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Health tips by Suburban Diagnostics series7
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Health tips by Suburban Diagnostics series7

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At Suburban Diagnostics, we value your health. In view of that we are going to guide you with tips on various issues and topics. ...

At Suburban Diagnostics, we value your health. In view of that we are going to guide you with tips on various issues and topics.

Sometimes when something is said over and over again, it becomes a fact... when in reality it is not.
Same way there are few myths that are considered true concerned to food. Hence we have got 7 myths and their corresponding facts.
Let go of Myths and Embrace the Facts
Stay tune with this channel for more tips and tricks.
Have a healthier week... Take care...

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  • 1. Copyright © Suburban Diagnostics, 2013. All Rights Reserved.Myths & Factabout FoodImagesource:blogspot.in
  • 2. Sugar gives you energy. If you needa boost mid-afternoon or beforeplaying sports, eat a candy bar.Imagesource:oldtimecandy.comSugar found in chocolates, cookies can spike your sugar level and make youfeel energized. But after that first rush, blood sugar drops sharply and wouldfeel like you have less energy than when you started.Myth #1Fact
  • 3. Carbs make you fat.Imagesource:wordpress.comNew trend now- “low-carb” diet. This diet has become the biggest weight-loss trend. Why? Because people think carbs are bad.Breaking Truth: Carbs like sugar and fat will make you gain if u eat toomuch. If eaten in balanced amount they‟re the best source of energy foryour body.Myth #2Fact
  • 4. Energy bars are a good way to get neededvitamins and minerals.Imagesource:huffingtonpost.com• Energy bars can be a good source ofcarbs, protein and fat, but they are nosubstitute for low-calorie, no-fat snackslike fruits and vegetables.• Eat too much of it and you are abusingyour body in same way as having candy orcake.• Energy bars should be used when youreally are in a pinchMyth #3Fact
  • 5. As long as I take a vitamin pill every day, Idont need to be careful about what I eat.Imagesource:blogspot.in• Vitamin + Burger ≠ Nutritious meal.• Although vitamin pills are good, but not on a longshot. Eating „real‟healthy food gives you fiber, protein, energy and lots other that pillsstill cannot provide.• Have balanced and nutritious mealMyth #4Fact
  • 6. I can sweeten my food as much as I want, as long as I usehoney instead of sugar.Chemically, honey is almost the exact same thing as sugar, and honeycan even have more calories than regular sugar. Just like with sugar, tryto use honey only in small amounts.Myth #5Fact
  • 7. As long as I skip a meal, I can eat whatever Iwant at my next meal.Imagesource:dryicons.comIts never a good idea to skip a meal, and it wont make up for eatingunhealthy foods, or eating too much, the next time you eat. Itsimportant to eat three normal-sized and healthy meals a day, and even afew snacks in between, so your body has energy when it needs it.Myth #6Fact
  • 8. If Im not overweight, I donthave to be careful about what Ieat.Imagesource:hardydrew.com• Precaution better than cure.• Eating healthy is not just for the„over-weight‟.• It is for in general.• Just because you do not haveweight problem now, doesn‟tmean you won‟t have it ever.• Junk food do not provide withnecessary fuel needed.• Avoid poor eating habits now toavoid health problems in yearsto comeMyth #7Fact
  • 9. For more tips on healthLike us onfacebook.com/SuburbanDiagnostics