Aws, an intro to startups


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Want to know what AWS/Amazon Cloud is all about? These slides are good introduction to the gamut of things that AWS offers.

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Aws, an intro to startups

  1. 1. AWS, an intro to startupsSubramanyam Kasibhatsubbu@g2g.coNo More Wrong Hires
  2. 2. Generic Web SolutionDomain Nameg2g.coGo-Daddy.comHost it!!Deploy your App C-PanelDeploy your DB C-PanelDeploy Static Files C-Panel/FTPDNS & WebServerIIS / ApacheDB ServerMySQL/??Storage
  3. 3. Domain Nameg2g.coGo-Daddy.comHost ITDeploy your AppDeploy Static FilesDNSStorageDeploy your DB
  4. 4. Pros & ConsGeneric Hosting• Simple / Easy– start & Use– Cost Calculation– Configuration– Administration• Pain– Scale as you grow– Add more– Handle FailuresAWS Hosting• Complex– To start & Use– Understand Cost– Administer / Configure• Benefits– Scale as you grow– Ease Add / Remove– Handle Failures– Ready for future
  5. 5. • EC2  A computer given to you with fullaccess, but located at AWS Data Centre• Like your computer it comes in different CPUtypes, memory, hard disk options.• It comes pre-loaded with an OS, you get topick the OS you need.• Work on the EC2 Instance like you work on aremote server with full access (Login usingSSH/RDP)
  6. 6. Other components with EC2AMI  Amazon Machine ImageEBS  Elastic Block Storage (Network Drive)Elastic Ip  IP Address for your machineSecurity group  Network Firewall (Not M/C)CloudWatch  Performance NumbersELB  Elastic Load balancingTakes multiple requests on internet and transfers then todifferent servers & Vise-Versa for the responses
  7. 7. What Can I do with Ec2• Install, configure and execute any software ofyour choice.– Web Server, File Server, DB Server, CRM, etc– Backend Video Post Processing, Audio PostProcessing, Data Analysis– Email Server, FTP Server etc
  8. 8. So what it costs me?• It costs per every hour of usage– Start an instance and the $$$ clock starts– Stop an instance the $$$ clock stops– Re-start an instance the $$$ clock start again– Terminate the instance the $$$ clock stops• There are three Rate Slabs in EC2– Spot instance (AWS can take it back any time! Costs you superlow rate per hour)– On Demand instance (Will never be taken back till you give itback! Comes with a price)– Reserved instance (Pay upfront and commit to use it in 12months. Similar to On-Deman but per hour rates are lower)
  9. 9. Workshop• Let us quickly create an AWS Instance and playwith it!
  10. 10. • S3  Network Storage Device Located in AWSDatacentre.• You can access it using an URL like any network device.• Store files, static web sites, images, videos, CSS, etc.• Dump logs• CloudFront  S3*Many!• CloudFront is the Content Delivery Network thatdelivers S3 Data to various caching servers around theglobe for faster access in that region.
  11. 11. What Can I do with S3• Use it as your Static Web Site Hosting Provide.• Use it along with CloudFront for faster deliveryof static content.• Use it for archiving data for safe storage(Highly reliable)• Provide Conditional access like ProtectedProfile info
  12. 12. So what it costs me?• S3 is charged based on the amount of datayou store and the amount of data youtransfer in/out• CloudFront is charged on the amount of datayou transfer in/out.
  13. 13. Workshop• Let us quickly create S3 Buckets and putcontent in it.• Let us also put static web site in it
  14. 14. • RDS  C-Panel kind of MySQL Data BaseServer.• RDS Also support MSSQL, Oracle Servers• Advanced capabilities of RDS are– Support for Multi ZONE (Scale up)– Support for AutoBack up and restore– Reliable DB Option
  15. 15. So what it costs me?• RDS comes in different configurtions like EC2– Based on the server configuration you pay– Based on the DB Option you pay– Based on the Multi Zone Support (One live Serverand one Standby Server), you pay.
  16. 16. Workshop• Let us quickly create RDS Instance.
  17. 17. Route53 DNSELBg2g.coPiWik& CRMS3Redirect CloudFrontCDNg2g.coIIS 7.5MasterMYSQLSlaveMYSQLMemcached
  18. 18. What is best for me!AWS or GoDaddy?What is your business?What is the clarity you have?How is your Tech Stack?Scale of Web Site?
  19. 19. • Discussion!!!!