Modern Web Framework : Play framework

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Presentation about modern web framework, Highlighted Play framework and it's feature

Presentation about modern web framework, Highlighted Play framework and it's feature

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  • 1. Modern Web FrameworkPlay,haroku,git and bootStrap Suman adak TCS Innovation Lab,Kolkata
  • 2. Popular Java Web Framework
  • 3. Non Java Web Framework
  • 4. Play! Framework It’s fun to code in
  • 5. Why a New Java Framework?
  • 6. “Java Framework are created by java developer not web developer”
  • 7. “Java developer are building Java application not web application”-Taken from a presentation by Play! Freamwork creator – Guillaume Bort.
  • 8. What is Cool??• Download ,unpack and go!• Optimize developer productivity by using convention over configuration.• Stateless MVC Architecture – Play is fully RESTful. No JAVA EE Session!!!!.• Easy Round Trip-No need to deploy to application server each time. Fix the Bug and hit reload!• Java compilation Error on browser.• Elegant API-Typical stuff built-in.• Asynchronous I/O – service long request rather holding HTTP thread.• Job support.• Testing framework included – Junit and Selenium.• Modular Architecture: A big Plus.• CRUD module: building admin UI easily.• SCALA support.• Heavily Inspired by Ruby on rails and Django.
  • 9. Architecture
  • 10. Components
  • 11. Functionality• A Clean RESTful framework.• Showing errors in browser!!• CRUD module.• Secure module.• Validation by Annotation.• BootStrap Job.• Job Scheduler.• Simple SMTP mailer.• JSON and XML parser and marshalers.• Persistence layer based on JPA.• Embedded memory database for quick development.• Embedded testing framework.• OpenID and Auth supported.• Automatic file Upload functionality.• Multi environment configuration awareness.• Template engine and module architecture.• Handy library for common task.
  • 12. Available Modules• Google App Engine,Heroku,opnshift• PDF Generation• Google Web toolkit• MongoDB• Simple Seach based on Lucene• OpenID and Auth Authentication• Cargo Support.• Maven plugin.• Deadbolt authorization• Elastic search• Facebook Graph API, Facebook Connect,LinkedLn Aouth• Jquery UI• RabitMQ• Redis• More than 100 modules and is growing Next will be yours!!!
  • 13. Where to Start? /1.2.4/cheatsheet/commandLine Download from and start looking at the test-example folder under Play directory for quickstart.
  • 14. Cloud Platform
  • 15. Heroku• A cloud platform as a service(PaaS)• polyglot platform• Super Easy to deploy app.• Supports Ruby,Java,Node.js,Scala,Clojure,Play,Python• When facebook says good then It should be good • “In November 2010, Heroku announced a partnership with Facebook,creating the Heroku Facebook App Package which enable companies—large and small—to quickly and easily create Facebook apps reliably.Said Mike Vernal, Director of the Facebook Platform, "Heroku makes building and scaling Facebook applications easier than ever. Developers can focus on their app, getting it in the hands of millions of Facebook users quickly.“[Source -wikipedia]
  • 16. BootStrap –CSS Framework
  • 17. Git and gitHub
  • 18. Let’s Play!!Thank You for your patience!Hope U have lot of question!! Hang on here  If I can!!!!Bye!