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Unidad Didáctica

Unidad Didáctica



Animals in English

Animals in English

Unidad didáctica a la que pertenece el material didáctico presentado.

Realizado por Sara



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    Unidad Didáctica Unidad Didáctica Presentation Transcript

    • The Animals in English
      • Background: Most students are from middle class families and non native children.
      • Books: The students don't have book.
      • Extra material: The material that they will use will be photocopies, a webquest, the computers, flashcards, and a computer program.
      • Grammar:
      • Use of the verbs: choose, fill and match.
      • Vocabulary:
      • Nouns: pets, the aquatic animals, wild animals, birds and bugs. All the vocabulary that students found about this.
      • Verbs: choose, fill and match.
      • Other: previous, next and parts of the body.
      • Functions, sub-skills and situations:
      • Students will learn to name animals and recognize them.
      • Sound and images.
      • Notions and topics:
      • Students will learn to talk about the animal’s type, if they are birds, bugs, wild, pet or aquatic.
      • Cultural:
      • To use the ICT.
    • Methodology
      • Often the teacher will initiate a dialogue with students to share activities together.
      • Students have the leading and active role in class.
      • The cooperative work is essential.
      • They start in the use of ICT.
    • 1st session
      • Introduction:
      • The TR distributes the photocopy with the webquest and explains the objectives and activities for all the sessions. The SS can intervene to comment it.
      • Warm-up:
      • The TR begins a brainstorm to check the vocabulary of the children and writes a list in the blackboard.
      • Vocabulary-Research:
      • The SS join in groups of four. The class goes to computer room , where the students seek vocabulary in the pages web that the teacher has indicated them in the webquest. .
      • Vocabulary-Listening:
      • TR presents a song about animals: dog, cat, rabbit, fish, snake and bird. SS can learn the song
      • Finish-off:
      • TR writes homework at the blackboard: review the found vocabulary.
    • Las siguientes páginas web son las que usaréis para buscar el vocabulario en inglés sobre los animales. Para buscar el nombre de cualquier animal que se os ocurra utilizad el diccionario del enlace de más abajo. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/languages/spanish/subjects/animals.shtml Animals and pictures http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/words/animals.htm Animals and photographs http:// www.learnenglish.de/basics/animals.htm Animals and sounds http: // www.wordreference.com /es/ Diccionario inglés-español Resources: Una vez tengamos el listado de palabras, se pondrá en común en el aula y haremos un listado general. Después, os juntareis en grupos de 6 e intentareis clasificar los animales que hemos recogido entre: salvajes, acuaticos, aves, bichos y mascotas. De nuevo, pondremos en común los resultados y nos pondremos de acuerdo en una misma clasificación. Finalmente iremos al aula de informática y utilizaremos el programa "Animals in English" para recordar y practicar lo que habeis aprendido. Process: Vuestro trabajo será visitar las páginas web que se muestran a continuación y recoger un listado de nombres de animales en inglés. Task: En esta unidad didáctica vamos a trabajar el vocabulario en inglés sobre los animales. Para facilitar la tarea utilizaremos un programa de ordenador divertido y animado que os ayudará a recordar las palabras que vayáis aprendiendo. Introduction:
    • It’s a dog (woof, woof) It’s a dog (woof, woof) It’s a cat (meow) It’s a cat (meow) Repeat #1 It’s a bird (chirp, chirp) It’s a bird (chirp, chirp) It’s a snake (sssss) It’s a snake (sssss) Repeat #2 It’s a rabbit (hop, hop) It’s a rabbit (hop, hop) It’s a fish (swim) It’s a fish (swim) Repeat #3
    • 2nd session
      • Introduction:
      • The TR distributes the photocopy with the webquest and explains the objectives and activities for this session. The SS can intervene to comment it.
      • Warm-up:
      • Put in common of the vocabulary found by the students in the previous session. TS writes the general vocabulary in the blackboard.
      • Vocabulary-Classify:
      • The students will join in groups of 6 and they tried to classify the vocabulary that they have written according to the animals that: wild, aquatic, birds, pets and bugs. Then SS and TR put in common.
      • Vocabulary-Classify Revision:
      • TR shows some Flashcards about animals and one by one, children go to the blackboard and say what type of animal is the flashcard and its name.
      • Finish-off:
      • TR writes homework at the blackboard: review the found vocabulary and his classification.
    • 3rd session
      • Introduction:
      • The TR distributes the photocopy with the webquest and explains the objectives and activities for this session. The SS can intervene to comment it.
      • Listening:
      • The teacher will distribute the photocopies 2 and 3 and he will explain the dynamics of the activity: to select the animal that is named in the listening 2 and 3
      • Writing:
      • The children will write the name of the animal under their corresponding drawing.
      • Speaking:
      • After finishing the photocopies 2 and 3 all together will correct them orally in order to practice orally all the vocabulary.
      • Vocabulary-Practice:
      • The class goes to computer room where SS practice with a computer program that consists in show the vocabulary and different exercises.
      • Finish-off: Listening 4: a song named “ Animal Chant”). SS have to do the orders that it sings.
      Let's do it!
    • Animal Chant A bear, a cow, a fish, a turtle (Repeat) Touch your head, touch your shoulders Touch your knees, touch your toes! An elephant, a hippo, a horse, a lion (Repeat) Touch your eyes, touch your ears Touch your mouth, touch your nose! A panda, a rabbit, a duck, a frog (Repeat) Say hello, say hello Wave your hands and say hello!
    • Listening 1 Listening 2