Statement Of Purpose - New Zealand Student Visa


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This is my personal statement written for my student visa to Immigration New Zealand. I hope this will help students to write their statement of purpose better.

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Statement Of Purpose - New Zealand Student Visa

  1. 1. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Glad to introduce myself as Mr. Sudharsan Duraisamy. In my family my father is agovernment school teacher and my mother is an agriculturalist. I have done Secondary SchoolCertificate at Kongunadu Matriculation Higher Secondary School with 79.6% in 2009 and HigherSecondary Certificate with 91.41% in 2011 at Green Park Higher Secondary School, Tamil Nadu,India. My purpose of application for student visa is to do Commercial Pilot course at Eagle FlightTraining, New Zealand. After the completion of my studies in New Zealand, I would like to work as a pilotin reputed airlines.During my school days I have seen that pilots who are working in majorairlines are well trained, have qualified skills and I have also found that a great number ofpeople have obtained their qualification from abroad. Due to this, they have a lot of highqualities. I have also decided to go abroad for higher studies and come back to join in an Airlinesproviding good salary and I have discussed with my parents and they have agreed tosend me abroad for further studies. I choose New Zealand because New Zealand studies are well known for qualityeducation and the students from all over the world are studying over there and after obtainingproper qualification they make their future bright. As well as some girls and boys belonging toour district are also studying there and even a few of my friends also suggest me to go to NewZealand for further studies. In the last two years the number of international students in NewZealand has risen by over 8000. Apart from being a great place to get a first rate education, NewZealand is also a fantastic place to live. It provides a welcoming and multicultural society with apopulation that originates from around 50 countries. New Zealand people have a reputation forbeing amongst the friendliest in the world, and New Zealand cities are safe and clean, with lowcrime rates. New Zealand is an increasingly popular study destination with internationalstudents from across the globe. For many students, New Zealand may represent a better studydestination than other popular alternatives like the UK and the USA. The New Zealand educationsystem is much organized. Highly qualified staff help raise the quality of education. Aftercompleting my course in New Zealand, I will be able to get a job anywhere in the world as apilot. The things I particularly like about studying in New Zealand are the culturaldiversity, the high standards of education and the New Zealand peoples way of living. Lots offriends make it easy to live happily and feel at home in New Zealand. Its a very good idea topursue studies in New zealand if one is really serious about his/her career. The fee structure ofPilot course in New Zealand cheaper than that of other Countries like Canada & USA. So this isthe reason why I have choosen New Zealand for higher studies. Further I would like to say thatmy father has sufficient funds to support me for this course. After the Completion of this course,I am sure that I will get a good job in India.