulf Regions and the profitability for the investors and partners.
  4. 4. Scenario Of Soccer In Persian Gulf States:Govt. of Gulf Countries & Investors spend some billions of dollars interms of soccer investments.OPEC Members in Gulf….Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar,U.A.E, and I.R.Iran, being major biggest markets in the Middle EastRegion with its world’s most strongest economy and market stabilityhas became the global financial hubs of the world playing as aneconomic powers in recent times with remarkable growth rate.(Reports- IMF, World Bank, Forbes Arabia, MEED, AME, Gulf Business, GulfSports Review, SportBusiness International, Bloomberg Gulf, PressTV, Al-Jazeera Sports, BBC Sports etc.)Each Gulf Nations realizes that the success and the growth of thecountry is to invest in youth education, sports, cultural events andactivities. Each of the country spends over than 45% of its budget inthe field of education and sports.
  5. 5. The youth size is over 65% of the total population in the In the Persian GulfCountries. Football have been not only No.1 popular sport with large number ofGulf’s Youth Supporters as well as HUGE expatriates from Indian Subcontinent play a major role in it.Based on studies the youths in the Persian Gulf Region have --• participated in youth services such as football, rugby, basketball, swimming,• Cultural Centers, Share-holding members of Private Soccer Clubs,• Gulf Soccer Federations, Professional League Boards & Companies with high commercialization background.Youth in Gulf
  6. 6. Soccer e-Ticketing: One of The Key Activities Of Gulf Soccer Commercialization.Automation and technology have made life easier for people to book and pay airlines, hotels football stadiums, theaters through secured e-payment gateways at their ease of time and location through the internet. Reserving and booking a seat at stadiums is a media that has been used either through the internet or mobile phones through major stadiums globally.WAFA (West Asia Football Association) with its European partner introduced with the Member States of this facility and services for online ticketing and access control through major soccer stadiums providing total solution for this vital sector and bringing world-class software and hardware technology through the concept of commercialization and profit sharing in coordination with Professional League Boards & Corporates and Telecommunication companies, where the fans would be able to book and pay online and reserve their seats in advance and prior to the match.
  7. 7. Club Member ship Loyalty Pr og r am o Gulf SOCCER through its study and research for professional football clubs in Persian Gulf States have developed a unique 3-tier loyalty program for the fan members of major clubs which will recognize and reward them with specialized services for each category through a defined program that will offer many benefits and privileges for an annual subscription fee that will allow them to have direct access of these benefits and services on a real-time basis through virtual mall, customer care center, online travel booking engine and mobile applications which will keep them briefed about news, trends, latest offers and promotions. o In a nutshell, This membership loyalty program will enhance and strengthen the relation between the clubs and its fans in the richest region of the world.
  8. 8. Consulting & Business Development o GULF-S OCCER have devised strategic alliance with financial consultant house as well as experienced local partners whom has expertise in the football industry to assets financial investments and business development in the sport industries in oil rich Gulf region such as retail sports, sport clubs, research and development. This consultancy services could be provided to either the public or private sector in order to enhance financial investment in sports. o Assessments & evaluation of membership services o Customer Call Center services o Added product services i.e. Travel S ervice Center
  9. 9. Mer chandisin g o GULF SOCCER INVESTORS have invested in various European merchandising companies which have Pan-Gulf outlets (Fitness Sports Wear) & here we can propose to Gulf Investors to open the same in India & sub- continent through franchise network or as subsidiaries of the principal. The Investors have wholesale agreement with major sport wear producers i.e. Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Le Coq Sportiff and major elite global brands from all over the world. o The companies will also operate on a virtual mall to provide sports wear supplies to its clients in Pan-Gulf providing them with latest jerseys for each season.
  10. 10. Gulf Soccer Business & Technology o Dream Soccer Smartcard o Online Soccer Ticketing and access control o Virtual Soccer Mall o Online Soccer Travel Booking Engine o Mobile Soccer Applications
  11. 11. Gulf Football Loyalty Partners ICASH is a Loyalty Marketing operator who focuses on Membership programme. ICASH has accreditation by International Bankers Association and Malaysian Super Coridor in terms of technology. ICASH have ventured into a partnership franchisee programme in GULF Countries through an Investor who has the rights to market the ICASH programme in the Soccer Industries in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, IR Iran, Iraq, Bahrain & U.A.E. ICASH Provides: Membership Management System Loyalty & retention Programme Database Management Merchant Programme  MBC New Media  SPA, Fitness & Health club centers
  12. 12. Indo-Gulf Football VentureWe must accept the global economical reality, where US & EU are struggling hard to recover their economy but they also realized that it’s impossible & future is very uncertain. At present moment, Yes, those continents are heavily dependent on Gulf Sovereign Funds. Though the administrators of Gulf countries know very well, they won’t get a single dollar return & it will go bad debts.This is the high time for Persian Gulf Countries & SAARC countries to diversify in some kind of business where they get support of the mass & ROI. The business is very interesting and its world’s No.1 sport “FOOTBALL”, in earlier times Chinese called football, “Sochu”.Indo-Football Ventures is, "Soccer Communication Bridge" between India & Gulf States and a platform for Indo - Persian Gulf Soccer Ventures. However, the network can be further expanded to Levant Region of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey and Maghreb countries of North Africa. I mean, entire MENA Region can be covered, depending on "ROI"
  13. 13. Introducing Myself..Myself, a PGDM in Sales & Marketing with more than 19 years of hardcore experience in FMCG Sales with top MNCs & transnational Companies and at present, I’m independently Marketing & Managing Intellectual Properties (Sports). My interest on "Sports Commercialization", have fully transferred my skills into sports business development. My goals are to continue to build my commercial experience within the sports industry and focus on property acquisition either for the rights holder or corporate sponsors.My objective is to bridge between India & World’s Fastest Emerging Gulf OPEC Nations Through Soccer Business Development, Football Infrastructure Investments & Developments, Soccer Communications & PR, Youth Soccer Exchange Programme, Youth Academy Investments, Player Management, Youth Academy Soccer Events & Indo – Gulf Soccer Relations.Im seriously seeking a serious Investor from Gulf, who can support & cooperate regarding Indian Soccer Projects and also take keen interest to build up Soccer Business Relation & Communication with Indian Subcontinent & Gulf Region, which is at present the fastest emerging market of the world.
  14. 14. Contact:Suman Kalyan Duttae: suman.kalyan.dutta@hotmail.comw: Indo-Gulf Soccer Venture… “bridging two regions for the good of the game”