What are each of the Instagram Buttons?


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Get a step by step tour guide to all the sections of Instagram and what the application has to offer!

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  • Small Group
    I really appreciate you all being on the call and value the time you are giving me today
    I want to make sure you all leave this webinar feeling confident that you can successful & easily incorporate Instagram into your social media strategy
  • I know that it’s important to shut down all distractions and be completely focus on the webinar to get the most out of it but in this case I am giving you permission to take out your smart phone or ipad and follow along during this webinar. Pls. put in the Questions if you have an iphone or android. Or ipad
    The Goal is to help you take actionable steps towards having a stronger visual social media campaign
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  • I am going to give you the brief overview of the function of each one
  • This section tells you what is trending on instagram
  • When you click on the camera icon it turns into a circle. You can either take a picture in Instagram by pressing this button OR you can access your photo library by clicking on the box with image to the left. Does everyone understand this?
  • What are each of the Instagram Buttons?

    1. 1. Instagram Button Basics
    2. 2. Instagram is a Free Photo application to instantly share images with your followers. It gives your followers a personal view of you and your business and helps to create a connection to your brand.
    3. 3. Here are the 5 instagram icons The Home button give you the live feed of users that you follow.
    4. 4. Explore let’s you know what is happening on Instagram for users you do not currently follow.
    5. 5. The Camera Button is where you create your own Instagram posts. Click on the camera to open up the camera on your device. This is the first step of taking a picture to upload to instagram
    6. 6. The Heart is the News tab which gives you updates on your account activity and what has been occurring on your posts.
    7. 7. Finally, the Account tab shows your information and is the place where you can make settings changes to your membership
    8. 8. Instagram is a valuable social media site for business owners, explore the app to understand its full potential! #suebdoesit Visit slideshare.com/suebzimmerman for more information about Instagram.