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At Suburban Diagnostics, we value your health. In view of that we are going to guide you with tips on various issues and topics.
It is just not hair but our skin too, which gets affected and scorched in this Summer Sun. With heatwave increasing, we have uploaded few tips that would help you with taking care of your skin, not only this summer but for more summers to come.
Stay tune with this channel for more tips and tricks.
Have a healthier week... Take care...

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Health tips by Suburban Diagnostics series4

  1. 1. Copyright © Suburban Diagnostics, 2013. All Rights Reserved.7TipsTo keep your Skin Healthyin
  2. 2. Your Best Friend forSummer - Water
  3. 3. Drink lots of water. Sweat dehydrates body and leaves skin dry. Thereforehydrate with water or fresh fruit juices or buttermilk.Avoid aerated drinks as it damages skin
  4. 4. Water keeps body cool, ergo less boils and other skin conditions. Barleywater, coconut water and buttermilk also are body
  5. 5. Constant Vigilance
  6. 6. Tanned??? Make a paste of one almond, 5 drops of lemon and a teaspoon of milk.Apply on face and leave it on overnight and wash with warm water the
  7. 7. Applying coconut milk overnight helps too. For pimple prone skin, rub tomatojuice all over your face and wash it after 10 minutes.Follow either of two few times a week to get rid of
  8. 8. A Little Extra…
  9. 9. Party tonight? Stay clear of greasy foundations and stick to oil-free ones.For eyes, make sure you use waterproof eyeliner and mascara to prevent
  10. 10. Go for lipsticks which stay long, which saves you from touch-ups. After you aredone, dab your face with a finish primer to set your
  11. 11. Beware!
  12. 12. Always apply sunscreen 15 minutes prior to exposure to Sun. Sunscreen should atleast be of SPF 30.Reapply every two to three hours, if exposed for longer
  13. 13. Exfoliating helps in removing dead skin and regain your natural glow back.Include a scrub regime for a healthy glowing skin.It can be done with oatmeal and
  14. 14. For Oily Skin
  15. 15. Carry blotter to remove oil from skin, throughout the day. Use oil-freemoisturizer at night to soothe skin after cleansing
  16. 16. Look for products that are alcohol-free, in order to avoid over-drying your skin.Once a week follow up with
  17. 17. For Dry Skin
  18. 18. Moisturize daily, especially right after shower. It should be left to penetratedeeper into your skin. Follow this routine twice a day.Use a hydration mask, at least once a
  19. 19. Look for a scrub or cleanser with AHA, that breaks down the dead skin anddoesn’t allow the moisture to get in. Use toner that is gentle to skin, like rosewater. Once the dead skin is removed, the moisturizer is easier to
  20. 20. For Normal Skin
  21. 21. Lucky you to have this! You want to keep your skin protected and moisturizedthroughout the
  22. 22. Look for a scrub or cleanser with AHA or BHA and cleanse twice a day. Use alighter moisturizer for the summer months — something that will not clog upyour
  23. 23. For more tips on healthLike us on