Sales and marketing plan for soft drinks and beverages (for Iceberg Food)


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Sales and marketing plan for soft drinks and beverages (for Iceberg Food)

  1. 1. Sales and Marketing Plan for Soft Drinks and Beverages FMS-Delhi
  2. 2. Contents Market and Consumer Competition Trade & Iceberg Foods LimitedA B C Market • Demographics • Economics • Political Factors • Legal Issues • Technological • Beverage Market • Share of Stomach • Beverage market development • Market Size • Product categories and price points • Summary Consumer • General remarks • Research • Summary Competition • General Remarks • Pictures • Positioning • Communication Strategy • Market & Communication Activities • Price Strategy • Factsheet • Summary Trade • General Remarks • Pictures • Research • Universe and Coverage • Distribution – Displays – Margins • Summary Iceberg Foods Limited • Current Marketing Organisational Structure • Current Sales Organisational Structure • Current Key Marketing, Trade & Sales Activities SWOT Analysis Key Challenges & Growth Drivers
  3. 3. A 1. Market 2. Consumer
  4. 4. Demographic Factors Demographic data • Population (million)  1,210 • Population growth rate (%)  1.41% • Population 0-14 years (%) 31.1 • Population 15-64 years (%)  63.6 • Population 65+ years (%)  5.3 • Literacy rate (%) 74.04 • Main religions  Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsi • Languages  Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Gujrati, Konkani, Dogra, Urdu Assamese, North Eastern Languages
  5. 5. Economic Factors Economic data • GDP (billion EUR)  1200 (Nominal), 2980 (PPP) • GDP growth rate  8.5 % • GDP per capita (EUR)  1005.65 (Nominal), 2449.20 (PPP) • Grocery spending per capita (EUR)  241 (using Nominal GDP), 588 (using PPP GDP); • Personal Consumption is 60% of Indian GDP and 40% of consumer spending is on groceries • Inflation rate (%)  9.72 (CPI) • Unemployment rate (%)  9.4 • Population below poverty line (%)  37 (GoI estimates) • Exchange rate EUR: TODAY  1 EUR = INR 67.7690 • Exchange rate EUR: 12 months ago  1 EUR = INR 63 ( 6 months ago)
  6. 6. Political Factors Budget 2011 – 12 • Government signifies the importance of improvement in retailing capacity of fruits • Ascertains the fact that 40 per cent of the fruit and vegetable production in India goes waste due to lack of storage, cold chain and transport infrastructure • Government regulated mandis prevent retailers from integrating their enterprises directly with the farmers
  7. 7. Shelf life: • Regulation on use of preservatives meant for enhancing shelf life • The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954: Central government specifies a list of permissible preservatives, other than common salt and sugar to be used in fruit products as well as the maximum amounts of each preservative • In case of imported goods, valid shelf life/ residual shelf life should not be less than 60% of their original shelf life License • All fruit processing units require license under the Fruits Product Order, 1955 (FPO) • Contains specifications and quality control requirements regarding production and marketing of processed fruits Regulation on the category ‗Juice Drink‘ • No specific guidelines for „Juice Drink‟ category Packaging labels • The Standards of Weights and Measures Act, 1976, and • Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977: • To be displayed: Nature of the commodity, Name and Address of the Manufacturer, Net Quantity, Date of Manufacture, and Sale Price Price disclosure Sale Price to be mentioned as per the Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977 Environmental issues: Environment Protection Act, 1986: An Act to provide for the protection and improvement of environment Legal Issues
  8. 8. Technological Factors • Quality Control: • Freshness and quality of the expressed fruit juice is central to the quality of the final product • As soon as juice is expressed from the fruit it starts to deteriorate as a result of chemical activity and bacterial spoilage • Quick bottling is essential to reduce chances of contamination • Temperature and time of heating are critical to the taste, shelf life and color of juice • The use of the correct amount of chemical preservatives in fruit drinks needs technological precision • The final juice is evaluated on number of criteria like acidity, citrus oil level, pulp level, pulp cell integrity, color, viscocity, mouth feel, microbiological contamination and taste • Establishment of cold chain facilities is vital to maintain the quality of juice • The future processing improvements likely to come from the use of computer controlled sizing and grading of fruit
  9. 9. Beverages Alcoholic Beverages Non-Alcoholic Beverages Beer Wine Sprit Others Soft Drinks Hot & Home rinks Milk Drinks Coffee Tea Per capita consumption in litres Packaged Water 2.33 0.020 0.050 2.60 120 5.2 720 gms 100 gms 91.255 Beverage Market: Portfolio Division
  10. 10. Beverage Market Development Market Segmentation Segment Share (%) North 24 East 18 West 32 South 26 Rural 30 Urban 70
  11. 11. Market Size Total Volume 2011 (in Million liters) Total Volume 2011 (in liters per capita) Growth rate vs. 2011 (in %) Packaged Water 600 5 35 Carbonates 360 3 16.5 Juice (100%) 660 million unit cases, of which, packaged juice accounts for just 90 million unit 5.5 unit 20 Product Variation Type Share (%) RTS beverages 47 Pulp/Concentrate 40 Fruit juices 6 Squashes 7
  12. 12. Market Product Categories & Price points SKU type Trade buying price / Margin Consumer Price (INR) Carbonates / Colas (Pepsi ) 300ml can 500ml PET bottle 1000ml PET bottle Rs 0.60 to Rs 0.80 margin for 300 ml bottle 12 22 45 Packaged Water (Aquafina) 500ml PET bottle 750ml PET bottle 1 L PET bottle 8 10 14 Juice brand Maaza 200ml Tetra Wedge 600ml PET bottle 15 25 Juice brand Dabur Real 200ml Tetra pack 1000ml Real Mixed 18 78
  13. 13. Key Messages for Capri-Sun Indicated Actions 1. Introduce new variants 1. Litchi, Blackberry jam fruit, Water apple etc. 2. Introduce PET bottle for fruit juice 2. Not only Tetra pack, Introduce 300ml, 500ml bottle 3. Mix variants 3. Novel formulations including fruit juice mixed with vegetable juice, which guarantees consumers a sufficient daily nutrition intake as well as uncompromised taste Market Analysis: Summary
  14. 14. A 1. Market 2. Consumer
  15. 15. Consumer: General Remarks • General Consumer Trends – Purchase primarily motivated by fruit base and nutritional value; emphasis on sweetness on decline – Hygiene evolving as an important consideration – Willingness to consume a variety of flavours • Brand awareness – High – But unorganized market is still a formidable player • Consumption occasions – Growing trend of treating fruit juice as a breakfast beverage – Consumed also as a hangout drink and in evening and when out in the sun • Attitude towards Juice drinks – Fruit drinks have been an integral part of Indian diet (India is one of the largest producers of fruits and vegetables) – Trend towards packaged drinks in last 5 years for hygiene , in spite of perception of lower fruit content
  16. 16. Consumer Research (1/4)
  17. 17. Consumer Research (2/4)
  18. 18. Consumer Research (3/4)
  19. 19. Consumer Research (4/4)
  20. 20. Key Messages for Capri-Sun Indicated Actions 1. Consumer preference for variety of fruit bases; trend to consume at breakfast and as hangout drink but frequency of consumption still low 1. Introduce variants with different fruit bases; differentiate as integral part of healthy diet and as healthy tasty hangout ; drive consumption 2. Packaged drinks perceived to be hygienic but have lower fruit content; stress on nutritional value 2. Differentiate as having higher fruit content than competition; more fruit more nutrition; true fruit juice as against fruit based drinks 3. Customers do not wish to pay a premium; bought mostly from kirana stores 3. Keep competitive pricing; intensive distribution Consumer Analysis: Summary
  21. 21. B 1. Competition
  22. 22. Fruit Juice Category
  23. 23. • Fruit based beverage market ~ Rs 2,000 cr • Fruit juice market ~ Rs 750 cr • Major Player: Dabur Real, Pepsico Tropicana, Co cola Minute maid, Parle Saint, HUL Kissan Soya Juice and regional players like motherdairy Safal, Maa juice • Winners: Dabur Real, Pepsico Tropicana • Losers: Many companies are comparatively new entrants and it is yet to be seen if they are able to grab the market share from the leading brand • Mergers and Acquisition: Cavin Kare acquired fruit juice Tamil Nadu based fruit juice drink brand “MAA” in 2008 • Initiatives: companies are emphasizing on the health benefits with an aim to grab the yet nascent juice segment with a high potential given the increase in the health consciousness among Indians • New Entrants: Parle Saint, HUL Kissan Soya Juice • Princing: The offerings are normally in two sku: 1L which is in general (Rs70- Rs130) and 200 ml – (Rs15- Rs30) Competition: General Remarks
  24. 24. PositioningTargetGroup Dabur – Real and Real Activ Pepsi –Tropicana • Juice made from real fruits • Free of preservatives and natural • Shifted their positioning from taste to health • Tropicana is all about nutrition • Positioned as healthy fruit juice for daily nutrition • Recently moved as the juice to make breakfast complete • Socio Economic Segments- B and C • Lower, Middle and upper class • Young Health conscious consumers • Real Active: Higher Middle class • Mothers and children • Young working people • Health conscious middle and upper middle class segments Capri-Sun Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competition: Positioning of Capri-Sun and Top 5 Competitors
  25. 25. PositioningTargetGroup Coco Cola – minute Maid Parle- Saint Kisan • The brand name ‗Saint‘ & white packaging designed to set it apart from the rest • Conveys the premium image of honesty and purity like a Saint • Unique combination of fruit juice and soya milk – benefits of both • ―Happy growth‖ • Young individuals, both male & female • Those who want refreshment & nourishment in their daily routines • Saint aimed at growing health conscious customer base in metros, mini- metros and top 3 cities of every state • Middle Class • Kids and children Competitor 3 Competitor 4 Competitor 5 Competition: Positioning of Capri-Sun and Top 5 Competitors • Unique positioning based on its Pulpy Orangy characteristic • Earlier stress on Pulpy nature as USP, now shifting it to core benefit of ―uplifting feeling‖ • Refreshingly Orange, Surprisingly Pulpy
  26. 26. Real Tropicana • … • Communicated as sweet and equivalent to fruit • Healthy Snacking— Breakfast, morning sunshine, Orange • Lunch box segment of kids • TV, Print, radio and outdoor • Celebrity endorsements ( Sonali Bendre and Bipasha Basu) • Tie ups with DTH services like DTH, Airtel, Tata Sky. • Health and fitness awareness programs in partnerships Capri-Sun Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competition: Communication Strategy of Capri-Sun and Top 5 Competitors • Let‘s Make Breakfast 100% • Presence in Health clubs and Gymnasiums, Fitness centers, 5-star hotels, cofee shops, airlines • Retail and Consumer levl of promotions • Helath bulletins and leaflets • Ad spend of about 20% of sales CommunicationStrategy
  27. 27. Coca Cola: Minute Maid Parle: Saint, Appy and Frooti Kissan: HUL • Saint‘s TVCs centering around nature and the tagline ―Juice the way God meant it to be‖ • Unique and uncluttered packaging lends an international feel to the product & avoid confusion regarding purity and sugar content • Frooti‘s positioning changed from ―Fresh ‗n‘ Juicy‖ to ‗Why grow up‘, essentially centering around love for mangoes • Appy Fizz’s champagne shaped bottle gives the beverage its sparkling look • Bottle is used as a spokecharacter portraying ‘a cool drink to hangout with’ CommunicationStrategy Competition: Communication Strategy of Capri-Sun and Top 5 Competitors Competitor 3 Competitor 4 Competitor 5 • Consumer awareness programs about awareness of Soya • Marketed on the platform of taste & health • Initial launch included organizing road shows • Extensive sampling sessions backed by exciting contests • TV commercials bringing out the ― Refreshingly Orange, Surprisingly Pulpy‖ proposition • Tagline of ―Bilkul Ghar Jaisa‖ for Nimbu fresh captured Indian ethos properly
  28. 28. •Roped in Bipasha Basu as the new brand ambassador for Real Activ--Snack Healthy campaign •Launches a new packaging--Tweaked logo with green leaves and water droplets. •Launch of Réal Apollo National School Health Programme in association with the Apollo Hospital’s Initiative.--Theme -- Healthy Kids - A Better Tomorrow . Dabur - Real PepsiCo- Tropicana • … • Tropicana Health Run in delhi on world health day • The Tropicana club under which consumer earns loyalty points for every buy • Sold at health clubs liek Talwalkar and Personal Point • Interesting Information about fitness and health Capri-Sun Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competition: Key Marketing / Communication Activities 2011 Activities
  29. 29. Coca Cola – Minute Maid Parle: Saint, Frooti, Appy, LMN Kissan • Launches 100% juice after success of Pulpy Orange and Nimbu Fresh, no added preservatives/ colors • Supported by intensive customer activation program including experimental sampling, road shows, TVCs etc. • Positioning centers around ―Spontaneous enjoyment of life‖ aka ―life ka ras‖ • The new ‗Our First Love‘ campaign extends the Nimbu Fresh‘s ―Bilkul Ghar Jaisa‖ positioning further to include childhood nostalgic memories of lemonade • Print ads and hoardings • Launched recently • Websites and ads talk about and emphasises the nutritional benefits of soya thus increasing consumer awareness Activities Competition: Key Marketing / Communication Activities 2011 Competitor 3 Competitor 4 Competitor 5 • Parle hooked up with medical clinics in Mumbai in order to induce trials & free home delivery • During Diwali season Parle introduced five of its attractive brands in attractive and affordable gift packs • ‗Lost Bushman‘ TVCs of LMN withdrawn after it seemed to have hinted at racism towards Africans • Parle intends to relaunch Appy Fizz to cater for wider distribution networks
  30. 30. Dabur - Real Tropicana Capri-Sun 1ltr200ml Promotion Regular EUR PET 1ltr200 mlINR PETPromotion 75-12522Regular PET 1ltr200 mlINR PETPromotion 60-7015Regular NA 1ltrml NAPromotion NANARegular Competition: Consumer Price Strategy 2011 Competitor 1 Competitor 2 1ltr200mlINR Promotion Regular LocalCurrency NA 1ltrml NAPromotion NANARegular
  31. 31. Coca Cola – Minute Maid PParle Saint Kissan – HUL 1ltrml Promotion Regular EUR Bottles/ PET 1ltr 200 – 400 ml INR Promotion 20 - 25Regular PET 1ltr200 mlINR PETPromotion 9020Regular 1ltrmlINR Promotion Regular NA 1ltrml NAPromotion NANARegular LocalCurrency Competition: Consumer Price Strategy 2011 Competitor 3 Competitor 4 Competitor 5 NA 1ltrml NAPromotion NANARegular
  32. 32. Competitor Factsheet: Dabur Real STRATEGY & ACTIVITIES 2011 • Moving from In home consumption to OOH (out of home) consumption • (Vending machines at public places such as malls, placing 200 ml packs in restaurants and airlines) • Launching exotic flavors such as guava, litchi and cranberry, and value-added options such as soya- and fibre-enriched juices. • Advertising medium moving to digital space—social gaming, social networking to educate children • Taking it from breakfast to Snack category • Educating consumer about fruit drink and fruit juices Market position1 No.1 Market share1 52% IMPLICATIONS FOR CAPRI-SUN 2012 Competitor„s strengths & opportunities What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? • First Mover advantage, Strong Dabur brand name, Excellent branding and advertising, Excellent distribution and availability • Leverage successful brand Dabur Advertise more. Buy out competition • Maintain their market leader position • Expansion into other segments and variants of products • Heavy spend on advertisements • Rural penetration • Charging premium for value added products • Differentiate in taste (More natural), less variants • Target a particular segment • Leverage Krafts brand name • High marketing budget to increase visibility Competitor„s weaknesses & threats What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? • Price pressure due to input commodity price increase. Slightly higher priced. • Threat from other drinks competitors.Threat from substitutes like fruit juices • Penetration is still low (15%). First priority will be to convince the consumer that packaged juice is free of preservatives • Drive consumer awareness and adoption • Rely on the growth of modern trade and exposure to packaged foods • Position it in the ‗only fruit‘ juice category. • Availability at Modern Trade • Trials and samples
  33. 33. Competitor Factsheet: Tropicana STRATEGY & ACTIVITIES 2011 • Prices have been increased due to increase in inputs • launched a new campaign – ‘Now Breakfast Shall Win’ • large scale campaign on the digital space to engage with its consumers and communicate the importance of a complete breakfast • ‘Tropicana Breakfast Club’ on leading social networking platforms • exciting visuals, the page has interactive and fun applications Market position1 No.2 Market share1 35% IMPLICATIONS FOR CAPRI-SUN 2012 Competitor„s strengths & opportunities What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? • Excellent branding and advertising and Excellent distribution and availability. Health Oriented Very positive brand equity compared to aerated drinks, First mover advantage • Leverage successful brand Pepsi, Advertise more, Buy out competition, More Brand recognition and Launch fruit flavours not available normally like Apricot, Peach etc. • Trying to increase out of of home consumption by launching pet bottles. • Differentiation and variety in offerings • CS key differentiation factor is its for kids hence associate it with alll activities kids engage in like school and play • Emphasize that kids need nutrition to grow and extra energy to do their -daily activities which CS provides. • Launch more varieties • Collaborate with school canteens Competitor„s weaknesses & threats What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? Slightly higher price and Less Quantity Increasing competition in the industry and threat from substitutes like fresh fruit juices • Increase in price • Match upto the price points
  34. 34. Competitor Factsheet: Coca cola STRATEGY & ACTIVITIES 2011 • Diversification of product portfolio through entering into 100% juice category • Extensive customer reach programs through experimental sampling, road shows, TVCs etc Market position1 No. Market share1 % IMPLICATIONS FOR CAPRI-SUN 2012 Competitor„s strengths & opportunities What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? • Core strength lies in product differentiation i.e. The pulp • Support of Coca Cola‘s, one of the best distributive network • Diverse Product portfolio also to include 100% juice category • Continue to promote differentiation of the product through taste & inducing trials • Leverage the distribution network of the company for promoting MM 100% juice brand • Lesson: product differentiation through enrichment is the way forward • Target the smaller SKU which is not being targeted by Minute Maid Competitor„s weaknesses & threats What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? • Late Entrant, • Minute Maid‘s cannibalization threat for Coke, Thumps Up, Mirinda, Sprite • Gradual enhancing availability of Minute maid and promotion thrust • The threat of cannibalization of Minute Maid can be converted as an opportunity by targeting the same customer base 1 Based on value
  35. 35. Competitor Factsheet: Kissan STRATEGY & ACTIVITIES 2011 • Launched in 2011 • Concept of providing benefits for Soya and juice both through a single offering • Differentiation from competition on this basis Market position1 No.NA Market share1 NA% IMPLICATIONS FOR CAPRI-SUN 2012 Competitor„s strengths & opportunities What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? • Kissan has the largest market share in jams with Rs 176 crore of the Rs 264-crore market and Rs 135 crore in instant noodles and the Rs 566- crore ketchup/sauces market in Ie ndia. • Highly known Brand HUL support • Focus on the benefits of Soya to emphasis differentiation from competitor brands • Direct competitor to Capri Sun as Kissan is more associated with Kids. • CS should concentrate on the pure 100% Juice benefits for Kids Competitor„s weaknesses & threats What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? • Many failed launches in the past by Kissan • Late entrant in the market • Image as Kids brand • Leverage on prior awareness of Kissan to compensate for late entry • Leverage Krafts Brand equity 1 Based on value
  36. 36. Competitor Factsheet: Parle STRATEGY & ACTIVITIES 2011 • Saint to be maintained as a niche & premium brand and its distribution to centre around modern trade outlets • Appy‟s success has been attributed to black packaging and strategic positioning in retail outlets. 100 ml, 160 ml, 250 ml and 400 ml packs launched • LMN to be relaunched in new packaging for “creative massive distribution” based strategy Market position1 No. Market share1 % IMPLICATIONS FOR CAPRI-SUN 2012 Competitor„s strengths & opportunities What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? • One of the largest distribution networks • Trust and reliability with ‗Parle‘ brand association • Sound knowledge of Indian consumer • Catering to masses • Leverage the same distribution networks for Saint, Appy and LMN • Keep the brand associations with the parent brand • Would apply the insights learnt through Frooti for Saint • Can avoid taking headon position vis-a-vis Frooti which stresses on the fun element • Saint‘s perceptual space of being the purest juice can still be taken away Competitor„s weaknesses & threats What are they likely to do? How can CS block/defend? • Frooti considered to be kid‘s drink • … • … 1 Based on value
  37. 37. Key Messages for Capri-Sun Indicated Actions 1. Differentiation of CS is that it lies in the 100% fruit juice category and not other non-aerated fruit-based beverages 1. Educate consumer about the difference between fruit juice and fruit drink 2. Promote it as a part of regular diet 3. Taste should be suitable for Indian palate 2. Competition is intense in the Kids category as they are the driver segment for the product 1. Make the product affordable 2. Maintain price-quality relationship 3. Focus on kids‘ favourite flavours like orange, mixed fruit etc. 4. Appeal to mass consumers 3. Distribution and promotion will play a key role 1. Leverage the Krafts Foods distribution network in India 2. Networking campaign with respect to distributors 3. Heavy Sales promotion at point of purchase 4. Drive out-of-home (OOH) consumption. (Vending machines at schools etc.) Competition Analysis: Summary
  38. 38. C 1. Trade 2. Iceberg Foods Limited 3. SWOT Analysis 4. Key Challenges and Growth Drivers
  39. 39. Trade Channels: General Remarks Trade Channels Local Grocery Store Other Options • Supermarkets (Chain and Independent) • Specialty and Gourmet Stores • Health Food and Natural Foods Stores • Club Stores • Mass Merchandisers or 'Big Box' Stores • Drug & Department Stores , Convenience Stores • Food Service (Business, Institutional, Chain and Independent Restaurants) • Vending , Military, Export Markets • Internet, Mail Order and Catalog • Niche Gift & Gourmet Stores • Gift Baskets Companies
  40. 40. Pictures of the different types of trade outlets Supermarkets and Grocery Stores (Chain and Independent) Specialty and Gourmet Stores
  41. 41. Pictures of the different types of trade outlets Health Food and Natural Foods Stores Vending Machines Club Stores Gift Stores
  42. 42. Overall reach of FMCG companies with respect to other players Trade Research Capri sun has to directly tackle such a wide market distribution network of the competitor Iceberg can be helpful here. It has proven model of established chain for kingfisher water
  43. 43. Retailer’s Margin in packaged Juice Trade down margin of 15% in addition to additional scheming that can go up to 5% for Traditional Trade. Margin of Distributor is 5%. For easier assimilation: Cost Structure Price INR a) Cost Distributor 62.10 b) Cost Retailer 65.21 (including VAT) c) Cost Consumer (M.R.P) 75 d) Margin Retailer 9.78 Thus, 1L pack of Tropicana with M.R.P 75 INR cost 65 INR to Retailer Retailer generates a hand some margin of 9.7 INR per one litre bottle
  44. 44. Distribution 1. Specialty/Gourmet Foods Distributors: - Mainly dry groceries. Stores Served: Specialty Gourmet Health / Natural Supermarkets Convenience Stores Service Type: Pre-Sales, Drop-Off Some offer merchandising 2. Health/Natural Foods Distributors: - Mainly dry foods, sometimes ref. and frozen. Stores Served: Health/Natural Specialty / Gourmet Supermarkets Service Type: Pre-Sales Drop-Off Some offer merchandising 3. Food Service Distributors: Anything and everything a food service operation uses. Stores Served: Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels, Delis, Schools, Hospitals... Service Type: You order it, they drop it off. Types of Distributors:
  45. 45. Distribution contd. 4. Rack Jobbers: - Dry groceries, usually high volume items Stores Served: All types, including food service accounts. Service Type: Full service including merchandising 5. Wholesalers: -These supply supermarkets with most of their inventory. Huge variety of groceries, dry, frozen, refrigerated, frozen, plus HBA, and sundries. Stores Served: Mainly Super and C-Stores, but some Specialty and Natural. Service Type: Drop at back door. Some offer merchandising in various degrees 6.Warehouse Distributors: Anything and everything in pallet quantities. Stores Served: Usually Their Own; Clubs, Drug, Department Stores Service Type: Drop and go. Types of Distributors:
  46. 46. Key Messages for Capri-Sun Indicated Actions 1. Grocery Stores and Supermarkets are among the good performing trade channels in India 1. Once entering in India, focus on extensive distribution of the new product 2. Only big Players like Dabur, Pepsi, Coke, HUL, Parle have been able to sustain in such a competitive juice industry 2. Kraft‘s already existing distribution network in coordination with Iceberg‘s core competency can be a game changer in the juice market 3. Gift giving trend is on a growth stage. Kraft Food‘s Cadbury has very well cashed on this concept. Ex. Celebrations 3. Gift markets can be the different way out to cater to the particular section of people who believe in this gifting culture Trade Channel Analysis: Summary 4. Food Chain stores and restaurants & bars generally tie up with some juice player. For Ex: Pepsico + Pan India Foods Solutions  Tropicana Mocktail Bar 4. Strategic tie-ups with different food chains and restaurant chains can assure a particular distribution channel & trade channel successful structure
  47. 47. C 1. Trade 2. Iceberg Foods Limited 3. SWOT Analysis 4. Key Challenges and Growth Drivers
  48. 48. Strengths Weaknesses Being an International player, Capri Sun has the ability to enter into Indian Juice Market in spite of such high barriers to entry Capri Sun is not known among Indians. It might take time to earn trust of the customers and make them switch to Capri Sun Juices. Opportunities Threats Juice Industry is an emerging market. Indians are becoming more conscious and are focusing more on health drinks and juices Serious competition can be expected from a newly emerging player Maa Fruits Pvt Ltd. SWOT Analysis ( based on all previous slides )
  49. 49. C 1. Trade 2. Iceberg Foods Limited 3. SWOT Analysis 4. Key Challenges and Growth Drivers
  50. 50. Key Challenges / Risks Growth Drivers / Actions 1. Competition from established players in the juice market is going to make the loyal customers tough to switch to a completely new brand 1. To promote the product range good consideration should be made to wholesalers and retailers. More retailers and consumer based schemes should be introduced and special emphasis should be given children based schemes because children mainly consume the fruit juices right from the launch 2. Packaged drinks perceived to be hygienic but have lower fruit content; stress on nutritional value 2. Differentiate as having higher fruit content than competition; more fruit more nutrition; true fruit juice as against fruit based drinks Summary: Capri-Sun Key Challenges & Growth Drivers