Community Mentor Brochure-FAQ


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Used to explain our internship program to potential community mentors.

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Community Mentor Brochure-FAQ

  1. 1. What is an Internship? What will it cost? How much time must I commit? Hatboro-Horsham student interns are not The distinguishing element of a permitted to accept pay for their internship Hatboro-Horsham internship is the Hatboro-Horsham student interns are service and get school credit at the same intentional learning agenda. required to serve in their intern assignment time. The school district considers this a eight hours per week on average. The learning experience, not an earning Our internship experience is a student’s schedule permits departure from experience. Hatboro-Horsham School the high school campus at noon each day. partnership between a senior student District insurance covers the student while Students can serve their host-mentor and an organization, which creates a on your premises. according to a schedule that benefits the meaningful experience by providing host-mentor. (Some students will work 4 hands-on training and career What is a typical high hours two days per week; others may work awareness. The school district will 2 hours 4 days per week, etc.) school intern like? support the student intern with a teacher-mentor. The teacher-mentor We understand that the host-mentor’s The typical Hatboro-Horsham student intern will also communicate with the schedule needs might change from week to is a B+ to A+ student. The intern has week. There are business trips, trade shows organization’s host-mentor throughout completed all or most high school graduation and other activities that may result in a the experience. requirements (including a prerequisite change to the student intern’s schedule. Career Exploration course) and has a fairly Hatboro-Horsham High School will be The internship is an opportunity for a clear idea about what they would like to do flexible with student schedules considering student to gain practical work after high school graduation. special opportunities and experiences at experience that complements his or her their internship assignment as they present academic experience and therefore Usually students want to learn about a themselves. Open communication between should have clearly defined projects and particular profession or about the work host-mentor and teacher-mentor is very learning goals. world in general. Is the professional area important. what the student thinks it is? Does the For employers, internships are an student like working with many different The typical student internship lasts 10 individuals or do they prefer working opportunity to complete valuable weeks. During this time the student is independently? Do they like to do similar required to keep a double-entry reflective projects and test-drive potential tasks each day or do they like to be put on journal, communicate weekly with fellow employees. different assignments so that no two days interns through our classroom blog and are the same? attend a bi-monthly seminar facilitated by the teacher-mentor.
  2. 2. (215) 420-5684 • The teacher-mentor will communicate with Host-mentors were honored to be the host-mentor once per week via email selected and felt important when and occasional on-site visits. asked by their protégé for advice. Why should you get Hatboro- What can my intern do? involved? (examples of intern experiences) Horsham High Benefits to the host organization • Contribute to project design or include: School development • Extra manpower to expand • Develop and carry-out a marketing company’s capacity. Student plan or business strategy • Manpower to complete special • Contact management and general projects. customer service Internship • Community outreach and positive • Participate in networking public relations. opportunities Program • Opportunity to pre-screen potential • Write newsletters employees. • Coordinate and perform • Opportunity to diversify your education/outreach workforce. • Develop presentations • Design posters, charts, graphs Benefits reported by host-mentors of • Respond to inquires, leads and Hatboro-Horsham student interns: referrals • Seeing protégé become independent • Create and maintain database and avail themselves to new • Participate in various staff meetings opportunities. • Develop/create and upkeep website • Feeling like you are really helping a • Conduct research, studies, or young person and the organization. surveys Host-mentors report being challenged, rejuvenated and To learn more about Hatboro- What is an Internship? reinforced in their own professional Horsham’s student intern program identity. contact: • Why should you get involved? Host-mentors reported they Sue Fox analyzed their own skills, received Community Learning Specialist ideas for use in the workplace and What will it cost? acquired a sharpened ability to help Hatboro-Horsham High School another.
  3. 3. What can my intern do? How much time must I commit? What is a typical high school intern like?