Enterprise business process management

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  • 1. Insight into the Science of Managing the Modern Enterprise Subbu Iyer
  • 2. An enterprise needs to be defined differently today…as an ecosystem of Value…mainly because information can freely flow across in real-time! No matter what your enterprise, Information is critical to connect and collaboration is key to success…
  • 3. The instant the word business is spelt, it means CUSTOMERS. A Customer “Pays” for the Product and / or Services you have to offer. It is not about what you aspire for your business but what your customer aspires for their business that matters…
  • 4. Process is meant for Differentiation, not Repetition. It is a set of related differentiating activities that delivers an Outcome for a Customer…Internal or External! Different not just for the sake of being different. Rather, influencing and impacting customers in Thought and Action towards growth and wealth creation…
  • 5. It is the balancing of “Outcomes” and “Results”…bridging the gap between Potential and Performance. It is the art of marrying strategy with operations and continuously and concurrently brokering renewal; not score keeping but actually scoring…
  • 6. In essence…  Enterprise = Value  Business = Innovation  Customer = Process  Management = Excellence Design How you imagine your enterprise and shape its outcomes will directly impact your success. Design is deliberate in Imagining Value, not an accident. Excellence is discipline in the process of Innovating, not an operational drill…
  • 7. DEFINITION / PURPOSE STRATEGIC JUSTIFICATION CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS Key Performance Indicators Information, Knowledge, Intelligence, Socialization, Mobility & Access are all useless without a common FRAME OF REFERENCE (F.O.R.)…
  • 8. In essence…  Definition ~ Mission  Strategic Justification ~ Vision (Innovation)  Critical Success Factors ~ Cutting Edge Capabilities & Enablers (Transformation)  Key Performance Indicators ~ Customer’s Experience (Aspiration)  Performance Measures ~ Enterprise Goals & Objectives (Renewal) Implement Leadership and Management need to UNIFY for a Common FRAME OF REFERENCE as the first step of a successful global enterprise. Contrary to popular opinion, implementations don’t fail due to a lack of will; they fail due to the willing being defeated and the unwilling anointed…
  • 9. Subbu Iyer, CEO, Acropetal Inc. subbu.iyer@acropetalinc.com https://subbuiyer.wordpress.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/subbuiyer/