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Teacingenrichment final Teacingenrichment final Presentation Transcript

  • PS 4229 C & T: Mathematics IV Presented by:08B0510 SUHANA BINTI HAMDAN
  • • Topic: Multiplication• Year Level: Year 4• Strategy: Game
  • Activity Name: “Speed Quiz”• Objectives: – To improve pupils’ • Learning mental computation Stage: skills Developmental Stage 2 – To recall back multiplication table quickly and accurately • Number of • Time pupil allocation: suggested: 20-30 minutes 20 pupils
  • •Materials: –Chairs –Stopwatch –Flash Cards (multiples)
  • GAME RULES Two pupils in each team (pair). Given 1 minute for each team. 1 point given to any correct answer. Pupil A is restricted to say out the answer. Therefore, 1 x the number itself is not accepted. Team which score highest win the game.
  • PROCEDUREStep 1: Pupils form into team of two.Step 2: Vote which team to come 1st, 2nd, 3rd,etc.Step 3: Teacher demonstrates and explains the game rule to all pupils.Step 4: Pupils take their positions (see figure 1).Step 5: Pupils play the game while teacher monitors them.
  • HOW TO PLAY?• Time keeper will say start and flash card holder will start flip the flash card.• Pupil A creates multiplication question based on the number shown on the flash card and Pupil B answers it. The answer must match with the flash card shown (e.g number on the card is 25. therefore, Pupil A supposed to say 5 x 5 and Pupil B supposed to say 25).
  • Figure 1: Pupils’ position
  • • Extension: - if two or more teams• How to access? score the highest, play the – Any correct game again but response will get 1 exchange the pupil point. A’s position to Pupil B. – Any factors for - reduce the time limit multiples shown will if there’re more be taken into than 20 pupils in the class. consideration except for • After this 1 x the activity: number itself. - pupils ask to state factors or multiples of any number chosen
  • “Speed Quiz”Demonstration