Embedded systems projects


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Embedded systems projects

  1. 1. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.comIEEE -2012 1. ARM-7 Based Semi Autonomous Vehicle 2. Wireless critical process control in oil and gas refinery plants 3. Semi automatic tax deduct for turnpike ARM7 4. Design of integrated mine safety monitor system based on ZigBee 5. Design of Automatic Meter Reading based on Zigbee 6. Intelligent wireless street lighting system 7. Wireless Sensor Network Based Home Monitoring System for Wellness Determination of Elderly 8. Autonomous navigation robot for landmine detection applications 9. Robot Navigation System with RFID and Sensors 10.Robust railway crack detection scheme using LED-LDR Assembly 11.Remote energy monitoring, profiling and control through GSM network 12.Towards a wireless medical smart card 13.A ZIG-BEE based wearable physiological parameters monitoring system ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  2. 2. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.com 14.Towards the smart sensors based human motion recognition 15.Design of integrated mine safety monitor system based on ZIG-BEE 16.Design of monitoring management system of tourist attractions based on RFID technology IEEE-2011 1. The implementation of the intelligent transport system for the real-time roadside environment information transfer 2. Design of vehicle positioning system based on ARM 3. Automated voice based home navigation system for the elderly and the physically challenged 4. The Remote Control of Mobile Robot Based on Embedded Technology 5. Wireless ECG monitoring and alarm system using ZigBee 6. Design and implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared sensor based security system using microcontroller 7. Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System 8. Hazardous Gas Detecting Method Applied in Coal Mine Detection Robot ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  3. 3. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.com 9. An RFID-Based Reminder System for Smart Home 10.RFID and ZigBee Based Manufacturing Monitoring System 11.Voice Recognition Based Wireless Home Automation System 12.A Design of Wireless Intelligent Control System for Service Robots 13.A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network and GSM TechnologyANDROID- BLUETOOTH BASED:1. Propeller display2. Android phone Accelerometer sensor based wireless Robot3. Android Phone operated wireless(Bluetooth) Home automation.4. Android Phone operated wireless(Bluetooth) Data logger.5. Android based lamp dimmer over Bluetooth.6. Android Phone operated wireless(Bluetooth) Data logger.7. Android –bluetooth based helicopter ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  4. 4. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.comANDROID- WIFI + BLUETOOTH (VNC)BASED: 1. ROBOT CONTROL SYSTEM with live video 2. Home/Industry automation system 3. Industrial monitoring and control systemZIGBEE / BLUETOOTH1. Wireless electronic notice board with multi point receivers using zig-bee communication system in colleges or companies.2. Measurement of agriculture applications using zig bee(temperature & humidity soil). ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  5. 5. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.com3. Weather station design using zigbee (or) bluetooth.4. Zig-bee based patient monitoring (heart beat, temperature and alert mess).5. Zig-bee based multi nodal fault monitoring system.6. Zig-bee based intelligent monitoring & controlling system.7. Zig-bee based industrial automation.8. Real time paddy crop field monitoring using zigbee network9. Monitoring and alarming system based on zigbee technology10.A forest fire monitoring system based zigbee wireless sensor network11.Led lighting control system based on the zigbee wireless network12.Wireless measurement and control system for environmental paramters in greenhouse13.Pc controlled robot using zigbee .14.Zig-bee enabled intelligent monitoring and control system.15.RF434 – helicopter control systemMEMS1. Accelerometer based hand gesture recognition system.2. Accelerometer controller wheel chair ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  6. 6. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.com3. Accident detection and release airbag using mems.4. Atm security system using gsm & mems5. Collide vehicle information capturing using mems+gsm modem6. Controlling of powered devices through hand gestures.7. Gestured controlled lamp dimmer (useful for power conservation)8. Hand movement based fan speed controlling.9. Mems based automatic wheel chair for paralyses/old age people.10.Mems based hands gesture controlled robotGSM1. Gsm & gps technology based accident detection system and release airbags.2. A remote home security system based on wsn and gsm technology3. Wireless street light controlling system from any where using gsm and cell phone4. Traffic announcement through gsm networks.5. Student status acquition and result smsing system. ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  7. 7. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.com6. Student college alert system to parents by entry/exit at the college premisesusing sms.7. Sms based wireless electronic notice board using gsm8. Sms based weather report.9. Sms based patient report from remote place.10.Sms based electronic voting machiene using gsm.11.Secured gsm based automatic water level warring and auto alert system12.Real-time industrial process control monitoring using gsm phone13.Prepaid electricity billing system using gsm mobile.14.Pir and gsm based home security system.15.Password protected gsm based device control.16.Bank locker security system with sms mobile alert.17.A remote measurement and control system for greenhouse based on gsm-sms.18.Speed and direction control of dc motor using gsm technology.19.Gsm based scada.20.Rfid & gsm chaild tracking ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  8. 8. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.com21.Gas leakage detector & auto dialing controller system22.Rfid and gsm based intelligent courier mailbox system with automatic delivery notification. GPS1. Gps based vehicle location tracking system2. Gps based universal clock. [utc]. Gets the time from satellites and displays on lcd.3. Voice based alerting system for blind people with gps enabled location identification.4. Gps based border alert system for fishermen5. Trace out the latitude, longitude, universal time and altitude values using gps6. Gps based train/bus station indication system with display on lcd.FINGER PRINT ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  9. 9. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.com1. Finger print based authenticated, access control & automated door opening system2. Finger print based atm authentication & money management system3. Finger print based digital electronic voting machine4. Finger print based vehicle access system5. Finger print verification for passport checking verificationRFID1. Rfid based road side infromation system2. Rf-id based license management system.3. Automated vehicle identification and toll collection system using rf-id4. Access control system using rf-id5. Payment automation at toll gate using rfid6. A multipurpose identification card using rfid card7. Rfid based home/office security system8. Automatic speed control system using rfid9. Rfid based prepaid card for petrol bunks10.Rfid based security and device controlling ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  10. 10. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.comSOLAR1. Sun tracking using solar panel interface.2. Solar powered industrial boiler with temperature display3. Solar based mobile charger for rural areas.CAN1. Train collision prevention system using automatic block signaling network over can2. Research on embedded data display unit based on can bus.3. Industrial automation and process control using can protocol (motor speed control based on temperature).4. Distributed remote temperature monitoring and acquisition system based on can bus.5. Can base collision avoidance system for automobiles. ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  11. 11. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.comETHERNET 1. ETHERNET BASED DATALOGGER 2. ETHERNET DEVICE CONTROL SYSTEM 3. EMBEDDED WEBSERVERTOUCH SCREEN 1. Touch screen based advanced menu display and ordering system for restaurants. 2. Touch screen based wireless robot control 3. Touch screen based mobile keypad 4. Touch screen based wheelchair control 5. Touch screen based electrical device control system ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7
  12. 12. Ph: 98850 96867 E-id: sudhakar.dcp@gmail.com . ALL PROJECTS ARE IMPLEMENTED ON 8051/AVR/ARM7