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First meeting Powerpoint


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During the next meeting, we are going to have an election. Also, if you wish to be a full member of Mu Alpha Theta, bring 10 dollars!

During the next meeting, we are going to have an election. Also, if you wish to be a full member of Mu Alpha Theta, bring 10 dollars!

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  • 1. Todd Beamer High School Math Club Sponsor: Mr. Glaser President: Sue Bae
  • 2. Welcome to Todd Beamer Math Club!
    • This is a brand new club that is in Todd Beamer.
    • 3. Our meetings will be held on every Friday after school in this room.
    • 4. There are 4 groups in this club: AP statistics group, AP Calculus group, and Math Competition group, and Study Buddy group
    • 5. This is a club that promotes learning of math by helping each other, which means members are going to be in teams to work on problems.
  • 6. Mu Alpha Theta
    • Our math club is affiliated with an organization, called Mu Alpha Theta. The name of our chapter is Todd Beamer High School of Chapter of MAO.
    • 7. Through Mu Alpha Theta, our club would join and compete in National Math Competitions. The free two competitions that we are going to join would be Log 1 and Rocket City Math League.
    • 8. *Log 1 requirements: Full or Associate Members
    • 9. *Rocket City Math League requirements: Anybody
  • 10. To join Mu Alpha Theta
    • Joining Mu Alpha Theta means that you will be eligible for winning scholarships, running for state officer positions and competing in national convention, which is going to be in Boston, MA this year.
    • 11. Full Membership requirements: Students who are in grade 9 through 12, who completed four semesters of college preparatory mathematics or are enrolled in a still more advanced course. 3.0 GPA. 10 dollar fee, no annual dues.
    • 12. Associate membership requirements: Students who are in grade 9 through 12, who completed two semester of algebra, or have completed a semester of geometry or of second year of algebra. Associate members do not pay the initiation fee, but can be registered to attend the national convention. They are not entitled to vote on national policy however.
  • 13. AP Statistics/ AP Calculus group
    • Plan: Be in a group of 4~5 to solve problems together. Either solving textbook problems or AP Statistics or AP Calculus prep book.
    • 14. If you are in this group, everybody is going to be part of this group by discussing problems together. It is not a group of people working on different problems.
    • 15. You can get help from Sue (Especially, AP Calc) or Mr. Glaser
  • 16. Math Competition Group
    • Students who wish to compete in Log 1 or Rocket City Math League, are going to be in this group.
    • 17. You will be given a topic to work on for each meeting and prepare for the competitions.
    • 18. It will also be a group of people working on the same problems together. It is a math team.
    • 19. I will review the topic that will be given and help you as much as possible.
    • 20. For more additional info, go to mu alpha theta website. Just google Mu Alpha Theta.
  • 21. Study Buddy Group
    • Those who want additional math help for your classes, such as geometry, algebra 1/2, pre cal will be in this group.
    • 22. You will be assigned to have a study buddy that will help you. It is either volunteers from people who took higher math classes, such as AP Calculus or AP Statistics, or your friends.
    • 23. You are asked to work on problems together as well.
  • 24. More about study buddy system
    • To run this system, we need volunteers from higher math classes. Volunteers are asked to help as short as 30 minutes and you can go back to your own study group.
    • 25. You will get community service hours for this.
    • 26. It is a great way to build relationship with other students and help your school.
    • 27. Also, Mu Alpha Theta offers tutoring opportunity to get community service hours online. To know more, come and talk to me after the meeting.
  • 28. Election
    • Vice President
    • 29. -Duty:shall perform the duties of the President at times when the president is absent, and shall also serve as Program Chairman
    • 30. Secretary
    • 31. -Duty:shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings. He or she shall, with the approval of the sponsor, certify the names of new members, forwarding these (together with initiation fees) to the National Office within one month of initiation.
    • 32. Treasure
    • 33. -Duty:shall handle all money belonging to the Chapter and shall maintain an accurate record of financial transactions.
  • 34. Next Meeting
    • We will talk more about math competitions, study buddy system, scholarships, and service projects.
  • 35. Icebreaker!
    • Get in a circle with 9 people.
    • 36. Cross your hands across your chest.
    • 37. Hold people's hands who are next you.