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676 soc medsignusup

  1. 1. Sign us up! Spring 2013
  2. 2. Ipads1.READ and sign the release form2.Start up your ipads and start signing in to everything. These are yours for the semester and will be wiped clean when you are done.
  3. 3. • Choose some organizing tools like: Tweetdeck/Hootsuite; Flipboard; Ping• Twitter (Create at least two lists. Make sure you have a photo and bio. FOLLOW me.)• Facebook (please join the group Social Media & News; check privacy settings)• Foursquare
  4. 4. • LinkedIn• Pinterest• Buy the iMovie app (set up iTunes if you don’t already have an account)• Spreecast• Google Plus (download the plugin for the Hangouts video)• Kindle Cloud Reader (unless you use Nook)• SlideShare
  5. 5. Organizing Information• Cds, DVDs, Memory Cards, flash drives, external hard drives• Specific File Names (directory hierarchies!) • Not by date • Do not use punctuation, such as hyphens or periods• A note about usernames, passwords• Groups/Blogs/Forums/Sites: Mastering Multimedia, Romenesko, Sportshooter, Digg Poynter Groups, Interactive narratives• Listserves, RSS feeds• Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus
  6. 6. Organizing Information• Delicious: http://delicious.com/sjrobinson4• iGoogle (alerts, reader, docs)• Flickr, Facebook,Your blog• DropBox• Evernote: Cloud Storage with apps• SugarSync: Cloud BackUp• Selective Tweets: Update FB with only tweets you choose• Flipboard, RebelMouse (does it have an ipad app yet? I don’t think so but might be missing it?), Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc.
  7. 7. Twitter (10%)•Must have at least 100 tweets throughout thesemester.•Does not include Retweets.•Must include TWO live tweeting of ourspeakers.•Half of these tweets should be recorded bymid-semester.
  8. 8. Your blog (15%)•Must have at least 10 entries throughout the semester.•Must include “marketing” of your blog in various realms.•Other platforms fine (Pinterest, Tumblr, SoundCloud, GooglePlus, a Facebook Group page, YouTube channel etc.)•Included in your entries must be: the results of one interviewwith a major influencer, one review of a book related to yourspecialty or blog topic, and one discussion of a current event insocial media and your specialty.•I will be looking to see that you have: a photo associated withthe profile, an About Me, lots of links throughout, images and avariety of content, good writing, good headlines, tagged contentwith keywords, a search function, etc.•You should have 5 entries by the end of Spring Break
  9. 9. Facebook (5%)• Discuss readings in separate posts• Place we can ask questions, answer questions, crowdsource our projects, and organize study groups, etc.• This will be done throughout the semester, but most heavily in the first half of the semester.
  10. 10. Social-Media Strategy (5%)• 1-page single-spaced of social-media strategy• 1) your social media goals• 2) analytics of your social media use• 3) list of stakeholders/key influencers in your specialty area• 4) what you have done to amplify your content this semester• 5) specific plans going forward• For full report on May 8
  11. 11. Some basics• “About me,” bios and photos a must!• Leave out the ranting, insulting, extreme partisan talk and sarcasm• Ask questions• Target, tag key influencers• Link often• Find relevant pages, hashtags, groups and lists• Carve out time to do all of this, same time every day• Take part in conversations
  12. 12. Twitter QuestionWhat is the best tip you gleaned fromthe readings for Tweeting and Blogging?
  13. 13. News-oriented Tips• Provide ‘thick information’ (solve problems, be astute, make observations)• In other words: SAY SOMETHING meaningful• Original reporting is good• Personal, informal/conversational (but NOT selfish or self-involved, self- centered, self-aggrandizing)• Know what others have said before posting• Keep it short, accurate• DO NOT TWEET OFF THE HIP! Remember that everything is public and never dies in this world• Keywords: good titles, tags (be consistent)
  14. 14. • Figure out your audience• Update often• Credit or cite everything that is not yours• Write well, edit/revise• Advertise (twitter, listserves, Facebook, blogs)• Watch your stats (Google Analytics)• Be consistent (topically)• Link, link, link (Every blog must have URLs) but check out the link before using!!• Respond (email, comments)• Be wary of copyright issues! Source: Robinson, McAdams (Teaching Online Journalism), Courtney Tuttle (ProBlocker)
  15. 15. Bill Keller’s 2011 piece• Went viral. Why? What is his main concern? Do you agree? What do you think of what he said?• How was he defining the word “social?” Do you agree?
  16. 16. • Kovach & Rosenstiel. Blur, chapters 3-8 (SKIM)• York, Jillian. (2011, Fall). The Revolutionary Force of Facebook and Twitter. Nieman Reports: http://www.nieman.harvard.edu/reportsitem.aspx?id=102681• Lavrusik,Vadim. (2010). How Investigative Journalism Is Prospering in the Age of Social Me . Mashable [Blog]: http://mashable.com/2010/11/24/investigative-journalism-social-web/• Jarvis, J. (2009). Product v Process Journalism. Buzzmachine: http://buzzmachine.com/2009/06/07/processjournalism/• The Article as Luxury or Byproduct (Buzzmachine): http://buzzmachine.com/2011/05/28/the-article-as-luxury-or-byproduct/• What is plagiarism: http://journalism.library.wisc.edu/JRRAcademicIntegrity.pdf• McAdams on plagiarism: http://mindymcadams.com/tojou/2012/plagiarism-lessons-and-examples/ AND http://mindymcadams.com/tojou/2012/plagiarism-and-journalism-students/• Please rent and watch the movie Page One.You may find this in any DVD store, but also on iTunes or online. Please tweet while you watch it.• Write an entry on the Facebook Group page (see my posted question)