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IndiaSmart - Business Plan by Subramanian S & Vishnu S Mohan

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India smart

  1. 1. Business Plan on job placement trainingBySubramanian SVishnu S MohanIndiaSmart
  2. 2. Company Vision & Mission• Our vision is to be India’s bestplacement training companyoffering personalized servicesVision• Our mission is to build an onlineportal where people can getaccess to excellent placementtraining in a personalized modeMission
  3. 3. Current Problem Faced by CustomersStudents/professionals find it difficult to crack the job placements because of lackof proper training in interviews and group-discussionsCurrently students address the problems by Training in campus placement wings in professional colleges Training in independent placement training agencies Counseling/coaching by mentors like college professors, parents etc. Online career forums and other web sitesCurrently job professionals address the problems by Counseling/coaching by mentors like senior colleagues, industry veterans etc. Online Career Forums and other web sites
  4. 4. How does IndiaSmart solve the problemPersonalized Mock Interviews(Skype and telephone)No location constraints and limited time constraintsExcellent feedback mechanismCustomized repository of interview training materialsFree courseware of G.D preparation materialsCourseware on Aptitude trainingAffordable pricing for different categories of customersThrough our value proposition offered by our ONLINE PORTAL
  5. 5. How does IndiaSmart solve the problem (contd.)Demonstration through a use-caseCustomerrealizing thedeficiency injob-placementskillsCustomerunderstandingour valuepropositionCustomersign up withthe onlineportalCustomersigns up forthe trainingprogramme(payment)ProgrammedeliveryCustomergets thebenefit fromtheprogrammeCustomer wantsmore benefits
  6. 6. Why Now? (Appropriate time-stage in the historical evolution)Appropriate time for IndiaSmartWeb content on placement skills (videos, static content etc.)Emerging independent placement skill training academiesSetting up of training centers for students inside collegesSetting up of training sessions for students in professional colleges before job placementsSetting up of placement centers in educational institutionsStudents/professionals/institutions become more conscious of placement skillsNo specific placement trainingChronological order
  7. 7. Why Now? (Recent trends)Boom in internet penetrationIndians shedding away the apprehensionstowards e-commerceStudents/professionals becoming moreconscious about the importance ofcompany placement skillsMore and more number of onlineeducational portals coming into existenceNovel techniques in personal interviews(Skype, telephonic)
  8. 8. Market SizeFresh andexperiencedgraduates in allprofessionalcollegesCustomer Segments (High level classification)
  9. 9. • All Indian MBA graduates who sit for jobplacementsTAM• All Indian MBA graduates from tier 2,3,4colleges who have competencies withthem but fail to deliverSAM• All Indian MBA graduates from tier 2,3,4colleges who have competencies withthem but fail to deliver (in places likeCoimbatore and Cochin)SOMMarket Size (contd.)
  10. 10. Market Potential of MBA graduates(now only considering MBA to start with)No. of MBA/PGDM seats = 3,52,571 (a)(Source: percentage = 65% (b)(Source: of MBA/PGDM students = 229170 (TAM) (a*b)Targetable no. of MBA/PGDM students = 200000 (SAM)Ignoring the students from the tier 1 institutes and those students who are extremely incapablefrom tier 2,3 and 4 collegesImmediately targetable no of students on annual basis = 1% of SAM2000 students (SOM)
  11. 11. CompetitionCompetition Type ExampleCollege in-house placementcentreAmrita University CampusPlacement CentreIndependent training agency FACE, Focus Academy forCareer Enhancement,CoimbatoreOnline educational portals Edukart.comAcademic and industry experts College professors/mentorsFeatures of competitors• One to Many training• Fixed time schedule• Limited availability• Resource constraints• Ineffective feedbackOur advantages overcompetitors• One to one training• Convenient time schedule• Full time availability• No resource constraints• Very effective feedback
  12. 12. Product/Service• Aptitude test• Domain Knowledge test• Personal Interview testDiagnosis• Interactive CourseContent• Specifically for Aptitude& Domain Knowledge• Group DiscussionMaterials• Soft Skill LearningMaterialsTraining Materials• 3 Mock Interviews(Skype/Telephonic)• Large repository ofinterview questions• Video/Audio Analysis &FeedbackMock InterviewsPlacement Training Programme (PTP)Last Mile Preparation (LMP)Training Specific to thecompany and roleLast Mile PreparationPrice: Rs. 2000/-Price: Rs. 800/-
  13. 13. PTP – Programme DeliveryDiagnosis(Tests on aptitude,Domain knowledge,Interview skills)Design a customized coursefor the user based on the diagnosis.Payment for interviewUser signs up for the coursePayment for the courseCourseAptitude trainingInteractive training,tests, scorecardsSoft SkillsInteractivepresentations,videosGD TrainingContent on currentaffairs, GD videosPersonal Interviews3 Mock Interviews,feedbackUser should• Submit the resume• Select his/her specializationSigns up inthe portal
  14. 14. LMP – Programme DeliverySelectsLast Mile PreparationSelects the company,roleUser signs up for the coursePayment for the courseUser receives (specific to the company and role)• One mock interview + feedback• Content on probable interview questions and answers• One domain knowledge test• Content on relevant domain• Content on probable GD topics• One aptitude test• Content on probable aptitude questions and answersSigns up inthe portalUser should sign up for LMPat least 1 week before theactual placement process.User will receive the offeringone day after signing up.
  15. 15. Marketing• Tie-ups with educational institutes, companies which often visit campuses forjob recruitments• Educational institutes and the companies can promote our programmes• Marketing Expenses will be spent according to:Social media& Online Ads35%PhysicalBanners &posters25%Directmarketing40%MARKETING EXPENSEDirect Marketing• Identify the students who are good enough but fail to deliver• Through the academic background (comparison with mean CGPA)• Resumes in LinkedIn and Naukri• Directly market to them through e-mails, sms etc.
  16. 16. TeamSubramanian S,Key Account Manager in Netelixir (placed in Netelixir)2.5 Years in TATA Consultancy Services as Systems EngineerMBA from Amrita School of Business, CoimbatoreB Tech Computer Science from Amrita School of Engg, KollamVishnu S Mohan,Agency Unit Manager in Future Generali (placed in Future Generali)2 Years in HSBC as IT AnalystMBA from Amrita School of Business, CoimbatoreB Tech Electronic & Communication from CUSAT, Kerala
  17. 17. THANK YOU !!