Influencer Targeting
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Influencer Targeting



Learn how to target INFLUENCERs on social media platforms.

Learn how to target INFLUENCERs on social media platforms.



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Influencer Targeting Influencer Targeting Presentation Transcript

  • Influencer Targeting Ver3.0 Prepared by: Social Media Marketing Team Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute
  • Contents• Plan Summary• Purpose of the Plan• Plan Execution Model• Functional Work Flow• Real Life Example• 1. Targeting – 1.1 Channel Analysis – 1.2 Industry Verticals – 1.3 Target Personnel Personality – 1.4 Target Personnel Designation• 2. Engaging – 2.1 Online Research – 2.2 Michael’s Paint-points• 3. Activating Evangelists• Team Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 2
  • Plan Summary• Campaign Name: Breaking New Grounds!• 3 Parallel Initiatives: – Targeting & Engagement – Activating Evangelists – Connecting the Dots• C L E A D model for enforcing culture & competency• Age Group: 39-50• Geo Target: United States• Focus: – NOT Key Decision Makers (CMOs, Senior VPs, VPs) – But Key Influencers (primarily with Social Media Marketing knowledge, experience) – suffering from MARKETING PAIN POINTS in the org. Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 3
  • Purpose of the Plan• To provide Fortune 100, 500 & 1,000 companies with a complete Social Media CRM platform (tools & services) for all their social media marketing requirements & campaigns.• Current Clientele: Microsoft, SAP, DELL, Cisco, AMEX, DuPont, Samsung, Nike, Target• Breaking new grounds: – Acquire new clientele – Nurture growth of existing clientele – Position Sprinklr as the leading name in Enterprise Social Media CRM space Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 4
  • Plan Execution Model2 Activating Evangelists 3 Catering to the “pain point” of Prospect by peers/evangelists Targeting Engaging 1 1 Execution Model Work Flow for ‘connecting the dots’ Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 5
  • Real Life Example Page has a pain point. She posts a question in “Digital & Social Media Marketing Watch” Group in LinkedIn. 1 First 2 users don’t qualify as evangelists. User mentions Sprinklr along with other names. So can be qualified as ‘first-level evangelist. We can have: 1. First-level (recommends) 2. Second-level (fan) 3. Third-level (active user) 2 Subhasish (Sprinklr Manager) builds on previous user’s recommendation. Following this user will Google Sprinklr and check the site which is our Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute Connecting the Dots. final step: 3 6
  • 1. Targeting• Target companies are those on the extreme right of the bell curve of Social Media usage, i.e. companies with following characteristic features: – Trying to reach out & analyze consumer behavior actively. – Have one/more teams for social media marketing (usually headed by a Community Marketing Manager/Digital Marketing Manager/New Media Manager/Social Media Marketing Manager). – Have allocated budgets for running & analyzing social marketing campaigns.• Over 6million people are engaging Fortune 500 brands through social media channels daily – source ‘The Social Media Habits of the Fortune 500’. This means, most of these brands would have multiple pain-points.  OPPORTUNITY AREA FOR SPRINKLR.• Our PRIMARY target: Fortune 1,000 companies primarily but not limited to 1,000 only.• Assuming 5,000 companies with 10-12 personnel dedicated for Social Media marketing and associated work, we are looking at: 5,000 X 10 = 50,000 – 60,000 niche people Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 7
  • 1.1 Channel Analysis• LinkedIn: 38% – LinkedIn Company page: 21% – LinkedIn Group: 17%• Facebook: 27% – Facebook Group: 16% – Facebook Fan page: 11%• Twitter: 14%• YouTube: 8%Minor shares:• 4% (Blogs – WP, Blogger)• 3% (Podcasts via iTunes) Source: "The Social Media Habits of the Fortune 500", iMediaWorks, Q2, 2009• 2% (iphone applications, myspace, virtual worlds) Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 8
  • 1.2 Industry Verticals • Industry Verticals: Primary 5 o Technology o Financial Services o Pharma & Healthcare o Entertainment (Travel & Tourism included) o Retail • Initial aim is to target Fortune 1,000 companies under these verticals and once streamlined, we will be adding more verticals in the future. Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 9
  • 1.3 Target Personnel Personality • NOT to target: CMOs, C-level executives, MDs, VPs. • Target individuals with following profile in Fortune500-1,000 companies: • Age 30-50 (could be younger for Dotcom startups) • College-educated • Professional & Managerial • Online/Net savvy, logs into social networking/social bookmarking sites (min 3 times daily) • Loves finding trusted information quickly on the net (good search skills) • Loves solving problems • Member of Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and YouTube user. • Travels to Social Media, Online Branding, Web Marketing & Digital Marketing events / expos worldwide (either company sponsored or personal passion). Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 10
  • 1.4 Target Personnel Designation• Our target personnel in organizations will be in the role of Middle Managers managing one/more teams dedicated to social media marketing & awareness of one/more products/services.• Designation: Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager, Social Media Specialist, Social Media-Community Manager, Communications Manager, Manager of Social Media Marketing, Social Media & Mobile Marketing Manager, InBound Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist.• In certain cases, such designations may not exist but individuals with other designations may perform such roles. E.g. Digital Marketing Manager, Web2.0 Marketing Manager, Business Intelligence Consultant, Digital Metrics Analyst, Digital Marketing Strategist etc.• At times: we may need to have to identify personnel from the teams they are members of: e.g. marketing teams, online reputation teams, crisis management teams, online marketing teams etc. Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 11
  • 2. EngagingFor the remaining of our plan, let us assume, we wish to target Michael, who is the Middle Management, Social Media Marketing manager for a Fortune 500 company. There are multiple modes of communicating with Michael: 1. Send individual email 2. Send commercial email blasts ONE WAY 3. Running SEM adverts COMMUNICATION 4. Running Banner Ads on high-traffic websites 5. Purchase information from Social Media events (NOT effective) and follow up. 1. LinkedIn interactions in Groups of Michael’s choice. BOTH WAY 2. Facebook Interaction COMMUNICATION 3. Twitter interaction 4. YouTube interaction (effective ROI) 5. Identifying the PAIN points during conversation for value proposition of Sprinklr at the correct moment later on. Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 12
  • 2.1 Online ResearchOnce Michael has been fixed as ourtarget “influencer” target, we needto run through the following steps.As an illustration, I am running thesteps for myself, “Subhasish Ghosh”and you know that I currently workfor Sprinkr.1. Open and run a search: “subhasish ghosh sprinklr”2. On very first page of SERPs, 2 out of top 6 are mine.3. Send an add request to Subhasish, follow him in twitter and move on to next stage. Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 13
  • 2.2 Michael’s Pain-points (our Strong Points)Michael could be worried about analysis, measurement, monitoring, upgrading, andeventually, the entire performance of his social media marketing teams at work.Following are the major ANALYSIS DIMENSIONS we should look out for whileinteracting with Michael:1. Brand Presence online2. Usage Orientation3. Connection Frequency of users/followers4. Engagement Activity5. Audience Share6. Brand Share of Voice7. Negative Brand Presence8. Integration Depth Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 14
  • 3. Activating EvangelistsDetailed write up coming…• Who are they?• What they can do?• Interacting with them?• Collecting data points• Making sure they are indexed by Google (tags / hyperlinks / backlinks to main site) Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 15
  • Team Ragy Murali Subhasish Fisher Sheron SuhasAdditional man-hours will be added in future. Sprinklr Confidential – Please do not distribute 16