SugarCRM in the insurance vertical


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Presentation by OpenSymbol h from Italy on SugarCRM Partner Summit 2012

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SugarCRM in the insurance vertical

  1. 1. SugarCRM in the Insurance Enrico Maggi, Opensymbol
  2. 2. ScenarioItalian distribution model (it’s similar to other countries)• Agencies are linked to a specific insurance company• Agencies are owned by independent entrepreneurs• Rules are currently changing in order to increase competition
  3. 3. About us• Opensymbol is the only SugarCRM Gold Partner in Italy (out of a total of 12)• 25 employees (90% of which fully involved in SugarCRM)• Focused in Insurance and Automotive markets• We’re one of the 12 Partner Advisory Board members
  4. 4. Goals• Insurance companies want to: • Retain good customers • Turn bad customers in to good customers • Conquest new good customers • Mantain a good and loyal relationship with agencies • Increase distribution model efficency
  5. 5. Goals Agencies want to:  Retain customers  Conquest new customers  Get cost savings
  6. 6. What’s needed: customer information
  7. 7. Challenges Agents are not willing to share customer infos A “new mentality” is required Agents have low IT skill Ins. Companies are usually big with very slow decision processes
  8. 8. Opportunities Existing corporate IT solutions are:  Old and user unfriendly  Focused on policy, not customer  Not integrated (different sw for different processes)  Accessible just if you are inside the company network Agents are becoming aware that a change is required
  9. 9. Opportunities Social networks can help gathering fresh customer informations New devices (e.g. iPad) are allowing easy access to informations while in mobility New technologies help building relationships
  10. 10. The solution: SugarCRM for B2B2C (or PRM) Close the gap between corporate marketing activities and distribution network (partners) Close the gap between customer infos gathering point (partners) and corporate marketing Reduce the “digital divide” that prevents agents executing effective local campaign
  11. 11. The solution: SugarCRM for B2B2C (or PRM) Streamline all sales processes:  Budgeting top down across the sales network  Real time forecast  Real time KPI  All in one information system Streamline all backoffice processes
  12. 12. Remember: it’s not all about softwareMr. Marco Boni (Chief Marketing, Zurich Italy) interviewIl giornale delle assicurazioni(January, 2010)
  13. 13. The solutionMost of the data you can see contained in thefollowing SugarCRM screenshots are nightly gatheredfrom central DWH via an ETL and then properlyorganized and displayed for user convenience.The solution is a perfect mix between data comingfrom Corporate ERP and data that are created at CRMlevel.
  14. 14. The solutionTypically the insurance company offers different software applications toaddress different business needs. All the data is collected together into onesingle datawarehouse, and that’s where we usuallly read data from Policy Policy Claims Payment issue quoting system system system Company DataWarehous e
  15. 15. The solution Nightly differential Company data loads DataWarehous (Customers, e Policies, Payments, Claims, Indicators)One single installationon the AmazonDatacenter (UE zones) Agency Agency Agency Agency Agency 1 2 3 … n 15
  16. 16. The solution
  17. 17. The solution Screenshots
  18. 18. Different roles, different infos: Agent view Day by day Agency Trend
  19. 19. Different roles, different infos: Agent view Agency Portfolio Overview
  20. 20. Different roles, different infos: Agent view Seller’s detailsSales Force Management: the agent can overview his sellers
  21. 21. Different roles, different infos: seller view Day by day Seller’s Portfoglio Trend
  22. 22. Different roles different infos: front office viewExpiringPoliciesTo do listCallsAppointmentsand meeting
  23. 23. Customer Profiling: 360°customer view
  24. 24. Customer Profiling: 360°customer view Customer detail view Personal data Insurance Information
  25. 25. Customer Profiling: 360°customer viewOther Information
  26. 26. Amministrative and Operational ManagementInsurance policy detail view
  27. 27. Amministrative and Operational ManagementPremiums Collection Collection Data Commission Data
  28. 28. Amministrative and Operational ManagementClaims Detail View Claims Data
  29. 29. Sales ManagementOpportunity view Funnel
  30. 30. Sales Management
  31. 31. Marketing Management
  32. 32. Marketing Management Campaign List Campaign Activities
  33. 33. Marketing ManagementCampaign Monitoring
  34. 34. Agency Accounting System
  35. 35. Agency Accounting SystemAll financial record can be managedSome records are automatically updated (coming from central data)
  36. 36. Agency Accounting System: Cash Flow CheckDaily check between corporate data and agency data
  37. 37. Agency Accounting System: Cash RegistrationTotal per accountEasy cash record
  38. 38. Sales Team Commission ManagementCommission calculation (to help collaborators in invoicing process to the agency)
  39. 39. Benefits for the insurance company Popular functionalities Cost savings More Income Marketing (HQ) DEM / Campaings Mass mailing (no external Increased campaign Redemption Analysis cost) effectiveness thanks to Link with agencies Lower need of scheduled redemtpion monitoring = more Propensity indicators communication with agencies contracts More focused target lists = higher conversion rate Propensity indicator drives more sales Sales (HQ, Area Top down target Lower need of scheduled Focus on agencies that need assigment communication with agents more help = more deals are Manager, Sales Target monitoring Less travels closed Manager) Production monitoring Less phone calls Better coordination = more deals Income monitoring are closed
  40. 40. Benefits for the agencies
  41. 41. Insurance UsersEurope 700 users 1,200 users 100 users 250 users 20 users 1,350 users geplant