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Lightyear Wireless

Lightyear Wireless



Millions of people are now beginning to see the power and importance of owning their own business. Unfortunately, most of them don't feel as if they have any realistic options for getting started. ...

Millions of people are now beginning to see the power and importance of owning their own business. Unfortunately, most of them don't feel as if they have any realistic options for getting started. Finally, here's a home business that makes sense! The key issue becomes how to make an educated decision as to whether this is the right business for you. Our system will walk you through identifying the 5 key elements to making that crucial decision:



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  • Welcome everyone to the presentationRemind them that if they have audio problems they can dial into the numberRemind them also that the chat function will be re-opened at the end.Transition to your story.
  • And why is that? Because the economy obviously isn’t improving. Millions of people are being laid off, millions more continue to lose their homes, credit card debt is at all time high. People need a solution. People are looking to save money and make money and Lightyear offers them the ability to do both but we do it with a vehicle that I think makes complete sense.Change slide.
  • You see Lightyear Wireless is a new wireless company that has a very simple mission. Our goal is to help people save money by eliminating their cell phone bill forever. Imagine being able to earn FREE wireless service forever and never have to pay a cell phone bill again! Then we help people make money by teaching others how to do the same!Change slide.
  • So how are we able to do this?Well folks, Lightyear is a wireless company that offers true nationwide wireless service but we’re a little different. Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising to gather customers Lightyear instead allows everyday people like you and I a way to own our own home business as Independent Representatives. They pay us to do two simple things, gather a few customers and teach others how to do the same. The reason Lightyear uses this model is because they don’t want to just get a customer, they want to create the most loyal customer base in the industry and you don’t do that by selling your product. Case and point – look at the major wireless companies. They spend billions on advertising to sell people their product and while they might gather a customer, they’re losing them as fast as they get them. Why? Because there’s no reason for those customers to be loyal. So how do you create a loyal customer? Easy, you give them value they can’t get anywhere else. Now, a logical next question is, “Well then, what is the value that Lightyear provides that no one else can?” Change slide.
  • The answer is simple, we have created an opportunity that none of the wireless companies can match and that’s why we’re creating the most loyal customer base in the industry. I’ll prove it to you! No matter what another wireless company offers me, I’m NEVER leaving my Lightyear service. Now, that’s a darn loyal customer for Lightyear isn’t it? You bet it is! And why am I so loyal? Well, for starters I have the same high quality wireless service that I had before, but now I have my own business that allows me to become a customer of MYSELF and now get PAID every month when I pay my cell phone bill – something I was going to do anyway! I also have the ability to refer others to the service and opportunity and get paid on their cell phone bills too. And in the process I also have the ability to earn FREE wireless service. I haven’t paid a cell phone bill since I became a customer with Lightyear Wireless. That’s why I’m a loyal customer – because there’s no wireless company in the world that can match what Lightyear gives me!And that is why it’s Lightyear’s goal to build a giant company of a bunch of people, just like me, people who are getting it for free and making money teaching others how to do that too! It’s a BRILLIANT concept! Think about it, you’re going to use your cell phone for the rest of your life. So is everyone you know and everyone you don’t know. Why not get it free and make some money at the same time? Doesn’t that concept just make sense? When I saw this for the first time I called it a “no-brainer.” But you know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years in the home business industry it’s the fact that you can have a company that has the best “concept” in the world, but if they don’t have a solid infrastructure and company to back that up then nothing else matters.Change slide.
  • The good news is Lightyear is rock solid.The Lightyear Wireless product and opportunity was launched in July of 2008, just a couple of years ago, but we’re not a 2 year old start up company. We’re actually part of our parent company, Lightyear Network Solutions. Lightyear is a 17 year old, federally licensed, publicly traded telecommunications company. Sherm Henderson, Lightyear’s CEO started Lightyear in 1993 and for the last 17+ years Lightyear has been providing telecom services to major companies like Capital One, Toyota, JCPenny’s and many others. But a few years ago Sherm decided to get into the wireless business and he knew he needed an unique vehicle to help him penetrate that wireless market. That’s why he chose the direct sales/Network Marketing model – because he knew it would bring him that loyal customer.Lightyear also has a rock solid corporate infrastructure. They have an 80,000 square foot world headquarters in Louisville, KY, a multi-million dollar data/billing system, hundreds of employees to support our customers and representatives, and our company has already shown they know what it takes to be successful. At one point Lightyear was ranked #19 on Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing privately held companies. They are also an accredited member of the BBB with an incredible rating.So as you can see, Lightyear has an incredible company behind us to give us a strong foundation to build on going into the future.Change Slide.
  • And that’s critical because of our timing and positioning in the wireless industry.You see folks, Lightyear just launched into the $200 billion dollar U.S. wireless industry in 2008 – just a couple of years ago. That means you are on the GROUND FLOOR, or what I call the “formulation” phase of our company – where we’re creating the systems and formulating the leadership that will be responsible for the critical mass that is sure to come.How do I know massive growth is ahead? Just take a look around.Change slide.
  • We’re moving towards a totally wireless communications society. There are over 290 million people in the U.S. that have a cell phone! That’s over 95% of the country up from just 35% in 2004.There are over 4 billion cell phones in the world.Wireless phones now outnumber land lines.30% of U.S. homes do not have a land line phone.130 million NEW cell phones purchased each year.But the thing that gets me excited the most about the wireless industry is the simplicity of it. I mean folks, we have a product that is unconsciously purchased and habitually used! That means we don’t have to convince people that they need (because they already have it), we don’t have to change the way they use it or teach them how to use it. And most importantly, we don’t have to hope that they keep buying more of it each month. Everyone we know and everyone we don’t know has a cell phone. They’re going to use it whether we ask them to or not. All we’re doing is showing people how to benefit from this product. We’re simply showing people how to get it for FREE and how to make money by helping others do that too!But I feel what truly separates Lightyear from every opportunity available today is the fact that people would buy our product, even if there weren’t a way to make money from it or get it for free! How do I know that? Well, the average cell phone bill in the country is $73. And for that most companies will give you about 600 anytime minutes and maybe some texting too. Change slide.
  • Well with Lightyear, we provide unlimited EVERYTHING, talk, text, and web for $59.99 per month. We provide our service on a nationwide 3G network and we offer our customers a service with no contract, no credit check and no deposit!Is this competitive?Well I’ll let you judge for yourself…Change slide.
  • Here’s a little comparison chart to AT&T and Verizon. These two companies represent about 70% of the wireless market and for the same unlimited everything service with these companies you’re going to have spend well over $130 a month. With Lightyear your total bill with all the taxes and fees would be about $64. I’m no math expert but I think we’re talking about a 50% savings each month!But remember, Lightyear’s goal is to create the most loyal customer in the market and you can’t do that by competing on price. Remember, we offer value that people can’t get anywhere else. So how do we do that for our customers? Well, Lightyear felt that our reps shouldn’t be the only ones that were able to get free service.Change slide.
  • So Lightyear created a customer referral program where our CUSTOMERS can refer 5 and they too can get their service for free!All our customers do is send people to OUR website and the customer places the order, the representative gets paid, but the person that referred that customer to us is also able to earn free service.I don’t care what wireless company is out there and what incentive they offer you to join their service – you can’t beat FREE!Change slide.
  • But let’s talk about the real reason why you’re here and that’s to learn about way to generate some additional income. And while we don’t have enough time to get into every detail of Lightyear’s comp plan, we are going to highlight the 3 basic ways we earn income:First we’re going to talk about earning Immediate Bonus Income. We’re going to show you how to get off to a fast start in your business and get some money back in your pocket right away. You know – get a good return on your start-up costs, because yes, this is a business and it requires some start up costs – but don’t worry, they aren’t big at all!Then we’re going to talk about my favorite part, monthly residual income. We’re going to show you how to get paid month after month after month on a bunch of cell phone customers that you don’t even gather, that other people on your team do!And then finally we’re going to touch on some of the leadership income that’s on the table for people who want to come here and be a leader.Change slide.
  • But first let’s talk about what any business owners initial goal is and that’s getting their start up costs back.You know folks, that’s one of the things I love most about Lightyear, it’s so different from starting a traditional business. If you started a franchise today you’re going to have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do that and it might be a year or two before you get those start up costs back. With Lightyear, you can be profitable in your first week if you want to because of two reasons:It’s so inexpensive to start. The maximum cost to start your Lightyear business is a one time set-up fee of $299. There are no additional trainer or website fees on top of that. The $299 includes the first month of your web marketing system. And for a limited time it also includes the first month of your wireless service when you port your number over from your previous carrier.The second reason you can be profitable so quickly in Lightyear is because we offer so much money to our new representatives in the form of immediate bonus income.Change slide.
  • And what are we paying you bonus money to do? Two simple things: Gather a small handful of loyal customers (probably just yourself initially and maybe a few people you know). Then help others become Lightyear representatives and teach them to do the same thing.By doing this, not only will you be earning FREE wireless service but you’ll also be creating a business and a system that produces PASSIVE-RESIDUAL income for you – where you’re making money from effort you aren’t directly producing!Change slide.
  • So let’s talk about our bonuses for gathering customers first.You see folks, we’re going to find people who don’t desire to own their own business, maybe they don’t want to make money but they would certainly like to save it. Those are people that will become our customer. We’ll send them to our lightyearwireless.com website, they’ll order their phone and service and you’ll earn a $25 bonus. You’ll earn that bonus for every customer you activate and you’ll also earn that bonus for every customer they refer to you and every customer those people refer to you, and so on.We also have a special “Get 3 in 30 days” Customer Bonus. If you can activate 3 personal customers on our $59.99 wireless service and those customers are outside your home, when they stay on the service for 90 days our company will pay you sort of a “loyalty” reward of $200 for bringing Lightyear loyal customers. So as you can see, you can make your money back and a lot more just gathering customers if that’s all you ever do here.But you see, Lightyear’s goal is to build a giant company filled with loyal customers and they know you only know so many people. That’s why it’s their goal to fill their company with as many representatives as they can because the more reps that are in Lightyear the more customers that the company will have. So Lightyear needs help growing the customer base and they know you aren’t going to do that for free!Change slide.
  • So they created a bonus called the “Fast Start” bonus to reward you for helping others become a Lightyear representative and helping them gather customers too.When you personally enroll a representative you’ll earn $100 for helping that person simply activate their business.Help that same representative gather their first 3 wireless customers in their first 30 days and Lightyear will pay you ANOTHER $200. That’s $300 for helping just 1 person get started with Lightyear and helping them gather a few customers. Your new representative is happy, they’ve made some money and now have free wireless service. You’re happy because you got back some incredible bonuses to help them do it, and the company is happy because they’re creating a LOYAL customer base. Can you see why what we’re doing works so well?The exciting part is this is just the beginning.Change slide.
  • Complete a few requirements and you’re going to begin to promote yourself up our leadership ladder.You start out at Senior Manager (that’s our main starting position). Then you go to Regional Manager, Vice President, Senior VP, and then Presidential Director. All that the titles mean is that you get a raise each time you get promoted. Lightyear is not only going to pay you more money to personally help people get started in Lightyear but they’re also going to pay you more money to help your team build as well. That’s right, you’re actually being compensated to help other people be successful!And why would Lightyear reward you with so much bonus money? Because remember what their goal is – to create the most loyal customer base in the industry. They realize that the more representatives they have in their company the more loyal customers will be there – and that’s where Lightyear makes their money – from all that customer revenue. And would it be nice of Lightyear to turn around and share some of that revenue with you? Well guess what guys, they do! It’s called Monthly Residual Income.Change slide.
  • That’s right, first Lightyear is going to pay you the upfront weekly bonuses to build your team and now they’re going to pay you every month on all of the customers in your organization.Here’s how it works: You will earn up to 10% on all of your personal customer’s volume. You start at 1% and as your volume grows you can get paid up to 10%.Then as you build team you’ll earn a 1% to 4% override on your team’s customers! Imagine being able to be paid for customers you don’t even gather! That’s exactly what Lightyear’s vehicle allows you to do.Don’t worry about understanding all of the percentages and how it all works, just see how simple this can be. Think about this for a minute: every you know and everyone you don’t know has a cell phone. They’re going to use it anyway. Don’t you think you could find a few people that would like to be a Lightyear representative and get free service and make money in their own business? Well, if you helped 3 people do that then you’ve started the process of duplication because these 3 people didn’t join Lightyear so you could be successful. They want to do this for themselves – so they’ll go out and share it with people. Then those people will do the same. If this process continues there’s no limit to the number of customers that could be in your team! What if you built a team of just 700 representatives and each of them averaged just 5 wireless customers. At $60 per month and a 4% commission level you’d be earning $8,400 per month in residual income!As you can see it doesn’t take a very big piece of the 200 billion dollar wireless industry to create a very nice residual income!And as exciting as this is, we’ve really just scratched the surface of our compensation plan…Change slide.
  • There are many more ways to benefit from Lightyear’s compensation plan if you want to come here and be a leader.We have additional customer bonuses on other services that Lightyear offers. Remember, we’re part of LYNS and they offer many other services that we can also get paid on!We have ways for our representatives to earn FREE Wireless credits to apply to the purchase of Lightyear Wireless phones!We have matching bonuses, a growth bonus, revenue sharing pools, incentive trips, travel expense accounts, even luxury car programs. Lightyear’s comp plan has everything you’d want in a lucrative, rewarding compensation plan!But what I love most about Lightyear’s compensation plan is that Lightyear actually believes in it!Change slides…
  • You see folks, Lightyear believes so strongly that ANYONE can make money with this comp plan they’re willing to back it with a $1,000 bonus guarantee. Now, no we’re not going to give you a $1,000 check just to join Lightyear, we’d go out of business if we did that. What we’ve done is created a very simple marketing system for you to follow if you choose to. And all that we ask is that you follow it for 6 consecutive months and if you don’t make a minimum of $1,000 in total bonus income in that time period our company will pay the difference! That is powerful! That separates Lightyear from any other opportunity available today. We believe so strongly in what we have to offer people that we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are! Amazing!Change slide…
  • And one of the reasons we are so confident in our opportunity is because of the tools and training that we provide our Representatives. It’s called the “MyLightyear” Marketing System. This isn’t a website and back office like other companies give you. This a multi-faceted, multidimensional all-in-one marketing system that gives you literally hundreds of dollars a month worth of tools, training and services for $1.66 per day. For less than a cup of coffee per day you have a state of the art marketing system to help you be more effective and efficient in building a Lightyear business.The key question is “How do you use all of this stuff.” Well, the great news is that we have a step by step training system here to guide you through not only launching your business but also continuing to build it into the future. Lightyear has not only given you an incredible financial vehicle here but they’re also giving you the system to follow and the tracks to run on – so you don’t have to figure it out by yourself!Change slide…
  • So as you look back at what we discussed in this presentation, you see that Lightyear has all the key aspects of a winning opportunity.The company is rock solid and stable.The timing is perfect.The product is an absolute “no-brainer”. Folks, you’re already using the product, you’re just not getting paid for it and you’re certainly not getting it for free.The compensation plan is so generous and fair that it’s backed with a bonus guarantee for crying out loud.And our company provides all of the tools and training that you need to be successful.But I believe what ties this all together and what makes it truly the perfect business is the affordability of it.Change slide…
  • I mean here you have an UNLIMITED income potential business in the hottest industry in the world, the wireless industry, for a one time fee of $300. That’s not every month, just once! Your overhead every month after that is just $1.66 per day!Compare that to starting a traditional brick and mortar wireless business:Let’s say you wanted to start a Sprint store. Well, it’s going to cost you at least $80,000 just to get the rights to do it and get everything set up. Then you’re going to have at least $5,000 per month in overhead for things like your lease and facility maintenance. Then you have to inventory phones, deal with customers and their issues coming into your store. Then you have to deal with the worst part of all – having employees. Now you’re running an adult daycare center. And after all the financial investment and all the hassles and headaches of running your own business you’re only limited to gathering customers in your local region. I mean think about it – people aren’t going to come from neighboring states just to buy a phone from you.Well with Lightyear you pay a one-time fee of $300 and your overhead is $49/month. There is no inventory, no customer or tech support, there are no employees. None of the hassles that go along with running a traditional business. And now you have a business with UNLIMITED income potential. You can go to all 50 states, PR and VI and help people start their OWN virtual Lightyear Wireless store and you can generate income without ever being in those locations! I don’t know about you but that sure seemed amazing to me when I saw it for the first time!So you’re looking at all of this information and you’re thinking, “Okay Ben, I see the brilliance of it. But what do I need to do to make money in Lightyear? What I need to do to make this work?”Change slide…
  • The answer is simple: Go out and help as many people as you can earn FREE wireless service and help them make money teaching others how to do that too.So how do you do that you might ask? Well, just do what the person who sent you here did. Go find people that like the idea of getting their service for free and making money in a business that makes sense. If they like that idea send them to our presentation just like you were sent here. Let them look and judge for themselves and if this is something they want to be a part of help them get started and teach them how to do what you just did.That is exactly what it takes to be successful in Lightyear!So hopefully I’ve done my part tonight and I’ve given you enough information to make an educated decision on whether or not Lightyear is for you. If you could do me a favor, get back with the person who invited you to our presentation and let them know where you stand so far. You can actually rate your decision by assigning yourself one of these 3 numbers. You’re either a 1, 2, or 3. A 1 is someone that loves what they see and they’re ready to get started. A 2 is someone that really likes what they see but they need some questions answered first before they join. And a 3 is someone who feels that perhaps now isn’t the right time for them to be starting a business and they’d rather just save money and be a customer and earn FREE service.Change slide…
  • Whatever your decision is I want to thank you so much for attending the presentation. We know that there’s many other ways you can be spending your time and we greatly appreciate you being here with us tonight. Thank you again and everyone have a great evening!

Lightyear Wireless Lightyear Wireless Presentation Transcript

  • The ProblemThe economy isn’t improving… -Millions of people are being laid off -Millions more are losing their homes to foreclosure -Credit card debt is at an all time high People Need a Solution! 1. People are looking to save money 2. People are looking to make moneyLightyear offers them the ability to do both!
  • The SolutionOur Mission is Simple: To help people SAVE money by eliminating their wireless bills and to help people MAKE money by teaching others to do the same!
  • How We’re Different Customers YOU
  • How We’re DifferentThe goal of our opportunity is to create the most LOYAL customer base in the industry!Why am I a loyal customer? 1. I am receiving the same high quality service! 2. I get PAID from my service each month! 3. I get PAID from OTHER people’s service too! 4. I have the ability to earn FREE wireless service!Refer 3 other people to our service and yours is FREE! Forever! You’re going to use it anyway! You might as well get itFREE and make some MONEY helping others do that too!
  • The Company Lightyear Wireless… Launched July 29th, 2008 Backed by a 17 year old Telecom Company Global Headquarters Publicly Traded (OTC: LYNS) Louisville, Kentucky 80,000 sq. ft. world headquarters Multi-million dollar data/billing system 100’s of employees Parent Company Ranked #19 on Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau Sherm Henderson Ron Mattingly CEO Dir. of Sales & Training Ranked “Top 25” 10 years of experience inin the telecom industry the Direct Sales Industry Channel Executive of the year in 2009
  • The Timing The Timing Couldn’t Be Better! $210 Billion Dollar IndustryLightyear launched into wireless in 2008 UNLIMITED POTENTIAL!
  • Why Wireless? We’re Moving to a Wireless Communications Society… 98%+ in U.S. has wireless – up from 35% in 2004 There are over 4 BILLION cell phones in the worldWireless Users Nationwide Wireless phones outnumber personal computers Wireless phones now outnumber land lines 35% of U.S. homes do not have a land line phone 60% of U.S. ages 19 to 29 do not have a land line Unconsciously purchased & habitually used! Now you can profit from this industry in your own business!
  • The Product Top Quality Phones: Blackberry HTC Motorola Samsung LG Sanyo And more!
  • The Product How do we compare? AT&T VERIZONCost/Month $60 $130 $132Unlimited Calling YES YES YES Unlimited Text YES YES YES Unlimited Data YES YES YES Data Cap NO YES (5G) YES (5G)Contract Required NO YES (2yr) YES (2yr) Nationwide 3G Network YES YES YES
  • The Product
  • The CompensationLightyear’s Compensation Plan Offers 3 Basic Ways to Earn IncomeImmediate Bonus IncomeMonthly Residual IncomePromotional IncentivesWhatever your financial goals are Lightyear gives you an incredible compensation plan to reach those goals!
  • The CompensationYour Initial Goal: Get a Good Return on Start-up Costs!Fee to Start Your Lightyear Business… $299 One-time Fee There is also a one-time $25 web system activation fee So how do you get a good return?
  • The Compensation You Earn Bonus Income Two Ways: 1. You gather a small handful of customers 2. You teach others to do the same By doing this YOU earn FREE wireless service and YOUcreate a business that allows you to earn passive income! It’s a “NO-BRAINER!”
  • The Compensation Immediate Bonus IncomeCustomer Activation Bonuses Wireless Customer Bonus: -Earn $25 for each wireless customer you activate! Customer Loyalty Bonus: -Earn a $200 bonus for activating 3* Lightyear $59.99 customers in your first 30 days! (*3 customers must be outside of the rep’s home) (Get 3 bonus is paid 90 days after customers are activated – only if customers are still active!)Example: 3 Wireless customers = $75 There is no limit to the “Get 3 in 30 days” = $200 number of customers you can gather! Total: = $275
  • The Compensation Immediate Bonus Income Get off to a Fast Start in your business by helping other people start their own Lightyear Wireless Business! Earn $100 for each Representative youenroll when they activate their business! $100 $100 Earn an additional $200 if they each +$200 $100 +$200 $300 +$200 activate 3 $59.99 wireless personal $300 customers in their first 30 days! $3003 Personal Wireless customers = $75 + Your Wireless is“Customer Loyalty Bonus” = $200Help 3 Representatives do the same = $900 FREE!Total: = $1,175
  • The Compensation Immediate Bonus Income Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CABs) (paid on all SM’s that enter your team) Get paid weekly bonuses to help others! PD $295 to $495 SVP $250 to $450 up to $195 Main Starting VP Position $200 to $400 up to $150 RM $150 to $350 up to $100 SM $100 to $300 up to $50 + 10% Matching Bonus on 1st 3 Enrolled Reps $100 Per SM you enroll! Bonuses are paid to UNLIMITED generations!Optional Starting Position of Manager – Pays $20 to $45 per Manager Enrolled
  • The Compensation Monthly Residual Income up to 10% This is how simple it can be… from personal customers If you refer 3 = Your Service is FREE! If those 3 refer 3 = 9 team members If those 9 refer 3 = 27 team members If those 27 refer 3 = 81 team members 1% to 4% If those 81 refer 3 = 243 team members from your team’s customers If those 243 refer 3 = 729 team members 700 5 $60 4% $8,400*This is just an example. Results will vary depending effort and consistency in your business! If you do nothing you make nothing!
  • The CompensationPromotional Incentives Additional Customer Bonuses Matching Bonuses Growth Bonus Revenue Sharing Pool Incentive Trips Travel Expense Account Luxury Car Programs
  • The Compensation A Compensation Plan Where Anyone can be successful! 00 $1,000 GUARANTEED! Just follow our proven magazine marketing system for 6 months & Lightyear willguarantee you’ll earn at least $1,000 in bonus income or they’ll pay the difference!
  • The Tools & TrainingA Key Ingredient to a Successful Business: Proper Tools & Training The MyLightyear Marketing System An all-in-one online wireless business: MyLightyear.net Opportunity Website MyLightyear.com Replicated Website LightyearWireless.com Wireless Store Multiple Lead Capture Sites Email Auto Responder System Contact Management System 25 FREE Leads Each Month FREE @lightyearwireless.com email address Banners, Flyers, Marketing Materials Step by step training system$100’s/month Worth of Tools & Services FREEAll included in this system for only… Just $1.66 per day! $49 The Web System requires a one-time $25 activation fee .99 per month 1st Month Just a one-time $25 activation fee
  • The Solution As you see, Lightyear has it ALL!5 Key Aspects to Consider:1. The COMPANY is solid and stable!2. The TIMING is right for an opportunity!3. The PRODUCTS are something people want and need!4. The COMPENSATION plan is generous and fair!5: There are proven TOOLS & TRAINING in place to help you! The Perfect Business!
  • Getting Started ELITE BuilderAn UNLIMITED Income Potential Business in the Wireless Industry for ONLY… Package $299 + a one-time $25 web system activation fee *Alternate Package: Manager: $49/month + one-time $25 web system activation fee
  • The Next Step #1 Question: What do I need to do to make money?Answer = Help Others Earn FREE Service! How? = Do what the person who sent you here did! Rate Your Decision: 1. Ready to get started 2. Have questions 3. Not for me but I still want FREE service!
  • FREECELL4U2.com 303-800-6227