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Linked in presentation

  1. 1. ForBusiness Susan Kates - MBA
  2. 2. LinkedIn for Business Agenda 1. Why LinkedIn 2. Your LinkedIn Profile3. Building your LinkedIn Network4. Using LinkedIn for Finding and Attracting Customers
  3. 3. Why LinkedIn? LinkedIn hits 7 M from Canada, 74 M from US, 11M in UK, 11 M in Brazil, 18 M in India Approximately 2 members/second join86,400 seconds/day = 172,800 registrations per day
  4. 4. Why LinkedIn?It’s not about what you know but who you now.
  5. 5. Why LinkedIn?THE business networking site
  6. 6. Why LinkedIn?
  7. 7. LinkedIn Profile
  8. 8. LinkedIn Profile• Put more emphasis on your profile photo.• Work on your headline--its more important than ever!• The summary section is much more prominent.• training-creating-the-perfect-profile/
  9. 9. Building your NetworkGrow your network: Connect
  10. 10. Finding & Attracting Customers
  11. 11. Finding & Attracting Customers The 7 Phases of a LinkedIn Master Strategic Plan: 1. Assessment – Assess your strengths, weaknesses & needed assets for success 2. Strategic Plan – Outline a Strategy, confirm your call to action, voice, appropriate automation, scalability opportunities, etc… 3. Product & Marketing Path Development – Identify what works for your target market 4. Lay the appropriate foundation – it’s not enough to simply put up your name and call it a day!5. Get Found – Apply strategies and tactics to attracting your market to you internally on the site 6. Build a community – Groups can help you to build highly targeted or massive sized pools of targeted key constituents, prospects, clients, etc…7. Promotion, Campaigns, Word of Mouth – Attract your market into your Social Circle of Influence
  12. 12. Finding & Attracting Customers• Create a social media policy• Profile guidelines• Build authority and generate leads• Use LinkedIn to profile your business• Actively identify potential leads using the advanced search function• Content plan
  13. 13. Finding & Attracting Customers Join Groups
  14. 14. Finding & Attracting CustomersCreate a slideshare presentation
  15. 15. Recommendations
  16. 16. Recommendations Just get started