Linux v/s Windows


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Linux v/s Windows

  1. 1. By- Sukhdeep Singh Univ.Roll no. - 1144460 CSE-N1-115301
  2. 2. Introduction to Linux & WindowsFundamental DifferenceTechnical ComparisonGraphical user InterfaceComparison of ApplicationsDistributorsPrice ComparisonSecurityCONCLUSION
  3. 3.  Linux was originally built by Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki in 1991. Linux is a Unix-like, Kernel-based, fully memory- protected, multitasking operating system. It runs on a wide range of hardware from PCs to Macs.
  4. 4.  First version of Windows – Windows 3.1 released in 1992 by Microsoft. Windows is a GUI(Graphical User Interface) based operating system. It has powerful networking capabilities, is multitasking, and extremely user friendly.
  5. 5. One fundamental difference between the two systems is the fact that Linux is "open source".Open source means any PC can be booted with USB support with the system and therefore we will have every administration and analysis applications that we have selected, so we will need not install it.Unlike Windows which has to be installed on the system to only get access to run compiled programs on it.
  6. 6.  Linux has a large variety of available software programs, utilities, and games. However, Windows has a much larger selection of available software. Because of the large amount of Microsoft Windows users, there is a much larger selection of available software programs, utilities, and games for Windows.
  7. 7.  Linux companies and hardware manufacturers have made great advancements in hardware support for Linux and today Linux will support most hardware devices. However, many companies still do not offer drivers or support for their hardware in Linux. Because of the amount of Microsoft Windows users and the broader driver support, Windows has a much larger support for hardware devices and a good majority of hardware manufacturers will support their products in Microsoft Windows.
  8. 8.  Although the majority Linux variants have improved dramatically in ease of use, Windows is still much easier to use for new computer users.
  9. 9. Microsoft has made several advancements and changesthat have made it a much easier to use operatingsystem, and although arguably it may not be the easiestoperating system, it is still Easier than Linux.
  10. 10.  Linux falls short in the number of different applications available for it. There are much more various applications available for Microsoft since the population of Window’s users is greater than Linux’s. Since Microsoft is more popular, the Hardware products are aimed at the biggest market – Windows, such that the product would be sold and used widely.
  11. 11.  Linux programs are distribute freely since they are not developed by commercial software companies, but instead are created under the GNU Public License, which makes the software free Linux software lacks the GUI and is therefore not “liked” by many users. Windows has its own share of problems – the fact that some software is not compliant for different versions of windows (i.e. Windows 95/98) and that many times the GUI concept is overused such that command arguments cannot be passed to the program.
  12. 12. Most common Distributors are ubuntu & redhat
  13. 13. Microsoft has Authorized Embedded Distributors in countries. is the sole authorized Microsoft distributor in INDIA
  14. 14. •Linux is a Free & Open source operating Systemcan be downloaded over the internet anytime.•Linux global community is made up of thousands ofpeople who help to build the best open-sourceoperating system in the world by sharing their timeand skills.Shared efforts. Shared principles. So Nocost.
  15. 15.  Microsoft Windows has various retail costs as: Window 7 Home Basic 4070/- Window 7 Home Premium 5200/- Window 7 Professional 8200/- Window 7 Ultimate 8650/-*Windows legal free online downloads are not available.
  16. 16. Linux is "virus-free"All the technical glitches can be overwritten by a cleverprogrammer. If at all any virus is spread, since things areopen and people have access to all the source ..immediately a cure will be available because there is ahuge developer base in the bazaar .. so it is not worthspending time in writing a virus .. and another point ispeople will be more interested in some thing which arehidden .. other wise there is no challenge in breaking anopen box .. !!!
  17. 17. "Virus free" is not true at all.However, virus (writers) have a harder time in a Linuxenvironment.1) Linux distros dont run as admin/root by default (and youreally dont need to run as admin to be productive in Linux)2) Linux distros have secure file permissions by default. Thatmeans an "infected user" will not disrupt other users or "thesystem".3) Linux approach to security is to make it the highest priority,even above usability.4) Open source and full disclosure lead to quick patches/fixes
  18. 18. Antivirus Soft wares are required for the removal & repair of VIRUS and VIRUS infected files in Windows.Norton and McAfee are popular Antivirus Sofwares.
  19. 19. ConclusionWell that’s all ,I have presented my findings on thetopic of Linux v/s Windows, although it is by nomeans an easy topic to research, it is a very interestingone to look into and there is a seemingly infiniteamount of published material out there about thesubject which will always leave you wanting to knowmore.Broadly Concluding Linux & Windows have headto head rivalries both being Best on their own basis& REAL CONCLUSION can be made by coming time only.