5 years strategic brand building roadmap for gsk's lucozade sports drink@sukesh gain


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Strategic brand building road-map for GSK's Lucozade sports drink

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5 years strategic brand building roadmap for gsk's lucozade sports drink@sukesh gain

  1. 1. Lucozade Sukesh Chandra Gain
  2. 2. Drink Market Soft or Carbonated Drink Healthy Drink Mixed Drink Alcoholic Beverages Market Overview Market Segments Segments Growth Drivers Increase in disposable income Increased awareness for health Young population Adoption of western culture Increase in sports marketing Energy drink market-500 Cr Sports drink market – 150 Cr Domestic Market growth ~ 50% Energy Drink Market Analysis Feeling product Athletes and sportsperson Busy professional “Men at work” Age: 16-60 years Students Income: Middle and upper income
  3. 3. Current Trends Blossoming of the ‘health conscious’ man Young generation- Prime market Entry of international players Flavour- Important Factor Smart energy drinks-The In Thing Penetration in tier II and tier III cities 100% Respond ents Total 47% Yes 53% No Familiarity with sport drink 24% Yes Heard about Lucozade 76% No Current Market Trends Market Research Survey Results 58%28% 14% Red Bull Gatorade Others Choice of Energy Drink 12% Yes Drink Lucozade 88% No Location: Delhi Sample size: 138 College students Age group: 17 – 25 years
  4. 4. Strengths Strong brand with high level of consumer acceptance around the world Among the leaders in sports and energy drinks Sold over 117 countries Good reputation as a result of the medicine manufacturer Opportunities Growth in sales of sports and energy drinks Cross generational targeting of youth middle and old age  Increasing sports marketing Target groups with growth potential and disposable income Creating new demand for the product in places such as Bars and Clubs Strong financial position Threats •Entry of new Global and Local players in the energy drink segment •Perception of being for ailments •Core competency? • Strong possitioning by Red Bull Weaknesses Lucozade in some places is still considered as a medical drink (to make you feel better) Lucozade is not considered suitable for mixture with alcohol Awareness among Indian consumers S W TO Swot analysis SWOT Analysis
  5. 5. Future Marketing Mix Strategies Sports and energy drink Orange flavour Lemon flavour Launching Lucozade Alert Plus to counter Red Bull Product Premium pricing 500 ml – Rs. 40 300 ml – Rs. 25 200 ml – Rs. 16 Price Modern retail outlets Gymnasiums Super market Select traditional retail stores Place Sports magazine Celebrity endorsement Social media BTL activities Sales promotion Promotion Strategies Y1 5 Metros Y2 5 Mini metros Y3 33 Tier 1 Surat, Vadodra, Faridabad Y4 28 Tier 2 Noida, Gurgaon, Mangalore Y5 152 Tier 2 104 Tier 4 Haldia, Panchkula Push Strategy - First 3 years Push & Pull Strategy- Next 2 years
  6. 6. Targeted at influencing buying decisions at the point of purchase Posters, signs and other promotional materials  Targeting wholesalers, retailers and the end consumer Free samples, bonanzas, contests, quantity discount, coupons and souvenirs Promotion Strategies Point-of- purchase Sales promotion Night Club, Bar Sponsorship marketing Durga Puja, Onam,Ganes h Chaturthi Sponsoring different clubs or tie up with organizing committee during Durga Puja in Bengal, Onam in South, Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai Energy drinks at bars, restaurants, and nightclubs Designing marketing promotions in nightclubs in large cities, such as Excalibur Promotion & Advertising Year 1&2 Strategies & Recommendations
  7. 7. • Advertise on Yahoo India, Rediff & MSN homepage • Advertising on social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter • Tie-up with Zynga games to develop a game • Online contests such as quizzes based on brand history & recognition • Sales and field service within the military resale channel Promotion Strategies Internet & Social Media Indian Army, Navy Military Mass media Tie-ups: Corporate House Gym •Tie- Ups with big Corporate Houses and provide fitness tips for employees • Tie-Ups with International and reputed gyms in metros frequented by men from SEC A, B • Sponsorship & Advertisement during popular cricket tournaments such as Cricket World Cup & IPL • Advertising during Indian Football League • Product placement in reality shows such as MTV Roadies, Colour TV - Khatron Ke Khiladi Promotion & Advertising Year 3,4&5 Strategies & Recommendations
  8. 8. Building relationship with Engg, Medical, MBA colleges Lucozade Rock Band Competition Open quiz for all: 5-10 First Track watch, tie up with First Track Getting entry into college canteen Viral marketing using social maedia Promotion Strategies Relationship Building with colleges (>1000 ) Viral Marketing BTL Activities Sports Activities Mumbai Marathon, Delhi Marathon, Hyderbad Marathon Sponsor little lesser known athletes like Saina Nehal, Vijendar Singh, Baichung Bhutia East Bengal, Mohan Bagan Organizing Football and Cricket tournaments on regional basis Promotion & Advertising Strategies & Recommendations
  9. 9. Packaging Colour: Dark blue, OrangeShape: Slim can, Bottle Label: Identifiable, attractive graphics Logo : Tag Fresh look Ingredient Branding Energy-26 Kcal Sodium – 50 mg Highlight ‘Reason to Buy’ Packaging Strategy Packaging