Below The Line (BTL) promotional activities for Pepsi during Cricket World Cup


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Below The Line (BTL) promotional activities for Pepsi during Cricket World Cup

  1. 1. Team Name: MarkSmiths College Name: FMS, Delhi Nikhil Dubey Sukesh Chandra Gain 8860406203 7428062825 1
  2. 2. Agenda •Stadiums/Venues •Colleges and School •Malls, Road shows in Target cities BTL Activities •T-shirts •Caps •Bags •Wrist bands Merchandising Options •Pepsi Gully Championships •Pepsi XI •Fan-of-the-Match & Series Innovative Marketing Strategies Executive Summary 2
  3. 3. Stadiums Balloon Sticks: Balloon Sticks with Pepsi logo on one side and on the other side with the respective country flags at particular venues will be distributed among the spectators Glow Sticks: Distributing World Cup & Pepsi themed Glow Sticks, primarily during the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony and also during D/N matches would be innovative idea Detachable Ticket Coupons : Every World Cup ticket will have two detachable coupons which can be redeemed at the stadiums. These coupons will offer Pepsi at discounted rates to the spectators Hand Banners & Napkins: Country themed hand banners with a Pepsi logo Distributing napkin (with Pepsi logo) with food packages in the stadium during break-time 3
  4. 4. Colleges & Schools Fast bowling Competition: Inter College/school Fast Bowling Championships would be organized Fastest bowler at a particular venue stands to win Pepsi sponsored Cricket Kit Moreover, the winner also gets a chance to bowl at practice/ net sessions at the nearest World Cup venue Blindfold game: A temporary wall made of card board and Big Pepsi logo/banner pasted on it is erected A world cup ticket would be attached on the wall at a height of 1m Participants would be blindfolded and asked to touch the ticket after walking a distance of 10 m Successful participants stand a chance to win World Cup match tickets 4 Ball Game: A big (2 m ht x 0.5 m radius) Pepsi bottle, on the top, a small hole of radius 4 cm would be made Participants would be asked to throw a rubber ball inside the bottle through the top hole from a distance of 10 m A minimum of one bounce is mandatory before it enters into the bottle  Successful participants will get free ticket for any of the world cup matches and free 500 ml Pepsi on the spot We think this event would be a crowd puller and increase the brand awareness and emotional involvement with the Pepsi brand
  5. 5. Malls and Road Shows Pepsi Bottle On cars through city roads : 4 wheeler vehicles which are modified in the shape of cricket Bat and Ball These vehicles would move around the city, where the bat would chase the ball These Bat and Ball vehicles would carry the Pepsi Logo Such a campaign will surely create a buzz among the citizens and make them aware of Pepsi’s involvement in the World Cup Such a concept is innovative and highly cost-effective way to create visibility Poster/Signature Campaigns: Poster and signature campaigns have a great appeal among fans and cricket lovers These campaign would be held at places of high footfall and traffic e.g. Malls, Stations Moreover, the Signatures would be done on a Pepsi + World cup themed cloth 5
  6. 6. Merchandising: The Pepsi Badge: Pepsi Logo along with the player photo or the Team Flag  This badge can be worn by the Fans on their T-shirt, Bag etc. This piece of merchandising would sported by supporters of respective players and teams  These badges would be available with high volume purchase of Pepsi Cans, Bottles etc Hand bands which carry the county flags along with the Pepsi logo T-shirts, Caps:  The Pepsi Cricket Gear is a combination of Style and Sports  Gear consists of T-shirts, Caps, Wrist-bands, Bags for both Males and Females  The Gear would be launched in a Limited Edition at select stores across the nation 6 World Cup Themed Music Album : Would combine some of the best sports songs from various countries
  7. 7. Innovative Marketing Ideas Pepsi Gully Championships: These championships would be organized in different cities and locations  Gully Cricket is a big phenomenon is Indian Cricket scene  This method is innovative not only because this medium has never been used for marketing in India, but also because this is cost-effective and has huge potential fan base  Tie-up with a pan-India footprint Radio Channel to promote and organize the event Pepsi Super XI: A dedicated website which will allow fans to create their own WC XI teams  If this matches with the Pepsi XI, then fans stand to win tickets for the WORLD CUP Finals in Mumbai Pepsi Fan-of-the Match and Fan-of -the-Series:  Everyday Man of the Match prediction on portal  Man of the Series will be decided based on maximum number of predicted MoM by a single Fan  Fan of the Match prizes : Samsung Corby, iPod, DTH etc. (with resp. tie-ups)  Fan of the Series: Tata Safari, Mahindra Xylo etc. Similar Games ,Quizzes and Applications which are a great hit in the social media circuit would be carried out  Lastly, internal branding is important and hence, employees at Pepsi India, should adopt the theme 7
  8. 8. Executive Summary 8 BTL Activities Malls and Road- shows Pepsi Bat and Ball Cars Signature Campaign Merchand ising T-Shirts Caps Wrist Bands stadium Balloon Sticks Glow Sticks Discount Coupons, Hand Banners & Napkins College& Schools Fast Bowling Blind-Fold Game Ball Game Innovative Marketing Ideas Fan of the Series Fan-of-the- Match Pepsi Super XI Pepsi Gully Championship Execution:  All activities should be carried out at least one month prior to the ICC Cricket World Cup Different set of volunteers trained for specific activities Target Cities