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Oerlikon Solar Oerlikon Solar Presentation Transcript

  • Oerlikon SolarRossano Terzoli – Sales & Account Manager
  • Agenda 1 Business Overview 2 Market Overview 3 Technology Overview 4 ThinFab™ Introduction 5 SummaryPage 2 Company Presentation
  • Agenda 1 Business Overview 2 Market Overview 3 Technology Overview 4 ThinFab™ Introduction 5 SummaryPage 3 Company Presentation
  • Oerlikon is a Provider of Clean-TechnologySolutions Oerlikon Oerlikon Oerlikon Oerlikon Solar Vacuum Drive Systems Advanced Technologies … supplies … supplies pumps … supplies … supplies coating capital equipment used in vacuum advanced gearboxes equipment for front- turnkey production coating processes, for Wind Turbines and back-side lines a-Si/µc-Si lamination and and complete coating various other process transmissions for of crystalline silicon steps Electric Vehicles solar cellsPage 4 Company Presentation
  • Oerlikon Solar at a Glance Oerlikon Solar’s vision is to make solar power economically viable. A leading suppliers of production lines for thin film silicon modules More than 870 MW contracted to-date Approximately 700 employees including 300 scientists and engineers as well as 200 global customer personnel Serving from 13 locations in 9 countries R&D investments of more than MCHF 200 in last 4 yearsPage 5 Company Presentation
  • Milestones in Oerlikon Solar’s History PV lab at IMT Oerlikon founds own R&D lab 1st Micromorph® end-to-end production line contract TUV certification for Micromorph® VHF PECVD 1st equipment launch of ThinFab € 0.50/Wp deposition sale - Schott Solar Champion cell 11.9% efficiency 10% efficiency average1986 1989 1993 2003 2004 2005 2008 2009 2010 2011 Technology roadmap to 12% efficiency Micromorph® technology patent 1st ThinFab™ sold 1st functional 1.4 m2 a-Si module 1st customers in commercial production Opportunity Concept & Commercalization & identification product Mass ProductionPage 6 Company Presentation
  • Agenda 1 Business Overview 2 Market Overview 3 Technology Overview 4 ThinFab™ Introduction 5 SummaryPage 7 Company Presentation
  • Driven by Fundamental Drivers – PV Marketshave Consistently Exceeded AnalystExpectations Energy Demand PV Growth (GW): +2,006% 38 Conventional Energy Costs 27 46% 21 Fossil Resources 19 14 Environmental Regulations 6 7 2 3 National Security Source: Navigant Consulting, Feb 2011Page 8 Company Presentation
  • Solar Technologies OverviewOerlikon Solar is the World Leader in AdvancedThin Film Silicon Technology Solar Power Concentrated Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power Wafer based Thin Film Technologies C-Si TF-Si CdTe CIGSPage 9 Company Presentation
  • Oerlikon Solar Customer UpdateReaching the Giga-Watt Landmark Customer Location Technology Type Project MW 24% Amorphous Bosch Solar Germany Micromorph® Equipment 40 Schott Solar Germany Amorphous Equipment 40 Micromorph CSG Germany Amorphous Equipment 20 76% Sun Well Taiwan Amorphous Turnkey 50 Inventux Germany Micromorph® Equipment 30 Auria Solar Taiwan Micromorph® Turnkey 60 22% Equipment Pramac Switzerland Micromorph® Turnkey 30 Astronergy China Micromorph® Turnkey 30/75 Turnkey 78% Tianwei China Micromorph® Turnkey 46/75 Gadir Solar Spain Amorphous Turnkey 40 Heliosphera Greece Micromorph® Turnkey 60 Hevel Russia Micromorph® Turnkey 130 DongXu China Amorphous Equipment 60 43% Asia Gongchuang China Micromorph® Turnkey 40 57% Europe Asian Asia Micromorph® Turnkey 120 Customer TOTAL 870 MW* upgrade to total 75 MW in 2011Page 10 Company Presentation
  • More than 5 Million Panels Produced onOerlikon EquipmentSaarbrucken, Germany2.77MWp project commissioned June 2010, Ground mounted, Financing by LevoBank eGPage 11 Company Presentation
  • Thin Film is Well-Positioned for Future Markets World market 2010 Average annual ground solar energy (1983-2005) 7.5 7 6 5 4 3 Clear sky isolation incident, horizontal surface (kWh/m³/day) World market 2020 Source: NASA 2008Page 12 Company Presentation
  • Agenda 1 Business Overview 2 Market Overview 3 Technology Overview 4 ThinFab™ Introduction 5 SummaryPage 13 Company Presentation
  • Oerlikon Solar Thin Film Silicon TechnologyLowest Cost, Highest EfficiencyCell Structure Cell Cross Sections Spectral Cell Sensitivity Amorph Micromorph®Page 14 Company Presentation
  • Oerlikon Solar Providing Turnkey MassManufacturing SolutionsPage 15 Company Presentation
  • Think Thin with Oerlikon Solar TechnologyBest in Class Equipment Utilization andProduction Control Front End Back End Thinner silicon Thinnest laser Unique thin Thinner, Thinner absorber “dead zone” film front simpler back module glass, contact end process reduced weightPage 16 Company Presentation
  • Agenda 1 Business Overview 2 Market Overview 3 Technology Overview 4 ThinFab™ Introduction 5 SummaryPage 17 Company Presentation
  • THINFAB™End-to-End Glass to Module Production Factory Module Efficiency 10% / 143 Wp Module Size 1.1 x 1.3 m2 Technology Micromorph® Annual Output 120 MW ~850‘000 Modules Yield 97% Module production cost < € 0.50 per wattPage 18 Company Presentation
  • THINFAB™ - Investment Analysis Localized PV Supply Chain THINFAB Payback €/W Capital Investment 1.00 (Equipment Only) E2E in-house factory Module Production Cost 0.50 incl. Depreciation Expected Module ASP 0.70-0.80 Gases Gross Margin (%) 30-40% PV Module 3.5-4.5 Payback Period years “Swiss Quality Made Locally” Energy Payback Period < 1 year GlassPage 19 Company Presentation
  • Oerlikon Solar Roadmap to 12% Module Efficiency Improved Process Structured glass Advanced bottom cell process 170 Champion cell 11.9% 150 10.5% Stabilized Power (Watt) Champion module 9.1% Efficiency 130 ThinFab™ process New Module Design 110 7.7% Thin layers 200/800nm 90 6.3% 4.9% 70 2009 10 11 12 13 14 2015 Today Year of Module Production (Equipment Order Prior Year)Page 20 Company Presentation
  • Beyond Certification - Higher-level Stress Testing Micromorph Demonstrates Superior Reliability Oerlikon DesignOLD design P7 -4000V 91.1% from initial power P7 95.4% from initial powerP7 – with ES 96.3% from initial power Thin Film – Several manufacturers A B C E D F G H Benchmark Crystalline BDH hours 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000…. 5000 6000 The red indication corresponds the time range where the module had less than 80% of the initial power failure. Gray color represents at least 80% from initial power. All @ -1000V if not described Page 21 Company Presentation
  • Proven Outdoor Performance Comprehensive Technology Benchmarking Different Climates: Moderate European (CH), Hot & Dry (Arizona, USA), Alpine (under construction) R&D: Continuous Product Improvement Project Development and Funding: Test program supports Oerlikon Solar Customers, Project Developers, Investors, Banks as well as Institutes Hot & Dry Climate Moderate European Climate Grid Connected Test ArraysPage 22 Company Presentation
  • Competitive Advantage of Thin Film onEnergy Consumption & Payback Photovoltaic Energy Payback (yrs) Carbon Footprint (g Co2 eq/kWh) -67% -96% 3.00 1.90 1.00 TF-Si TF (OS µc-Si) Biomass Geothermal Nuclear Oil Coal Gas CC c-Si CIGS CdTe Wind (OS µc-Si)Page 23 Company Presentation
  • Cost of Electricity with Oerlikon Solar TechnologyModule cost 0.50 €/WpOverhead Margin 0.18 €/WpModule price 0.68 €/WpBOS cost 0.78 €/WpTotal system cost 1.46 €/WpElectricity cost 0.10 €/kWhNow available in Turkey 10 €¢/kWh
  • Agenda 1 Business Overview 2 Market Overview 3 Technology Overview 4 ThinFab™ Introduction 5 SummaryPage 25 Company Presentation
  • Summary - Key USPs of Oerlikon Solar’sTHINFAB™ Technology Lowest PV module production cost Highest PV electricity yield € 0.5/Wp with local production at Over 5% more electricity generation, reasonable scale of 120 MW especially in low light and high temperature conditions Innovative Micromorph® technology Lowest carbon footprint 10% average efficiency guaranteed Energy payback time less than one today, roadmap to 12% year Proven ThinFab™ Most environmentally friendly manufacturing solution PV technology Guaranteed performance, over 97% No toxic material, no scarce line yield, 120MW per year resourcesPage 26 Company Presentation
  • With the capacity of one ThinFab™ 200 million kWh are produced in a year Lighting more than 30,000 houses in US or 150, 000 in India And Creating 200 direct jobs and >1500 indirect jobs In Engineering, Finance, IT and Education And Our promise to keep the world at the cutting edge of technologyThank you for your attention!Page 27 Company Presentation
  • DisclaimerThis presentation is based on information currently availableto management. The forward-looking statements containedherein could be substantially impacted by risks and influencesthat are not foreseeable at present, so that actual results mayvary materially from those anticipated, expected or projected.Page 28 Company Presentation