How to Use Hashtags for Social Media Platforms


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Hashtags are used on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and now Facebook. Use this how to to understand when to strategically use hashtags for your business.

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  • A hashtag is a searchable word on instagram
    When you use a hashtag is is curate with all the other photos that have the same hashtag.
    Use both general Hashtags and specific hashtags to raise the number of people that will see the images.
    Girls getting read for prom may search #hair for inspiration
    Families coming to the cape search #capecod
  • How to Use Hashtags for Social Media Platforms

    1. 1. How and Where to use Hashtags for your Business
    2. 2. What is a #Hashtag? A # in front of a word or phrase Makes it a hyperlink that connects your post to others. Hashtags now work on FOUR social media platforms!
    3. 3. Hashtags are searchable in Instagram.
    4. 4. When you search a hashtag, every other image with the same Hashtag (#sparkandhustle) shows up.
    5. 5. Pinterest has a search bar which allows you to look for keywords
    6. 6. Click to see who else is using the same hashtag (#suebdo). It allows you to be part of the conversation.
    7. 7. Hashtags are now live on Facebook. This means that posts you were previously sending to Facebook FROM other platforms now have working hyperlinks.
    8. 8. The Hashtags on Facebook are now hyperlinked. Click to see who else is talking about Instagram, or Kindle. This can grow your network with potential interested customers.
    9. 9. Takeaway Strategies Use Hashtags as a way to network on platforms by seeing who else has a similar interest. Use a custom hashtag for your business or for a conference or event. #suebdodoes
    10. 10. Use Hashtags whenever you can to increase your exposure on social media #suebdoesit Visit for more information about Social Media Platforms.
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