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  • Pinterest Basics

    1. 1. Pinterest Basics
    2. 2. What is Pinterest? Vision Board Social Photo Sharing Pinterest is a virtual pin board. It’s a place to organize and share online images that you find interesting or inspiring. The images are pins which can be placed on customized boards. You can add as many images (pins) to a board that you want and you can create as many boards as you want.
    3. 3. Pin it Button makes it pinning from the web easy.
    4. 4. Upload a professional photograph or logo Bio-Give a great vibrant description about yourself and/or your business. 20 Link other social media platforms so users can click on icon and be lead to your Website, Facebook, &Twitter accounts w 0 ds or ax m Creates a Geotag of your stores location, see my store is located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts
    5. 5. Who to Follow People in your industry Competitors Thought Leaders Brands you Love People who Inspire you Your Blog Readers Potential Customers
    6. 6. What to Pin Interesting Articles Inspiration Images Links to other businesses that interest you Product Links (Yours as well as others) Links to your Blog Stay consistent with your brand
    7. 7. While on a website, such as SueB.Do’s online store, you click, “PIN IT” on your browser. This is the selection of images you could pick to “pin”
    8. 8. Once you select a image, you can decide what board to post it to, and share it on other social media platforms.
    9. 9. Click image to go to website and purchase
    10. 10. Use high quality images that express your person style, or your brand SueB.Do’s boards are not only the stores products, but also Cape inspired themes that express the feeling of the brand All boards should have interesting titles
    11. 11. SueB.’s Pinterest Stats Sue has 49 Boards has Pinned 2,178 images has Liked 91 Pins, has 1,222 followers and is Following 491 boards
    12. 12. Download the App • This free application is very user friendly • You can view your stream and fill your boards on the go • Pin your own images by taking a photo on your mobile phone
    13. 13. pins nautical images to inspire you! Come BEE a Pin Pal
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