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Startup leadership Program

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Startup leadership Bangalore

  1. 1. Introducing the Startup Leadership Program ~ Sudip Dutta Program Leader Bangalore Chapter Boston. Beijing. Bangalore. New York. Silicon Valley. San Diego
  2. 2. Why Leadership ? Few of us have the greatness to bend history itself but each of us can work to change a small portion of events and in the total of all these acts will be written the history of this generation. -- Robert Kennedy, 1965
  3. 3. SLP History Launching Beijing, Launched in Expanded to Executive Silicon Valley Bangalore, Boston with 17 to include team created launched with Delhi , New York 7 life tech, cleanTech to prepare 11 Fellows; and San Diego, sciences & social for new website new logo Fellows enterprise expansion launched New website 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Local Anchor Organizations Boston Sponsors Bangalore Sponsors Boston Silicon Valley
  4. 4. Vision To groom the next generation of startup CEOs in Life Sciences, Technology, CleanTech, and Sustainable Social enterprise through a world-class curriculum, access to mentors and funding and an active global network of Fellows
  5. 5. Highlights : Few numbers 04 : Years since SLP has been running 74 : Fellows graduated 41 : companies started $3.5MM : Raised by Fellows in angel and seed rounds $26MM : Raised from venture funds
  6. 6. Companies founded by SLP fellows *
  7. 7. Selected Startups FitnessKeeper: Winner in iPhone fitness category #1 application for jogging and fitness on the iPhone. Over 1 million downloads AssuredLabor: Monster mobile for Latin America Running in two countries Shareaholic: Winner of the Grand Mozilla Foundation Prize Tool for sharing media. Over 1 million installations PickupZone: Final Four at WPI B-Plan Competition Network of neighborhood pickup points to get packages delivered Relay Technology: Winner of Tufts B-Plan Competition Rules-based engine with artificial intelligence to identify the best biotech ideas AuthorsGlobe: MIT$100K Runner-up Addressing the long tail of the publishing industry with web tools Fitness Forward: Award winning not-for-profit Running programs in several states to bring nutrition to inner-city school children
  8. 8. SLP Uniqueness 1. Focused on very high potential entrepreneurs 2. Mid-20s to 30s (with a low acceptance rate) 3. 100 high potential startup CEOs (Fellows) in a global cohort 4. Includes innovators and venture capitalists as Fellows 5. Access 300 CEOs, Investors and specialists worldwide 6. Unparalleled, rigorous exciting curriculum you have not seen anywhere 7. Problem-solving activities to cover leadership, strategy, operations, revenues, products, people and fundraising 8. Low on time: 60 hours in classes; 20-30 hours in giving back, very high on impact 9. Lifelong “home” with online resources, regular involvement and advice 10. Anchored with leading startup organizations such as TiE, China Entrepreneurs etc 11. Synergistic to YCombinator, Dream.IT and Techstars 12. Low cost of $300 for the first year ($60-75 in China & India) 13. Not-for-profit
  9. 9. SLP Uniqueness 1. At each chapter, you meet 50 mentors, speakers & judges a year, and have access to another 100 2. You will understand fundraising, but its not just about that 3. Strategy Day, Product Day, Customer Day, Investor Day. This unique hands-on time with practitioners, specialists and Fellows will help you solve problems you face in your own organization. 4. Selected Fellows will run one class, organize social events, or workshops (20-30 hours over 9 months) 5. No degree criteria but we like people who an make things (BS/MS/PhDs) or who are fantastic marketers 6. Having a current startup is a plus, but even if you tried and failed and are trying again, it demonstrates entrepreneurial behavior
  10. 10. Curriculum Our Journey: Inspiring legendary and experienced CEOs and VCs provide their stories, Strategy & Product Customer, Competitive Development Revenues, Investor Day Positioning Sales/Mktg/PR Lets Get Funded Co-Founder Network VC For A Day Lets do a Deal Negotiation Of 100+ Mentors Network of Hiring, Firing Dealing with Co- Personal Leadership Style Speakers 200 highly Compensating & Founders & Branding and & Issues Judges qualified Motivating Boards Design including Fellows Investors globally Legal Basics: IP, Startup/ Investor & Financial & for 1:1, Incorp & Bootcamp group and Elevator Pitches Business Models Termsheets* Basics* panel sessions Our Lessons: Fellows talk about their own journeys on their startups and share their mistakes, lessons and victories Socialize in small cohorts, with Fellows in your batch, field trip to VC firms, attend after-class networking drinks with speakers and do one community event
  11. 11. The real network : SLP Fellows By end of 2011, there will be 200 Fellows who are entrepreneurs, innovators and VCs in our network
  12. 12. Apply NOW Aug 15 : Applications Close Aug 30 : Mails to all Selected Applicants Sep 15 : Program starts QUESTIONS? BANGALORE : Sudip: BEIJING : Giant: BOSTON : Anupendra: NEW YORK : Kanchan: SAN DIEGO : Rebecca: SILICON VALLEY : Ashish:
  13. 13. “Be the change you want to see in this world” Mahatma Gandhi