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OD Alternatives Introduction
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OD Alternatives Introduction


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We are a boutique OD consultancy focusing on transformation of organizations and communities using behavioral skills knowledge. …

We are a boutique OD consultancy focusing on transformation of organizations and communities using behavioral skills knowledge.

Our interventions focuses on subjective and objective parts of the organization using one to one interaction methodologies, small group interventions and Large Group Intervention tools (LGI).

We have partnered with a large number of multinational organizations, as well as with public sector organizations in the past 13 years, in their learning and development, change and transformation and their growth journeys.

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  • Training Alternatives Consultancy Pvt Ltd
  • MW-ZZD141-20060208-103-3 Animated page There is a similarity between a heated piece of metal that will go cold if the adjacent pieces are not heated up as well; in the same way the improvements of a mini-T will eventually erode if the adjacent value streams (all the value streams within a physical location) are not transformed as well. Although physically a mini-transformation could be protected (e.g. the existence of supermarket stocks will protect the flow), the people aspects can not, i.e. the situation in which one team of operators working differently to another team is not sustainable (e.g. the conversation in a canteen when one operator is telling another how they work all the time and the other one saying they go faster in the morning, fall ahead and have longer breaks)
  • MW-ZZD141-20060208-103-3 Mini Transformations must keep a steady pace of change and aim at changing physically the way people work. It is important, of course, to design and plan properly before moving everything on the shopfloor. However, it is crucial that at least 75% of the time is spent, not in a room, but on the shopfloor, helping to drive the change and coaching the line management
  • MW-ZZD141-20060208-103-3 Often the most difficult element of a mini-transformation is to engage the local management, this is however fundamental to ensure that 1) the management truly understands the current state & the lean philosophy and 2) the management owns the future state and the plan to get there. <Faculty: explain the page and ask the participants for their experience of the difficulties they had and how they managed to overcome it)
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. Our beliefs and overview Practice areas and training modules Credentials A B C
    • 3. Leadership challenges are mostly about change and transformation We address these challenges using behavioral skills knowledge Aligning the top team and individuals to the company DNA , culture & direction Inspiring the team to spiral the organization into the next trajectory of growth, show transformation leadership and walk the talk. Involving the whole organization in the transformation journey and setting up a high performance climate to allow individuals & teams to tap their full potential and deliver Translating organization values into action and creating extra ordinary business results by involving innovating and changing
    • 4. Transformation change can be both transactional & transformational
        • New Head of Department
        • New product / service offering
        • Merging of department/ business
        • New shop-floor layout
        • Driving operational efficiency
        • New market segmentation strategy
        • New people / performance management strategy
        • Leadership change
        • Mergers & acquisitions
        • New company values & culture and vision
        • Breakthrough Business Results
        • Diversification / new geography penetration
      Transactional Transformational
    • 5. Transformation initiatives fail or deliver less due to people issues Defining Change strategy Identifying Key processes Identifying Change agents Aligning Work Processes and People Steps to Change Identifying the change Communicat- ing the change Effecting the change Sustaining the change Leadership Bandwidth Past Conditioning / Beliefs Lack of Supporting Climate Denial to Change Internal politics Suspicion Passive Aggression Undercurrents to change Change cycle We Understand the Undercurrents and align people to the purpose & create ownership
    • 6. Transformation change should focus on both objective and subjective Organization
        • Beliefs
        • Motivation
        • Feelings
        • Attitudes
        • Desirable behaviour
        • Achievement
        • Skills
        • Potential
        • Culture
        • Norms
        • Stories
        • Values/vision
        • Strategy
        • System
        • Processes
        • Structure
      One employee, distinguished from a group/team/ organization Individual Aggregate of a group/team/ organization Collective Objective Subjective Intangible, biased, perspec-tive based evaluation Tangible, unbiased, fact based evaluation I II III IV Individual subjective Individual objective Collective subjective Collective objective
    • 7.
        • ( D ) Dissatisfaction with the present situation
        • ( V ) Vision of what is possible
        • ( F ) First steps toward reaching the vision are
        • greater than the
        • ( R ) Resistance to change
      Transformation change has inherent capacity to occur
    • 8.
        • 3. Sustained continuous improvement
        • 2. Faster
        • 1. More
      Time Transformation change is not polishing what you already have, it’s creation of a new possibility and way of working Transformation = Organization + New possibility
    • 9. Cold metal Cold metal Cold metal Cold metal Transformation must be extended to atleast 30% of the organization Single and remote transformation will eventually lose its “heat” Heated metal
    • 10. ~7 Act/Implement 5 % Think/worry Majority of time spent during a transformation change should be dedicated to implementation 25 %
    • 11. Inspiring and empowering Connecting with the heart Walking the talk and role modeling Not only . . . . . . but also Dreaming and break through thinking Rigorous monitoring Holding people accountable Transformation requires senior leaders to co-create change in an active, visible and accountable way with their teams
    • 12. Real transformation change should impact all four levels of responding to change 1. Reacting: quick fixes 3. Reframing: values, beliefs 2. Redesigning: policies 4. Regenerating: sources of commitment and energy Source of energy, inspiration and will Manifest action Thinking Process, structure
    • 13. Sustainable learning should occur at three levels for the individual and collective within an organization Transforming Reframing and Re-strategizing Incremental improvement Single loop learning Double loop learning Triple loop learning Incremental improvement Transforming Single-Loop Learning (Incremental Learning) Refers to learning new skills and capabilities through incremental improvement, doing something better without examining or challenging underlying beliefs and assumptions. Double-Loop Learning (Reframing) Occurs by fundamentally reshaping the underlying patterns of our thinking and behavior as a result we’re capable of doing different things. This goes beyond single-loop or incremental learning. Triple-Loop Learning (Transformational Learning) Involves transforming who we are by creating a shift in our context or point of view about ourselves. It involves “learning how to learn” by reflecting on how we learn in the first place. This is about learning how our “being” influence our beliefs and thus our actions.  
    • 14. Our beliefs and overview Practice areas and training modules Credentials A B C
    • 15. Our organisation transformation and change support practice Diagnostic stage Culture building & leadership intervention Large system intervention Building positive attitude & motivation
        • Define the scope of change & Identify the possible people issues related to change
        • CRS (Change Readiness Survey) - Organization’s perception & attitude towards Change analyzed and understood
        • SNA (Social Network Analysis) - The hidden organization mapped
        • Culture Mapping - The four culture types mapped (Clan, Adhocracy, Market & Hierarchy)
        • Focus group meetings
        • Create collaborative leaders and build a culture that is aligned to the change mission
        • KRAsetting, competency mapping and assessments : This can create accountability and objectivity
        • Leadershift® (Leadership Intervention) - 30% of the critical mass is identified, targeted, and aligned to the Change mission, key objectives and their tasks
        • One to Coaching: key leaders are coached
        • Large group interventions (LGI) - A common ground is created, the various stake holders are understood and mapped, and the larger group is aligned to the Change
        • Symphony@Workplace® – Specific teams are aligned to the organizational goals and KPIs - by building effective work teams, integrating personal, group & organizational goals
        • Anchor the change by creating a positive energy at all levels of the organization
        • Positive energy is created towards the Change in the whole organization by developing positive attitudes
        • Everyone including the frontline employees are involved in aligning themselves to the Change
        • Every individual is facilitated to overcome Change resistance by LGI
    • 16. Our creating vision and values initiatives Discover and define DNA To achieve all this, we conduct an ODNA® (Organization DNA) exercise using our proprietary methodology. ODNA® is ideally poised not just to identify your core, but also to amplify it and create resonance across the organization. Recognize “life-forces” Understand dreams & aspirations Learn team dynamics and values
    • 17. Our leadership development initiatives for high potentials
        • Helps align participants to the future vision and make them operate from that future possibility. They then source others to this field of possibility
        • The program combines multiple learning processes like Coaching, Outbound Experiential Learning, Classroom experiential learning and workplace projects
    • 18. Our model for leadership development for high potentials Workplace Project and coaching LEAD TEAM Workplace project and coaching LEAD SYSTEMS Assessments based on the competancy framework LEAD SELF Workshop Workshop Workshop
        • Organization core values
        • Organization leadership competencies
      This integrated model guarantee business results
    • 19. Our team effectiveness intervention Individual and team Coaching Pre-workshop focus Intervention Focus Post-workshop focus We study four critical elements of an effective team, Role, Goal, Relationship and Leadership and the intervention focuses on Personality Styles, Team Structure and Systemic elements.
        • Role Clarity
        • Goal Clarity
        • Relationships
        • Leadership
      Builds Powerful Teams that Deliver Results
    • 20. Our coaching practice “ “ I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think – Socrates on coaching as a style of communication “ “ The Goal of Coaching is the goal of Management, to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources – Harvard Business Review
        • In partnership with Coach for Life, USA, we offer ICF accredited Coach Certification workshops.
      Coach certification
        • Imbibes the Managers with the skills and expertise required to create a coaching culture in their organization
      Coaching skills workshop
        • Coaching is for those who know – “What you want, Where you want to go and what serves you the best”
      One to one coaching
    • 21. Our key note speaking practice Many organizations have found  keynote speaking  as a good summation of our practice areas and accumulated experience. Our team members have been invited as  keynote speakers or Motivational speakers  to many conferences
    • 22. Keynote addresses
      • Vodafone CEO and HR heads conference
      • Leadership Conference of Union Bank
      • Annual Conference of TVS sons
      • Abbot Asia Pacific Supply Chain meet
      • Pepsico Change Management Conference
      • CTO Conclave in Sri Lanka
      • CFO conclave in Malaysia
      • Airtel HR heads conference
      • CIO meet at Sri Lanka
      • Abbot Healthcare Global meet
      • US AID annual conference
      • Schering-Plough annual sales conference
      • Ranbaxy annual Global IT meet
      • Amex Travel Business annual conference
      • Bausch and Lomb annual sales meet
      • Infosys PLES day
      • Cisco Systems
      • Microsoft offsites
      • EMC vision & mission retreat
      • GENPACT various offsites
      • Intel annual offsites
      • Accenture annual meet
      • Nestle sales meet
      • Birla Soft sales and marketing meet
      • Godfrey Philips annual sales conference
      • General Motors annual sales and marketing meet, twice
      • Apollo Tyres annual sales meet
      • Ingram Micro Annual conference
      • McDonald’s annual meet
      • Citibank annual conference
      • ABN Amro annual conference
      • HLL annual sales conference
      • Airtel annual sales conferences
      • Bajaj Allianz annual sales conference
      • ICI Paints annual sales conference
      • McKinsey & Company annual offsite
      • Blue Star annual sales conference
      • GSK annual sales conference
      • ING Vysya annual sales meet
      • Coca-Cola sales conference
      • L&T Sales conference of dealers in Mauritius
      • Hewlett Packard aales conference
      • Ericsson several annual sales meets
      • Electrolux annual aales meet
      • Ayudhya Allianz, Thailand annual sales meets
      • Wella, Middle East, annual sales conference
      • American Express BPO annual offsite
      • Dakshi annual HR meet of all the HR professionals
    • 23. Our skill building workshops that we have done in the past Stress and Time management Communication and Presentation Skills Managing and Leading Systems Creativity and creative thinking Leadership Skills for first time managers Conflict Management Coaching Skills Inter Personal skills Mentoring at the workplace Managerial Skills Culture sensitivity and inclusion Gender Sensitivity and Inclusion
    • 24. Our additional tools that we use to support change and transformation Change readiness survey Social Network Analysis (SNA) to identify change agents Culture Mapping to understand the present culture and desired culture 360 ⁰ surveys, competency mapping and assessment Coaching sessions to support Leaders
    • 25. Our beliefs and overview Practice areas and training modules Credentials A B C
    • 26. Our differentiators Certified and motivated team 1 Area Details
        • Our facilitators are Visiting Faculty with ISB&MDI last year and most of our facilitators work with McKinsey for their clients
        • Innovative , unconventional, high energy
        • In the last 12 years and worked with 100 clients across manufacturing, IT, consulting, hospitality, insurance, banking, BPO, telecom, public sector, non profit, education, publishing, mining etc
        • Leadership workshops and coaching executed at CXO level
        • Transformation leadership workshop at ISB
        • Key note speaker wit London speakers Bureau
        • Addressed CTO and CFO conferences
      • CXO leadership workshop
      • 6 month long transformation initiative
      • High potentials development
      • Symphony – Team synergy workshops
      • Managers as a coach workshops
      • Attitude and mindset change workshops
      • Creativity and innovation workshops
      • One-to-one coaching
      • ICF approved coach certification in India
      • Large group intervention tools - Appreciative enquiry, Future Search, Open Space Technology
      • Small groups and individual engagement tools - Gestalt, NLP
      • System and process related tools - System Thinking, Competency Mapping and assessment centers,
      • Personality mapping tools- MBTI, Enneagram
      • Diagnostic tools - Culture studies, social network analysis, change readiness surveys
      Our offerings Wide industry experience 2 Ability to engage at senior leadership level 3 Impactful tools and methodologies 4
    • 27. Our clients SOURCE: Source Pharmacy, hospitals and social services 1 Telecom 2 IT and ITES 3
    • 28. Our clients SOURCE: Source Banking and financial services 4 Retail, manufac-turing and mining 5 Automobile, hospitality and others 6
    • 29. CEOs we have supported in the past Sector Names Organization Pharmacy, hospitals and social services KG Ananta Krishnan MSD Harish Natarajan Bausch Lomb Arun Sahni Ranbaxy Anil Mathai Novartis Daljit Singh Fortis Dana Ward PSI Telecom Devender Singh Rawat Bharti Infratel Christopher Tobit Airtel BS Raju Indus Towers IT and ITES Mukesh Agi Steria Vishnu Dusad Nucleus Rajendra Pawar NIIT Banking and Financial Services OP Bhatt SBI Pallav Sinha Fullerton Retail, manufacturing and mining CP Baid Sterlite Rathin Basu Alstom Grid Automobile, hospitality and others Pramath Raj Sinha 9.9
    • 30. Media presence SOURCE: Source
      • “ Netagiri Decoded” with Economic Times - Personality profiling and leadership styles of 10 upcoming politicians who are from major political parties including Congress, BJP, CPI-M, DMK and Samajwadi Party oliticians
      • “ Dhoni adaptable & Tendulkar ethical” with The Times of India -  Personality and leadership styles of the playing 11 of Team India using the Enneagram too after world Cup 2011
      • ODA Quarterly
      • Monthly newsletter
      • Key chapter on “Reflections on Whole System Transformation” in “Organization Development; Accelerating Learning and Transformation” by S. Ramnarayan and T.V. Rao
      • Coaching handbook
      • Leadership book under development with Tata McGraw Hill
      Newspaper articles 1 Research studies 2 Regular publications 3 Books 4
    • 31. Testimonials “ I have found OD Alternatives interventions directly linked to Business and highly effective in aligning everyone to a “Business Goal”. They really added value in creating escape velocity among employees for the Change.” – C P Baid, Head Operations, KCM Zambia " " Text “ OD Alternatives’ workshops were a cathartic glimpse deep within themselves, an opportunity to discover and marvel at the hidden potential locked inside, a stark realization of utter inter-dependence on one another, all the ingredients for true alchemy at the workplace.” – Christopher Tobit. Director Sales and Marketing, Airtel Enterprise Services “ More than three years experience with OD Alternatives has been very effective for Johnson Matthey & the interventions have resulted in positive impact on our businesses by aligning people & their energies towards the common cause.”  – Alok Khaitan, ED, Johnson Matthey “ When it comes to Team and Leadership related Interventions, OD Alternatives is the best.” – Shantanu Banerjee, Director HR, Xansa
    • 32. Text "In any organization the most crucial aspects at inception are:- Binding the team together with empathy for fellow employees; particularly peers- Dream up a doable vision for the new organization- Take collective responsibility and willingness to help the hitherto unknown people, by going the extra distance! At Virgin Mobile, which is in its first year of operation, our challenges were no different and ODA's interventions truly helped a team come together, dream and take collective responsibility. ” – P Madhavan, Head Sales, Virgin Mobile India "ODA helped us in creating an escape velocity at the right time just after our launch with a country wide outbound intervention in east, West, North and South covering 350 people. This helped us in aligning our top team and the entire organisation to Airtel Values and Culture while creating high level of motivation among all.”  – N Arjun, CEO, Airtel DTH “ ODA conducted Cross functional team Building workshops for 1000 people across the country for Airtel AES and this showed measurable results in terms of improved inter departmental cohesiveness and helped us in reducing the silo's.” – Biswajit Gosamy, VP HR Airtel Testimonials " "
    • 33. “ OD Alternatives did our vision, mission, and values exercise and helped us create a vision for the parent company and vision and mission statements for each of our businesses. What we liked most was the highly engaging methodology, passionate facilitation and their ability to connect with every layer of our organization.” – Kapil Agarwal, Executive Director, Apollo International Testimonials " " “ OD Alternatives’ facilitation / approach enabled us to discover our strengths & reframe the concepts to bring them into alignment with our organisation's DNA.” – Ramadhar Reddy, Director HR, VST “ OD Alternatives’ unique style, very deep knowledge and innovative ways helped to create real value in our leadership development programs.” – Ashok Sand, Head TDC, Hewitt “ OD Alternatives facilitated our visioning session in an engaging and innovative manner. They were able to engage every participant throughout the session and created an enabling atmosphere for people to open up.” – Shakti Singh, MD, DLF Hotels
    • 34. Christopher Tobit was appointed as the COO of Maharashtra and Goa circle of Airtel in 2004 and Airtel was the third largest operator in terms of revenue at that time. A strong believer of OD and people empowerment, Christopher started a Whole system Transformation initiative that touched every employee of that circle. We started with the leadership offsite followed by a one and half days offsite involving different hierarchy and functions. We did a total of eight workshops to cover the entire organization. Christopher was present in all the workshops and demonstrated how committed he was to create a new possibility. In one year Airtel moved up and become the number 2 operator in the region. According to Christopher who is now the CEO of the Airtel joint venture in Bangladesh “The biggest challenge to achieve revenue market leadership in M&G, was getting the organization to believe in its individual and collective ability to do so.  The team lacked self belief and was finding it difficult to face the enormity of the challenge. In the first year we focused on network and distribution, and on people and strategy.  Processes were re-written and re-engineered.  In terms of revenue market share we started recording big gains towards the end of Year 1, as we expanded the network and the sales team developed confidence after early successes.  New town launches were templatized and we became execution machinery.  Every success brought new levels of confidence.   My biggest learning is that any team of average members can produce extraordinary results.  What is required is leadership, vision, strategy, execution ability and most importantly - self belief.” Case Study – Airtel Maharashtra and Goa Circle
    • 35.
      • Post the acquisition of Kokola Copper Mines in Zambia, by Vedanta, the organization in the last few years experienced multiple changes in the ownership pattern along with the associated cultural attributes. The organization truly has had a long transformation journey. During the transition process, post acquisition, there were issues around people resistance to change largely due to lack of professional practices, ownership, commitment and suspicion. There were internal politics at play and the transformation journey was taking more time than expected. The new management wanted to pursue four key initiatives :
        • Improve output
        • Reduce costs
        • Step up operation, and
        • Pursue future growth
      • Keeping in view the need to change, align and grow, People Transformation was one of the major issues to be addressed in the transformation journey.
      • The leadership team created a powerful and a compelling future that they wanted to share with the entire organization. Large group interventions designed for 200 people included the operators and workers who never in their lives had sat around a table and discussed the future of the organization. These interventions helped each participant to quickly understand the whole picture, appreciate each other and create compelling and meaningful goals. CP Baid says, “I have found the leadership and large group interventions directly linked to Business and highly effective in aligning everyone to a “Business Goal.” They really added value in creating escape velocity among employees for the change in Zambia.”
      Case Study – Konkola Copper Mines
    • 36. Other case studies and articles
        • Successful people transformation for a large copper mine in Africa
        • Appreciative Inquiry at Panchayath Level
        • Transforming Organizations – Addressing the human challenges
        • Sourcing Leaders
        • Culture Sensitivity and Organizational Change
        • Maintaining Continuity in change
    • 37. OD Alternatives Consultancy Pvt. Ltd . E-13, 3 rd Floor, East of Kailash, New Delhi - 110065 Ph:+91-11-41323810/11. Tele-Fax:+91-11-41323812. Thank you !