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Kertas soalan skm

  1. 1. SEKOLAH MENENGAH TEKNIK DATO’ LELA MAHARAJA PEPERIKSAAN AKHIR TAHUN 2011 SIJIL KEMAHIRAN MALAYSIA BAHASA INGGERISNAMA: _________________________________________________________________Pemberitahuan: 1. Kertas ini mengandungi 3 bahagian: Bahagian A, Bahagian B danBahagian C 2. JawabBahagian A danBahagian B dalam kertas soalan 3. JawabBahagian C dalam kertas jawapan yang telah disediakanInstructions: 1. This paper consists of 3 sections: Section A, Section B and Section C. 2. Section A and B should be answered in the question paper. 3. Section C is to be answered using the answer sheet provided.
  2. 2. Section A (15 marks) You are advised to spend 30 minutes on this section. Part 1 Questions 1 – 10 are based on the situation below. Complete the dialogue according to the language functions given. You must use the answers given in the box below.I’ll be more careful Good morning. Thank you How much does it cost? I’m sorry May I buy you a drink? You’ve done well Keep up the good workI would love to May I know your name? Situation A Shopkeeper : Hello, sir. May I help you? Customer : (1) ___________________________________ (to greet) I am looking for a pair of garden scissors. Shopkeeper : Here you are, sir. Customer : (2) ____________________________________________________ (to enquire) Shopkeeper : It is RM 35.00. It is the cheapest I can offer you. Customer : Alright. I’ll take it then. Shopkeeper : Would you like me to wrap it for you? Customer : Yes, (3) _________________________________________________ (to thank) Situation B Amir : Mum, (4) __________________________________________________. (to apologize) Mother : Amir, you are very careless. Amir : (5) _________________________________________________ next time. (to promise) Situation C Ali : Excuse me, sir. You have dropped your wallet. Ravi : Oh! Thank you. (6)_________________________________________________________ (to enquire) Ali : I’m Ali. Ravi : Thank you very much Ali. (7) __________________________________________________________ (to offer) Ali : Yes, (8) ____________________________________________________ (to accept) Situation D Teacher : Wai Chong, (9) ___________________________________ in your English test. (to compliment) Wai Chong : Thank you, PnSiti. Teacher :(10)__________________________________________________ (to encourage)
  3. 3. Section A (Part 2)Questions 11-15 are based on the following passage. Complete each of the blanks by circling the best answer. RM 23000 IN DRUGS SEIZED, FOUR HELDKAJANG: Police arrested four men aged 18 to 24 here on Friday. The police took away heroine_(6)__ cannabis worth RM 23000. Kajang acting OCPD Supt AzmanAyob said two of the_(7)_ were caught at Taman Sri Mewah at 1.30 pm. RM 3000 __(8)__ packed drugs were thenSeized. Police arrested __(9)__ other two at 6.40 pm the same day at JalanKuari, Semenyih.They also seized 228 ___(10)___ of heroin worth RM 200000 and RM 980 in cash. Theoperation ended successfully.11. A. and 14. A. the B. but B. a C. so C. an12. A. children 15. A. blankets B. players B. packets C. suspects C. jackets13. A. in B. on C. under