The Compost article Aug/Sept. issue


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The Compost article Aug/Sept. issue

  1. 1. Homeopathy is hard to explain and some may feel that its all hog wash anyway but, as a user myself, I find homeopathy powerful, and wonderfully effective. Homeopathic medicines can stimulate your bodys response to heal itself by dealing directly with the sources of your symptoms. In the article to follow Azna Amira, a Co-op owner and shopper, outlines some commonly used homeopathic remedies and gives her perspective on their benefits. -Meg Jensen Witt, Wellness Manager Healing with NER W Home Homeopathybratitn Meeting o by Azna A. Amira, Co-op Owner Though the "home" in homeopathy is cream. Not only did I not get blisters, but really part of the prefix meaning "like cures the pain was also much reduced," she says. like," it can also serve as a reminder that simple homeopathy can be practiced by Ledum palustra and Cantharis pills anyone, with a home first aid kit that can are also helpful with burns, and these, along travel with you to picnics in the park or with hypericum, and rhus toxicodendronrday, October 15 camping in the north woods. (commonly called rhus tox) are ideal forled Barn Farm Though homeopathy is most often insect bites-- including bee stings—and 4:30 p.m., dinner served at 5. used by a practitioner to treat chronic run-ins with poison ivy. In the event of eyeg at 5:30, followed by music from 6-7. conditions that have proved resistant to injuries, a wash of calendula and hypericum more traditional methods, it is easy to can be applied to prevent infection. make a kit of simple remedies for those (Just Food sells several gels and creams minor mishaps that bedevil our precious that combine these remedies for a greater warm season outings. range of effectiveness). pizza, side dishes and live music. (While ready-made kits are available online and through your homeopath, it is Bryonia alba is the remedy of choice for more economical to simply select from the heat exhaustion—the loss of fluid due todly event. We hope to see you there! full line of remedies available in Just Foods extreme heat. wellness aisle). Nux VOmica can quell the queasiness of Arnica Montana is familiar to many as motion sickness, whether on land or water a treatment for aches and bruises; it is also if taken preventively about an hour before useful on cuts and scrapes. The Co-op sells travel. both the cream and pill forms. ip" .ysxi-?--••-•-:- :--••-•.•.•>••*•-••• "My husband was afraid he had wrecked his Though remedy dosages do vary, the dose shoulder, and wouldnt be able to make his available at Just Food—3oC—is the one Boundary Waters trip," says Jessica Bettinger, recommended for most first aid uses. receptionist for Vital Force homeopathy The pills are dissolved under the tongue, • ,r:Y-•:?"--.*••- ........ ,,„:. • -,. " •"",,, ; , ,- practice. Her husband Arlo had injured and should be taken about an hour before •"" himself lifting kegs on his job with a local mealtime for maximum absorption. They brewery and nothing had worked. "But after do not need refrigeration, but should be only five days of rubbing in arnica cream and stored away from moisture and strong odors. taking the pills," says Bettinger," he had no The remedies come packaged in tiny,T,,.:....-__| ------ , trouble paddling and portaging on that trip." tubes with caps, should be shaken into the •.:• "" :.::/ cap to administer them, avoiding contact with skin. Calendula is good for healing the skin, whether from abrasions and lacerations, or Azna A. Amira is a freelance writer based in from burns and scalds, or sunburn. Northfield. She enjoys reviewing books, and is interested in holistic health, nutrition, and energetic "I was taking a pan of lasagna out of the medicine-especial!); as they are practiced in our istiigf, irfi», design oven, and somehow managed to place both community. - at a price you can afford. hands on the hot pan" says Sujata Owens, owner of Vital Force homeopathy practice. Sujata Owens is conducting a webinar on how to "I, of course, immediately plunged them into use homeopathic remedies at home. It will he on her website, on Monday, cold water, then slathered on the calendula September 19, from 11 a.m. to 12 noon.