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Media+direct lions stum creation


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스튬 크리에이션에서 제공하는 칸느 광고제 Direct / Media 부문 수상작 리포트 입니다 …

스튬 크리에이션에서 제공하는 칸느 광고제 Direct / Media 부문 수상작 리포트 입니다

Published in: Business
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  • 2. CROSS-OVER AGENCY STU:M CREATION stu:m creation은 풍부한 경험을 바탕으로 진행하는 OFF-Line 프로모션 전략과최근의 Digital 트랜드를 반영한 온라인 마케팅 전략으로 Integrated Campaign을 제공하는 Cross-Over Agency 입니다 서울시 강남구 청담동 126-6 4F 대표전화 02-3444-2789
  • 3. Direct - Grand Prix
  • 4. of Entry: StrategyCategory: Traffic & Brand BuildingTitle: AMERICAN ROMAdvertiser/Client: KANDIA DULCEProduct/Service: SNACKEntrant Company: McCANN ERICKSON Bucharest, ROMANIADM/Advertising Agency: McCANN ERICKSON Bucharest, ROMANIADescribe the brief from the client:Romania‘s ROM chocolate bar is the traditional Romanian chocolate. Launched in 1964 with the Romanian flag on its wrapper, it had an ageing, nostalgic consumer base and was losing ground with the young generation. In a category in which success means continuously attracting younger fans, ROM‘s nationalistic values were a disadvantage. Young Romanians are disillusioned and cynical, with only 12% describing themselves as patriots. They prefer ‗cool‘ American confectionery brands like Snickers and Mars. ROM - the chocolate bar bearing the Romanian flag - needed to gain appeal to youngsters with few national values.Creative Execution:ROM (as in ROMania) was a traditional chocolate bar carrying a load of nationalistic values along with the Romanian flag on it. We wanted to stir a debate among young Romanians about the national values and remind them how much they love their national chocolate. We knew that although young Romanians tend to be negative about themselves and their country, their patriotism returns when challenged. This ‗reactive patriotism‘ underpinned our ground-breaking campaign that challenged young people‘s national ego in order to re-establish ROM as a cherished Romanian symbol.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.Our solution was not to fight the likes of Snickers and Mars, but temporarily join them. We replaced the Romanian flag on ROM‘s package with the American one, announced the change in media and prepared for people‘s response. The campaign was directing people on ROM website and Facebook page, to dialogue with the brand. Within hours, people reactions hit the Internet by the thousands. We moderated the conversations and monitoredpublic reactions 24/7. When the snowball grew big enough, we revealed that ROM was back as Romanian as ever, and concluded with an anthem dedicated to ROM and his fans.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.The campaign reached 67% of Romanians and generated €300,000 of free publicity. Online response was phenomenal: in six days, ROM‘s website had75,000 unique visitors; Facebook fans rose by 300%; supporters launched petitions and even organised a flash-mob in the capital. All brand image indicators have exploded, especially ―ROM is a brand for me‖, which more than doubled, with a 124% increase. ROM outperformed the market, with a 20% growth (compared to 8.2% category growth) in the most relevant channel, hypermarkets. Most importantly, ROM ousted Snickers to become Romanians‘ favourite chocolate bar, with a 79% increase of the indicator.
  • 5. Direct - Gold
  • 6. Direct - Gold
  • 7. Direct Response Digital: E-commerce, Online Advertising, Brand Awareness & Social MediaTitle: COME BACK FERRORAMAAdvertiser/Client: ESTRELA TOYSProduct/Service: FERRORAMA TOY TRAINEntrant Company: DDB BRASIL São Paulo, BRAZILDescribe the brief from the client:Develop a project to relaunch Ferrorama, a very successful toy train made by Estrela and discontinued in the 80sCreative Execution:We posted a video on YouTube in which Estrela‘s president challenged the biggest Ferrorama community of fans on Orkut. In orderto prove their faith in the return of the toy, the fans should make the train travel the last 12 miles of The Way of St. James (ElCamino de Santiago, the most famous pilgrim‘s route in the world). The group had only 120 Meters of track and was told the trainwas not allowed to stop. The public could follow the journey in real time via video, photos, tweets, and interact live with the team ona website. We generated awareness of the campaign by targeting the fans on orkut (Facebook) and leading them to a YouTube film.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.Use old fans of the toy to create social media buzz and, therefore, reach our main target: children born in the digital age.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.After 5 days the fans reached their final destination, the St. James Cathedral. And the president honored his pledge, re-launching theproduct. 1230 pre-reserved toys on the website. Sold out 1 month after its release. Project featured 3 times on Twitter BrazilTrending Topics. More than 600 thousand views on the website, without paid media. Mentioned on TV shows, big magazines,newspapers and radio stations.
  • 8. Direct - Gold
  • 9. Best Integrated Campaign Led by Direct MarketingTitle: DECODE JAY-Z WITH BINGAdvertiser/Client: BING/JAY-ZProduct/Service: INTERNET SEARCH ENGINEEntrant Company: DROGA5 New York, USADescribe the brief from the client:Microsoft‘s search engine, Bing wanted to connect with a younger audience and needed to make their Search and Maps technologymore culturally relevant. The primary objective was to increase ―Intent to Use‖ Bing products and improve perceptions of Bing as aculturally relevant brand to a coveted younger audience. Bing‘s core users were middle aged women in the Midwest and the brandedwanted to make real inroads with the coastal youth population. We used the launch of Jay-Z‘s autobiography ―Decoded‖ as arelevant moment to create a deeper experience with it through Bing technology. The unique partnership brought Bing to theforefront of pop-culture and gave millions of Jay-Z fans a reason to use Bing Search and Maps.Creative Execution:The target does not differentiate online from offline, so we built the program across existing media formats and channels but in anew way that wove them together and added interactive to everything. The target audience is wary of marketing messaging andneeded to use Bing technology to change any perception of it or increase overall usage. Our campaign worked across mediachannels in a new way and put the technology at the heart of the marketing.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We started by putting every single page of Jay-Z‘s autobiography into media spaces around the world. Locations were relevant toeach individual pages content. Fans around the world could actually walk Jay-Zs path, experiencing his story right where ithappened. The campaign used everything from pizza boxes, plates, burger wrappers, jigsaw puzzles, t-shirts, to name a few. Fanssought out, discovered and interacted with this collection of unique small scale pieces. Even the smallest, traditionally overlookeditems became precious collector‘s items. Bing Search and Maps, allowed fans to discover each and every page, making thesecollectables fair game for everyone. Over the course of the month-long campaign, fans assembled the book digitally at before it hit stores.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.-The average online player engagement was over 11 minutes per visit -Jay-Z‘s facebook fans grew by one million during thecampaign launch. -Decoded went straight to the New York Times Best Seller list at #2 its first week saw an 11.7% increasein visits the month of the campaign with no other media in market entered the top ten most visited sites in the US -Bingearned 1.1 billion global media impressions -Bing‘s ―intent to use‖ scores were higher than any other Bing marketing initiative everaccording to ComScore -Online Buzz and Social metrics were above average for any Bing marketing program according to NielsenBuzzMetrics
  • 10. Direct - Silver
  • 11. Direct – Silver
  • 12. Flat MailingTitle: SPRINTER APPLIES FOR A JOBAdvertiser/Client: LUKAS LINDEMANN ROSINSKI /DAIMLERProduct/Service: MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTEREntrant Company: LUKAS LINDEMANN ROSINSKI Hamburg, GERMANYDescribe the brief from the client:Develop an exclusive mailing campaign for major buyers of commercial vehicles, like fleet managers of big companies and presentthe Sprinter in a completely fresh and new way. 50% of the target audience was drawn from existing customers. The strategy was tokeep the contact and the customer relationship on a very exclusive level and recruit potential customers for a test drive event.Creative Execution:As already described: The Sprinter is as one of the best workers a company could have. And before you can work in a company, youhave to apply for a job. So the Sprinter did: he writes his own letter application with special tires. But also the brand Mercedes-Benzcould benefit from this completely new way of communication and strengthen its position as a innovative brand.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.The Sprinter is the one of the best workers a company could have. However, before you can work in a company, you have to applyfor a job. So the Sprinter did: he writes his own letter application with special made tires. Each letter of application came with a linkto a campaign micro site, providing video evidence that the Sprinter really had written the application itself. We raised the averageresponse rates, because a real application letter will definitely find his way on the manager‘s desk.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.More than 400 letters were printed by a Sprinter. Every print was an individual creation. The cost per print is about 8 Euros. Ca. 120of them was sent to the main commercial car buyers in a first flight. A second flight will follow. 39% of the recipients watched thevideo evidence online. Key Account Managers reported a much higher response quote especially in the face-to-face contacts.
  • 13. Direct – Silver
  • 14. Dimensional MailingTitle: SPARK HOPE MATCHBOOKAdvertiser/Client: ROCK 4 AIDSProduct/Service: ART FOR AIDSEntrant Company: JOE PUBLIC Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICADescribe the brief from the client:Rock4AIDS is an annual benefit concert that aims to help combat HIV/AIDS by improving education in local schools. In order to raiseenough money to make a meaningful difference, we had to create a piece of communication that would convince musicians to comeand perform at this year‘s concert for free. Target audience: each year, the Rock4AIDS invitation is sent to different international andlocal bands and musicians.Creative Execution:Over the years since Rock4AIDS‘ launch, we created various invitations to the annual benefit concerts. For example, a guitar withoutstrings, entitled ‗The silence is killing us‘. In keeping with the theme of using the medium of rock music to affect a change againstHIV/AIDS, we chose to use one of the most used rock instruments, drumsticks, to spread a positive message.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.Even though HIV/AIDS spreads like a fire in our country, we believe that a message of hope can spread just as easily. We createdgiant matchbooks containing drumsticks which can be pulled out and struck, and which can be used during a performance. Eachmatchbook serves as an invitation to local and international artists to join us at this year‘s concert and to help us spark hope.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.We received a positive response from three of the four musicians that the invitation was sent to. Plans for the 2011 Rock4AIDSconcert are underway.
  • 15. Direct – Silver
  • 16. Direct Response Digital: E-commerce, Online Advertising, Brand Awareness & Social MediaTitle: THE HUMAN JUKEBOXAdvertiser/Client: PAUSE HOME ENTERTAINMENTProduct/Service: HIFI CHAINEntrant Company: ÅKESTAM HOLST Stockholm, SWEDENDescribe the brief from the client:Tell people that Pause is the best there is, when it comes to customized sound systems.Creative Execution:The experiment had never been done before. Our client was the first person ever to transform into a human jukebox. In Sweden andespecially Stockholm, Pause is well known for their extravagant stores.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.With the challenges of being a small player up against big Hi-Fi chains and their media budgets, our mission was to put all effortinto creating a story that could catch the attention of Pause offer among people – hoping they would pass it on… We connected theworld to Pause Home Entertainment Store, inviting everybody to experience the true nature of Pause passion for customized soundsystems. Meet the first Human Jukebox a.k.a. Fredrik Hjelmquist, CEO of Pause. We sent candy replicas of the pod as invitations tothe launch.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.The campaign broke even after only 6 days, increasing sales by 112 % compared to last year‘s campaign period. Store visits increasedabout 400%, and traffic to the web store over 600%.
  • 17. Direct – Silver
  • 18. Direct Response Digital: Other Digital PlatformsTitle: THE SOUND OF GREENAdvertiser/Client: THE SWEDISH POSTProduct/Service: POSTAL SERVICEEntrant Company: ÅKESTAM HOLST Stockholm, SWEDENDescribe the brief from the client:In brief: show Swedes that Swedish Postal Service (Posten) are experts in parcel delivery, not only in flat mail. The target audiencewas everyone who sends and/or receives things through mail. Since web-shopping, B2C and C2C increases, the business potential ishuge and Posten needs to become top-of-mind in order to become the chosen alternative more often – especially DHL, Schenkerand other competitors are attractive alternatives. The core of the strategy was to show exactly how flexible Posten is when it comesto delivery of things, not only regular mail, and also portray Posten as a modern communications company.Creative Execution:Not only did the execution engage people in an appealing way though the product in itself is rather dull, but it also showed themodern side of Posten (which is often perceived as an old slow-moving company). Furthermore, the Sound of Green competitionhelped proving Posten‘s excellence within the area and also showed their own parcels, which is an important product category ofPosten‘s.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.The solution was a competition called ‖The Sound of Green‖, and the idea was to let people look at, shake and above all listen to 80different parcels, all containing different things (from speakers to hats). The competition was web-based, thus the shaking and theplaying with the parcels were done through one‘s computer. People were given the opportunity to guess what was in the parcels andif you guessed right, the parcel was sent to your home address. Hence, the target audience got the opportunity to actually seeexperience how flexible and excellent Posten is. In order to make people aware of our projects we placed advertising banners onrelevant external websites, as well as on Posten‘s own site, that would lead the target audience to the respective landing site. Themessage was spread through social media, which played a key role in driving traffic.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Over the course of 14 days, 140240 guesses were made, i.e. on average 1753 guesses per parcel, which was a lot more than expected.In the end all parcels had found its way home to a winner and Posten had proved themselves a modern company that are experts indelivering almost anything to anyone, anywhere. Since people had a view of Posten as an old slow-moving governmental company,every second of interaction in a new context, which help create a more modern image for Posten, is a positive outcome.
  • 19. Direct – Silver
  • 20. Ambient Media (Large Scale)Title: THE BIG TRIPAdvertiser/Client: STRAUSS GROUPProduct/Service: CHOCOLATEEntrant Company: BAUMANN BER RIVNAY SAATCHI & SAATCHI Ramat Gan, ISRAELDescribe the brief from the client:Re-invent the long running slogan "ALWAYS WITH YOU" for Israels leading chocolate brand- "Elites cow chocolate" in a fresh waythat really shows consumers were always with them. The target was young Israeli backpackers that go on "THE BIG TRIP", an Israeliphenomenon when 65% of young Israelis, prior to collage, head off for a long trip, typically to the Far East.Creative Execution:Since our brands long running slogan is "ALWAYS WITH YOU" it was only right to truly show consumers were always with them,even in remote places, far from home. Our strategy was to use a designated team that would bring the loved chocolate brand toconsumers in remote places in the world.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.Bring the homeland chocolate to young Israeli backpackers that go on "THE BIG TRIP", an Israeli phenomenon when 65% of youngIsraelis, prior to collage, head off for a long trip, typically to the Far East. The young backpackers where stunned to see the teamwherever they went and even more excited to receive their favourite chocolate hundreds of kilometres from home.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Videos of more than 200 travellers were aired, days later, on national prime time TV, banners, and a dedicated website. -For some ofthe travellers‘ families, we organized a special screening of their loved ones greetings. - Videos from the campaign reached tens ofthousands of views during the 3-week campaign. -The YouTube channel that hosted the videos became the 13th most viewed inIsrael. - Chocolate cow Sales went up by 17% in the following month - We gave our consumers a unique experience and remindedthem that Elites Chocolate Cow is really always with them.
  • 21. Direct – Silver
  • 22. Ambient Media (Large Scale)Title: SPREAD THE TEDAdvertiser/Client: TEDX BUENOS AIRESProduct/Service: TEDXEntrant Company: OGILVY ARGENTINA Buenos Aires, ARGENTINADescribe the brief from the client:TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to ideas worth spreading. Ted offers inspiration from the worlds most inspired thinkers to aglobal community. In Latin America TEDx talks are still far away from common people. If we wanted to spread these ideas, weneeded a more popular approach between them and TEDx.Creative Execution:We called the city´s most remarkable speakers: TAXI DRIVERS. 50 of them were invited to TEDx Buenos Aires, so that they wouldlisten to the speakers and then spread these outstanding ideas all over the city. The creation of this direct link between TEDx and thepassengers, put them face to face with some of the most inspiring and fascinating ideas.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We called the city´s most remarkable speakers: TAXI DRIVERS. 50 of them were invited to TEDx Buenos Aires, so that they wouldlisten to the speakers and then spread these outstanding ideas all over the city. The creation of this direct link between TEDx and thepassengers, put them face to face with some of the most inspiring and fascinating ideas.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.• 7000 passengers interact in a direct and close way with TEDx ideas in just 1 week of work. • That´s 7 times de Tedx´s Buenos Airesaudience. • We spread the TEDx throughout every part of the city. • For the first time, taxi drivers turned into a communicationmedia. • More than 2.000.000 followers received the video via Twitter. • Due to success of the spread, we will use HAIRDRESSERS inTEDx 2012.
  • 23. Direct – Silver
  • 24. Best Low Budget CampaignTitle: 4TH AMENDMENT WEARAdvertiser/Client: 4TH AMENDMENT WEARProduct/Service: METALLIC INK UNDERCLOTHESEntrant Company: 4TH AMENDMENT WEAR Boulder, USADescribe the brief from the client:How could we get Americans to question just how far they were willing to go to be safe? Were they really willing to forfeit some ofthe very principles the country was built on? It was a question we didnt think the TSA had fully pondered. So we invented a productto force them to consider that very question. Metallic Ink Printed Underclothes readable on TSA body scanner machines. 4thAmendment Wear is specifically designed to broadcast messages to TSA X-ray officers just when they are peeking at your privates.Creative Execution:4th Amendment Wear made a statement without having to say a word. It used the very act of invading someone‘s privacy tocommunicate a message that questioned how far Americans were willing to sacrifice that sense of privacy. It gave the wearer a senseof individual liberty to be able to express their concerns, while not causing a disturbance. We were the first product to ever bedesigned and tested to specifically appear in shape and letter form under backscatter scanning machines. A silent protest against thenew reality of being searched to the point where we‘re basically naked.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We invented a proprietary metallic ink that displays any designed image or message on the TSA scanner screens. We createdUndergarments printed with metallic ink that display the 4th Amendment - the amendment to the US Constitution that protectedAmerican citizens against unreasonable searches. So whenever a TSA agent peeked at a travelers privates, they would be confrontedby the very law they were accused if violating. It was a way to make a statement...without saying a word. The concept behind 4thAmendment Wear is simple: to get Americans to think a little more about their constitutional rights. The website was linked to otheranti-xray sites, and traffic quickly built up as word spread.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Our website received 1,205,397 hits the weekend of launch (November 20th 2010). We received over 3.4million hits on the site in less than 3 weeks from around the world. 4th Amendment Wear sold out of the first immediately. 4thAmendment Wear sold out again 3 days after restocking. After thousands of pre-orders, wholesale requests, retail buyers wanting tostock 4th Amendment Wear and worldwide distribution offers. 4th Amendment Wear is launching on a mass production basis in theUS.
  • 25. Direct – Silver
  • 26. Traffic & Brand BuildingTitle: UNEXPECTED LUGGAGEAdvertiser/Client: SPANAIRProduct/Service: CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGNEntrant Company: SHACKLETON Madrid, SPAINDescribe the brief from the client:Spanair wanted to launch a Christimas greeting to all its customers. On Christmas 2010, Spanair used segmentation, personalizationand creativity to CREATE AN IMPACT at the right moment. The airline then used social media to turn contents into direct marketingtools in order to generate links on the Internet and pass on Spanair‘s positioning based on proximity, client orientation and attentionto service details. The passengers of the flight that landed at midnight on that Christmas Eve, couldn‘t imagine the experience theywere about to live. And probably they wouldn‘t be able to forget it either...Creative Execution:The DM strategy was based on: 1. SEGMENTATION: Although the action took place in such an unexpected place -the baggage claimarea- it was not only about giving a present, it was about the gesture and detail. With that in mind, 12 client types were definedbased on sex, age and occupation, family role, etc. 2. PERSONALIZATION: For each client type (ex: man/young/father) we chose abest-fit present with the passengers‘ name on it. 3. COMMUNICATE WITH A FACT. We used an individual gesture to demonstrateSpanair "cares about the little things that clients care about" and waited for it to be passed around.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.On the luggage conveyor belt and before their luggage came out, passengers found some unexpected luggage arriving: apersonalized gift with the names of each one of them. The baggage claim area became a spontaneous party. The surprise and thepassengers reactions were recorded and became a video which was launched in Spanair‘s Youtube. Spanair sent this to all otherclients as their Christmas greeting. In 48 hours, the video was viewed 100,000 times and, in two weeks, 700,000 times. It was sharedmore than 8,000 times, blogs and Spanish TV channels Cuatro and Telecinco, BBC, ABC echoed the news.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.• Spontaneous applause from all passengers that received the surprise. • In 48h hours, the video had more than 100,000 viewings,700,000 in two weeks. • More than 30,000 individual comments and replies were posted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. A tokenof the new relation the brand established with clients. • Ranked 6th most viewed viral in Goviral. • Spanairs Facebook wall receivedthousands of comments demonstrating it had impacted more than just the passengers but all those who were moved by thecampaign.. These reactions mean a first stage on the relationship and dialogue with the brand.
  • 27. Direct – Silver
  • 28. Other Consumer Products (including Durable Goods)Title: BUILDERS OF INFINITYAdvertiser/Client: LEGOProduct/Service: TOYSEntrant Company: PLAN.NET Hamburg, GERMANYDescribe the brief from the client:We had to develop a direct campaign for LEGO that promotes the core of the brand creativity. As this is what the target audienceuses when playing in whatever way with LEGO bricks, it was important for us to involve the user to create something new and big.Our aim was that everybody who gets in contact with our digital campaign becomes part of it by using their own creativity.Creative Execution:We made a jump ‗n‘ run game, created by the user themselves, and becoming bigger and bigger, with every user who takes part in it.This promotes perfectly the core of the brand LEGO: creativity.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We created an idea for the most common banner: The leader board banner. 728px x 90px for endless fun: An interactive jump ‗n‘ rungame, created by the users themselves. A little LEGO figure, starting on the very left, has to reach the right side of the banner inorder to finish a level. While playing in the banner, users always have the possibility to visit Here, users cancreate their own level – with LEGO bricks. Small bricks, big bricks, moving bricks, pink bricks, fast forward bricks... Once a userfinished building a level, he can publish it. His level will be added to the game – raising the number of levels for the banner.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Countless LEGO fans from all over the world create a never-ending jump ‗n‘ run game. And to become #1 in the high score some ofthem played even more than 1 hour on this banner.
  • 29. Direct – Silver
  • 30. Travel, Entertainment & LeisureTitle: DRUNK VALETAdvertiser/Client: BAR AURORA & BOTECO FERRAZProduct/Service: CHAIN OF BARSEntrant Company: OGILVY BRASIL São Paulo, BRAZILDescribe the brief from the client:Brazil has one of the highest rates of alcohol related car accidents. Even after instating a zero tolerance policy on the subject, 40.000people died due to drunk driving last year. People drink alcohol and think it is ok to drive. The objective of this campaign was toraise awareness, to make people think about drunk driving. The target audience was comprised of the regular customers of BarAurora and Boteco Ferraz and new customers from the Internet. The strategy aimed at attacking the problem before it began, that is,before drivers enter the bar.Creative Execution:The strategy of this campaign was to impact people in the moment that they were most capable of realizing the risks of drunkdriving: before their first drink. The action not only drew attention to the cause, but also to Bar Aurora and Boteco Ferraz.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.The creative solution was to place an apparently drunk parking valet to drive the cars. So, as people refused to give up their keys, wedelivered a message in the valet ticket: NEVER LET A DRUNK DRIVER TAKE YOUR CAR. EVEN IF THAT DRIVER IS YOU. The real actionwas recorded without drivers noticing and then transformed in a internet film in order to spread the message.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.A 100% of the drivers didntt let the valet take their car and more people realized that, when it comes to drunk driving, they shouldbe as tough with themselves as they are with others. The customers took the valet tickets with them to show their friends. Themessage quickly spread on twitter, orkut and facebook around the world. The idea was highlighted on blogs and mentioned ontraditional media as an example. Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz received the attention they pursued and the most important, peoplewalked away with a handy reminder: no one should drive after drinking.
  • 31. Direct – Silver
  • 32. Publications & MediaTitle: CARDEÑOSAAdvertiser/Client: MOVISTARProduct/Service: SPORTS WEBSITEEntrant Company: DDB SPAIN Madrid, SPAINDescribe the brief from the client:Our aim was to generate traffic to the Terra Sports website during the World Cup championship that took place between June 11thand July 11th 2010. Getting people to choose Terra Sports over the thousands of media providers also covering the World Cupduring that period. We needed unique content for Terra Sports that could not be found in any other media. Content that would beinteresting for the frequent visitors and that would attract new ones. Content that would please both soccer fans and the ones thatonly remember soccer when the World Cup comes up. But also, content that will go down in history because Spain finally won asoccer World Cup.Creative Execution:- Bad luck has been chasing the Spanish national team throughout history, and what we did was turn the tables around, using it inour favour, achieving an unthinkable objective: winning our first soccer World Cup. - As exclusive content of Terra Sports, the actionmanaged to turn the website into a soccer reference. - Its popularity captured the interest of the mass media, which for the first timein history talked about a sports website, not only managing to generate traffic but also increasing awareness for the website.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We generated exclusive content that everybody would want to follow: the key for Spain to win their first World Cup ever. JulioCardeñosa, soccer player with the worst luck in the history of the Spanish team, would pass his bad luck on to the other nationalteams. The first step was sending him to Brazil, whose team was favoured to win the championship. People could follow him as hespread his "luck" to the Brazilian fans, their stadiums, their symbols and even their national coach. Once Brazil had been dismissed,he did the same to all the other national teams. On July 11th 2010, Cardeñosa accomplished his mission. Spain won its first WorldCup and made 46 Million Spaniards happy.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.- The site received 4,437,240 visits. - Traffic to the Terra Sports website increased by 68% (NIELSEN) - We obtained 230,000€ worth offree publicity. - The brands awareness increased dramatically. - But above all, Spain won its first World Cup and we made 46,000,000Spaniards happy.
  • 33. Direct – Silver
  • 34. Corporate Image & InformationTitle: SANTA’S FORGOTTEN LETTERSAdvertiser/Client: COCA-COLAProduct/Service: CHRISTMAS MESSAGEEntrant Company: OGILVY BRASIL São Paulo, BRAZILDescribe the brief from the client:Adults dont care so much about Christmas anymore and its magic is almost lost. Coca-Cola challenged us to give adults a reason tobelieve in Christmas again.Creative Execution:Coca-Cola and Christmas have always gone hand in hand and its campaign this year is focused on reasons to believe. With thispersonalized door-to-door stunts we managed to perfectly tie both of them together, in a way that only Coca-Cola could do.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We decided to make adults believe again by taking them back to a time when they believed: their childhoods. But how could we dothat? By granting wishes on forgotten letters they wrote to Santa when they were kids. We searched the world and, in the little townof Santa Claus, Indiana, found the Santa Claus Museum, a place that keeps letters to Santa dating back to the 1930s. In Christmas2010, we went through 60.000 forgotten letters, selected 75 of them and then set out on an impossible task: to find the writers andgive them the exact gifts they asked for many years ago - from a Cathy QuickCurl doll to an Evel Knievel Skyrocket.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.We gave adults a reason to believe in Christmas again.
  • 35. Direct - Bronze
  • 36. Direct – Bronze
  • 37. Flat MailingTitle: LIVING CHRISTMAS CARDSAdvertiser/Client: THE SWEDISH POSTProduct/Service: POSTAL SERVICEEntrant Company: ÅKESTAM HOLST Stockholm, SWEDENDescribe the brief from the client:Swedish Post‘s (Posten) business relies on people sending tangible things (cards, packages etc.), thus in a way the rapid digitaldevelopment poses a heavy threat. Year after year, we see a decline in number of Christmas cards sent, and an increase in digitalmessages spread around this holiday. Consequently, the objective was to inspire Swedes, primarily young people who don‘t usuallysend tangible greetings, to send real Christmas cards and decelerate the negative trend. Main insight: people love getting cards butthink it‘s too much of a hassle writing and sending them – thus, sending cards needs to be more fun.Creative Execution:Since many (especially young folks) think that Christmas cards are something for the elders and that is not something they go aboutdoing, the key in this execution was to re-define what a Christmas card can be, and not the least how to create and send one. Hence,the execution made people interact with Christmas cards in a whole new way and realize that this product is not obsolete – it‘s infact the opposite. This was also important from a brand standpoint, since Posten is often seen as old-fashioned… not so much anymore. In order to make people aware of our projects we placed advertising banners on relevant external websites, as well as onPosten‘s own site, that would lead the target audience to the respective landing site. Furthermore, the message was spread throughsocial media, which played a key role in driving traffic.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.New technology merged with old-fashioned thoughtfulness resulted in ―Living Christmas Cards‖; the worlds first Christmas cardsphotographed live from the web. Our expectation was that this would re-energize Christmas cards and make them more relevant toyoung Swedes. A reindeer‘s pen was built on the top of a mountain and web-cameras were mounted in and around it so peoplecould take their own unique pictures from the pen through a website. ―Living Christmas Cards‖ was connected to a web-tool called"Real Postcard" where you upload pictures and write messages, which Posten then deliver as postcards.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.The negative trend for real cards decelerated heavily. 2010 became the best year ever for the ―Real Postcards‖ web-tool (from wherethe Living Christmas cards were sent) – an 18% increase in sent cards compared to 2009. 55.5% of all cards sent through ‖RealPostcards‖ were sent around Christmas, indicating that this promotional campaign was highly effective. Furthermore, the campaigngenerated massive impact in non-bought media. In total, PR contacts were estimated to 6.6 million (Sweden‘s population: 9 million)and PR was highly positive.
  • 38. Direct – Bronze
  • 39. Direct Response Digital: Email MarketingTitle: WE DELIVER YOUR DOWNLOADAdvertiser/Client: CINE 24 HORASProduct/Service: VIDEO RENTALEntrant Company: AGE ISOBAR São Paulo, BRAZILDescribe the brief from the client:Even though it‘s illegal, people have been downloading more movies than ever over the Internet. It‘s practical, fast and there‘s noneed to leave your home. As a result, video rentals decreased 60%. Especially on smaller video stores. So, how a videoneighbourhood rental store that wants to bring back customers, can promote its delivery service with only a small budget?Creative Execution:We created a free movie download blog and emailed the link to our costumers that had not being renting movies in a long time. Wesent a personalized email to each customer to avoid being confused with a spam. When the client accessed the blog and started thedownload we discovered the location in the neighbourhood and monitored the download crossing google analytics data with theregistration of the client and once the download gets finished, instead of the movie, the user saw a short video.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.Instead of sending a traditional direct mail, we‘ve created ―We Deliver Your Download‖: when people accessed the website andstarted to download a movie, we delivered the same movie before the download finished.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.61 customers started to rent again. Too little? For a neighbourhood rental store in crisis which rented at most 2500 movies permonth, it means a 16% increase on rentals. What movie do you want to watch? We deliver your download.
  • 40. Direct – Bronze
  • 41. Direct Response Digital: Mobile MarketingTitle: INVISIBLE POP UP STOREAdvertiser/Client: AIRWALKProduct/Service: FOOTWEAREntrant Company: Y&R New York, USADescribe the brief from the client:Create buzz around the limited edition re-launch of the classic 90s Airwalk sneaker, the Jim. Also re-establish Airwalk‘s reputationwith street culture, targeting sneaker fans.Creative Execution:The Jim is an anti-gym shoe, originally designed for kids that don‘t try out for the school football team, but hang out in skate parksand beaches instead. So that‘s where we located the stores – Venice Beach, LA, and Washington Square, NYC. And limited editionsneakers are all about exclusivity, and buzz, so we knew that incorporating that into the actual buying process would help Airwalkachieve their goal. The Airwalk app was publicized through the Airwalk blog, and through press releases to popular sneaker, tech,apparel, and culture blogs. It was then quickly picked up by other blogs and sites, and passed on via word of mouth as well.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We wanted to create a lot of buzz, as well as pay our respects to the shoe‘s heritage. So we made the world‘s first-ever Invisible PopUp Stores, in locations relevant to the target audience. Coupling together cell phones, GPS technology, and Augmented Reality,customers could only buy the Jim if they downloaded the app, went to a pre-determined location, held up their phones, and took aphoto of the AR Jim floating there. That allowed them to purchase the sneaker there and then.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.We created an entirely new method of retail. Airwalk‘s e-store had its busiest day ever. We generated $5 million of earned media inpress, online and TV. We re-established Airwalk‘s link with street culture, and made them relevant again.
  • 42. Direct – Bronze
  • 43. Direct Response Digital: E-commerce, Online Advertising, Brand Awareness & Social MediaTitle: SEND A MESSAGE TO THE FUTUREAdvertiser/Client: AMFProduct/Service: PENSION FUNDSEntrant Company: FORSMAN & BODENFORS Gothenburg, SWEDENDescribe the brief from the client:Pension funds are a typical low interest subject. To be frank – its BORING. Its very hard to get people engaged. AMF, with the tagline "For the future", usually connects with their clients via direct advertising and ad campaigns talking about the future. This time wewere looking for another way to do it.Creative Execution:It‘s a lot more effective to get a message from your friends rather than from a company, and you are more likely to respond, shareand let that be a part of the conversation. And by doing this people will start to think about their future which make pensionssavings more relevant.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We got the message out using internet banners. The solution is to get people engaged in their own personal future, and to interactwith their friends by sending messages to the future (the messages can be open for the first time in the year 2030). Its all aboutgetting people to think about their future, and to make them involve their family and friends. Secondly its about planting thethought of how your life will be in the future (family, work, economy, etc). 300.000 local page visitors created millions of totalcontacts via mail, text messages, private messages on Facebook and shared wall posts.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Response rate over 40% compared to a business average of 5-6%. 300.000 local page visitors created millions of total contacts viamail, text messages, private messages on Facebook and shared wall posts. But its also hard to measure in that way. This is a brandbuilding campaign rather than a classic business response campaign, therefore the lack of figures.
  • 44. Direct – Bronze
  • 45. Direct Response Digital: E-commerce, Online Advertising, Brand Awareness & Social MediaTitle: THE PROMISE KEEPERAdvertiser/Client: REEBOKProduct/Service: SHOESEntrant Company: FORSMAN & BODENFORS Gothenburg, SWEDENDescribe the brief from the client:The brief was to launch the Reebok ZigTech running shoe to a target audience that are not hardcore runners but interested. Thecampaign should be interactive and able to live it‘s own life and spawn conversation around the Reebok brand. The ZigTech‘sproduct claim is ‗More energy to your feet‘. With every step you will be propelled forward thanks to ZigTech‘s unique design. Butthat of course only works if you actually go for a run...Creative Execution:Every run promised generates personal updates that are spread from the user to all of his/hers friends, spreading the word aboutThe Promise Keeper, Reebok and the Reebok ZigTech shoe. The shoe (with it‘s unique design) is visible in EVERY update. Everyupdate also spawns conversation; comments, likes and/or re-tweets spreading the message to even more people. We used Reebokssport stars by posting personal videos from them directly to people who had made promises reminding them to stick to it, orcommenting on their runs or lack of. Many videos even contains the users name making them very personal.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We created ‗The Promise Keeper‘, the first online running application (website, iPhone/iPad-app and Android app) that will actuallyget you out and run. Every run you promise to make in your online calendar is automatically posted on the social network of yourchoice and spread to all of your friends. They will also be notified about whether you ran or not. Every update is personal andbecomes a direct message that spawns conversation. Everything built on the insight that a promise to everyone you know is moreimportant than a promise only to yourself. Twitter and Facebook followers were sent a direct link to download the app.
  • 46. Direct – Bronze
  • 47. Direct Response Digital: E-commerce, Online Advertising, Brand Awareness & Social MediaTitle: PHOTOSHOOTINGAdvertiser/Client: WWFProduct/Service: CHARITYEntrant Company: LEO BURNETT MOSCOW Moscow, RUSSIADescribe the brief from the client:Exterminated by poachers, the Siberian Tiger is now on the verge of extinction. Even if some people are aware of it, they still dontfeel intimately concerned with this problem. WWF decided to change this.Creative Execution:This gave them a chance to experience the horror of the massacre in the most direct way: on their own skin, so to say. This came asa surprise - even as a shock.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We developed a digital campaign that worked on three levels: DM, ambient and online. A special QR-code T-shirt was designed thatenabled the wearer, both when visiting certain prêt-a-porter shops and sitting in front of their computer at home, to experience thehorror of the massacre. We began by sending these t-shirts to famous Russian bloggers and also the WWF database, this came withdetails on how to access the website.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.The response was immediate. Hundreds of people interacted with our ambient media, generating a huge buzz in Moscow andtriggering maximum press PR coverage. - 3 000 T-shirts - over 150 000 posts and publications - over 30 000 000 people involved on-line - over 60 000 000 people overall coverage - on the 23 November at the ST. Petersburg summit protection of the Siberian tigerwas listed among top state priority
  • 48. Direct – Bronze
  • 49. Direct Response Digital: Other Digital PlatformsTitle: EDDING DIGITAL HIGHLIGHTERAdvertiser/Client: EDDING INTERNATIONALProduct/Service: STATIONARYEntrant Company: KEMPERTRAUTMANN Hamburg, GERMANYDescribe the brief from the client:Edding markers can be used virtually anywhere. Except online. How can we make edding a major brand in the Internet too?Creative Execution:Creating a digital highlighter was relevant to edding because it thereby expanded the brand‘s portfolio to the digital worldDescribe the creative solution to the brief/objective.The first digital highlighter of its kind allows users to highlight texts online, share them via social media sites and email or save themas PDF files. The online articles and PDF files are linked to an edding microsite, where the highlighter can be added to thebookmarks tool bar. This bookmark let solution allows the digital highlighter to work on any website with text, regardless of whichbrowser is being used.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.The flash banners generated a 2.7% click rate. 81% of users added the digital highlighter to their tool bar. The number of visitors tothe edding homepage increased by 12% during the campaign as a result of our digital highlighter microsite.
  • 50. Direct – Bronze
  • 51. Direct Response Digital: Other Digital PlatformsTitle: DOGGELGANGERAdvertiser/Client: MARSProduct/Service: DOG ADOPTIONEntrant Company: COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALANDDescribe the brief from the client:Every year, The Pedigree Adoption Drive offers support to thousands of abandoned dogs across the country. In its third year,Pedigree asked us to come up with an idea that would reinvigorate the initiative and open the door to more dog adoptions thanever.Creative Execution:Our objective was to get more people to become aware of the plight of homeless dogs, and increase dog adoptions in the process.To get a person to fall in love and adopt a dog you have to first get them to the shelter. By creating a user experience that paired areal person to a real homeless dog we created a personal experience that immediately set up an emotional connection. In the wordsof one user (A. Steedman): ―When you see those eyes looking back at you, it‘s almost impossible to not set up a meeting.‖ Peoplewere alerted to the website through an EDM campaign sent to the mailing lists of affiliated animal justice partners. This EDM wasaccompanied by a seeding strategy.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.Studies have shown that some of the happiest dog and owner pairs share similar features, personality traits, even body types. That‘swe developed Doggelgänger; human to canine pairing software, designed to connect homeless dogs to their human doubles. Thisstate-of-the-art software analyses your features, and compares them with a nationwide database of real dogs looking for adoption.By partnering with shelters across the country, Doggelgänger has given homeless dogs everywhere the very best chance to set upthat vital first meeting in the journey to finding a new home.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.With the site going live in April and the seeding strategy in its infancy, it‘s too early for quantifiable results however we hope thatthousands of kiwis get on the site and find their Doggelgänger, and more dogs are adopted as a consequence.
  • 52. Direct – Bronze
  • 53. Ambient Media (Large Scale)Title: POOLBALLAdvertiser/Client: COMPAÑIA INDUSTRIAL CERVECERAProduct/Service: BUDWEISEREntrant Company: OGILVY ARGENTINA Buenos Aires, ARGENTINADescribe the brief from the client:Men love playing football and going out at night. But when they party all night they cant play football seriously. Budweiser, thebrand historically linked to football and night-life, wanted to bring these two opposite passions of men together.Creative Execution:We created a new sport: Poolball. And located 7 by 3 meter long pool tables in bars across Buenos Aires for men to experiencedirectly they can actually have it all for the very first time in history: Football, night-life, beers and women.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.The TV broadcast featured a Budweiser website sponsorship.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.-Over 280 players every night. -ESPN & FOX Sports live broadcast. -The # 1 specialized sport newspaper journals of Argentina, ElGráfico & Ole, covered Poolball immediately. -ESPN asked to use the poolball table all the year long, adopting Poolball as the newsport of the channel.
  • 54. Direct – Bronze
  • 55. Direct Response Broadcast: TV, Radio & InfomercialsTitle: REVENGE ON CALLCENTERS & HELPDESKSAdvertiser/Client: RADIO 1Product/Service: PEETERS & PICHALEntrant Company: MORTIERBRIGADE Brussels, BELGIUMDescribe the brief from the client:Radio 1 is Belgium‘s biggest news channel. They air a show called ‗Peeters & Pichal‘, a show that defends consumer rights. The topicthey were treating was the general attitude at call centres & helpdesks. The objective was to show that Radio 1 does not only givefacts & figures, but that they can also engage, change and interact.Creative Execution:We used the medium radio in all of its different aspects. We adapted the music, we made live phone calls, and we captured ouractions and put them on air.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We confronted the call centres & helpdesks with their own bad habits. We did to them what they do to us: we kept them waiting.We took the side of so many frustrated and helpless consumers. Radio spots alerted listeners to the show.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.The topic became a public debate. The minister of Economics got involved. Two weeks later, the 20 biggest companies in Belgiumsigned a charter to get rid of the long waiting times and be more consumer-friendly. They committed themselves to make sure thatconsumers will have to wait no longer than 1 minute.
  • 56. Direct – Bronze
  • 57. Direct Response Broadcast: TV, Radio & InfomercialsTitle: THE CODEAdvertiser/Client: ARMED FORCES OF COLOMBIAProduct/Service: ARMED FORCES SUPPORTEntrant Company: DDB COLOMBIA Bogotá, COLOMBIADescribe the brief from the client:In Colombia there are policemen and soldiers who have been kidnapped for more than 12 years. They don´t know what hashappened to their families or their country, they only find out about news that the guerilla wants them to hear. In an effort to speakdirectly to their men and tell them about their daily efforts for rescue, and considering that radio is the only means ofcommunication, a song was created which contained a hidden message of combat in the chorus written in Morse codeCreative Execution:In over 12 years the kidnapped policemen and soldiers have only found out about news that the Farc wants them to hear. For thefirst time through this song and its messages in Morse code they found out about reality and the efforts being made every day torescue them.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.The only way to reach the policemen and soldiers who have been kidnapped for over 12 years is by radio. This is why we created asong which had hidden messages of combat hidden in the chorus in Morse code. 3 million Colombians listened to the song,including members of the FARC guerilla, but our 16 kidnapped policemen and soldiers were the only ones who understood it.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Thanks to two men from the armed forces which were freed, we know that these messages were received and understood. Themessage of courage and hope was then passed on to all the kidnapped men.
  • 58. Direct – Bronze
  • 59. Traffic & Brand BuildingTitle: SUBTITLESAdvertiser/Client: ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTITUTE: ENGLISH EXCELLENCEProduct/Service: LANGUAGE CLASSEntrant Company: OGILVY PERU Lima, PERUDescribe the brief from the client:Increase the number of new students in English Excellence, English Language Institute. Generate awareness. In Peru 87% of thepopulation doesn‘t speak English, but this skill is needed in work or Studies. We found a space where our message will reach directlyto our potential target group: the movie theatres. This fact is more evident at the movies, because the vast majority of films areEnglish spoken and are projected with Spanish subtitles, but in the reading people lose parts of the movie.Creative Execution:This is an innovative and simple idea, that uses strategically the media (movie theatres) in relation with the brand, we used acommon element as the movie subtitles and subtle transform then in an advertising media. We found the space where knowingEnglish is needed in order to enjoy the movie in its totality, therefore making the brand message relevant.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.In a movie theatre, after the movie has been playing for a minute, we made the subtitles move from its normal position until theyfinally move out of the screen and are projected on the wall at the side. Subtitles, that are still translating the movie dialoguenormally, move until they are projected on the roof. They change again but now the following phrase is projected: Why arent youwatching the movie? Learn English. English Excellent. Our message reached more than 9600 people in 2 weeks The tuitions doublesin one month Awareness: we moved from the 5th position to the 2ndDescribe the results in as much detail as possible.Our message reached more than 9600 people in 2 weeks. The tuitions doubles in one month Awareness: we moved from the 5thposition to the 2nd
  • 60. Direct – Bronze
  • 61. Cars & Automotive ServicesTitle: LIE DETECTORAdvertiser/Client: KIA MOTORS BELGIUMProduct/Service: AUTOMOBILEEntrant Company: LDV UNITED Antwerp, BELGIUMDescribe the brief from the client:Most people in Belgium know that Korean car brand KIA gives a 7-year warranty on all its models. Thats a good thing. But, a lot ofthem think 7 years warranty is too good to be true and that there must be a catch. Thats a problem. If people dont believe youradvertising message then regular advertising is insufficient. A different approach was needed. One where traditional advertising wassupported by editorial content and especially a lot of word of mouth.Creative Execution:Everybody got reminded that only KIA gives 7 years warranty. And that, although it sounds too good to be true, it is in fact 100%true and that there is no catch.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We used the one thing that could prove the warranty is genuine and that there is no catch: a lie detector. Legal connections, anofficial lie detector company, hooked the CEO of KIA Motors, up to their lie detector. Consumers could then ask him any questionsthey had about the 7-year warranty during a live online session. Both Benoits answers and the test results were streamed directly tothe website. This very special stunt was communicated through newspaper ads, banners and a press release telling everyone that anactual CEO would be undergoing a live lie detector test.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Everybody got reminded that only KIA gives 7 years warranty. And that, although it sounds too good to be true, it is in fact 100%true. The event was picked up by countless blogs and got featured in newspapers and magazines. And as a result created a lot ofbuzz in the streets. The campaigns impact according to independent media company Scripta® : Brand recognition: 42% (instead of32% sector average) Attribution: 73% (instead of 62% sector average) Resulting in an Effectiveness Rating of 31% (instead of 20%sector average) And last but not least: An impressive credibility of 80%.
  • 62. Direct – Bronze
  • 63. Financial Products & ServicesTitle: MY CAR IS YOUR CARAdvertiser/Client: NRMAProduct/Service: CAR INSURANCEEntrant Company: WHYBINTBWA Sydney, AUSTRALIADescribe the brief from the client:In Australia, you can‘t lend your mate your car unless you nominate them on your insurance policy first. Unless you‘re with NRMAInsurance. Our strategy: to let both existing customers and potential new customers know that if you insure with NRMA, anyone iscovered when they drive your car.Creative Execution:Our client is the only insurer in Australia to cover anyone who drives your car. So, what better way to bring that product point to lifethan to prove it by getting the entire country to share a car? After all, they‘re the only brand in the country who could ever attemptsuch a feat. Not surprisingly, this is a world first.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We gave a guy a car on the condition that he shared it with the entire country (21 million people). We fitted it with cameras. Everytime someone flagged down the car and drove it, we got more film content. This then generated content that we made into TVCs.Consumers could locate the car on Twitter, Facebook and radio. Tom could run but he couldn‘t hide. We integrated a competition inwhich consumers could win their own car skinned with the profile pictures of their Facebook friends (who they‘d share it with). Thisdrove more traffic into the promotion/campaign hub.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.The campaign was extremely successful, garnering more leads than ever before. In the first 9 weeks 3,325,853 Australians engagedwith the campaign. To put that in perspective, Australia‘s entire population is less than 21 million. So that‘s 1 in every 7 Australians.Of that figure, 1,969,249 were web visits (+16%), 324,408 were sales calls (+25%) and 1,032,196 were face to face branch visits(+11%). And with a conversion rate of 24% we sold over 800,000 car insurance policies.
  • 64. Direct – Bronze
  • 65. Commercial Public Services, incl. Healthcare & MedicalTitle: HIDDEN PIZZA RESTAURANTAdvertiser/Client: SENSIS YELLOW PAGESProduct/Service: BUSINESS DIRECTORYEntrant Company: CLEMENGER BBDO MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIADescribe the brief from the client:With businesses having more advertising options than ever before, especially online, we needed to convince small businesses thatpeople still look for them in the Yellow Pages®.Creative Execution:The audience for Hidden Pizza Restaurant is the hundreds of thousands of small to medium businesses throughout Australia. Thisidea literally demonstrated hard proof to our advertisers, showing customers finding a business in Yellow pages. (Even, in this case, abusiness that was completely hidden.) After the restaurant closed we released our results through a fully integrated campaign,targeted to small businesses throughout Australia. The message – put your ad in Yellow Pages® and be found by customers. Thiswas communicated through television ads, print advertising, digital display, eDM, advertorials and direct mail. It was a brand new wayto get across an old story and make our customers take another look at Yellow pagesDescribe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We didn‘t want to just demonstrate Yellow Pages delivered on this promise, we wanted to prove it. So we built a completely hiddenbusiness - a pizza restaurant, down an alleyway, through a roller door, down an elevator, in a basement and only revealed its contactdetails in the Yellow Pages. We then offered a free pizza through an unbranded local letter drop to anyone who found it without anyreference to Yellow Pages. Then we let the social experiment begin. After the restaurant closed we then released our results througha fully integrated campaign, targeting small businesses throughout Australia.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.8,000+ people found the Hidden Pizza Restaurant – 71% by using Yellow Pages. Our results were released through a fully integratedcampaign. The message – put your ad in Yellow Pages and be found. Since the launch, there‘s been a 23.5% increase in new businessleads in the first week of the campaign being on air.
  • 66. Direct – Bronze
  • 67. Commercial Public Services, incl. Healthcare & MedicalTitle: HIGH SPEEDSAdvertiser/Client: TELMEXProduct/Service: BROADBAND INTERNETEntrant Company: JWT COLOMBIA Bogotá, COLOMBIADescribe the brief from the client:Telmex Broadband is giving people high speeds at very good prices. The goal was to generate an immediate action (contact Telmexand get a subscription) as well as an emotional response (that would favour the brand‘s relationship with the audience) in a categoryof low involvement.Creative Execution:Involve people from the very beginning in a real and unexpected ―high speeds for the price of low speeds‖ experience so that theiremotions would connect with the rest of the country and generate the desired response towards the brand.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We boarded one of the buses that cover the Bogotá to Cali route (a 9 hour trip) and surprised the passengers by taking them totheir destination by plane (only 35 minutes). Then we shared their ―high speeds for the price of low speeds‖ experience with the restof the country via TV and online. On the website people could follow the stories of the individual passengers, request internet accessand suggest new ideas for the campaign. They did and that‘s how we ended up taking a taxi passenger to his destination in ahelicopter. Our expectation in terms of people‘s response (subscriptions, shares of the story, favourable opinions towards the brandand word of mouth) was surpassed. People not only kept on sharing but suggested new ideas for the campaign and we ended uptaking a taxi passenger to his destination in helicopter. - This analogue approach in the digital world is unexpected in the categoryand ignited the dialogue between audience and brand. - It‘s simple and easy to understand for everybody. - It presented the driverof the category (speed) in an engaging way that helped differentiate our brand.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Within a week of its launch it was one of the most shared videos in viral video chart. It generated all kinds of positive commentsabout the brand (twitter, blogs, facebook, the campaign‘s website). Monthly sales growth went from 3% before the campaign to 42%right afterwards. (Subscriptions of one year or more) Sales of other products sold in value pack with broadband increased 25%(Strengthening the relationship with the brand) Telmex went from being #2 to the absolute market leader in less than two months(Putting an end to the 8 year leadership of its competitor) Source: Quarterly Report of Connectivity –2010 – ITC Ministry ofTechnology Information and Communications
  • 68. Direct – Bronze
  • 69. Business Products & ServicesTitle: THE CRYING INVOICEAdvertiser/Client: USG PEOPLEProduct/Service: OUTSOURCING COMPANYEntrant Company: DUVAL GUILLAUME ANTWERP/MODEM, BELGIUMDescribe the brief from the client:USG People is one of the world‘s biggest outsourcing companies, and in Belgium they‘ve recently launched the website. A new portalfor freelancers in search of new projects. Our mission was to build awareness among freelancers and get 5.000 of them to sign up onthe website.Creative Execution:By simply sticking the crying chip to their reminder invoices, any freelancer can remind a finance department that they‘re late withtheir payment. With a little smile. The way freelancers could get those crying chips for free was signing up to the new portal website.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We learned that one of a freelancer‘s biggest headaches is getting their money on time. Which they usually don‘t because in Belgium1 in 3 invoices are paid late. Our idea: the crying invoice. A specially designed chip that freelancers can stick to their remindersinvoice and that reacts to light. 20 seconds after the finance department opens the envelope, their reminder invoice will start to cry.Dramatically. Every freelancer who signed up to the website received a package with sticking crying chips. The crying invoice wasreleased with nothing more than a press release.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.With nothing more than a press release the crying invoice got press coverage in all major newspaper and tv stations, massiveattention in blogosphere, and most important: the objective of 5.000 freelancers signing up to the website was achieved in just 2days.
  • 70. Direct – Bronze
  • 71. Business Products & ServicesTitle: THE SOUND OF GREENAdvertiser/Client: THE SWEDISH POSTProduct/Service: POSTAL SERVICEEntrant Company: ÅKESTAM HOLST Stockholm, SWEDENDescribe the brief from the client:In brief: show Swedes that Swedish Postal Service (Posten) are experts in parcel delivery, not only in flat mail. The target audiencewas everyone who sends and/or receives things through mail. Since web-shopping, B2C and C2C increases, the business potential ishuge and Posten needs to become top-of-mind in order to become the chosen alternative more often – especially DHL, Schenkerand other competitors are attractive alternatives. The core of the strategy was to show exactly how flexible Posten is when it comesto delivery of things, not only regular mail, and also portray Posten as a modern communications company.Creative Execution:Not only did the execution engage people in an appealing way though the product in itself is rather dull, but it also showed themodern side of Posten (which is often perceived as an old slow-moving company). Furthermore, the Sound of Green competitionhelped proving Posten‘s excellence within the area and also showed their own parcels, which is an important product category ofPosten‘s.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.The solution was a competition called ‖The Sound of Green‖, and the idea was to let people look at, shake and above all listen to 80different parcels, all containing different things (from speakers to hats). The competition was web-based, thus the shaking and theplaying with the parcels were done through one‘s computer. People were given the opportunity to guess what was in the parcels andif you guessed right, the parcel was sent to your home address. Hence, the target audience got the opportunity to actually seeexperience how flexible and excellent Posten is. In order to make people aware of our projects we placed advertising banners onrelevant external websites, as well as on Posten‘s own site, that would lead the target audience to the respective landing site. Themessage was spread through social media, which played a key role in driving traffic to the site.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Over the course of 14 days, 140240 guesses were made, i.e. on average 1753 guesses per parcel, which was a lot more than expected.In the end all parcels had found its way home to a winner and Posten had proved themselves a modern company that are experts indelivering almost anything to anyone, anywhere. Since people had a view of Posten as an old slow-moving governmental company,every second of interaction in a new context, which help create a more modern image for Posten, is a positive outcome.
  • 72. Direct – Bronze
  • 73. Corporate Image & InformationTitle: 4TH AMENDMENT WEARAdvertiser/Client: 4TH AMENDMENT WEARProduct/Service: METALLIC INK UNDERCLOTHESEntrant Company: 4TH AMENDMENT WEAR Boulder, USADescribe the brief from the client:Now there‘s a way to protest those intrusive TSA X-ray body scanners without saying a word. Underclothes printed with the 4thAmendment in Metallic Ink. Let them know they‘re spying at the privates of a private citizen. The Fourth Amendment to theConstitution of the United States, meant to prevent unwarranted search and seizure, is readable on TSA body scanners. 4thAmendment Wear is specifically designed to broadcast messages to TSA X-ray officers just when they are peeking at your privates.The concept behind 4th Amendment Wear is simple: To get people to think a little more about their constitutional rights. There mustbe better ways to keep us safe while also respecting our freedoms.Creative Execution:Why give the agents a hassle? Why not just use their own body scanner technology to highlight a statement of protest against beingsearched? 4th AW made a statement without having to say a word. It used the very act of invading someone‘s privacy tocommunicate a message that questioned how far Americans were willing to sacrifice that sense of privacy. It gave the wearer a senseof individual liberty to express their concerns, while not causing a disturbance. 4th Amendment Wear is specifically designed tobroadcast messages to TSA X-ray officers just when they are peeking at your privatesDescribe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We had an idea to use the TSA‘s very own technology as a way to broadcast a statement. We invented a proprietry metallic-Ink andcreated a product that would display the 4th Amendment (it‘s the founding principal against unlawful search and seizure withoutwarrant) when passed through air port security scans. We leveraged social media by linking the site to anti-detection facebook pages,and word quickly spread. We also sent samples out to various news agencies who couldnt resist reporting on such a hot topic. Wewere the first product to ever be designed and tested to specifically appear in shape and letterform under backscatter scanningmachines. The clothes are designed as a silent protest against the new reality of being searched to the point where we‘re basicallynaked.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.Our website received 1,205,397 hits the weekend of launch. 4th Amendment Wear sold out of the firstlimited run within 2 hours of launch. 4th Amendment Wear sold out again 3 hours after restocking. After thousands of pre-orders,wholesale requests, retail buyers wanting to stock 4th Amendment Wear and worldwide distribution offers. 4th Amendment Wear islaunching on a mass production basis in the US.
  • 74. Direct – Bronze
  • 75. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: REPAY FOR GOODAdvertiser/Client: UNICEFProduct/Service: UNICEF DONATIONSEntrant Company: SERVICEPLAN Munich, GERMANYDescribe the brief from the client:Find a way to increase donations to help children all over the world. The intention: even the smallest donation is a big help for thechildren in need.Creative Execution:The strong truth of this idea is, that the person who sends the message already felt like the money was lost. But for a good cause, itis appropriate to ask for it again, especially for small amounts. On the other hand, the person who owes the money has no reason tonot donate it. It has never been his money – he just donates it. This way, we use the common habit of the people to create a lot oflittle donations. But all together they will help all the children in need around the worldDescribe the creative solution to the brief/objective.A common habit with a common problem: We all lend little amounts of money to friends. But we hardly get it back. We used thisfact to increase donations. UNICEF „Repay for good―. An app, which enables your friend to donate the money he owes you. Weplaced a link on the UNICEF website for people to be able to download the app. It works simply on your smart phone: Choose yourfriend who owes you money in the address book, set the amount and choose the UNICEF project you want your friend to donate for.He then automatically receives a message with a link to a microsite, where he can donate the money.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.As we just launched the application, it is hard to judge the results right now. But in the first days, we already received a largenumber of donations, with the help of the UNICEF ―Repay for good― app. And every small donation has a big goal: helping childrenin need, all over the world.
  • 76. Direct – Bronze
  • 77. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: OPERATION CHRISTMASAdvertiser/Client: MINISTERIO DE DEFENSA NACIONALProduct/Service: HUMANITARIANEntrant Company: LOWE-SSP3 Bogotá, COLOMBIADescribe the brief from the client:After 60 years of struggling against Las FARC, the longest running guerilla warfare group in the world, 6000 guerrillas still remain inthe jungles of Colombia. The Ministry of Defence asked us for an idea to demobilize the remaining guerrillas, but deliveringdemobilization messages to them is very difficult because they hide deeper in the jungle everydayCreative Execution:Along a strategic guerilla route through the jungle, we chose a 25 meter tall tree to decorate with lights. When guerrillas approachedthe tree, movement sensors made it light up and a banner announced the following message: ―IF CHRISTMAS CAN COME TO THEJUNGLE, YOU CAN COME HOME. DEMOBILIZE. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE AT CHRISTMAS.‖Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We discovered that Christmas is an emotional time of the year for guerrillas because they are away from their homes and loved ones,so we created a four-day operation that brought Christmas to the jungle.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.331 guerrillas who have demobilized acknowledged that they were motivated to finally give up their weapons thanks to this idea,that was replicated with 9 more trees. The Operation got so many people involved, that it was shown all over the world throughvideos, websites, social networks and blogs. Main local and international media networks like CNN and BBC broadcasted it. ThisOperation showed a more humane and positive side of Colombia‘s internal conflict.
  • 78. Direct – Bronze
  • 79. Best Integrated Campaign Led by Direct MarketingTitle: GERMANYS BIGGEST SEARCH FOR MISSING CHILDRENAdvertiser/Client: INITIATIVE VERMISSTE KINDERProduct/Service: MISSING CHILDRENS INITIATIVEEntrant Company: KEMPERTRAUTMANN Hamburg, GERMANYDescribe the brief from the client:Every year in Germany, over 100,000 children are reported as missing. Around 1,500 of these cannot be traced even over a moreextended period of time. ―Initiative vermisste Kinder‖ (Missing Children‘s Initiative) has been supporting the parents involved for overtwelve years in the search for their disappeared children. The aim was to create greater awareness for missing children and theirparents in the public‘s mind. So, on behalf of our new client ―Initiative Vermisste Kinder‖, we aimed to launch a campaign in whichpeople from across the country could play an active role in the search.Creative Execution:By using a range of media in combination we were able to establish "Deutschland findet euch― as the world‘s largest network fortracing missing children. But the best message is that, to date, one missing child has already been traced via the Facebook actionand the mother has offered her grateful thanks – on the campaign website.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.We reinvented the way of searching for missing children: Under the title ―Deutschland findet euch‖ (Germany will find you) we usedfacebook to launch Germany‘s first and largest-ever campaign to find missing children. In order to bring together Germany‘s biggestsearch party, a whole range of media measures was used to raise awareness for the ―Deutschland findet euch― platform. By usingdownloadable missing children posters, promotional campaigns, a music-video, Ambiant-Media ideas, Billboards, Online-Advertising,interactive Music-Videos, an iPhone App and more.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.The initiative in figures: • Over 100,000 Facebook fans • 15.000.000 Euro Media coverage • A total global exposure of 120.000.000
  • 80. Direct – Bronze
  • 81. Best Integrated Campaign Led by Direct MarketingTitle: SHARE YOUR PARENTSAdvertiser/Client: STUDIO BRUSSELSProduct/Service: CHARITYEntrant Company: MORTIERBRIGADE Brussels, BELGIUMDescribe the brief from the client:Music for Life, the yearly charity event organized by radio station Studio Brussels and the Red Cross, this year was all about the15.000.000 orphans from aids parents. The objective of the campaign was to create awareness for the topic. And collect money tosupport the orphans. Via a direct approach of both Belgian children and their parents. Because they are the most sensible targetgroup in this matter.Creative Execution:It was a smart way to demonstrate to both children and parents what the orphans miss most. And again, they were the mostsensible target group in this matter.Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.n Belgium the children have pretty much everything they need. So we asked them to give some of the attention and stuff they getfrom their parents, to the orphans. We asked them to share their parents. With a direct approach via their school agenda. Stickerswithout website were distributed to many schools.Describe the results in as much detail as possible.140,000 agenda stickers were distributed to the schools via the Belgian government. 1200 children promoted their parents online.The winning parents went to Swaziland to help the orphans, and shared their experiences with the Belgian people. Meanwhile theBelgian people shared 5,020,000 euro with the orphans. The best result since Music for Life first started.
  • 82. Media – Grand Prix
  • 83. Media - GrandPrix
  • 84. Best Use of OutdoorTitle: HOMEPLUS SUBWAY VIRTUAL STOREAdvertiser/Client: TESCOProduct/Service: RETAILEntrant Company: CHEIL WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREAResults and EffectivenessPeople could encounter TESCO HOMEPLUS wherever they go without having to visit the actual store. It was an efficient way to shopso people could enjoy their free time. After this campaign, on-line sales increased tremendously (Nov.2010-Jan.2011). Through thiscampaign, 10,287 consumers visited the online HOMEPLUS mall using smartphones. The number of new registered members rose by76%, and on-line sales increased 130%. Currently, HOMEPLUS is No.1 in the on-line market and is a very close 2nd offlineCreative ExecutionLet the store come to the people! We created virtual stores in subway stations hoping to blend into peoples everyday lives. Our firstattempt was at busy subway stations in rush hours. Although virtual, the displays were exactly the same as actual stores – thisincluded the merchandising. Only one thing is different, you use smart phones to shop! Scan the QR code with your phone, and theproduct automatically lands in your on-line cart! When the online purchase is done, it will be delivered to your door right after youget home.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaSouth Korea is a unique market. Even the most powerful global corporations tend to fail miserably in the Korean market. Walmartand Carrefour had to pack up their bags and leave. On the contrary, TESCO has been evolving itself, adjusting to the local market. Iteven changed the name itself, from TESCO to HOMEPLUS! And at last, it grew to the rank of No. 2 in Korea! But TESCO had toovercome one obstacle - fewer stores compared to the number one company, E-mart. Could we become No. 1 without increasingthe number of stores? We conducted an in-depth study into Koreans once more. Korean are the 2nd most hard-working people inthe world! For them, grocery shopping once a week is a dreaded task. So we decided to approach these busy and tired people.
  • 85. Media - Gold
  • 86. Media - Gold
  • 87. Best Use of PrintTitle: YOUR HAPPY NEWS IS OUR TOP STORYAdvertiser/Client: IWATE NIPPOProduct/Service: IWATTEEntrant Company: HAKUHODO DY MEDIA PARTNERS Tokyo, JAPANResults and Effectiveness2 million hits to the Iwate Nippo website since the launch of IWATTE ・151% increase in awareness of Iwate Nippo since the launchof the service according to a survey ・20% increase in young people wanting to join the company compared to the previous year ・100% maintenance of circulation since the launch of IWATTECreative ExecutionTo create a new bond with readers as a ―newspaper loved by local residents,‖ the newspaper decided to celebrate its readers‘ goodnews. This is how IWATTE was born. IWATTE is a special edition newspaper service that anyone can use to publish their news. Userscan easily sign up online and then share their printed newspapers with friends and family. We proposed the IWATTE system in whichreaders communicate their news to the newspaper, which would then print that news, because to a reader, happy news close tohome is just as important as world news. The service was embraced by a large number of readers and created a lot of buzz. After theservice was launched, the buzz grew even larger and was eventually a hot topic among the media despite the fact that almost noadvertisements had been run in the mass media.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaIwate Nippo, a newspaper company in a rural Japanese town, faced the problems of dwindling circulation and a growing indifferencetowards newspapers amongst youth. The newspaper needed something to help it break free from these trends and create a newbond with readers as a ―newspaper loved by local residents‖. Although today‘s world is applauded for its globalization, we focusedon the local residents who are the newspaper‘s clients and created a system in which individual readers could utilize the mediapower of the newspaper to communicate any type of good news, be it small, everyday types of happiness or huge, life-altering typesof happiness.
  • 88. Media - Gold
  • 89. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small ScaleTitle: SPORTY VOUCHERSAdvertiser/Client: SPORTSCHECKProduct/Service: SPORTS STOREEntrant Company: OGILVY FRANKFURT, GERMANYResults and EffectivenessWe distributed 2,500 vouchers in Frankfurt, of which 23.6 % were redeemed in store. This increased sales by up to 17.2%. The citizensof Frankfurt liked the idea and took pictures of it. These vouchers inspired our target audience to do more winter sports.Creative ExecutionWith unique use of media, we transformed snow-covered cars into skid-marked ski slopes. Miniature snowboarders and skiers showthe fun side of winter – and are also giving out discount vouchers for winter sports equipment from the new SPORTSCHECK store inFrankfurt. These appealing vouchers tell the story of great winter sport action on the roofs of people‘s cars. They are as impactful asthe SPORTSCHECK TV commercial, and convey the SPORTSCHECK message of ―Wir machen Sport‖ ("We do sport") in a simple,engaging way.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaMidway through the winter sports season, in January 2011, SPORTSCHECK Frankfurt asked for an impactful idea to drive sales ofwinter sports equipment and to remind Frankfurt citizens that snow can be great fun. Nobody likes scraping snow and ice off theircars every morning. How we can use this unpopular snow to show the bright side of winter?
  • 90. Media - Gold
  • 91. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small ScaleTitle: SPORTY VOUCHERSAdvertiser/Client: SPORTSCHECKProduct/Service: SPORTS STOREEntrant Company: OGILVY FRANKFURT, GERMANYResults and Effectiveness- More than 2 million hits in 5 weeks on YouTube - 5th most viewed YouTube channel in December 2010 - Thousand of tweets,blogs, Facebook and web articles - Talked about on 2 National TV channels (more than one minute each) - More than 1 millionEuros in earned media - 3 times more traffic on (the product‘s website) And … 83% more subscriptions toAutoLibertéCreative ExecutionA series of viral videos were created that captured a well-orchestrated stunt, where car owners get pranked by getting their carstowed away and replaced with a crushed car. The gag was then continued, through a partnership with a radio station, where a callfrom our distressed car owner was broadcast live and this fuelled the discussion around the difficulty of car ownership. Thepartnership with the famous NRJ radio station initially started the buzz through on air discussion and videos on NRJ‘s website. Thisinitiated YouTube hits, and when the number of hits grew exponentially, the videos and YouTube channel appeared in the mostviewed section on YouTube. A large amount of earned media was generated: numerous blogs, online magazine articles, and 2national TV channels talked about the operation.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaTo promote ―AutoLiberté‖, a new service provided by car rental company Europcar, in an impactful way to raise awareness quicklyand drive car owners in France to consider an alternative to car ownership. AutoLiberté is a monthly subscription that gives you theflexibility of using a car on demand without all the expenses and hassle of car ownership. Subscribers have a large range of cars attheir convenience, have no maintenance or insurance costs and can choose the time and length of rental according to his or herneeds. The small budget drove us to a digital campaign to generate the conversation, with YouTube as a key pillar and a partnershipwith NRJ (popular radio station). A classical approach with only traditional media and banners would not have created the visibilityand virality that has been produced by this campaign.
  • 92. Media - Gold
  • 93. Best Use of Branded ContentTitle: THE MISSING CHILDAdvertiser/Client: INITIATIVE VERMISSTE KINDERProduct/Service: MISSING CHILDRENS INITIATIVEEntrant Company: KEMPERTRAUTMANN Hamburg, GERMANYResults and EffectivenessBroadcast live in over 40 countries, the kick-off put the fate of missing children at the forefront of public attention nationwide for thevery first time. The game was watched by 15 million TV viewers. Followed by more than 40,000 new Facebook fans recruited. Therewere uncountable reports in numerous print and online media, including all main TV channels. Today, over 100,000 Facebook fansare currently participating via DEUTSCHLAND FINDET EUCH.Creative ExecutionAt the match FC Bayern Munich versus Real Madrid, Bayern captain Mark van Bommel entered the playing field without a playerescort kid holding his hand to accompany him. Instead, the Munich player was carrying a poster with a photo of the missing girlDebbie and a reference to the website. Media had already been informed in advance and sports reporter Béla Réthy informedviewers live in 40 countries about the DEUTSCHLAND FINDET EUCH campaign.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaEvery year in Germany, more than 100,000 children and young people are reported missing. So on behalf of ―Initiative VermissteKinder‖ (Missing Children‘s Initiative) we launched a unique campaign designed to track them down: DEUTSCHLAND FINDET EUCH(Germany will find you). The brief was to quickly establish the Facebook page as a high-profile cause. We focused on people living inthe Germany/Austria/Switzerland region. Therefore we used a football match between FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.
  • 94. Media - Gold
  • 95. Best Use of Branded ContentTitle: GT ACADEMYAdvertiser/Client: NISSAN / SONY PLAYSTATIONProduct/Service: NISSAN SPORTS CARS AND GRAN TURISMO 5Entrant Company: MANNING GOTTLIEB OMD London, UNITED KINGDOMResults and EffectivenessThe Nissan PlayStation GT Academy TV series was picked up by over 160 broadcasters worldwide and generated hundreds of digitaland paper column inches of PR. The game demo Gran Turismo needed for sign-up was downloaded over 1.3 million times, the mostever for a single title on PlayStation. Other markets have now taken an interest in creating fully localised versions of GT Academy,with the US and Japan already planning their own series‘.Creative ExecutionThe drivers at the GT Academy were coached and judged by racing legends Eddie Jordan, Johnnie Herbert and Sabine Schmitz. Theintense week long programme included dogfights in Nissan GT-R‘s to tackling military assault courses, judging and whittling downthe group until one worthy driver was left standing. Content is at the heart of this idea, with daily blogs, tweets and webisodesfilmed and uploaded at the end of each day so the thousands of fans and millions of almost-applicants could follow the action as ithappened. Fast cars, big dreams and a heroic journey also made the perfect ingredients for a Primetime TV show and we turnedevery moment of GT Academy into a 6 part series in stunning HD – for a global entertainment junkie audience of TV viewers andPlayStation gamers.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaWe had to prove that Nissan make the worlds best race cars… and promote PlayStation‘s flagship title Gran Turismo - the world‘smost realistic racing game. The insight was simple - all gamers dreamt of racing the word‘s fastest cars for real and Gran Turismowas the closest they could ever get to it. We wanted give gamers a chance to prove their skills on a racing track, so we created theNissan PlayStation GT ACADEMY – a real life racing school with a single, compelling promise… That the world‘s 20 best gamers couldenter and that one would leave as a professional racing driver – for the official Nissan PlayStation team in the Le Mans 24 Hour!Based at Silverstone, this week long school took in gamers from across the world to test their instincts and hone their skills –embodying the PlayStation belief that ‗The Game is just the start‘.
  • 96. Media - Gold
  • 97. Best Localised CampaignTitle: BRUZILAdvertiser/Client: AG BARRProduct/Service: IRN BRUEntrant Company: PHD London, UNITED KINGDOMResults and EffectivenessOn a budget of just £150,000 (for context, Coke spent £3.4m in the same period) YOY sales volume in Scotland increased 8%, whilstthe flavoured carbs sector decreased 1%. achieved 40% of its annual traffic in one month. The BRU-zilian namegenerator created more than 700,000 names with users visiting for an average of >5 minutes (as a comparison, Twitterin the UK averages 3.5 mins per visit) Marketing Week named the campaign as one of the top five 2010 World Cup brand campaigns.We, of course, still await results of many BRU-zilian pregnancy tests....Creative Execution1. ‗Recruitment‘ in Brazil We bought beach-side billboards and ‗lonely hearts‘ ads in local newspapers encouraging Brazilians to helpIRN-BRU‘s cause. These were unveiled on a press tour to Rio, accompanied by an aeroplane banner saying ―Hello Brazil, let us uniteto help Scotland have a magical football team‖ pulled across the skies above Copacabana beach. 2. Spreading the love in ScotlandPR was further leveraged by Scottish footballing legend Archie Gemmill holding a campaign launch press conference. Viral videoswere released online and promoted through the IRN-BRU Twitter feed and Facebook groups. These were accompanied by the ‗BRU-zil name generator‘ which suggested names for fans‘ BRU-zilian children. Finally, a TV ad showcasing the Scotland/BRU-zilian teamfor 2034 ran in perfectly-targeted World Cup programming – including the centre break of the World Cup final itself – giving theperfect opportunity for fans to think ―this could be us in 2034!‖Insights, Strategy and the IdeaThe Local Insight: The Scottish LOVE football but aren‘t as good at it as theyd like to be. That doesn‘t stop them dreaming though.This is how we tapped into a nation‘s footballing psyche to deliver a campaign of such outrageous, quirky optimism it could onlywork in Scotland. The Issue: Scottish soft drink IRN-BRU faced two challenges in 2010 as football fever spread across the globe. Hugemulti-national rivals had a major focus on the World Cup and deep pockets and Scotland - IRN-BRU‘s key market – hadn‘t qualifiedfor the tournament. Objective: Drive sales and engagement with the brand on a budget of just £150,000 for ALL communicationsdisciplines. The BIG Idea: We‘d fuel Scottish optimism by turning to the most successful national football team of all time. We‘drecruit Brazilians to mate with Scots to create BRU-ZILIANS - footballers who can make Scotland World champions in 2034.
  • 98. Media - Gold
  • 99. Best Localised CampaignTitle: NIKE CITY CUPAdvertiser/Client: NIKEProduct/Service: NIKEEntrant Company: MPG Mexico, MEXICOResults and Effectiveness• Solidified Mexico‘s status as one the ―most football fan markets‖ and increased ―Nike is a sportswear brand‖ to 23.2% • Brandawareness rose 9%, +2.8 p. above goal • The Atlante Vallejo (winning team) was shown in light on one of the tallest buildings inJohannesburg during World Cup 2010 • 640 registered teams in 5 days – some houses closed entries on the first day! • 4,000 playerswithin 3 days • 4,480 FOTs visited Nike Store in 2 days • +1,500 football games, 16,320 minutes = 2.5x more than the World Cup •+1,000 finale attendances • Facebook support: o 16 notes generated 2,357 likes, 1,138 comments o 272 posted photos generated57,391 views, 1,723 likesCreative ExecutionFOTs are loyal to their ―hoods.‖ As a result, cultures classes occur and manifest on the pitch. Inspired by ancient culture, we splitMexico City into the original 32 ―houses‖ or clans that were implemented by the Aztecs, each with their own symbol. We invitedFOTs to represent their house in the city-wide tournament. The winning team moved to a Los Angeles tournament. The final winnerwas immortalized in Johannesburg, during the World Cup. Call to registration: • Invite via: football TV programs, press, stadiums,street branding • OOH: walls, graffiti, posters, subway • Call-to-web and point of entry on Identification andbelonging: • Street branding for each house (32,000 stencils, 20,000 posters, 144 sq.m. of painted walls, 15,000 car vinyls, 14 subwaystation stairs) • ―Hood‖ support: 5,000 stickers at hangouts, 5,000 sheets of stickers at Azteca Stadium during a national team game •Uniform customization at Nike Store Experience and amplification: • Each house had a semifinal field, final game at Azul Stadium(capacity:45,000) • Teams followed online (microsite and social media)Insights, Strategy and the IdeaNike celebrates football year-round, but enthusiasm was especially escalated in Mexico before and during the World Cup. Nike CityCup isn‘t 11 vs. 11 on grass. Rather, its urban football played out against the backdrop of car parks, underpasses, street corners andskyscrapers. It‘s informal, energetic and changes from city to city. Nike City Cup gives urban athletes a chance to make soccer theirown game, and, to write their future. Small-sided teams compete locally to be crowned City Champions, showing their skills in frontof peers and gaining respect. Our challenges: • Identify Nike with Mexico to increase ―Nike is a sportswear brand‖ from 17.6% to 21%• Celebrate local football by utilizing the original elements of the Mexican gaming culture • Increase brand awareness from 3.2% to6.2%, even though Nike is not an official World Cup Sponsor • Recruit 4,000 Football Obsessed Teens (FOTs) in 14 days
  • 100. Media - Gold
  • 101. Best Use of Other Digital MediaTitle: SAVE AS WWFAdvertiser/Client: WWFProduct/Service: WWFEntrant Company: JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANYResults and EffectivenessAfter just four weeks, the website had already welcomed 200,000 visitors from 183 countries, and the software had been downloadedover 30,000 times. On Facebook weve got over 10.000 friends. Just a few days after the campaign was launched, the WWF was THEtopic of conversation in the news, in tweets and on blogs across the world.Creative ExecutionThe WWF Organisation is one of the most important environmental organizations in the world. For 50 years the WWF has pursuedone goal: to rescue the rainforests. With this Partner we wanted to raise this important issue . That‘s why we invented the world‘sfirst green file format: The .wwf. A file format that simply cannot be printed out. We wanted to put an end to the unnecessaryprinting and start raising global awareness of the destruction it causes. The product is the message.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaEvery day, entire forests are cut down to make paper. Paper that‘s senselessly used to print out documents all over the world:websites, emails, even entire reports instead of those few pages that are really needed and read. This happens in spite of the factthat its easy to avoid printing by saving the document as a PDF. But even PDFs can sometimes also be printed out. So to stopunnecessary printing and encourage a new awareness about the use of paper, we‘ve developed the worlds first green fileformat: .wwf. A format that can‘t be printed out. A simple idea that saves trees. In Hamburg we invited german journalists to a bigpress conference. Hosted by german WWF chair president and the chair president of the agency. We attracted all big televisionchannels and publishing houses. Not clever communication is our product. This is a clever product communication.
  • 102. Media - Gold
  • 103. Best Use of Integrated MediaTitle: FOLLOW THE GREEN LINEAdvertiser/Client: FIDELITY INVESTMENTSProduct/Service: FIDELITY INVESTMENTSEntrant Company: MPG Boston, USAAdvertising Agency: MEDIA CONTACTS Boston, USAResults and EffectivenessWe challenged conventional standards for both the financial services category and how traditional ―mass‖ media supports a brandlaunch by showing consumers how to follow (and trust) Fidelity. We restored consumer confidence by bringing Fidelity‘s easy-to-follow Green Line to life: · Fidelity had the highest unaided advertising awareness in the category · Unaided consideration and brandpreference exceeded competitors +10 points · Satisfaction with Fidelity‘s investment guidance scored a 138% lift! From 2009-2010: ·There was a significant increase in the perception that ―Fidelity was a financial partner that could help customers reach their goals.‖ ·A double-digit increase in customer retention and account growthCreative ExecutionA radical shift from traditional messaging that focused on the philosophies of investment now showed consumers following thedisciplined advice given by Fidelity. ―Turn Here‖ captured the way Fidelity worked to create specific plans for each customer. TV:Green Line enhancements leveraged the ―turning point‖ in sports relevant to our target NFL: Dissected/diagramed complex footballplays into easy-to-understand game tactics PGA (golf): Forecasted the slope of golfer‘s putts Tennis: Captured speed and direction ofserves MLB (baseball) Playoffs: Tracked pitches and hits Olympics: GPS in Olympic Hockey and resort guides across the US tied toconsumers‘ skiing affinity Print In several media-firsts, the Green Line became/navigated through Table of Contents (The Week), amuseum guide (Smithsonian) and a golf caddy (Golf Magazine) Online Media-first custom skin on; virtual GPS throughpicture gallery OOH Travel guide across stairways and escalators at airports; actual GPS on golf carts nationwideInsights, Strategy and the IdeaNobody predicted the scope of the 2007-2008 financial collapse. Americans lost $3 trillion and Fidelity Investments felt the impact;customers panicked and took money out of Fidelity and their competitors. Investors wanted personalized guidance but only 25% feltFidelity offered it. In reality, Fidelity customers have access to a licensed advisor 24/7, free of charge. Our challenge was to spreadthe message that Fidelity offered the personalized guidance customers wanted in a way that transcended the category norm andstraddled the economic crisis and eventual recovery. Convention dictates that a leading financial services company, in the midst ofeconomic turmoil with a depleted ad budget shouldn‘t launch a new campaign, but Fidelity saw an opportunity: Turning their iconic―Green Line‖ into a problem-solving financial GPS to ease consumer concerns by giving directions and acting as their financial guide,getting consumers to their final destination – even if their path changed along the way.
  • 104. Media - Gold
  • 105. Fast Moving Consumer GoodsTitle: 20 PERCENT MOREAdvertiser/Client: PROCTER & GAMBLEProduct/Service: DURACELLEntrant Company: STARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUP San Juan, PUERTO RICOResults and EffectivenessThe campaign caught the attention of the nation and it went viral by consumers promoting the media blitz on various websites. Ourability to leverage relationships with popular TV networks allowed consumers to feel the instant benefit from a 20 percent boost intheir favourite programs. This small act of generosity resulted in the DURACELL brand assuming the principal spot as the universalsource of power for the Puerto Rican consumer. Sale shares immediately increased by 4 percent and top-of-mind awarenessskyrocketed by 61 percent.Creative ExecutionWe persuaded TV networks to do something unheard of: extend the length of their most popular programs by exactly 20 percent.This execution would shake the foundation of how TV programming was scheduled and go beyond viewers‘ expectations, thanks toDURACELL‘s mission to provide 20 percent greater value. For example, as the credits rolled during the regular scheduled time of apopular talk show, the ―DURACELL gives you more‖ promo appeared and the talk show host returned to surprise viewers with 15extra minutes of content from DURACELL. The host would compare the benefits of DURACELL‘s 10-battery pack versus competingbrands‘ eight-pack. To leave a lasting impression, content that was supposed to be revealed the following episode was shown rightthen and there. This was the ultimate value proposition for consumers as they experienced the importance of 20 percent more fromDURACELL versus the regular performance from private labels.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaWith deals like ―50 percent off‖ or ―buy one get one free‖ it was clear that all shoppers wanted to know they were spending wiselyand getting the most out of their purchases. However, many did not consider the value of their battery brand. A long-term pricingfight was not an option for DURACELL; it would not differentiate the brand in the marketplace, and it would fail to create a lastingimpression with consumers. While consumers felt instant gratification when spending less, we focused on increasing value rather thanslightly lowering price. To ensure our message resonated with consumers, we thought about what type of product or activity theywould want to increase by 20 percent. Our idea was to quantify how much consumers get when they are given a 20 percent increaseof two of the most time-specific elements in entertainment—the TV schedule and the length of programming.
  • 106. Media - Gold
  • 107. Fast Moving Consumer GoodsTitle: THE WORLDS FIRST NEWSPAPER ON 100% RECYCLED NEWSPRINTAdvertiser/Client: LOREALProduct/Service: GARNIEREntrant Company: LODESTAR UM Mumbai, INDIAResults and Effectiveness1st time in the history, the country woke up to a green coloured, 100% recycled newspaper of The Times of India on WorldEnvironment Day. A daily contributed and generated by the involvement of over 4.1 million people. 5013 ideas were received. 50tons of used newspaper was recycled equivalent to saving 1,200 fully grown trees. 38894 people interacted with the‗takecaretakecharge‘ site. Mr. Jairam Ramesh Minister For Environment & Forest was so excited that he agreed to become the editorfor the day and adopted 6 ideas. Youth in general do not read as much. With 4.1 million youth participating we challenged beliefs &changed paradigms.Creative ExecutionEventually the breakthrough was powerful though complex. It was decided to approach Times of India group. Imagine convincing theworld‘s largest circulated English daily Times of India to use recycled paper on World Environment day. They use 50 tonnes of paperdaily. This was done on not just financial muscle but on youth engagement too. A 45 day campaign from World Earth Day to WorldEnvironment Day was built around environment. This campaign would seek to build a greenhouse of ideas to help build a greenerplanet. For every idea received, GARNIER will buy 10 kg of used newspaper. And on June 5 - World Environment Day – Times of Indiawould reuse and recycle old newspapers and create an entirely 100% recycled newspaper. A multi media campaign was designed tourge youth to participate using print, radio, online/social media network and on ground programs. An exclusive web site―‖ was created, that helped audiences enter their ideas.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaGARNIER is a youth brand with product values of caring, healthy beauty, natural, environment friendly encompassed in thephilosophy of ‗Take Care‘. In the spirit of Take Care, GARNIER had undertaken several product initiatives eg. solar water heatingsystem at the factory, recycling of chemical waste etc. But none of them actually involved the core consumers - Youth. Insight: Youthare more than willing to participate, take charge to make a difference and give back something to the world but they demand actionand results. - Business World Youth Study. World Earth Day and World Environment Day were round the corner. The challenge was tocome up with a concept on recycling that would not only generate ideas for the environment, but would also produce an immediate,visible result that could be experienced on a mass scale. Doing this in print was doubly challenging because Print by its very naturedepends on paper consumption and consequently de-forestation.
  • 108. Media - Gold
  • 109. Publications & MediaTitle: HEARTBREAKER<3Advertiser/Client: KAIZERS ORCHESTRAProduct/Service: ORCHESTRAEntrant Company: STARCOM NORWAY Oslo, NORWAYResults and EffectivenessWithin 48 hours of the launch, the new Kaizers Orchestra single Hjerteknuser had reached #2 on the Norwegian iTunes «top 10»chart, making it Kaizers Orchestra‘s fastest selling single on iTunes ever. The band‘s original version of the song and the top threecover versions immediately went into heavy radio rotation. Kaizers Orchestra‘s Facebook fan base increased by 100%. And theirconcert at Oslo‘s largest venue sold out even before the new album was releasedCreative ExecutionMusic fans love to pirate new releases. Kaizers Orchestra, one Norway‘s top artists, was getting ready to release a new single. But thistime, nobody could steal it: the only one way to hear the new Kaizers Orchestra single would be to play it yourself. On posters,through torrent sites, and via music and fan forums we released the sheet music first, one month before the song‘s release. Wecollaborated with the largest music schools in Norway, where we faxed the note sheet to be copied and distributed among students.We engaged national radio broadcaster NRK‘s youth channel, P3, and encouraged people to upload their versions to P3´s popularwebsite. Soon, fans started posting their covers of «Hjerteknuser», ranging across all different genres. The word spread, and KaizersOrchestra and their challenge soon became the hot topic of bloggers, Twitterers, fans, the press and national TV.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaNobody‘s buying albums. All over the world, more and more people are getting their music digitally. And more and more, they‘regetting it for free. This is especially true of new releases by top artists. Somebody leaks a hotly awaited track on the Web and withinminutes, it‘s been passed around, sampled and remixed, and nobody spent a dime. If you‘re the artist, nobody gets a dime, either.On the flipside, fans will turn out in droves to see their bands live, so the best chance at making money is ticket sales. KaizersOrchestra decided they‘d rather win fans in the long term rather than sell a record in the short term. Their new release would bereleased, but not as a CD or an mp3, and not on vinyl. It‘d be released on paper. And their fans would very literally make KaisersOrchestra‘s music their own.
  • 110. Media - Gold
  • 111. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: JUNE 16TH 2014Advertiser/Client: BRAND COLLECTIVEProduct/Service: TUNISIAEntrant Company: MEMAC OGILVY LABEL TUNISIA Tunis, TUNISIAResults and EffectivenessThe content spread to social media. People began imagining their future and called for action. #16juin2014 hash tag was n°1 toptrend topic on French Twitter. The operation was covered by every Tunisian media. Special shows and debates were broadcast(171mn for 3 Tunisian TV channels only, almost 5h on radios), and 36mn international coverage, including Al Jazeera who opened itsevening news with a 4mn report. Next weekend, protests were organised: getting back to work had become an act of resistance. Tokick start the economy, the 6 participating brands resumed to traditional marketing. Soon followed by others +166% media spent.Creative ExecutionWe decided to show everyone how bright our future could be if we all started building it now. We convinced 6 major consumerbrands and 5 major Tunisian media of which 1 radio, 1TV, 2 newspapers and 1 online magazine to participate in the June 16th 2014campaign. During a whole day, the 5 media acted as if it were June 16th 2014, approximately 3 years after first scheduled freeelections. They presented Tunisia as a prosperous, modern and democratic country. NessmaTV aired their usual shows pretending tobe in 2014. News, bulletins, reports, culture, talk shows. MosaiqueFM broadcast 2014 news, chronicles, press reviews... The 2 leadingdaily newspapers made a special edition with 2014 news. WMC posted 15 articles from politics to economy. To further engagepeople, we launched a has htag on Twitter and a website compiling the content and where people could share their own vision ofthe future.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaJanuary 14th, 2011. Tunisia went through an historical Revolution that put an end to 23 years of brutal dictatorship. After one monthof struggle, Tunisia had finally recovered its freedom and dignity. It was a moment of intense hope and national pride. But we wereall too soon brought back to reality. The entire country went on strike, with people requiring immediate satisfaction. Economicactivity was soon left to a standstill. 3 weeks later, hope had given way to doubt. The advertising industry, like many others, wascompletely stuck. Brands were quite willing to advertise in order to kick-start the economy, but they were afraid of public perception.We needed to find a way to encourage the people to get back to work and start rebuilding the country we had all fought for.
  • 112. Media - Silver
  • 113. Media - Silver
  • 114. Best Use of ScreensTitle: ALL BRAZILIAN SCREENS CHANGED TO SEMP TOSHIBAAdvertiser/Client: SEMP TOSHIBAProduct/Service: TV AND COMPUTEREntrant Company: TALENT São Paulo, BRAZILResults and EffectivenessRESULTS: Great repercussion of spontaneous media and social networks, increased brand awareness, and increased sales in 11%during the campaign‘s period.Creative ExecutionSOLUTION: We went for programs that could translate the idea of ―surprise‖ within its context. We chose to use merchandisingactions in order to use the endorsement of the presenters and to ensure a greater attention of the spectators. We developed withthe network an unpredictable intervention, live, during the action of the product‘s attribute. Instead of entering products into TVPrograms, we inserted TV Programs within the products. The ultra-slim LED TV did a 90° rotation, showing the message through themedia format. Other actions were developed for products as: Media PC – all in one computer. PC Extreme – liquid, dust and fallresistant. STI Mobile Phone – Mobile with integrated TV.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaMISSION: Translate by the media the positioning statement of Semp TOSHIBA‘s campaign, ―We like to surprise you‖, with formatsthat leverage the brand‘s intention. The challenge was to truly innovate in Open TV – main media for this campaign (traditionally lessflexible with pre-established formats).
  • 115. Media - Silver
  • 116. Best Use of AudioTitle: THE PIRATE RADIO EXPERIMENTAdvertiser/Client: INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR HUMAN RIGHTSProduct/Service: HUMAN RIGHTS AWARENESSEntrant Company: JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANYResults and EffectivenessWithout any media spending we reached many people in one week in a very intensive way. Response rate was 100%: we couldengage every addressed person in a discussion. Most important: interviews with our victims revealed that we made all of them think.Creative ExecutionWe built a mobile pirate radio station which enabled us to hack into the frequencies of Berlin‘s five most popular radio stations. Wesurprised drivers with a newsflash that made them the subject of a police manhunt. To reach even more people, we cooperated witha bakery, a laundrette and a taxi driver. After giving our victims a brief scare, we approached them and revealed our cause via radioand a promotion team.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaAll over the world, innocent people are being persecuted. Our objective was to create awareness for this problem and for thecommitment of the International Society for Human Rights. To do that, we let people experience what it feels like to be innocentlypersecuted.
  • 117. Media - Silver
  • 118. Best Use of AudioTitle: MUSICAL FITTING ROOMSAdvertiser/Client: STARHUBProduct/Service: ONLINE MUSIC STOREEntrant Company: DDB SINGAPORE, SINGAPOREResults and EffectivenessWe closed the sale with the reader beaming proximity text messages to the target‘s mobile. These texts contained information aboutthe suggested song and the music store. Average click-through rate was 84%. Paid music downloads increased by over 21%. Brandequity score among youth increased by 57%. And over 47,000 songs from 16 genres were recommended to people across thecountry. This campaign is ranked as one of the most successful youth promotions for StarHub.Creative ExecutionWe created Musical Fitting Rooms. These rooms suggest songs that suit the style of clothing being tried on. How It Works: Wetagged RFID chips to clothes and installed RFID readers with directional speakers in fitting rooms. When a garment is brought into afitting room, the RIFD chip triggers the reader to play music that matches the style of the garment. The idea was implemented in 42retails stores with high youth traffic, turning ordinary fitting rooms into interactive ambient installations. The campaign was coveredby two of the biggest youth magazines in the country, driving more people to participating stores.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaThe youth segment forms more than 50% of the customers for the StarHub Online Music Store. For this campaign, StarHub wantedto engage this target group and build stronger affinity. Secondary objectives: increase web traffic and music downloads. From theget-go, we understood we couldn‘t advertise to the youth. We couldn‘t just flash some cool images before them. They are averse toadvertising. However, it‘s not all bad, the youth love music. We just needed a way to make ourselves relevant. The strategy wassimple: find a way to add real value to a youth‘s life. Insight: The youth define themselves by the type of music they listen to, and bythe clothes they wear. Taking off from that insight, we combined music and fashion with cutting edge technology to introduce theyouth to music that match their fashion styles.
  • 119. Media - Silver
  • 120. Best Use of PrintTitle: THE VOICEAdvertiser/Client: REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERSProduct/Service: NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONEntrant Company: PUBLICIS BRUSSELS, BELGIUMResults and EffectivenessOur campaign flew all over the world, reaching people far beyond Belgium. We thought it was most interesting to see how peoplefrom Iran and Lybia, who found a clear symbol for their own battle in our campaign, spread the ad massively. It was largely sharedon social networks and made people speak about the matter of ‗press freedom‘, one of our main aims. The first results also show apeak in the sales of the RSF book (donations 25% up), as well as a big progress in the number of Twitter/ Facebook followers. Sincewe launched this campaign after the death of the 2 photographers in April, it is too early to quantify the exact impact of thecampaign, but it looks like it will be huge.Creative ExecutionWe wanted to reach traditional newspaper readers, as they value independent journalism, but might not realize how dangerous ajournalist‘s life can be in some countries. Since we had true stories to tell, we had to find a way to reach newspapers readers and tellthem true stories. That‘s when we came up with the idea of merging the forces of 2 worlds: the stopping power of a powerful imagein a press ad, combined with the unique opportunities of mobile/ digital communication. This didn‘t only enable us to tell the truestories of the journalists in a compelling way. It also gave us the chance to redirect people to our website, where they could learnmore about our activities. And where they could support us by ordering the book ―100 pictures for press freedom‖.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaPress freedom seems more than normal for people living in Belgium. The death of two photographers in Lybia last April painfullyshowed us that press freedom is still in danger. Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF/ Reporters without Borders) wanted to approachpeople in a direct way to show them why press freedom is important for everyone. We created the first talking print ad. The adshowed a predator of press freedom (Gadaffi, Putin, Ahmadinedjad) , with a QR code in the bottom corner. By scanning this codeand putting your iPhone on the mouth of the predator, you could hear a journalist tell the true story of that country.
  • 121. Media - Silver
  • 122. Best Use of OutdoorTitle: SOPRONI PERFECT DRAUGHTAdvertiser/Client: HEINEKENProduct/Service: BEEREntrant Company: INITIATIVE BUDAPEST, HUNGARYResults and Effectiveness• Soproni became the number 1 beer in Hungary for the first time in its history. • Over a million promotional cans – 50% redemptionrate – were exchanged in pubs for a free pint of Soproni. The brand achieved its share-gain goal while also growing its whole market.• The OOH advertising significantly outperformed the benchmark indices for average outdoor campaigns: perception 163 (total47.3%), identification 124 (total 63.7%) like 129 (altogether 74% liked our campaign). Source: PosterTest/Szonda Ipsos. • In total, weachieved 77% better results than an average outdoor campaign, and 51% better than the average campaigns from the beer segment.Creative ExecutionOutdoor was the perfect medium for our national, hyper-local strategy. Soproni used 755 Billboards and 495 Citylight sites....with 455different creative executions! • Each poster had a huge photo and the name of the bartender who worked in the nearest bar thatserved draught Soproni. Full directions to the bar also featured on the poster. • Those people that saw the poster, but decided tobuy cans of Soproni in the supermarket, were then rewarded with a special promotional ringpull that could be redeemed for a freepint of draught Soproni at their nearest local bar. • The campaign posed a huge logistical challenge. A month alone was spentoptimising these addresses. Printing took a week, with one of Hungary‘s printing houses at maximum capacity. Each poster waspackaged and delivered individually. • Supporting TV and online drove awareness of the promotion.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaOutdoor was the perfect medium for our national, hyper-local strategy. Soproni used 755 Billboards and 495 Citylight sites....with 455different creative executions! • Each poster had a huge photo and the name of the bartender who worked in the nearest bar thatserved draught Soproni. Full directions to the bar also featured on the poster. • Those people that saw the poster, but decided tobuy cans of Soproni in the supermarket, were then rewarded with a special promotional ringpull that could be redeemed for a freepint of draught Soproni at their nearest local bar. • The campaign posed a huge logistical challenge. A month alone was spentoptimising these addresses. Printing took a week, with one of Hungary‘s printing houses at maximum capacity. Each poster waspackaged and delivered individually. • Supporting TV and online drove awareness of the promotion.
  • 123. Media - Silver
  • 124. Best Use of Ambient Media: Large ScaleTitle: EQUIPPING THE MOST EXPOSEDAdvertiser/Client: STADAProduct/Service: GRIPPOSTAD C FLU MEDICINEEntrant Company: INITIATIVE MEDIA Hamburg, GERMANYResults and EffectivenessIn future, when people see a red scarf, they will first associate it with Grippostad C, the flue medicine: • 74 % awareness for the redscarf of Grippostad C • 63% connected the red scarf with Grippostad C • €360,000 earned media due to massive press response •Earned media exceeds media investment by factor of 45 Grippostad C - strong against flu.Creative ExecutionWell, how to do this? It is quite easy: The solution: Equipping the most exposed. We provide the most famous statues with redscarves. These statues are perfect for our purposes, as they are the only ones to endure all winter long freezing temperatures. Thered scarf becomes the ultimate teaser. Stickers attached to every statue strengthen the connection between brand & scarf:Grippostad C – strong against flu Everybody sees it, everybody interacts with it. And due to a sampling everybody wears the red scarfof Grippostad C.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaMarch 2011: It is freezing cold in Germany. When you look around, you see thick scarves, everybody is sneezing and coughing. Thegood news: There is Grippostad C – one of the best flu medicines. But: We have two strong competitors, both with a much higherShare of Advertising. Our advantage: We are the only ones with a strong and eye-catching key visual – a red scarf. However, whenpeople see a red scarf, most of them would think of catching a cold, but wouldn‘t think of Grippostad C right on the spot. They don‘tlink the key visual to the brand. Our challenge: Making the red scarf synonymous with Grippostad C.
  • 125. Media - Silver
  • 126. Best Use of Ambient Media: Large ScaleTitle: KALEIDOSCOPIC FASHION SPECTACULARAdvertiser/Client: TARGETProduct/Service: TARGETEntrant Company: MOTHER NEW YORK, USAResults and EffectivenessStreamed live on Facebook and disturbed as an online film, the Spectacular has received 160 million impressions across media andhas been shared online over 12.6 million times.Creative ExecutionIt took 66 dancers, 25 models, an original score, 44,640 LED bulbs, a month of rehearsals, one cordoned off city block and 155 roomsin New York‘s Standard Hotel. Named the Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular, the event reinvented the fashion show by usingall 18 stories of the hotel‘s windows to showcase the brand and it‘s fall fashion while providing a 20-minute light, sound and dancespectacle for the thousands of spectators on the streets below.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaLast spring, Target asked for a fashion show that would showcase their new fall line and create buzz during New York‘s fashion week.But as a department store known for affordable style, stacking up against the world‘s most couture fashion labels was no easy task.To be noticed in an already over-saturated and cynical market, Target needed to produce something spectacular.
  • 127. Media - Silver
  • 128. Best Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live AdvertisingTitle: KOC GROUP MEDIA PITCHAdvertiser/Client: MINDSHAREProduct/Service: MINDSHARE SERVICESEntrant Company: MINDSHARE Istanbul, TURKEYResults and EffectivenessWe won the pitch. Turkey‘s biggest advertiser agrees that we have talent. We were seen by nearly 50% of Turkey‘s TV viewers.Fortunately for Turkey, KOC now keeps us so busy that our hip-hop career is on hold.Creative ExecutionOur idea was to put our pitch team on Turkey‘s Got Talent the day before our 11 board directors and 70 marketing directors had toselect their agency of choice. Our pitch team would appear as a rap group, with lyrics that explicitly demonstrated our ability todeliver unconventional media solutions. Using our media relationships we secured the chance to appear for free on the live final ofTurkey‘s biggest TV show. The team, including our CEO, rapped a song to demonstrate that we could do things that no other agencycould. Signs carrying the lyrics reinforced the message.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaWhen KOC Group decided to hold a pitch, every agency in town wanted a piece of the action. The company is the biggest advertiserin Turkey and this was the biggest media consolidation in 2010. The trouble is that the 11 board directors and 70 marketing directorswere going to select the shortlist by reading written submissions only. They were going to read pages and pages of documentationsubmitted by 10 different agencies in a single day before making a decision. The danger was that our proposal would get lost ormisunderstood. Our insight was that media pitches are as much talent shows as they are business processes. So we needed toshowcase our talent for delivering unconventional, even impossible, media solutions. And we‘d do it by appearing on Turkey‘sbiggest talent show.
  • 129. Media - Silver
  • 130. Best Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live AdvertisingTitle: THE 250KM WAVEAdvertiser/Client: KYUSHU RAILWAY COMPANYProduct/Service: BULLET TRAINEntrant Company: DENTSU Tokyo, JAPANResults and EffectivenessAll of Kyushu Participated The number of participants reached more than 30,000. Those gathered became individual media,encouraging their neighbours to participate, who would then do the same with their neighbours and so on. Everyone participated forfree. Over 2 hours of TV coverage, coverage in all of Kyushu‘s newspapers, KYUSHU SHINKANSEN special tickets sold out in 15seconds.Creative ExecutionA 250km ‗Wave‘ Through various media, we invited the local residents to ‗do the wave‘ by the tracks during the Shinkansen‘s test runand held ‗The 250km Wave Across Kyushu‘ on the day. In an era overtaken by virtual communication, our challenge was to create anoverwhelming sense of celebration within a very real environment. In addition to ads, we also approached local governments,companies and educational institutions with our call for participation, providing self-motivation by encouraging them to see this astown revitalization projects. The local residents themselves became individual media and actively invited people around them. On theday of the Shinkansen‘s test run, we filmed the record-setting celebratory wave across Kyushu from the bullet train. The footage ofthe world‘s longest shoot spanning 250km was used in the campaign‘s TV spots and print ads as a record of the celebration.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaCreating Festivity and Participation The KYUSHU SHINKANSEN Launch Campaign was to mark the opening of all Kyushu bullet trainlines in the island of Kyushu. Still struggling with the ongoing recession, it was a ‗once in a 100 years‘ type of event for the localresidents and thus, we set out to expand this railroad news to create a massive ‗festival‘, one where all residents of Kyushu, both oldand young, would want to participate voluntarily, making the event personal to each of them, so that they could all share in the joyand celebration.
  • 131. Media - Silver
  • 132. Best Use of Branded ContentTitle: MY IDEAL DOGAdvertiser/Client: MARSProduct/Service: DOG ADOPTIONEntrant Company: HAVAS MEDIA Miami, USAResults and Effectiveness2010 vs. 2009: • Sales: +8%. • Pedigree Penetration: +4.4%. • +9.8% Brand Loyalty. • +3%ppts Brand Awareness. Dog-Adoption: •+38% Brazil. • +114% Mexico (applications +163%). • +60% Puerto Rico. • +55% Colombia. • Latin-Americans are 15% more likely toadopt than before the show! • 77% who watched the show are likely to adopt; 92% recommend adopting. Media/Content: • 73%Pan-Regional reach (objective: 63%). • +25% savings over regular campaign. • +32% Animal Planet‘s average daily rating. • 7 millionimpressions in • +85 free articles reaching 9 million consumers. • Search: +29% Pedigree/ +51% dogadoption. Great Fit: • 88% believe Pedigree and ―My Ideal Dog‖ fit well together.Creative Execution―My Ideal Dog‖ with Animal Planet matched families with their perfect pet and documented its arrival from a certified PedigreeShelter. The show was hosted by a dog expert and psychologist who built credibility and generated consciousness about the millionsof stray dogs available for adoption in Pedigree-sponsored shelters. The show revolved around the adoption process with expertrecommendations on the ideal dog for each family‘s lifestyle, reinforcing core brand messages and educating pet owners on theresponsibility of owning a dog, while providing families with tools to incorporate the new family member. During the show, tips onhow to treat new dogs were presented while viewers were entertained by exchanges. A social media platform connected andfacilitated dialogue with pet lovers across LatAm. Adoption information for each country, expert tips on nutrition, training anddevelopment, live expert conversations and message boards were available. Communication extended through POS and PR, pan-regionally and locally.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaPedigree is the pet food leader in LatAm with brand goals of increasing sales by 7.5% and regional SOM by 1% in H1 2010. Pedigreewas facing two main challenges. Pet consumption of meal leftovers was high (60-70%) in the region showing an evident lack of petcare education. Throughout LatAm, millions of dogs are abandoned each day, with millions more suffering from malnutrition.However, Latin Americans love dogs and pet owners are obsessed about being ―good parents‖ and trust brands that teach them.Pedigree had to ―talk the talk‖ as the leader, so our challenge was to educate people to increase awareness and uptake of dogadoption (by 5%). We leveraged Pedigree´s rollout of their Adoption Drive to unify LatAm under an educational pet care platform.We created an original 30 minute reality TV series showing families throughout the dog adoption process to highlight Pedigree´sbrand values and educational initiatives.
  • 133. Media - Silver
  • 134. Best Use of SponsorshipTitle: MISSION IMPOSSIBLEAdvertiser/Client: GASCOProduct/Service: GASEntrant Company: HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT Santiago De Chile, CHILEAdvertising Agency: ARENA CHILE Santiago, CHILEResults and EffectivenessEven the high percentage of abandons we get 100% effectiveness. Unexpectedly, during the race the current President of Chile,tested one of the cars and pointed out the benefits of natural gas, generating high visibility through media. The project got for freemedia coverage estimated in US$ 500,000. Natural gas sales are increasing remarkably. +60% for 2011 vs 2010. In light of theremarkable results, key attributes of safety, power and eco friendliness were reinforced. AutoGasco decided to repeat the experiencefor and increase their investment for next year, as this project impulse the strategic plan of the company.Creative ExecutionThe race was a perfect platform to prove with real facts that natural gas was a safe fuel and an efficient alternative for automobileindustry. Only the best cars can compete in the Dakar. We created and proposed in close coordination with A.S.O. a new category ofalternative fuels for the Rally. The first ever seen in this kind of competition. Top executives from Gasco traveled to Paris, coordinatedby us to close the proposition. The proposal was very well received by A.S.O. as it reinforced their positioning. We decided to createa team… but with a real threat. This rally usually has a high percentage of breakdowns: +65%. However AutoGasco accepted this riskin order to reveal the product‘s attributes. We relied on a strong communications plan to assure the visibility of the project,generating contents around the competition, the new category, the product and it‘s attributes.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaCan you imagine a gas driven car competing in the most extreme race of the world? Absolutely impossible, right? Sustainability,social responsibility and environmental care are today‘s key issues all around the world, especially in Chile. Over 6 million people livein Santiago de Chile, one of the most contaminated cities in the world. In 2008, Rally Dakar, the most extreme automobilecompetition in the world presented Chile and Argentina as host‘s countries. After the 2009 edition, there was a widespreadperception that the race might have generated environmental damages to the desert, such as dune and flower destruction, inaddition to the risk to citizens by running competitors. Gasco, a Chilean gas distribution company aims at leading the natural gas carindustry as environmentally friendly alternative and launches the brand ―AutoGasco‖. Insight: Lack of knowledge among consumersabout benefits of natural gas. A feeling of insecurity and fear of engine power loss.
  • 135. Media - Silver
  • 136. Best Localised CampaignTitle: GATECRASH THE WORLD CUPAdvertiser/Client: BURGER KINGProduct/Service: FAST FOODEntrant Company: INITIATIVE Madrid, SPAINResults and Effectiveness• In excess of 200k Euro free media coverage. • Burger King is 5th in the ranking of brands linked to the 2010World Cup, whileMcDonald‘s (the official sponsor) is in 13thposition. • As Manolo‘s only sponsor the brand achieved single minded cut throughresulting in high associated awareness with BK exhibiting the highest increase in awareness at 35.8% ( McDonalds 12.4%) and thatwas highest among Burger King core audience 16-25 year olds. • The ends result: galvanised, buoyant and united fans and a worldcup win for Spanish fans. The prevision for the drop in sales during games was estimated at -20%, Burger King grew by +5% overthe estimations on the month of JuneCreative Execution• To engage the Burger King audience we wouldn‘t sponsor ―millionaire playboy players‖ but the most notorious fan of all: Manolo eldel Bombo.A man of the people known for dedication – in 92 he hiked 15,8000km to the games- but whose bar business wasstruggling. Who better to epitomise the sorry state of the Spanish economy while also the optimistic hopes of Spain. • Burger Kingcould unite Manolo and home fans in waving their BK flags, cheering the team on. We could bring the true excitement of the games,as seen by a fan, home to Spain. A multimedia campaign across Spain made sure the BK logo was infused into the world cup. It wassubversive, populist, in streets, in fantasy on-line challenge, and in specially negotiated sports programmes. The populist media thenpicked up the story with Manolo as a commentator becoming hero of the Spanish fansInsights, Strategy and the Idea• Spain is the second largest European market for Burger King a brand known and loved for its subversive, fun and populistcommunications. Spain had been hit harder than most by the global recession due to the overreliance on property as an economicdriver (16% GDP). Unemployment was 17% and hit the Burger King core audience hard. The media described it as ―the worstrecession since Franco‖ and in 2010 it was barely limping back into growth. Business was going to be tough. • The World Cup 2010presented a feel good opportunity for a sociable brand like Burger King. As sponsors of Getafe FC they had soccer credibility buthow could they weave BK into the world cup experience. Becoming an official ―corporate‖sponsor like Mc Donalds wasn‘t right forthe brand, or for the business (a franchise operation with local budgets). • The solution. Gatecrash the world cup
  • 137. Media - Silver
  • 138. Best Consumer EngagementTitle: THE FRIENDSHIP MACHINEAdvertiser/Client: COCA-COLAProduct/Service: COCA-COLAEntrant Company: OGILVY ARGENTINA Buenos Aires, ARGENTINAResults and Effectiveness7 countries enjoyed the Friendship Machine. 800 Cokes were sold in 9 hours. That‘s 1,075% more sales than with a regular vendingmachine, with friendship as the must to make it possible.Creative ExecutionThis simple concept turned the notion of a vending machine around. We designed a 3.5 metre tall structure that captured theattention of the consumer. And for everyone to enjoy a Coke with their friends having access to the special 2 for 1 Coke offer, thepromo demanded the unique interaction of the friends with the tall vending machine.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaThe Coca Cola Friendship Machine is a promotional campaign to celebrate Friend‘s Day in Latin America
  • 139. Media - Silver
  • 140. Best Consumer EngagementTitle: ITS FACE TIME!Advertiser/Client: VITASOY INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGSProduct/Service: VITASOY - SOY DRINKSEntrant Company: PHD HONG KONG, HONG KONGResults and EffectivenessSales +40%YOY in just two weeks and +26%YOY in a month! All 40,000 collectibles were sold out in two days. We made +20,000friends (fans) on Facebook in less than two weeks. One fan even developed a Facebook application that 7,000 people signed on touse. Over 3,800 pack designs were uploaded, 54 times more than the 70 we created. Our packs became the talk of the town withover HK$1.1M in free press. Post the campaign, consideration in consumption increased from a mere ‗breakfast‘ drink to anytimedrink. Youth also thought Vitasoy is ‗innovative‘ (89%) and ‗understands me‘ (69%).Creative ExecutionWe inspired consumers in print, outdoor, online, in vending machines and on Vitasoy‘s delivery trucks to express their care in-personusing Vitasoy‘s ―70 Instant Message Packs‖. The 70 designs effectively created on-the-shelf impact at point-of-purchase. Whenconsumers made the effort to send their friends messages using our packs, we connected them with Vitasoy in a way that celebrated70 years of friendship. They also became our evangelists connecting others with Vitasoy. We allowed consumers to personalise andwrite their own messages on special ‗blank‘ packs. They could select their messages using message stickers found in magazines,collect fridge magnets for everyday reminders and even post greeting cards to their family and friends. Through Vitasoy‘s website, weencouraged them to create customized messages and pack designs, upload them to blogs/Facebook and vote for their favourites. Asa result, we built real human connections, extended the usage and drove sales of Vitasoy.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaIn Hong Kong, Vitasoy is a household soy-drinks brand established since 1940. But its core consumers are in their 20s who faceplenty of other beverage options and saw Vitasoy more like a distant uncle. Our challenge was to help a 70-year-old Vitasoy engagea 20 year-old target and extend its usage consumption to drive sales. Technology is used by our target as a social connector; thevery thing that connects them has disconnected them. With more digital connections, there are fewer human connections. There‘smore screen time than face time; more online messaging than moments together. On Vitasoy‘s 70th anniversary, we saw anopportunity to reconnect our target by leveraging one of our strongest media channels- our own packs. We transformed Vitasoypacks into 70 limited-edition packs that carried messages of 70 different ‗moments‘ to give our messaging-obsessed consumers a‗new way‘ to express themselves - live and in-person.
  • 141. Media - Silver
  • 142. Best Consumer EngagementTitle: A HUNTER SHOOTS A BEARAdvertiser/Client: BIC / TIPP-EXProduct/Service: POCKET MOUSEEntrant Company: BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCEResults and EffectivenessIn 100 days the Tippex Youtube channel received more than 35,5 million views. Average brand exposure was 5 minutes Thetippexperience hit 217 countries around the world The ad was shared 380 000 times on social media with a virality rate of 500%RESULTS TO DATE 46 million views Shares, likes and comments on Facebook : +1M Tweets : 220 000 60 000 online articlesInternational TV coverage Tipp-ex sales : +30% vs 2009 between 2nd September and 15th October 2010 (Europe / volumes) On theEuropean market, the purchasing intention has doubled during the campaign, according to the Ipsos test.Creative ExecutionAn interactive Youtube rich media campaign. The tippexperience starts with a Youtube video. A hunter suddenly faces a bear in thewoods. Should he shoot? Viewers must decide. Whatever the choice is, the hunter reaches out of the Youtube video and grabs theTipp-Ex Pocket Mouse from the banner on the side. He whites out the word « shoots » and for the 1st time ever on Youtube, invitesviewers to choose the end of the story by writing their own verbs directly in the title. Anything you type gets a video response. Youget to write and rewrite and possibilities are infinite. A ground breaking use of Youtube, added to an infinite online interaction andthe challenge to find all the verbs created the Tippexperience.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaTo coincide with the back-to-school period, Tipp-ex, an European correction fluid company, wants to promote online its whiteoutPocket Mouse. The target is pupils, students and customers of Tipp-ex. Tipp-Ex set the bar high with its interactive campaign drawingviewers into a choose-your-own-story-style video journey. The effort broke down the boundaries of the video player, utilizing thewhole screen to exemplify the use of its white-out product. The strategy was to engage viewers through a ground breaking andentertaining online product demonstration : the Tippexperience. Our strategy was to create a specific relation between this targetand the brand, and increase goodwill value towards Tipp-ex.
  • 143. Media - Silver
  • 144. Best Use of Social Media MarketingTitle: F**K TREEAdvertiser/Client: THE NATIONAL HIV COUNCILProduct/Service: HIV & STD AWARENESSEntrant Company: STARCOM SWEDEN Stockholm, SWEDENResults and EffectivenessOver a million people used the F**K Tree. The campaign reached over 90% of the target group through earned, bought and ownedmedia valued at over 2 million Euros. The F**K Tree film was viewed over 1.25 million times and spread to 216 sites, with a highaffinity in the target group. Our follow-up study showed that the proportion of young people who discussed the risk of gettingsexually-transmitted-infections rose by 86%. The proportion of young people who discussed the use of condoms increased by 47%.F**K Tree improved the attitude towards condom usage of young Swedes by 27%.Creative Execution"When you have sex with somebody, you‘re having sex with everybody they ever had sex with.‖ We created a Web application calledF**K Tree. The functionality is simple, meaningful and real-time: login via Facebook Connect, where you‘re prompted to enter howmany people you‘ve had sex with. The application generates a tree out of pictures of your Facebook friends—and their friends—toillustrate how many people you have statistically and potentially had sex with. Throughout the F**K Tree experience, participantsreceived new knowledge about Swedish sexual habits in entertaining and meaningful ways. To spread the F**K Tree experiencefurther, we created a viral film with young Swedish celebrities showing how the F**K Tree works in real life, and we collaborated witha range of super bloggers with different audiences of varying sexual orientations. Instead of telling people a message, we showed itto them. And by using the people they know and love, we made it personal.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaEven though awareness of sexually transmitted diseases is high in Sweden, only 56% of young adults aged 18-29 thought condomswere necessary during casual sex. No surprise, then, that the spread of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) has risen at a rate ofover 20% and HIV by 12% over the last two years. Condom advertising in Sweden traditionally takes the route of scare tactics, andthe target audience had become immune to them. In order to influence and actually change Swedish youths‘ attitudes andbehaviours, we had to be more than provocative. We had to get personal. We had to seduce the minds of the target, to createadvocates who would start spreading the word about safe sex on their own, among themselves. So we turned to the ultimateplatform for word of mouth: Facebook
  • 145. Media - Silver
  • 146. Best Use of Social Media MarketingTitle: OLD SPICE RESPONSESAdvertiser/Client: PROCTER & GAMBLEProduct/Service: OLD SPICEEntrant Company: WIEDEN+KENNEDY Portland, USAResults and EffectivenessThe ―Response‖ campaign would go on to become one of the most popular interactive campaigns of all time. Building Relationships• 300K direct consumer mentions of ―Old Spice‖ online • Twitter followers increased 2700% • Facebook fan interactions increased800% • Facebook fans increased 60% • traffic increased 300% • Old Spice became the #1 All-Time Most Viewed and#1 Most Subscribed Branded Channel on YouTube Views and Impressions • 40MM YouTube views in less than a week • 200MMimpressions on Twitter alone • 600MM in earned (free) media impressionsCreative ExecutionThe answer? Have "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" like post custom video responses to his fans. In two and a half days, wefilmed 186 video responses, starting with fans who had already commented about the campaign including well-known and influentialpeople like Perez Hilton and Ellen DeGeneres. These initial video responses went live across all of Old Spice‘s social media channelsand, along with a Twitter promoted trend, fuelled widespread interest in the campaign and elicited even more comments from fans.For the next two days we pulled from real time questions on twitter, Facebook, reddit and more and posted real time responses onYouTube.Insights, Strategy and the Idea―The Man Your Man Could Smell Like‖ debuted in 2010 and quickly became a sensation. Originally created to spark a conversationbetween men and women about Old Spice body wash, the campaign helped to revive this once ―tired‖ brand and created a wholenew generation of fans. By July of 2010 the Old Spice guy was a cultural phenomenon. On the heels of this overwhelming success anencore performance was a no brainer. But Old Spice wanted something more engaging. How could "The Man Your Man Could SmellLike" have a conversation with his fans on a more intimate, personal level?
  • 147. Media - Silver
  • 148. Best Use of Mobile DevicesTitle: THE COMMBANK PROPERTY GUIDE APPLICATIONAdvertiser/Client: THE COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIAProduct/Service: HOME LOANSEntrant Company: IKON COMMUNICATIONS Sydney, AUSTRALIAAdvertising Agency: THE WHITE AGENCY Sydney, AUSTRALIAResults and EffectivenessThe CommBank Property Guide has set a new industry benchmarks, evidenced by 120 pieces of national media coverage across TV,online and print (estimated circulation of 44 million instances). Just three and a half months since the launch, we exceeded the 6month stretch target of 100,000 downloads, a result that has translated into: • More than 455,000 user sessions • More than1,200,000 property searches • Tens of thousands of engagements with calculators, videos and articles The application itself averages45+ calls per week to the Commonwealth Bank which has translated into a return on marketing investment of 109%.Creative ExecutionTo deliver the assistance that property buyers needed on the move the Commonwealth Bank developed Australia‘s first complete endto end property search, research and financing mobile tool, Tthe CommBank Property Guide. The CommBank Property Guideprovides house hunters with insights into 95% of Australian Hhomes. Using augmented reality, valuable data including past saleshistory, current property listings, recent sales and estimated property value is mapped onto a real world view. This uniquefunctionality creates a friendly way to deliver the relevant information and context to property buyers as they need it on the go. Inaddition core financial tools including calculators, videos and guides are provided to ensure home buyers are making the rightfinancing choice. Click to call functionality and an ‗arrange an appointment‘ contact form allows instant access to the bank once thebuyer is ready.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaIn a market experiencing rising interest rates it would be easy to believe that mortgage lenders rates would be the only factoraffecting a consumer‘s choice in home loan provider. On the contrary research indicated that property buyers weren‘t just searchingfor the lowest rate. Rather, a trusted source of advice to walk them through the home buying process before making the final homeloan application. This need for assistance extended to the property search itself with 72% of customers using their laptop or mobilephone to access information while on the move. With mobile internet access reaching 36%,home buyers had access to selectproperty data however multiple sources, restricted access and sometimes required payment made the data impossible to consumeon the go. The communications strategy focused on making relevant and proprietary information easily accessible to home buyerswhilst on the move through one single platform, the mobile phone.
  • 149. Media - Silver
  • 150. Best Use of PrintCategory: Best Use of Mobile DevicesTitle: THE SAMPLERAdvertiser/Client: CONVERSEProduct/Service: MOBILE APPEntrant Company: R/GA New York, USAResults and EffectivenessThe Converse Sampler is a category first that has changed the way people shop for shoes online. There were over 10,000 downloadsof the app. Approximately 240,000 products viewed and 22,500 photos of sneakers taken to date.Creative ExecutionThrough augmented reality, now you can try on Converse classics and other collections virtually with The Sampler app. Afterbrowsing the collections and picking your favourite model, simply position your mobile camera towards your foot and scale the shoeto fit over your foot. When you find the model that suits you, snap a pic to add it to your gallery. You can also share it with friendson Facebook and get their reactions. When you‘ve reached a decision, buy the pair directly from the app.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaOnline shopping is problematic because you can‘t try on what you‘re looking at. Mobile shopping can be even trickier. Converse hasalways been a brand that stands for innovation. Adding to that tradition, we created a new way for their customers to shop usingtheir iPhones.
  • 151. Media - Silver
  • 152. Best Use of Integrated MediaTitle: DATED PILLOWSAdvertiser/Client: PACIFIC BRANDSProduct/Service: PILLOWSEntrant Company: HAPPY SOLDIERS Sydney, AUSTRALIAResults and EffectivenessOur idea changed the entire company. From the machinery they use and the production line, to the way they are packaged,advertised and sold. More importantly, it changed peoples‘ perceptions about keeping pillows for too long. During the week of thecampaign, sales rocketed giving Tontine +345% increase on regular sales. Perhaps more importantly, the sales growth hasmaintained averaging +50% per week. This proves 3 things: 1) the strength of a genuine breakthrough idea, 2) a short term blitz canhave long term effect, 3) the date stamped pillow is sustaining sales – it‘s a medium in and of itself.Creative ExecutionA business changing idea that‘s also a media idea: We created a ‗best before‘ stamp for Tontine pillows; a hard working medium thatacts as a constant reminder. But a stamp alone is not sufficient reason to change your pillow. We needed media to make itimpossible for them to continue sleeping on their current pillow. We created an intense 5-day media activation that: a) Leveraged thepower of media channels close to bedtime - making it difficult for the audience to sleep that night. b) Used breakfast media toremind people when they woke up - to trigger conversation and purchase. Creative executions were tailored to the specific time ofday and media context. We used the combination of concentrated weight and unsettling content to multiply the reach of paid media.The activation started on Wednesday evening leading up to the weekend when we had an integrated retail event.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaObjective: The biggest pillow manufacturer in Australia had a problem; people weren‘t changing their pillows often enough. Eventhough prior research found stains to be the biggest reason to change pillows, people‘s love for their favourite pillow was blind. Weneeded to awaken the category and trigger immediate purchase (+30% sales target). Challenge: You can‘t underestimate the intimaterelationship people have with their pillow – confessing to it; crying into it; hugging it. However, they have no signal; no convention;no way of knowing when to change their pillow. How do we get people to immediately reassess their relationship with their pillowand stimulate purchase? Insight: After 2 years a pillow contains an entire eco-system of dead skin cells and the bugs and fungi thatfeed on them. We needed to expose this ugly truth and create a consumer problem. And then answer that with an ‗only-Tontine‘long term solution.
  • 153. Media - Silver
  • 154. Best Use of Integrated MediaTitle: THE MEGANE EXPERIMENTAdvertiser/Client: RENAULTProduct/Service: MEGANEEntrant Company: PUBLICIS LONDON, UNITED KINGDOMResults and EffectivenessWe generated 417,873 unique microsite visitors. Rich banner CTR reached 0.28% (twice automotive industry norms), viral content CTRreached 4.98% and YouTube content exceeded 313,000 views. PR generated £1.8 million worth of earned media. MÉGANE marketshare increased 52% compared to 2009, while the market leader‘s sales declined 16%. Brand scores for ―personality and character‖increased from 11.9 to 19.4 at the campaign peak. Gisburn residents introduced more joie de vivre into their lives opening a new deli,voting to twin their town with Claude‘s hometown and setting up a Zumba class. And yes, a car really did change a town.Creative ExecutionWe approached The MÉGANE Experiment like a documentary, not a commercial. We sent one man (Claude) to Gisburn, Lancashire tospread the joie among the town‘s inhabitants and filmed how they reacted to him and his MÉGANE. The resulting eleven minute filmwas completely unscripted and everything you see is genuine. The film was hosted on the MÉGANE Experiment website along withinteractive games, Facebook links, and a Joie map of the UK. Driving consumers to the microsite was a fully integrated mediacampaign (TV, press, online display and PR) designed to build as much noise as possible to help earn additional media coverage innews and entertainment programming. This is the next generation of advertising. Not just making a bold claim, but taking a producttruth and proving it on air with real people in an entertaining, fascinating, and ultimately moving film about the transformation of asmall town in Lancashire.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaOur challenge was to raise awareness of the RENAULT MÉGANE among people who would normally make the safe choice and buy aFord Focus – fine car, but hardly a statement of personal taste. MÉGANE had the looks and the style but no clear personality. Wedecided to position the car as ‗anti-bland‘. We thought it was interesting that towns with higher MÉGANE sales were statisticallymore likely to be populated with more fertile, happier, longer living people. This sparked a thought: could the MÉGANE be made toappear responsible for this? The most powerful way to promote this thought would be to test it. What would happen if we broughtall that joie de vivre from a French town to an English town? Could we convince its inhabitants to embrace the French way of life andthe car that epitomises it? In fact, could a car change a town?
  • 155. Media - Silver
  • 156. Best Use of Integrated MediaTitle: AMERICAN ROMAdvertiser/Client: KANDIA DULCEProduct/Service: SNACKEntrant Company: McCANN ERICKSON Bucharest, ROMANIAResults and EffectivenessThe campaign reached 67% of Romanians and generated €300,000 of free publicity. Online response was phenomenal: in six days,ROM‘s website had 75,000 unique visitors; Facebook fans rose by 300%; supporters launched petitions and even organised a flash-mob in the capital. All brand image indicators have exploded, especially ‗ROM is a brand for me‘, which more than doubled, with a124% increase. ROM outperformed the market, with a 20% growth (compared to 8.2% category growth) in the most relevant channel,hypermarkets. Most importantly, ROM ousted Snickers to become Romanians‘ favourite chocolate bar, with a 79% increase of theindicator.Creative ExecutionWe replaced the Romanian ROM on the shelves with an American one – same product, but branded with the US flag. TV and OOHads launched the American ROM, boasting that the ‗cool‘ new image will make Romanians feel prouder. In-store ‗American‘ brandambassadors encouraged sampling among youngsters. We encouraged social media discussions about this ‗American takeover‘ viathe live forum on Rom‘s website and Rom‘s Facebook page. Twitter and blogs amplified the debate which was monitored andmoderated via a 24/7 ‗War Room‘ within the agency. Seven days later, following massive patriotic resurgence, TV commercialsannounced the Romanian ROM‘s comeback. All promotional material was changed overnight. The buzz spread into TV programmesand we rewarded Romanian Rom‘s biggest online supporters inviting them to participate in TV debates. The final reward was ananthem dedicated to the Romanian ROM and its fans – sang by real supporters of the brand.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaROM is the Romanian traditional chocolate bar that we all grew up with. Launched in 1964, with the Romanian flag on its wrapper, itenjoys 95% brand awareness. Yet its share and volume were plummeting with only 14.5% of people listing it as their favourite brand.ROM had an ageing consumer base feeling nostalgic and patriotic about the brand, but lacked new, younger fans. Young Romaniansare disillusioned and cynical, only 12% describing themselves as patriots. They prefer ‗cool‘ American confectionery brands likeSnickers and Mars. How could ROM, a chocolate bar wrapped in the Romanian flag, gain appeal to youngsters so disengaged withnational values? We knew that although Romanians tend to be negative about themselves and their country, their patriotism returnswhen challenged. This ‗reactive patriotism‘ underpinned our groundbreaking campaign that challenged young people‘s national egoin order to re-establish ROM as a cherished Romanian product and icon.
  • 157. Media - Silver
  • 158. Fast Moving Consumer GoodsTitle: GOL OOOLAdvertiser/Client: COCA-COLAProduct/Service: COCA-COLA 2010 WORLD CUPEntrant Company: JWT BRAZIL São Paulo, BRAZILResults and EffectivenessWe also placed the COCA-COLA song with the new goal cry among the Top 5 ad Top 20 of the major radio stations in Brazil;Knaan+Skank. Check out what some Brazilian fans started to sing in stadiums: Gol oô ôolCreative ExecutionWe made COCA-COLA become the proud owner of the most important moment in soccer. This was only possible because wecreated a media that did not previously exist. In all the games broadcast by one of the largest open TV networks in the country, thegoal was celebrated with the COCA-COLA cry.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaWe changed the way Brazil shouts goal. Historically, it used to be: gooool And now it is: Gol oô ôol.
  • 159. Media - Silver
  • 160. Other Consumer Products (including Durable Goods)Title: WASHING TUNNELAdvertiser/Client: LG ELECTRONICSProduct/Service: WASHING MACHINEEntrant Company: Y&R SOUTH AFRICA Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICAResults and EffectivenessAs a result of this media placement, the idea reached a much larger audience internationally than just those present at the Rugbymatches. The idea supported LG‘s platform as being a major sponsor to one of the nation‘s favourite games as well as reinforcingthem as the leaders in innovation. Sales of the washer increased significantly, in excess of 300%.Creative ExecutionIn order to leverage LG‘s sponsorship of Rugby in South Africa, we placed hoardings at International Super Rugby games in front ofthe players‘ tunnels. Players would interact with the washer, running out clean, and running back in dirty at half time where theychanged kits and ran out clean again. This effectively illustrated the washers USP of handling large loads and ensuring that theywould come out spotless. Spectators at the games and those watching on television saw this happen, and it created the desiredexcitement and hype. It appeared on the web, social media sites, the press as well as television news and highlights. All thesechannels played out time and time again, ensuring a large amount of free publicity where even those not interested in Rugby stillgot to see the idea at play.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaWe were tasked with launching the LG 11kg under-counter steam washer. This had to create hype and interest to ensure thatcustomers were aware of its unique abilities and large capacity. The target market, mainly higher LSM females, see LG as a leader ininnovative technology and are aware that buying LG means buying a superior product, however the client also wanted to generateexcitement beyond this. The unique insight was simply the products USP - it‘s really big and cleans very dirty clothing in a way otherwashers are unable to do. The execution, placed at a rugby match, was relevant to both client and target audience, as LG is already asponsor of 3 South African rugby franchises. As it is one of the country‘s biggest sports, with a very high percentage of femalespectators, we were guaranteed to reach our target audience through the medium.
  • 161. Media - Silver
  • 162. Other Consumer Products (including Durable Goods)Title: SAMSUNG LED 3D TVAdvertiser/Client: SAMSUNGProduct/Service: LED 3D TVEntrant Company: STARCOM THE NETHERLANDS Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDSResults and EffectivenessWhile only 1,000 visitors attended the event, the buzz generated 18% reach of the Dutch population, about three million people.News of the event spread to 120 countries, reaching over 50 million people worldwide and the story was covered by 2,000 additionalwebsites and blogs. YouTube reported over one million streams and ranked the campaign as the eighth most-subscribed sponsoredchannel ever. Most importantly, Samsung increased its share of the LCD/LED market by 25% and 30% respectively in the Netherlands.Samsung garnered its highest TOMA increase (index 193), highest brand preference (index 125), and highest ad recall (index 183).Creative ExecutionTo immerse our audience in the feeling of 3D we created the world‘s first large-scale commercial 3D projection at the historic Beursvan Berlage in Amsterdam. Imagine walking down the street and seeing a historic landmark crack and crumble right before your veryeyes. The windows shatter explosively as giant butterflies emerge from darkness and flutter right over your head. And that‘s just theintro. Our 3D projection transported viewers into an alternate reality, showcasing the awesome power of Samsung‘s 3D technology.The projection ran for three nights and was captured by hundreds of visitors on cell phones and cameras, sparking a rampant viralcampaign. We used Foursquare,, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to reach our intended audience and spread videos, photos,and blog posts. After the event, we capitalized on our social footprint by adding an interactive layer with YouTube‘s first worldwidegame-take-over.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaHow do you describe 3D to someone who has never seen it? You can‘t. It‘s impossible to capture the magic of 3D with words andflat images. Samsung faced this challenge as they débuted their first line of 3D LED TVs. The 3D TV market was uncharted territory,open for the taking. Samsung had to make an immediate impact to establish themselves as the owners of the 3D home experience.Advertisers had yet to deliver a truly unique and impressive activation within this category. While the masses were still upgrading toHD, Samsung wanted to capitalize on the early adopters who were ready for the next big thing. We needed to announce that thefuture of 3D had arrived, but how could we advertise the wonders of 3D in 2D?
  • 163. Media - Silver
  • 164. Commercial Public Services incl. Healthcare & MedicalTitle: WE MIXED INDIA!Advertiser/Client: TATA SKYProduct/Service: SATELLITE TV SERVICEEntrant Company: MAXUS Mumbai, INDIAResults and EffectivenessGFK Mode research scores for ‗cost perception‘ and ‗value for money‘ for TATA SKY increased by 10% & 5% respectively.Subscriptions to ‗TruChoice‘ TATA SKY packages touched a record 1.4 million. The effort won ―The Gold‖ for the best work ontelevision in Indian Advertising for 2010 in the coveted Goafest‘ 2011 awards. This never done before execution of ―mixing languageon different channels‖ is a classic case of innovation that was not only relevant but also effective as it delivered desired subscriptionsfor TATA SKY.Creative ExecutionWe mixed India! In the middle of live content of a language channel, we aired content with a different language. Viewers did notunderstand the new language and were caught by surprise. For example, a Western Indian language channel aired Eastern Indianlanguage content during live programming. It was followed up with a message reminding viewers not to pay for channels that theydon‘t watch. A message to switch to TATA SKY DTH followed. Post this, the regular live programming resumed. 12 leading languagechannels created 42 similar situations of language change. This engagement surprised 7.3 million audiences and made them realizethat they were currently paying for languages they don‘t understand. The integration into live content ensured that there was no lossof viewership that otherwise happens during commercial ad breaks. A single idea cut through multiple cultures and demographics.This was a first on Indian Television.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaIndia is a country with 21 different languages spoken exclusively in 27 different states. Viewers of one language often don‘tunderstand other languages. Such diversity has resulted in multiple language channels in India. However, cable networks and direct-to-home (DTH) players bundle all different language channels in a single offering, hence forcing the viewers to pay for channels thatthey don‘t understand and watch. To allow viewers to reduce cost burden of non-viewed channels, TATA SKY DTH introduced‗Truchoice‘, a unique package allowing them to pay only for the language channels they understand. Media thus had to makeconsumers realize that they were paying for channels they don‘t even watch. Insight - ―Realizations are deeper when one is caught bysurprise‖- led us to do what has never been done before. We caught viewers unexpectedly by making them watch what they don‘tunderstand and telling them not to pay for it.
  • 165. Media - Silver
  • 166. Travel, Entertainment & LeisureTitle: THE 250KM WAVEAdvertiser/Client: KYUSHU RAILWAY COMPANYProduct/Service: KYUSHU BULLET TRAINEntrant Company: DENTSU Tokyo, JAPANResults and EffectivenessAll of Kyushu Participated The number of participants reached more than 30,000. Those gathered became individual media,encouraging their neighbours to participate, who would then do the same with their neighbours and so on. Everyone participated forfree. Over 2 hours of TV coverage, coverage in all of Kyushu‘s newspapers, KYUSHU SHINKANSEN special tickets sold out in 15seconds.Creative ExecutionA 250km ‗Wave‘ Through various media, we invited the local residents to ‗do the wave‘ by the tracks during the Shinkansen‘s test runand held ‗The 250km Wave Across Kyushu‘ on the day. In an era overtaken by virtual communication, our challenge was to create anoverwhelming sense of celebration within a very real environment. In addition to ads, we also approached local governments,companies and educational institutions with our call for participation, providing self-motivation by encouraging them to see this astown revitalization projects. The local residents themselves became individual media and actively invited people around them. On theday of the Shinkansen‘s test run, we filmed the record-setting celebratory wave across Kyushu from the bullet train. The footage ofthe world‘s longest shoot spanning 250km was used in the campaign‘s TV spots and print ads as a record of the celebration.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaCreating Festivity and Participation The KYUSHU SHINKANSEN Launch Campaign was to mark the opening of all Kyushu bullet trainlines in the island of Kyushu. Still struggling with the ongoing recession, it was a ‗once in a 100 years‘ type of event for the localresidents and thus, we set out to expand this railroad news to create a massive ‗festival‘, one where all residents of Kyushu, both oldand young, would want to participate voluntarily, making the event personal to each of them, so that they could all share in the joyand celebration.
  • 167. Media - Silver
  • 168. Retail and E-Commerce, including RestaurantsTitle: THE ROTISSERIE CHANNELAdvertiser/Client: CARA OPERATIONSProduct/Service: SWISS CHALET RESTAURANTEntrant Company: BBDO CANADA Toronto, CANADAResults and EffectivenessThe goal was 10,000 coupon downloads over 3 months. Week one, we got 13,707. We collected over 2.5 million Likes from users,20,000 new Facebook friends, and chicken orders went up 30% almost immediately. It was the number 2 trending topic on Twitterand has earned over 36 million free media impressions. Tons of earned media with skyrocketing sales, and we even created a newrevenue stream for cable companies. What more could you ask for?Creative ExecutionOur solution was a TV channel dedicated to showing delicious rotisserie chicken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The campaign beganwith a teaser video, posted to and The next day a press release went out to the subscriber websiteMedia In Canada. After the press release hit, word was spreading. ―Swiss Chalet‖ and ―rotisserie‖ both became trending topics ontwitter. We responded instantly and used what the public was saying about the rotisserie channel to create a new online video,showcasing quotes from actual tweets. Next came the TV, newspaper, online, and billboard campaign. Simultaneously, people acrossthe country were seeing a television spot, banners ads, and in some cities they saw print ads and billboards as well. All of thatculminated in the actual airing of the channel, at which point coupon downloads and sales both skyrocketed.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaFounded in 1958 and with 300 restaurants across the country, Swiss Chalet is a Canadian institution. People across the countryidentify it with delicious rotisserie chicken. But how do we push that thought even further into the public consciousness? We giverotisserie chicken something that‘s never been done before – it‘s own cable channel. We bring it into the homes of people acrossCanada and make it famous. Its relevance to Swiss Chalet is unquestionable. In Canada, Swiss Chalet owns rotisserie chicken. Howwas it relevant to the target audience? It put an end to that age-old question ―what do you want to watch?‖
  • 169. Media - Silver
  • 170. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: KIMBOAdvertiser/Client: UNICEFProduct/Service: UNICEFEntrant Company: JWT Madrid, SPAINResults and EffectivenessWe communicated in a different way to the other NGO´s using the name as a media so that we received very high coverage thatreached almost all the population. The campaign generated 110 news items with an estimated audience of 18 million people, thatmeans an economic value of 390,000 € Internet: 192,000 visits and 32,485 registrations. 43,000 likes and 4,551 more fans in Facebook(151%). On Twitter the number of followers increased 62%. 2,289 mentions in blogs and forums. More than 50 companies joined thecampaign.Creative ExecutionWe made a TV spot with the legendary NBA Star Pau Gasol, then many celebrities joined by changing their names, and soon it wasan unstoppable social movement followed by thousands of people in Spain.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaWe gave an example of helping save the lives of kids with a tale made for real: "If you change your name, you can save a life". Sobecause everybody has a name, everybody can help. Unicef wanted captive audiences communicating in a different way to the otherNGO´s, using new media like social networks and trying to get as many e-mails as possible for use on their database when there isan emergency and need help. The audience was from 0 to 99 (so everyone), but Unicef in this case didnt come with hardinformation about kids that die everyday in the world, this time the option was more emotional to get to their hearts with a beautifulbut powerful example of helping. The client found a powerful message of helping that was quickly understood by the audience thatmade a simple commercial become a social movement.
  • 171. Media - Silver
  • 172. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: SILHOUETTES IN MEMORIAMAdvertiser/Client: AMIAProduct/Service: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTREEntrant Company: OGILVY ARGENTINA Buenos Aires, ARGENTINAResults and EffectivenessThe campaign had a great repercussion in all the communication channels marking an estimated media coverage worth $5,488,386.The action was seen by thousands of people with a great repercussion in all the communication media triggering 22% theattendance to the acts of memory. And making the entire Argentina society understand it was a TERRORIST ATTACK AGAINSTARGENTINA.Creative ExecutionWith the goal of clearly exposing the degree of the criminal act committed against an entire nation, and to strongly support the fightfor justice, we created an action locating physical figures of the victims in the exact spots they were, minutes before they lost theirlives. In the same streets walked by thousands of Argentines every day.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaCONTEXT: July 18th, 1994. A strong explosion changed the lives of the Argentine people. The deadliest terrorist attack in the nation‘shistory devastated the main offices of the most emblematic Jewish Organization of Argentina, the AMIA, causing the death of 85people. The Argentine society continues associating the terrorist attack as committed only against the Jewish people resulting in aconstant decrease of attendance to the acts of memory. As a consequence of the indifference, and 15 years after the attack, the caseremains unresolved.
  • 173. Media - Bronze
  • 174. Media - Bronze
  • 175. Best Use of ScreensTitle: NICKELODEON AND LEGO TURN TV STATION OFFAdvertiser/Client: LEGOProduct/Service: LEGO BOARD GAMESEntrant Company: MEDIAPLUS Munich, GERMANYResults and EffectivenessThe game day brought about an amazing response from children and families. The campaign created a buzz on the internet and wasdiscussed in countless portals, forums and on Facebook. Mothers were thrilled, retailers were happy and LEGO registered a 28%increase in awareness of its board games during the promotion period. Ownership grew by 67% and the desire to buy the productsincreased by as much as 71%. (Research May/June 2010, All mums, kids 6-11).Creative ExecutionIn order to encourage the children to play, the complete Nickelodeon program was turned off between 12 noon and 6 pm. In itsplace, there was only a LEGO-sponsored black screen displaying the motto: ―Play instead of watching TV!‖ The appeal to spend theafternoon playing with LEGO was communicated in many different ways during the run-up to the campaign. The station broadcaston-air and online appeals to spend the TV-free day playing with LEGO. The board game product line had been placed in commercialbreaks prior to the TV-free afternoon, with TV sweepstake trailers calling on people to participate in a LEGO sweepstakes on the TVstation‘s website. The product line‘s integration into Nickelodeon‘s teletext and newsletter drew additional attention to the new LEGOgames. The appeal to spend the afternoon not watching TV, combined with incentives to play with LEGO, created a desire in childrento participate in the game day, thus making it a complete success.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaIn August 2009, LEGO introduced board games to the market. The board games combine playing a classical dice game with LEGObuilding. The challenge, after the successful campaigns conducted during the dark, board game-conducive months of the year, wasto carry the relevance of the LEGO games over to spring and summer, while strengthening the LEGO games‘ foothold in the boardgame market and continuing their successful positive positioning with children and adults. Kids love LEGO but often spend far toomany hours watching TV – much to the chagrin of their mothers. How could this be changed? An occasion was created for familiesto try out the new LEGO games instead of watching TV. A bold idea: could a TV station be persuaded to simply turn off its kids‘program for an entire afternoon? Nickelodeon was game and turned off its program for an entire afternoon as part of LEGO‘s ―Moreplay, less TV!‖ promotion.
  • 176. Media - Bronze
  • 177. Best Use of ScreensTitle: CHARMIN PRE COMMERCIALSAdvertiser/Client: PROCTER & GAMBLEProduct/Service: TOILET PAPEREntrant Company: PUBLICIS NEW YORK, USAResults and EffectivenessThe pre-commercials met or exceeded our objectives in ARS and Nielsen IAG research. In ARS, ―makes going to the bathroom moreenjoyable‖ scores were commensurate with a :30 (85% for ―Pit Stop‖ and 83% for ―Enjoy the Go‖). In-market, the pre-commercialsscored Brand Linkage at 74% of a :30 and Purchase Interest Shift scored at 82% of a :30. Brand Opinion shifted at or above par withP&G Sponsorship (12%), Nielsen Bath Tissue Branded Entertainment (57%) and Household Products Norms (64%). As time went onduring airings, Brand Opinion and Purchase Interest continued to rise, peaking in the final week.Creative ExecutionWe created a new media vehicle – the pre-commercial – using the 10 seconds leading into the commercial break to let people knowthat the commercial break is coming, and produced 2 executions ―Pit Stop‖ and ―Enjoy the Go,‖ running on Lifetime & VH-1. Thisnew vehicle merged context and content and helped consumers understand that Charmin makes going to the bathroom moreenjoyable by giving the gift of a break. We understood that this brief, simple medium (no voice-over, no music) required that weleverage what have become our key assets: the iconic Charmin Bears. By using them, we were able to be direct in talking aboutgoing to the bathroom in a charming and inoffensive way.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaWe had the opportunity to merge content and context in a completely new way for our strategic target – women who know a qualitybath tissue makes a meaningful difference. Our objectives were to leverage television – our targets‘ #1 media choice to 1) build top-of-mind awareness of our overall equity (―makes going to the bathroom more enjoyable‖), and 2) shift brand opinion at or abovenorms. We know that these women look to television to be both entertained and informed and usually wait until the commercialbreak to use the bathroom. A paradox for us, as Charmin would never encourage anyone to hold it in, yet our target is missing ourmessaging while in the bathroom.
  • 178. Media - Bronze
  • 179. Best Use of PrintTitle: TEST DRIVEAdvertiser/Client: VOLKSWAGENProduct/Service: VOLKSWAGENEntrant Company: TRY ADVERTISING AGENCY Oslo, NORWAYResults and EffectivenessThe day after the SMS was sent to potential customers, the application was number one of the downloaded applications in AppStoreNorway, in the Utilities category. Volkswagen dealers received hundreds of requests for a real test drive. Anyway, this solution shoulddo more than lead to measurable numbers, it should consolidate Vokswagens position as the most innovative car brand. Accordingto surveys done in the Norwegian the market, Volkswagen has increased awareness of their pay off, Innovations to the masses.Volkswagen Passat is Norways most sold car so far this year.Creative ExecutionWith this solution Volkswagen do more than talk about innovations. They show it. In a way that is an innovation in itself. Wechallenged the traditional print ad format. Using the print ad and the application, for the first time potential customers got thechance to test drive a Volkswagen in a newspaper.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaOne of Volkswagens focus areas is to be a leader in innovation and new technology. But advanced driving assistance systems andsafety solutions can be difficult to explain. We developed a lead generation campaign targeted towards innovators and earlyadaptors in the market by giving them an opportunity to try out the new innovations by using new innovations. We published a printad as a test road in Norway‘s leading magazines inviting the readers to download an iPhone app and try out the innovations forthemselves.
  • 180. Media - Bronze
  • 181. Best Use of PrintTitle: SCIROCCO CUPAdvertiser/Client: VOLKSWAGENProduct/Service: VOLKSWAGENEntrant Company: OGILVY BEIJING, CHINAResults and EffectivenessFrom these insertions came over 900,000 page views, over 200,000 unique visitors and over 50,000 virtually racing on the SciroccoCup tracks. In addition, huge buzz over the racing game turned into over 52,000 registering for the Scirocco Camp which was a fewmore than VW could accommodate, but enthusiasm for the race and the Scirocco itself had been attained. Over 7% of the virtualracers signed up for test drives making 2010 VWs best year ever for Scirocco sales. For VW, it supported (and leveraged) the fun,active, tech-advanced attributes which are so important to the brand.Creative ExecutionA flap/insert on the outside of magazines led the reader to a print ad about the event. The flap turned out to be a racing wheel tobe used in the Scirocco Cup 2010 Augmented Reality race that was as near as their computer. The instant racers chose from the 7tracks that the professional Scirocco Cup races would take place on around the country. Since Scirocco is really a product thatattracts young trendsetter and car enthusiasts with a love for modern technology, this creative execution engaged them on multiplelevels: speed, competition, new gadgetry, and as an adrenaline-pumping experience, either alone or with friends.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaAs the Scirocco Cup Professional Racing Circuit was coming to China, VW wanted to build excitement for the events, and also usethe events to leverage their 2010 Scirocco. Since few people from their target were able to attend the races (or even see them on TVas they were not televised) VW wanted to bring the excitement of the racing experience to people.
  • 182. Media - Bronze
  • 183. Best Use of PrintTitle: PROBABLY THE BEST AD IN THE WORLDAdvertiser/Client: CARLSBERGProduct/Service: BEEREntrant Company: DUVAL GUILLAUME ANTWERP/MODEM, BELGIUMResults and EffectivenessMore then 350,000 people viewed the tutorial video online.Creative ExecutionWe created an ad that allows you to open your bottle of CARLSBERG. It‘s named ‗probably the best ad in the world‘. Readers weresent to to see how it works.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaCARLSBERG is known to be ‗probably the best beer in the world‘. Brief: create a print ad for a men‘s magazine that convinces readersof the CARLSBERG claim.
  • 184. Media - Bronze
  • 185. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small ScaleTitle: SPONGEPILLAdvertiser/Client: GLAXOSMITHKLINEProduct/Service: PAIN RELIEFEntrant Company: 4 AM SAATCHI & SAATCHI Guatemala, GUATEMALAResults and EffectivenessThe sales of Panadol Ultra increased by 45% in the targeted rural areas, becoming the only brand that has been able to conquer amarket that until then had been impossible to penetrate.Creative ExecutionWe made a visual representation of the benefit. We found a medium that would feel natural to them, something habitual in theirdaily lives; carrying things on their head. That‘s why we created a sponge in the shape of a Panadol Ultra pill, which they could useas a cushion and help them reduce the discomfort and headaches that this habit generates. This was not only for their personalbenefit, but also these women became walking ads for Panadol Ultra.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaThe objective was to position Panadol Ultra in rural areas of Guatemala, where most of the population is comprised of women fromMayan descent with high levels of illiteracy, as the brand that eliminates headaches. The insight was simple: we needed to figure outa way to communicate with an audience who couldnt read or write, and at the same time we had to promote the brand.
  • 186. Media - Bronze
  • 187. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small ScaleTitle: SAFE CHILD ON THE NETAdvertiser/Client: NOBODY CHILD FOUNDATIONProduct/Service: INTERNET SAFETYEntrant Company: PUBLICIS Warsaw, POLANDResults and EffectivenessAgitated parents, intrigued journalists and buzz heard far outside Coccodrillo chain stores. This action received media coverage fromTV, newspapers, and dozens of portals and blogs - cost of publishing was about 70 thousands of zlotych. The foundation‘s site hasnever had that many visitors - 100% more.Creative ExecutionWe showed virtual reality infiltrating the real world in a shocking way. We used a hanger with kids underwear on it and a hand cursorreaching into a place where no parent would like to see it. We got Coccodrillo, a kids clothes chain store, to cooperate. That alloweda nationwide reach and perfect targeting. We got to the parents just when they were thinking of their own kids. To increase thestopping power, we employed a magic word: promotion. We hung the panties among regular garments in the chain of kids clothesstores. They redirected the parents to safe-child-on-the-net website for more information on how to protect their kids from virtualpedophilia.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaThe sexual abuse of children is one of the most serious problems associated with the internet. Many parents are still not aware of thedangers their children face surfing the Web and don‘t know how to minimize the risk. Our purpose was to increase awareness of theproblem among parents and refer them to the safe-child-on-the-net website for more information.
  • 188. Media - Bronze
  • 189. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small ScaleTitle: BOOKS FRESHENERSAdvertiser/Client: 100 000 BOOKSProduct/Service: CHAIN OF BOOKSTORESEntrant Company: VOSKHOD Yekaterinburg, RUSSIAResults and EffectivenessBooks-fresheners gained popularity. Next month after promotion the attendance of ―100 000 books‖ grew by 23%. Now they aregoing to sell the fresheners in the chain‘s outlets. So the media itself has become the commodity of our client.Creative ExecutionBooks-fresheners appeared in WC in malls, business centers, offices, restaurants and household stores all over the city.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaTill 1990‘s Russia was the most reading country in the world. Now people read less. This decrease of demand became a real problemfor bookstores. Chain of bookstores ―100 000 books‖ decided to remind people about the necessity of reading. If there is one placeswhere all people still read - thats the toilet. When there‘s no book there, people read anything that is at hand and mostly airfresheners. We created fresheners with fragments of world best-sellers printed on them.
  • 190. Media - Bronze
  • 191. Best Use of Ambient Media: Small ScaleTitle: FUR FUR AWAY TOWELSAdvertiser/Client: PROCTER & GAMBLEProduct/Service: GILLETTEEntrant Company: BBDO GERMANY Düsseldorf, GERMANYResults and EffectivenessThousands of bath towels were stolen at the start of the summer season.Creative ExecutionIn summer, we spread the towels in parks, next to lakes, rivers, at outdoor swimming pools and on green areas, all around Germany.As soon as the towels were placed on grass, the grass stalks sprout out of the holes. It aroused people‘s attention, and promptedthem to shave.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaOnly 12% of women like men with body hair and 71,6 % of men prefer a shaved bikini zone. Gillette wanted to bring the topic ofbody shaving to the attention of men and women - just before summer as the topic of hair-removal is most relevant during thattime. With the start of the outdoor swimming season, our target audience gather in parks, next to lakes, rivers, at outdoor swimmingpools and on green areas in the city. The idea is the world‘s first bath towel with holes in areas where you would usually find bodyhair.
  • 192. Media - Bronze
  • 193. Best Use of Ambient Media: Large ScaleTitle: BIG STAINAdvertiser/Client: PROCTER & GAMBLEProduct/Service: ARIELEntrant Company: SAATCHI & SAATCHI GREAT WALL ADVERTISING Guangzhou, CHINAResults and Effectiveness• 113% increase in sales in the first month • 300% increase in brand awareness • 143 news stories in major press and magazines •Over 8 million views of the stunt online • Over US$1 million of PR valueCreative ExecutionWe created the ‗ARIEL Wii Game‘. Using Wii technology we created a larger than life fun demonstration to show how easy it is toeliminate tough stains with Ariel. Gigantic T-shirt were hanged up in public areas where passersby were invited to use different stainsWii controllers to stain the clothes then enjoy cleaning with ARIEL wii controller. The event was featured in 143 different mediaclippings. TV stations: SHTV, BTV, GDTV etc. Newspaper: Oriental Morning post, Guangzhou Daily, Beijing Evening News etc.Magazine: Southern Metropolis Weekly, Metro Weekly, The Bund, Life Style etc. Website: Fashion Trend Digest,, etc. Together, the media help to create awareness of ARIEL in short period of time.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaRaise awareness of ARIEL in China (a market where its awareness is low). And increase its sales in key cities across the country with aminimal budget. ARIEL is a challenger brand with low awareness. The laundry category is usually perceived as a necessary boringchore so we wanted to find a fun way to bring to life the powerful benefit of new ARIEL‘s liquid detergent. We create a game todemonstration of the cleaning power of ARIEL. People have fun with stains but also experience the satisfaction of getting rid of them.
  • 194. Media - Bronze
  • 195. Best Use of Ambient Media: Large ScaleTitle: GET LOST IN THE WEST ENDAdvertiser/Client: WEST END PARTNERSHIPProduct/Service: TOURISM CAMPAIGNEntrant Company: CAKE London, UNITED KINGDOMResults and Effectiveness• +35,000 people passed through the maze in five days! • Footfall in the area +3.1% (year-to-date) and sales +7.5%. • TV coverageon 12 channels across the UK, USA, Russia, Spain and China. • 16 million listened to the story via radio. • Over 220 pieces ofcoverage across the communications channels in five days. • Numerous consumer videos appeared on YouTube – over 20 videoswith views of over 30,000. • For less than £100,000 invested, the event secured a PR value over £4 million. • Total circulation of 602million. • A campaign media ROI of 38:1.Creative ExecutionWe created a labyrinth – a giant maze 30m square, 2.5m tall – in the heart of the West End‘s Trafalgar Square. Along each pathway,25 quirky WE facts were mounted on world-famous blue plaques. At the maze‘s center, visitors discovered a hidden gem(entertainment, food, musical performance) to highlight activities enjoyed in the WE. Monday: Stars from top WE shows performed.Tuesday: Chinatown arrived with a giant paper dragon weaving throughout the maze. Wednesday: London‘s finest tailors trimmedthe maze. Thursday: The renowned Piatti String Quartet performed. Friday: 60s tribute bands played homage to Carnaby Street,Vespas, and an exhibition of iconic photographs. TV and radio around the world covered the story, from BBC and ITV to China`sCCTV, Russia`s Kanal 1 and five US channels. National and international newspapers covered the event from the US to New Zealand.A dedicated social media push spread the story and consumer, travel, blogs, music, fashion, food and theatre sites covered the story.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaLondon‘s West End (WE) hosts a world-class mix of shops, theatres, museums, Michelin-star restaurants and green spaces. It accountsfor 1/5 of London‘s GDP, 300,000 jobs and retail spending of £6bn/year. With 200 million annual visitors, the West End Partnership(WEP) relies on tourism, yet visitors decreased 4.6% in 2010. The WEP is heavily investing in renewal for the 2012 Olympics. Ourchallenge was to encourage people to spend time exploring the area and the wide variety of experiences that the WE offers, and toachieve national/international press coverage. The first week of August is London‘s busiest with 10 million visitors. We gave them areason to get lost in the WE, and then rewarded them for doing so. But different cultures respond to different London assets, so wesent people on a mini-voyage of discovery, creating a microcosm of the West End showcasing all that the area offered.
  • 196. Media - Bronze
  • 197. Best Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live AdvertisingTitle: LITTLE ROBINAdvertiser/Client: OPVOEDINGSLIJNProduct/Service: PARENT ADVICE HELPLINEEntrant Company: DUVAL GUILLAUME ANTWERP/MODEM, BELGIUMResults and EffectivenessLittle Robin got massive attention in all major newspapers, blogosphere and national television. And even more important: phonecalls tripled and web visits multiplied by 6.Creative ExecutionPart of the launch campaign took place in the biggest shopping malls in the country. Shoppers heard the announcement of a littlekid that is waiting for his mother at the reception. During the following announcements the same boy went crazy: he screamed,broke things, … Then this message followed: ―Raising a kid isn‘t always easy. That‘s why there‘s ‗de OPVOEDINGSLIJN‘, the new advicehotline for parents. Call 078 15 00 10. OPVOEDINGSLIJN, first aid for out of control kids.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaIn Belgium there‘s a new hotline for parents with out of control kids. The client asked us to raise awareness about this new telephoneline.
  • 198. Media - Bronze
  • 199. Best Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live AdvertisingTitle: WELCOME AND GOODBYEAdvertiser/Client: VOYAGES-SNCF.COMProduct/Service: ONLINE RAILWAY BOOKING SITEEntrant Company: DDB PARIS, FRANCEResults and EffectivenessWith over 2 million views and 15 thousand new Facebook fans in under a week, ―Welcome and Goodbye‖ is the most successfulVoyages-SNCF campaign to date. The campaign was featured in numerous blogs, magazines and on TV channels, but mostimportantly created a great deal of buzz around the unsurpassed attention to detail that Voyages-SNCF provides to their customers.The campaign is on-going, with a second spectacular service that was launched in March 2011 and a third coming in the end of 2011.Creative ExecutionWe decided to create a series of extraordinary events for Voyages-SNCF‘s customers. Services that nobody else would even dream ofoffering to their users. The first in these services was the ―Welcome and Goodbye‖ service, in which we went ―Further than youimagined‖ for 5 of our customers, creating tailor-made welcome and goodbye surprise events for them at Paris‘ East train station.From Ninjas, through Clowns, 25 beautiful girls to a real Hard Rock band, each of the stunts proved that Voyages-SNCF really caresabout their customers and knows the best way to make them happy.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaVoyages-SNCF is the French railways‘ on-line booking site. With 9 million unique visits per month, it is one of the most visited sitesin France. Our brief was to promote the site‘s relaunch with a focus on personalized services. We had to prove that their claim"further than you imagined" can be taken not just literally, that you can go to any location on earth, but also that the brand goesfurther for their customers in every way possible.
  • 200. Media - Bronze
  • 201. Best Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live AdvertisingTitle: WELCOME BACKAdvertiser/Client: T-MOBILEProduct/Service: TELECOMMUNICATIONSEntrant Company: SAATCHI & SAATCHI London, UNITED KINGDOMResults and EffectivenessPeople at the event started sharing it using their mobile phones. There was laughter, joy and even tears from the unsuspectingpublic as they were given a welcome home to remember. The event made national and regional news headlines and generated £1.3million worth of free media coverage in the first week of the campaign, reaching an additional 11 million people. By the end of thecampaign free media coverage stood at £3.4 million. The YouTube film had over 1 million hits in the first weekend. It now has over 8million hits. Despite a contracting telecommunications market, in the first week of the campaign footfall and Pay as you go salesboth rose by 12%. Throughout the 3 month campaign, T-Mobile enjoyed footfall levels that outperformed the market. George, thelead singer of ‗The Passenger‘, and undoubtedly one of the stars of the performance, was found through the customer auditions afterreplying to a text message.Creative Execution30,000 passengers arrive at Heathrow Terminal 5 each day. We decided to give them a surprise welcome home to remember. Weauditioned singers and beat-boxers and sent out text messages to existing T-Mobile customers asking them to audition too. We thenassembled and rehearsed a 300 strong choir and vocal orchestra who were to ‗punk‘ the unsuspecting public by suddenly appearingand singing a variety of songs, completely a-cappella, to make the public laugh and join in. The performance ended with everyonesinging ‗Welcome Home‘ by Peters & Lee, to make people feel like returning heroes or rockstars as they walked through the arrivalshall. We captured the event throughout the day with 18 hidden cameras then edited the footage into a special 3 minute commercialthat broadcast on TV and online 48 hours later. Footage from the event created enough content for the 3 month campaign.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaT-Mobile wanted to prove their philosophy – that life‘s for sharing. In a cluttered market and at the most competitive time of year,they wanted to create real cut through and in doing so they wanted a campaign that would make news headlines. T-Mobile issynonymous with live events, but this time we wanted to do something with a deeper emotional engagement with the audience. T-Mobile is a brand that celebrates people and relationships, so we wanted to create an event that epitomised this. We also wantedsome T-Mobile customers to star in the event. The event would be aimed at people of all ages. There‘s a great truth that wheneveryou fly home, you always secretly hope someone might be waiting for you when you stroll through the arrivals hall, even if you knowthat nobody will. We decided to create a welcome home to remember.
  • 202. Media - Bronze
  • 203. Best Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live AdvertisingTitle: BURMAAdvertiser/Client: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCHProduct/Service: PETITION TO FREE BURMAS POLITICAL PRISONERSEntrant Company: JWT NEW YORK, USAResults and EffectivenessIn less than 12 hours, tens of thousands of signatures were collected from people of 86 countries. The installation attracted mediafrom around the globe. The petition book was then sent to the United Nations‘ Secretary General and leaders of countries thatmaintain close ties with Burma. Due to its success, the installation toured Prague and Brussels. Most importantly, more than 150political prisoners have since been released, including opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.Creative ExecutionA giant installation (7‘x 18‘) was built at New York‘s Grand Central Terminal. The installation featured a massive mock prison with 200miniature cells and 2,000 pens in lieu of cell bars. Visitors could remove the pens to symbolically free the prisoners, and then use thepens to sign an on-site petition calling for their releaseInsights, Strategy and the IdeaIn 2010, Burma held its first elections in 20 years. These elections would have been meaningless if more than 2,100 political prisonersremained locked up in Burma‘s squalid prisons. Human Rights Watch created a campaign calling for the release of these innocentprisoners by utilizing added pressure from the public and the United Nations
  • 204. Media - Bronze
  • 205. Best Use of Special Events and Stunt/Live AdvertisingTitle: BOOB HIJACKAdvertiser/Client: COPPAFEEL!Product/Service: BREAST CANCER CHARITYEntrant Company: archibald ingall stretton... London, UNITED KINGDOMResults and EffectivenessThe remarkable results show that around the world, not only men, but women too, found this viral content irresistible. The live hijackviral had over 300,000 viewers in its first week and was picked up on hundreds of blogs across the world. This saw a 75% increase inwebsite visits compared to the rest of October. With the smallest of budgets (£10K) the campaign created over £1.5 million of mediacoverage in October (ROI 150/1). And over 2.5 million people heard about the CoppaFeel! message through the campaign (ROI250/1). But more importantly of course, it might have save lives.Creative ExecutionOur theory was that if a young woman‘s partner is aware of the issue and pesters them continually, we would potentially double thechance of getting young women to remember to keep checking their breasts for abnormalities. But we knew for the men to take anynotice, we had to do it in as provocative, disruptive and memorable way as possible. So, we hit the men right between the eyes (orlegs), by ‗hijacking‘ the BangBabes televised sex line. Our spoof caller (X Factor voiceover guy Peter Dickson), asked the ‗well-equipped‘ model provocative and leading questions about examining her breasts. We then loaded the film on Vimeo, emailed it toour database of 50,000 male students and blogged and tweeted it constantly for a week. We supported the film offline by creating aboob hijack pack that allowed CoppaFeel!‘s very own Boob-Team student volunteers the chance to hijack every single pair of boobsin the country.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaCoppaFeel! is the breast cancer charity set-up by a 23 year-old cancer sufferer, Kris Hallenga. The charity‘s No1 aim is to reduce theincidence of late detection or misdiagnosed breast cancer. And to inform young women about the disease and risks, while givingthem the confidence to seek professional advice when they think somethings wrong. Our challenge in the launch year was to raiseawareness that breast cancer doesn‘t discriminate against age and get the message across to young women, fast. All on a shoe-string budget of £10k. But with the sheer volume of charity campaigns and ‗cancer‘ messages in the market, we would fail to get thecut-through we needed, if we approached it in the traditional way. So, instead of targeting young women, we decided to break themould and target their young male partners instead. Shocking them out of any potential complacency – ―it would never happen tomy girlfriend‖.
  • 206. Media - Bronze
  • 207. Best Use of Branded ContentTitle: UNBEATABLE BRANDED DRAMAAdvertiser/Client: UNILEVERProduct/Service: SHAMPOOEntrant Company: PHD Shanghai, CHINAResults and EffectivenessThe show created a mass following - both on and offline. Over 447 million Chinese watched Unbeatable on TV – one third of thepopulation. Unbeatable was rated the top branded drama on Chinese TV. Over 720 million online video views were delivered, with 48million searches. 13 million people followed the Unbeatable micro-blog and Unbeatable was the third most popular tweet termwithin a day of the show‘s debut. 90% of Unbeatable viewers correctly associated CLEAR with the show. In the month of broadcast,CLEAR‘s market share set a record high, increasing 24% versus the previous year‘s average. ROMI was over 740%, making itUNILEVER‘s most successful campaign in China. Clearly ―Unbeatable‖ on all fronts!Creative ExecutionWe wanted to communicate that CLEAR is ‗a brand for winners‘ in a unique and compelling way so we moved beyond usingtraditional personal care advertising like TV ads and magazines. Instead, we developed a tailor-made branded TV drama where wefully integrated CLEAR into the content. Titled Unbeatable, the 36 episode TV drama featured plenty of young, successful charactersin a fashionable white-collar environment. We made this a major cultural event, securing prime time placement - the largestsyndicated network of any drama with five leading satellite channels including China‘s top-six online video sites. We also developed afully integrated social media strategy around the series where the story was given depth and unfolded across online character-blogs,online-forums, social-communities and microblogs. Our activation included an original theme song and music video, a 15 sec TVCusing Unbeatable stars, behind the scenes content, live online cast interviews and chat, fan-forums, a social-network game,Unbeatable microblog, thematic in-store promotions and a 48 hour PR blitz at launch.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaUNILEVER‘s CLEAR is the best performing anti-dandruff shampoo in the market according to usage trials, but consumer engagementwith the brand is low in China. Our challenge was to change this by creating a stronger emotional connection amongst young adultChinese consumers. Of course, this task would be much easier if we were a fashion or technology brand, but to create a following foran anti-dandruff brand is obviously much more difficult. With 1.3 billion people, China is a fiercely competitive nation and our targetaudience are pressured daily to compete for everything from status to spouses to jobs. In this competitive environment, personalimage is a very important driver for success. We also learnt that Chinese consumers aspired to the image of local celebrities, oftenliving their lives through TV dramas. These insights led us to our communications strategy that the CLEAR brand must move awayfrom a personal care brand to being positioned as ‗a brand for winners‘.
  • 208. Media - Bronze
  • 209. Best Use of SponsorshipTitle: CHANGING THE GAMEAdvertiser/Client: DORITOSProduct/Service: DORITOSEntrant Company: GOODBY SILVERSTEIN & PARTNERS San Francisco, USAResults and EffectivenessIntense buzz - Garnered over 400M PR impressions - Covered in 120-plus articles among top gaming sites and media properties -Contributed to Doritos being the No. 1 most buzzed-about brand among all beer, beverages and snacks (AdAge/Zeta Research, 2010)Intense engagement - Time spent on Doritos‘s site was twice the industry benchmark - Media click-through rates were nearly twicethe category benchmark - Helped generate over 700K additional Facebook ―Likes‖ Intense sales - Contributed to Doritos‘s highestsales week in over five years at the launch of the campaign - 100% Sold out of Madden-inspired flavoursCreative ExecutionHow could we make Doritos integral to the partnership and not just a logo in the game? First, we gave Doritos fans unprecedentedcontrol by letting them choose the Madden cover athlete for the first time ever. Doritos then released two Madden-inspired flavours- Stadium Nacho and Tailgater Barbeque - and distributed them in the electronics aisle at major retailers so fans could pick up theirfavourite game and snack in one go. Most importantly, Doritos created a first-of-its-kind 3D mode for Madden that could beunlocked only with a Doritos bag. Gamers could experience this brand-new dimension (known as Doritos 3D Mode) simply bypurchasing a bag of chips. To promote the experience, we created a first-ever 3D takeover on Then, we convinced theeditors of ESPN The Magazine to build a six-page 3D photo spread surrounding an insert featuring our Doritos 3D glasses - a first-of-its-kind execution.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaDoritos‘ core consumers are young, super-connected males. To speak to this group, we knew it wasn‘t enough just to deliver theintense chip flavours they crave. We had to provide something as intense as our chips that spoke to their passions - namely,entertainment. We struck at the heart of two of the target‘s favourite pastimes - competitive sports and combative video games -and partnered with one of the largest sports video-game franchises in history, Madden NFL. With the launch of the next iteration,Madden NFL 11, looming, we set out to revamp the game in a uniquely Doritos manner. To maximize the sponsorship, Doritos wouldneed to truly change the way consumers play the game, by injecting a level of intensity that is core to the essence of the brand andthe bold flavours that put Doritos on the map.
  • 210. Media - Bronze
  • 211. Best Consumer EngagementTitle: HEART OF PUERTO RICOAdvertiser/Client: PEPSICOProduct/Service: GATORADEEntrant Company: JWT SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICOResults and EffectivenessOver 300,000 households came in contact with Barea‘s emotions via television. Over 60,000 people visited the web and mobile site.Through media, Gatorade achieved more one on one engagement than any brand during the games, including official sponsors. Itreached its target, overcoming the obstacle of not being an official sponsor and not being able to step on the games grounds. Wereceived live feedback directly from the event and even inspired a new nickname for Barea ―The Heart of Puerto RicoCreative ExecutionWe placed a strap on Barea‘s chest that measured his heartbeat, respiration, temperature, and activity. And assigned the heartbeatsan emotional meaning: euphoric, enthusiastic, excited, and calm. The vitals were transmitted LIVE through television and Internet,broadcasting Barea‘s feelings into every household. Also we utilized mobile, putting the brand and Barea‘s heart literally into thehands of fans at the event. All this during the athlete‘s most emotional moments: when he carried the flag in the opening ceremonyand when he received the gold medal. Through this strategic use of media, Gatorade reached its target, overcoming the obstacle ofnot being a sponsor and not being able to step on the games groundsInsights, Strategy and the IdeaThe Central American and Caribbean Games, the region‘s most important sports competition, were key to Gatorade. Powerade, itsmain competitor, was an official sponsor and Gatorade was not, so they presented the following challenge: Achieve contact with theirtarget audience inside and outside of the event without placing branding nor stepping on the games physical grounds. And makeGatorade look like an official sponsor. The IDEA: Gatorade found a way to get inside the games, through the heart of Puerto Rico‘smost beloved athlete, Jose Barea. An NBA player, delegate chosen to carry the national flag, and the country‘s hope for a gold medal.
  • 212. Media - Bronze
  • 213. Best Consumer EngagementTitle: 2010 PRINCES HAPPY ADVENTUREAdvertiser/Client: KRAFT FOODSProduct/Service: SNACKSEntrant Company: SAATCHI & SAATCHI Shanghai, CHINAResults and EffectivenessValue Share: marketing value share has been lifted from 1.01%(July) to 2.74%(Aug) after the launch of the campaign. It grew 171% init‘s value share. Offtake: In RT-mart, the average off take of PRINCE Crispy More in Joint Promotion & TVC period was 225. It was+246% better than normal week. Digital Performance: Total actual participants (Individual IP) has achieved 20,309,859, +67% vs. plan.Daily online time reached 21.9, +155% vs. plan. Sales Performance: +77% vs. OB (2010. May - 2010.Nov).Creative ExecutionBased on the idea, we launched an integrated campaign to communicate and engage with kids effectively. Online: In-depthcooperation with popular kids online SNS --- Aobi Island to create a PRINCE Planet, kids could experience the adventure with PRINCEvia online games. Branding and usage of biscuit codes were fully implanted in the games. The utilization of virtual incentives in thegame using the pin-code on the packs contributed to actual sales. TVC : Considered that TV is still the most effective channel toreach kids. To introduce the product attributes and how it can play as a special language in kids‘ real life. In-store Promotion:POSM/promotion is the best opportunities to stimulate both trial and purchase. We developed a series of POSM, a comic book and3D stickers with biscuit coding message were inserted in the pack for kids to enjoy and to share.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaObjectives: -To launch a brand new biscuit brand across China - and create a connection with young kids that will lead to regularconsumption of the product. Target audience: -Kids aged 6-9, who are in the medium to heavy sweet biscuit snack users, but notPRINCE users; they choose biscuit snacks for self consumption after school or in leisure time. Unique Insight: - Kids love having funand spending time with friends, it‘s easy to attract them via product novelty, but it is difficult to engage them. The idea: -Kraftlaunched a biscuit brand with 10 different shapes. We gave the shapes 10 different meanings. It‘s an unique biscuit codes that kidscan use in real life to engage them, providing them a special language to communicate with friends. We entering kids‘ world in a funway and making PRINCE their favourite snack brand.
  • 214. Media - Bronze
  • 215. Best Consumer EngagementTitle: GETAWAY STOCKHOLMAdvertiser/Client: MINIProduct/Service: MINI COUNTRYMANEntrant Company: JUNG von MATT Stockholm, SWEDENResults and Effectiveness– During the game week 11,413 people participated. – The virtual MINI was transported nearly 1,500 kilometres. – Average gamingtime was 5 hours and 6 minutes per person. – Sales increased with 108 % the first quarter after the campaign (record sales inSweden) BONUS: – People from 90 countries followed the game on our website.Creative ExecutionThe campaign was all about play and getaway, which is in MINIs DNA. For seven days, everybody with an iPhone was invited to huntand catch a virtual MINI in Stockholm city. You used an app where you could see the location of the virtual MINI, all other playersand yourself. If you got closer than 50 metres of the virtual MINI, you could take it with your iPhone. Then you had to get away,because anyone within 50 metres could take the MINI from you. The person with the virtual MINI in their iPhone when the gamefinished won a real MINI Countryman. To make people take part we used print, radio and PR to spread the idea about this being theworld‘s biggest reality game. A simple promo film on YouTube explained everything.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaBRIEF Launch new car model MINI Countryman in Sweden, using the global concept for the car: ―Getaway‖. For MINI Sweden it wasthe most important marketing campaign since the total remake of MINI in 2001. TARGET GROUP Mentally young, i.e. people lovingMINI brand value. CHALLENGE Create evangelists. Make them start talking about the launch both offline and online. SOLUTIONPeople aspire for MINI since they are kids and read about in comic books. We dared the mentally young to make their dream carcome true – appealing also to primal hunting instincts. If you managed to catch a virtual MINI and kept your prey away fromeverybody else you won a real MINI. Which fitted both with MINIs DNA and the concept "Getaway". The talk value was enhanced bythis being the worlds biggest reality game.
  • 216. Media - Bronze
  • 217. Best Use of Social Media MarketingTitle: FASHIONTAGAdvertiser/Client: FLAIRProduct/Service: WOMENS MAGAZINEEntrant Company: DUVAL GUILLAUME BRUSSELS, BELGIUMResults and Effectiveness12 days after the launch Flair‘s number of Facebook fans doubled (+14,000). The campaign was featured on 67 blogs, it was alsohighlighted as a case for Facebook StudioCreative ExecutionInstead of tagging people, you can tag people‘s clothes or accessories and ask them where they got them. Flair introduced thisFacebook application on their facebook page, where they can tap into a fanbase of 17.000 people. It inspired women with new ideasfor their wardrobe in a fun and easy way.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaWomen are always looking for inspiration for their wardrobe and most of the time they fi nd this inspiration by looking at otherwomen. Women‘s magazine Flair wanted to do something with this insight.
  • 218. Media - Bronze
  • 219. Best Use of Social Media MarketingTitle: DIGITAL DEATHAdvertiser/Client: KEEP A CHILD ALIVEProduct/Service: AIDS AWARENESSEntrant Company: TBWACHIATDAY New York, USAResults and EffectivenessWe set out with two objectives: raise as much money for KCA as possible, and get the world talking about the AIDS epidemic onceagain. We feel we succeeded in both. -$1million in six days -The campaign accounted for 1/3rd of all World Aids Day coverage -Sitetraffic of 10,000 hits/second. -1.5billion impressions. -Thousands of people sacrificed their own digital lives – raising even moremoney. -Zero dollar media buy Most importantly, we helped KCA save millions of real lives with just a few digital deaths.Creative ExecutionWe realized that if the millions of real people dying each year weren‘t enough to get the world‘s attention, maybe losing the lives ofthose we idolize most would. That‘s why on World AIDS Day Hollywood died…digitally. To launch the campaign the world‘s mostfamous celebrity tweeters posted personalized ―Last Tweet & Testament‖ videos vowing to stay of all social media until $1million wasraised to fight AIDS. This meant no Twitter, no Facebook, no anything. From that point forward, only updates from KCA urging fansto donate were posted to their accounts. With no media budget to spend, we were completely dependant on the power of eachcelebrity‘s social network to spread awareness. And, it worked.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaKeep A Child Alive is a small organization dedicated to fighting the AIDS epidemic in Africa and India. So the objectives for thiscampaign were simple: drive donations and awareness by getting the world‘s attention focused on KCA and their mission. Despitethe fact that over 1million people die in Africa & India the AIDS epidemic isn‘t the top of mind issue it once was. With so many otherissues-of-the-moment to focus on, the world has seemingly lost interest with this one. This general feeling of apathy and a downglobal economy made it extremely difficult for KCA to break through and drive donations. So, we needed to do something thatwould get people talking, and donating again. So instead of asking them to give like every other charity, we offered them somethingto buy. Something people never lose interest in – the lives of their favourite celebrities. On World AIDS Day, Hollywood Died –Digitally.
  • 220. Media - Bronze
  • 221. Best Use of Other Digital MediaTitle: M&MS FIND REDAdvertiser/Client: MARSProduct/Service: M&MSEntrant Company: PROXIMITY CANADA, CANADAResults and EffectivenessThe purpose of this game was simply increasing awareness and interaction with the M&M‘s brand. In just 30 days, this Canadianpromotion got: 8.4 million PR impressions, over 7 million QR Code poster views and over 225,000 Twitter impressions. Totalimpressions came out to over 15.6 million. Besides the obvious buzz this game mashup generated, the most impressive result wasthat the average time spent on the site was over 19 minutes. That‘s 4 times the industry average. Most importantly, the game wasIRRESISTIBLE FUN...just like M&M‘s.Creative ExecutionWe created a first-of-its-kind, digital treasure hunt where we hid M&M‘s inside Toronto inside Google Street View and challengedCanadians to find them. In 630 square km, we provided over 100 clues to help find 3 red M&M‘s and win 1 nifty, little Smart car. Forfour weeks, players got clues on the website, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and using YouTube annotations. In the real world, therewere QR code wild postings as well as package UPC codes that unlocked special clues with Stickybits. Overall, players had theopportunity to go as deep as they wanted into the game by using as many of the media channels as possible.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaWe never received a brief. But we did know that our client, Mars Canada, was always looking for new ways to drive awareness ofM&M‘s online by delivering the brand benefit of IRRESISTIBLE FUN to a target audience of college-age, Internet-savvy, male andfemale Canadians. When we heard that the Google Street View camera car was coming to Toronto, Canada, and we consideredM&M‘s ongoing strategy, well, the rest was digital history.
  • 222. Media - Bronze
  • 223. Best Use of Integrated MediaTitle: WELCOME HOMEAdvertiser/Client: T-MOBILEProduct/Service: CONSUMER PAY AS YOU GOEntrant Company: MEDIACOM London, UNITED KINGDOMResults and EffectivenessOVER 7 MILLION PEOPLE WATCHED AND SHARED. BRAND CONSIDERATION GREW. RESPONSE RATES INCREASED AND SALES WENTUP. Our film achieved over seven million You Tube views as people shared our content virally. We drove a 10% increase in brandconsideration over the course of the campaign according to T-Mobile‘s independent brand tracking. Response rates for DR adswhere we‘d retargeted those who‘d seen our ―Welcome Home‖ content increased by 37%. We over-delivered on retail sales targetsby 15%.Creative ExecutionBY BRINGING FAMILIES BACK TOGETHER AT CHRISTMAS, WE CREATED POWERFUL CONTENT, THEN USED TV ROADBLOCKS,FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE AND RE-TARGETING Our choir surprised returning travellers with songs like ―Welcome Home‖, ―The Boys AreBack In Town‖, and ―I Knew You Were Waiting‖. We ensured the media were there to report on the event, and made a film of ourwelcome home. We seeded content from the shoot to Facebook and our YouTube channel. Our film premiered on TV - we road-blocked an entire ad-break across all stations. To increase the sense of event, Channel 4‘s announcer introduced the film. The film‘send-frame drove people to the YouTube channel. We partnered with British Airways to actually bring families back together, runningcompetitions on radio and press, flying the winners home at Christmas free of charge. People who‘d seen our content wereretargeted with direct-response messaging to convert brand affinity into new customers.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaT-MOBILE‘S POSITIONING IS ―LIFE‘S FOR SHARING‖. OUR CHALLENGE IS TO CREATE CONTENT SO POWERFUL THAT MILLIONS WILLWANT TO SHARE IT. T-Mobile‘s positioning is ―Life‘s For Sharing‖, from the role that mobile phones play in sharing unusual, magicalor emotional moments with friends and family. So our strategy is to create more of these moments - events that give peoplesomething magical to participate in, which will make great content that a wider audience will want to watch and pass on. The themefor our event came from the insight that families are dispersed around the globe more than ever before, but Christmas is a time forloved-ones to gather together – a perfect opportunity to promote ―Life‘s For Sharing. So the agency team created an event towelcome back people travelling home to see their loved ones as they returned to Heathrow Airport.
  • 224. Media - Bronze
  • 225. Best Use of Integrated MediaTitle: REPÚBLICA POPULAR DO CORINTHIANSAdvertiser/Client: NIKEProduct/Service: CORINTHIANSEntrant Company: F/NAZCA SAATCHI & SAATCHI São Paulo, BRAZILResults and Effectiveness200k clicks in 3 days Nike Futebol Almost US$ 7.8 million in free media Mailing list of over 1.2 million fans for Nike Product sales ofover US$5.1 million 1.3 million official documents issued Facebook: Over 100,000 fans The video was uploaded by different users andplatforms. YouTube #1 Top Rated, Top Favorited and #2 Most Discussed (September; Brazil) 400,000 views of the spot on the NikeChannel alone 390,000 spontaneous video forwards on Orkut in less than 72 hours Twitter #1 TrendingTopics Brazil (3 hours after thecampaign release) Nike and Corinthians intend to use the campaign platform indefinitelyCreative ExecutionThe launching took place on the day Corinthians celebrated its centenary, in an event at Parque São Jorge, in São Paulo. On thesame day, a Magna Carta was published in the major newspapers, the website (where the documents could be downloaded) waslaunched, the itinerant embassy began to circulate around Brasil and the flag of the República was hoisted for the first time atPacaembu Stadium. Simultaneously, the Nike shop windows received the República look and the Corinthios, currency issued by theFazendinha Ministry, became discount coupons. Throughout the campaign, kits with documents were distributed to famous fans andLula was appointed president of República Popular do Corinthians. The images of the campaign were spontaneously adopted in thepermanent structure of the club‘s new training center.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaCorinthians, a Brazilian football club, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010. Nike decided to give the club‘s more than 30 millionfans a gift that would measure up: a country. República Popular do Corinthians. And to guarantee the recognition of RepúblicaPopular do Corinthians as a country, we developed everything a nation has: a coat of arms, documents, legislation, a flag, currency,heroes and an embassy. Even a president was appointed. In a guerilla action, the presidential sash of República Popular doCorinthians was handed over to Lula. Around US$ 5 million in revenue were generated.
  • 226. Media - Bronze
  • 227. Fast Moving Consumer GoodsTitle: RAINY DAYSAdvertiser/Client: PEPSICOProduct/Service: WALKERSEntrant Company: OMD UK London, UNITED KINGDOMResults and EffectivenessA staggering 827,751 predictions were made, with 129,346 winners UK wide and £1.28m rewarded. The campaign delivered 454,920registrations which was up 50% on previous, highly successful, Walkers promotions. Digital advertising drove 300,574 clicks, accounted for a ¼ of total predictions made and converted 63,000 registrations. It was however our targeted weatherplacements that outperformed everything on the plan, delivering the most predictions at a very low cost per click Although mostimportantly Walkers Core value sales were up 1.5% year on year, which for a £500m brand is not insignificant.Creative ExecutionA focussed digital strategy gave us a presence on sites closely associated with the weather. This enabled us to communicate withpeople when they were most likely to be able to accurately predict where it would rain. All this was kicked off with a heavy weightburst of TV and an MSN video home-page takeover. We negotiated a never been seen before sponsorship of the Met Office‘s rainfallradar, took up a tenancy on and used targeted placements across MSN and Yahoo weather channels to boost reach.To further increase our relevance we used HTML technology to dynamically update our banners with live weather feeds from the MetOffice and on Facebook we targeted copy to locations where we expected high rainfall. Finally over 5m weather related onlinesearches are made per month so we made sure we bid on weather terms to convert interest in the forecast into predictions.Insights, Strategy and the Idea59% of British people regularly discuss the weather. Given it rains on average 154 days of the year, these conversations tend to benegative. Walkers however love it when it rains because it‘s great for their UK potato crop. Our mission; highlight the provenance ofWalkers potatoes in a fun way to drive sales. So, ‗Win a tenner when it rains‘ was born. We partnered with the Met Office and usedGoogle map technology to replicate their ‗grid analysis‘ of UK rainfall on The promotion mechanic was simple; buy abag of crisps and head to the website where your pack code allowed you to predict where in the UK you thought it would rain. TheMet Office verified correct predictions daily, with winners receiving a £10 cheque from Walkers.
  • 228. Media - Bronze
  • 229. Fast Moving Consumer GoodsTitle: FASHION LAUNDRYAdvertiser/Client: PROCTER & GAMBLEProduct/Service: ARIEL DETERGENTEntrant Company: ACE SAATCHI & SAATCHI Makati City, THE PHILIPPINESResults and EffectivenessThis effort was featured on TV, radio and on a nationwide newspaper. It was the newest thing on blogs, Facebook walls and Twitterfeeds. Best of all, our P&G Ariel clients themselves, informed us that during the time of the campaign, the brand enjoyed a 16%increase in sales, and in grocery surveys, women specifically mentioned this effort as one of the reasons they were convinced thatAriel makes clothes look like NEW.Creative ExecutionWe transformed the Laundromats to appear like fashion boutiques selling new clothes. Passersby enjoyed window displays featuringmannequins wearing clothes washed with Ariel so they looked like NEW. Upon entry, there were display racks where newly-washedclothes were displayed. We also provided dressing rooms for consumers to try their newly-washed clothes. Upon payment, clotheswere returned with fashion tags attached and inside fashion bags. Online, we transformed their website into what seemed like anonline boutique selling NEW fashion at dirt-cheap prices. But once clicked, consumers saw the prices were actually the cost ofmaking clothes look NEW with Ariel.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaAriel wanted to break its newest news: Ariel can make old clothes look like NEW. Just how NEW? This was what we wantedconsumers to see. In a cluttered market, where so many detergents were already making noise in above-the-line channels, we knewthat we needed a NEW idea in a NEW channel – one that only Ariel could own. So we partnered with a Laundromat chain, got themto wash their customers‘ old clothes with Ariel, then transformed their Laundromats into fashion boutique stores. And from there on,we treated the clothes as if they were brand NEW.
  • 230. Media - Bronze
  • 231. Cars & Automotive ServicesTitle: THE MEGANE EXPERIMENTAdvertiser/Client: RENAULTProduct/Service: MEGANEEntrant Company: PUBLICIS LONDON, UNITED KINGDOMResults and EffectivenessWe generated 417,873 unique microsite visitors. Rich banner CTR reached 0.28% (twice automotive industry norms), viral content CTRreached 4.98% and YouTube content exceeded 313,000 views. PR generated £1.8 million worth of earned media. MÉGANE marketshare increased 52% compared to 2009, while the market leader‘s sales declined 16%. Brand scores for ―personality and character‖increased from 11.9 to 19.4 at the campaign peak. Gisburn residents introduced more joie de vivre into their lives opening a new deli,voting to twin their town with Claude‘s hometown and setting up a Zumba class. And yes, a car really did change a town.Creative ExecutionWe approached The MÉGANE Experiment like a documentary, not a commercial. We sent one man (Claude) to Gisburn, Lancashire tospread the joie among the town‘s inhabitants and filmed how they reacted to him and his MÉGANE. The resulting eleven minute filmwas completely unscripted and everything you see is genuine. The film was hosted on the MÉGANE Experiment website along withinteractive games, Facebook links, and a Joie map of the UK. Driving consumers to the microsite was a fully integrated mediacampaign (TV, press, online display and PR) designed to build as much noise as possible to help earn additional media coverage innews and entertainment programming. This is the next generation of advertising. Not just making a bold claim, but taking a producttruth and proving it on air with real people in an entertaining, fascinating, and ultimately moving film about the transformation of asmall town in Lancashire.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaOur challenge was to raise awareness of the RENAULT MÉGANE among people who would normally make the safe choice and buy aFord Focus – fine car, but hardly a statement of personal taste. MÉGANE had the looks and the style but no clear personality. Wedecided to position the car as ‗anti-bland‘. We thought it was interesting that towns with higher MÉGANE sales were statisticallymore likely to be populated with more fertile, happier, longer living people. This sparked a thought: could the MÉGANE be made toappear responsible for this? The most powerful way to promote this thought would be to test it. What would happen if we broughtall that joie de vivre from a French town to an English town? Could we convince its inhabitants to embrace the French way of life andthe car that epitomises it? In fact, could a car change a town?
  • 232. Media - Bronze
  • 233. Publications & MediaTitle: THE VOICELESS CAMPAIGNAdvertiser/Client: THE ZIMBABWEANProduct/Service: NEWSPAPEREntrant Company: TBWAHUNTLASCARIS JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICAResults and EffectivenessIn our first two months, The Voiceless Campaign has increased hits to THE ZIMBABWEAN website by 287%. THE ZIMBABWEAN‘ssubscription base is growing by 10 % weekly. Over half these subscriptions are bought for people inside Zimbabwe. We used thesilence the regime imposed, to talk to the world.Creative ExecutionWe approached every photojournalist who had managed to work in Zimbabwe over the past year for images. Onto these the iconicmap of Zimbabwe was positioned to appear as an empty speech bubble, imploring action. Billboards, print and P.O.S postersdirected consumers to a website where they could read, hear and locate the incidents. The imagery could be disseminated via socialmedia and visitors could add their voices to the blog. They could also purchase/sponsor subscriptions. For poorer Zimbabweanswithout internet access to participate online, we invented an entirely new medium: VoiceBoxes were simple telephonic devicesinstalled in safe places –enabling users to make comments orally which operators in South Africa transcribed directly to the blog.Fear precluded media owners in Zimbabwe from running the campaign, but decals of the iconography were included copies of thepaper. When Zimbabweans saw our executions, they knew exactly how to make their own.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaCalls for change have swept North Africa. Further south, in Zimbabwe, the continent‘s most brutal dictatorship arrests people forsimply speaking about what‘s happening in Libya. Our client is a newspaper called THE ZIMBABWEAN. For speaking-out against thisregime, its vehicles are burned, and even its vendors are beaten by Mugabes notorious Central Intelligence Organisation. Thisnewspaper could not rely on street sales in Zimbabwe. They needed to target over a million Zimbabweans who have fled to SouthAfrica and even further abroad. In a global news environment that was noisier than any in history, we had to sell subscriptions to anewspaper Robert Mugabe was desperate to crush. We needed a campaign that would break the silence by showing the world whatthe Zimbabwean regime wanted to keep quiet. Fittingly, the medium of photojournalism would become a powerful tool foradvertising a newspaper brand that embodied free speech.
  • 234. Media - Bronze
  • 235. Corporate Image & InformationTitle: ONE LAPTOP PER CHILDAdvertiser/Client: TELSTRAProduct/Service: TELSTRA BRANDEntrant Company: OMD Sydney, AUSTRALIAResults and EffectivenessYear on year the brand health statement ‗TELSTRA is a community minded brand‘ increased by a huge 53% against family segments.We received positive support from the community ―A good idea – an act of generosity otherwise some kids wouldn‘t get the benefitof technology - makes you feel better about TELSTRA.‖ – Anne McGregor, family respondent. Additionally over 50,000 texts ofsupport were received from the public.Creative ExecutionThrough TV and online we invited Australians to text in, and for every 100 texts from the community, TELSTRA would donate an XOLaptop to One Laptop per Child Australia. Through this initiative, 500 additional laptops were donated to children in remotecommunities within Australia Media partnerships enabled us to access Australian celebrities. These familiar celebrities uncovered thestories of the children who had received an XO laptop. From this, we produced a 30 minute television show that ran on free to airtelevision. Then, we leveraged the show into the mediums our celebrity presenters were from. The content ran on television onSunrise and in The Morning Show. In magazines we ran feature advertorials and online we ran the content across a wide range ofwebsites and on the TELSTRA website.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaTelstra, the biggest telecommunications company in Australia, has 40% market share and invests 40% more than the nearestcompetitor on advertising. However, 45% of Australians dislike the brand. With no control over product or price we needed find away to get people talking positively about Telstra. We were targeting Australian families, who are extremely passionate about thecommunity. They believe that children in the community, whatever their background should have equal learning opportunities. Bytapping into this insight we could convince them that Telstra genuinely cares for the community. The strategy was to increase theopportunity for children in remote communities to learn through the technology of the XO laptop with the ‗One Laptop Per ChildAustralia‘ charity, and then tell the stories of their dreams being discovered and nurtured with the support of Telstra. Our idea - theone laptop per child Australia cross platform documentary
  • 236. Media - Bronze
  • 237. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: I SWIM WITH MARCOSAdvertiser/Client: UNITED NATIONSProduct/Service: POVERTY AWARENESSEntrant Company: PAGÉS BBDO Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLICResults and EffectivenessThe Millennium Development Goals message gained great exposure, touching millions around the world. - Thousands of websites,blogs and news sites - 200 newspaper articles worldwide, 70 front-page publications. - Appeared on international news networks. -TV and radio programming dedicated space and airtime to talk about the goals. - Millions of dollars in free PR, press and mediaplacement. - Over 47 countries joined the simultaneous swims. - Thousands of volunteers - Millions of visits through our onlineplatform.Creative ExecutionWe had to create an event to make people the medium for our message and catch the attention of media outlets around the world.To engage people with Swim Across the Continents we embarked on a wide range of different mediums. We mapped out the mostpopular social networks and bloggers worldwide, developing a unique interactive platform with over 11 profiles in different. With adirect marketing strategy we contacted media channels and bloggers providing them with over 52 videos, press releases, and contentto keep them up-to date with the most current information. Our website provided content and downloadable tools to mobilizepeople in their own community. We supported these actions with an integrated campaign including posters, outdoor, radio spots,and TV commercials. Public figures, local and international brands and networks started showing their support becomingspokespeople for the cause, and dedicating space to talk about the goals.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaThe UN needed to bring attention to the Millennium Development Goals while letting people know that world leaders had agreed tofulfil them by 2015. People usually think that problems far away don‘t concern them; we wanted to prove that distance between usisn‘t that great and that the world‘s problems affect us all. With a limited budget we set out to make a global statement, an eventnever before seen to generate news and inspire people to help us spread awareness of the goals. We created Swim Across theContinents, a global campaign where one man. Marcos Diaz, would unite the world swimming from one continent to the next,demonstrating we arent that far apart and spreading the message of the goals. People around the world made themselves themedium, becoming spokespeople and mobilizing their communities by organizing events and rallies, catching the attention of mediaworldwide.
  • 238. Media - Bronze
  • 239. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: BOOTSAdvertiser/Client: ASICSProduct/Service: ANTI RACISMEntrant Company: BABEL Sao Paulo, BRAZILResults and EffectivenessGameday morning: the newspaper ad created an expectation about what would happen during the game. This could be verified bythe great repercussion in social media channels. During the game, the stunt was singled out and explained to the audience by theannouncer. On monday, in TV sports programs, the stunt continued to be mentioned spontaneously. The same thing happened inthe social media sphere.Creative ExecutionChoose an idol as a spokesman to represent the concept that boots of different colors mean that theres no place for race prejudicein sports. Channels: just one newspaper ad in gameday.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaObjective: spread a message against racism in soccer. Target audience: Brazilian soccer fans. National broadcast in primetime TV.Insight: Boots of different colors symbolizing that theres no place for race prejudice in sports. Relevance: deliver a strong message.That ASICS, and everybody that truly love soccer, wont stand racism.
  • 240. Media - Bronze
  • 241. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: HIDDEN MESSAGESAdvertiser/Client: CASA PROTEGIDA JULIA DE BURGOSProduct/Service: SHELTER FOR ABUSED WOMENEntrant Company: GREY PUERTO RICO Hato Rey, PUERTO RICOResults and EffectivenessAs a result of the campaign, the Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos received a 60% increase in calls from abused women.Creative ExecutionCreative Strategic Solution: To prevent putting women at risk, the logo of the Women Shelter was not placed in the print ads and themessage appeared ―undercover‖ so they can take action and look for help without being noticed. We imitated typical horoscope,perfume and retail ads and filtered our message in the content of the ads.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaMany abused women dont seek help because they dont want their abusers to notice they are looking for such aid and support.Since 59% of abused women are 20-34 and mostly housewives, we focused our efforts in their hobbies and interests, such as cookingand horoscopes, among others. CASA PROTEGIDA JULIA DE BURGOS needed a campaign where they could reach women and at thesame time remain unnoticed by men. Relevance: Women were able to keep the ads without fear from their abusers since not eventhe logo of CASA PROTEGIDA JULIA DE BURGOS appears on the ad. The women‘s shelter CASA PROTEGIDA JULIA DE BURGOSreceived an increase in call and they were able to assist more women.
  • 242. Media - Bronze
  • 243. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: BRIDGE PROJECTION LIFESAVERAdvertiser/Client: SUICIDE PREVENTION CENTERProduct/Service: SOS INFO LINEEntrant Company: McCANN ERICKSON BELGRADE Belgrade, SERBIAResults and EffectivenessThe action raised a huge PR buzz, as 5 national TV stations, 9 major national newspapers and countless number of radio stations andweb sites reported about the projection, generating more than estimated 100 000 EUR media coverage. Number of calls increased by64%, with 39% more "first time callers". Suicide Prevention Center prolonged its working hours. Numerous requests for collaborationfrom both governmental and non governmental institutions and organizations.Creative ExecutionOur solution was to project a message and SOS line phone number from the bridge onto the water surface that could be seen whenlooking down from the bridge only. For the projection we have used tallest Belgrade Bridge, named after a famous poet who tookhis own life by jumping from it, therefore becoming a symbol of suicide in Serbia. In that way, we used both literal and symbolicstrength of the idea.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaOur task was to increase extremely low awareness about the existence and work of Suicide Prevention Centre and its SOS line,focusing on the raising problem of high suicidal jumps rate in our country. Our inspiration came from the insight that potentialsuicidal jumpers spend some time standing on the edge of the bridge, before they decide to jump. We have used this crucialmoment to literally connect potential suicidal jumpers and Suicide Prevention Centre.
  • 244. Media - Bronze
  • 245. Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness MessagesTitle: SR. AMORAdvertiser/Client: SALVATION ARMYProduct/Service: SALVATION ARMYEntrant Company: JWT ARGENTINA Buenos Aires, ARGENTINAResults and EffectivenessThe results of Sr. Amor are astounding: The Salvation Army marked a new record raising its sales 30%. Donations grew 87%, whichforced them to rethink their recollection logistics, double the amount of trucks to pick up the donations and modify the system oftheir call center to absorb the highly increased amount of calls. And the most important thing, 70% of the audience is younger. Withthe creation of a sub brand, we created a new media that allowed the Salvation Army to reach the people they´d never been able toreach before: the youth.Creative ExecutionWe created a new media to reach the youth: Sr. Amor, a sub-brand of the Salvation Army that works with different culturalexpressions. Fashion: with the donated garments, prestigious designers created the Collection of Sr. Amor. Fashion photographersshot the entire production in a Catalogue and an invitation to the event: the presentation to Sr. Amor´s Fashion Show, attended bythousands of youths, with press coverage. Fashion TV broadcasted a documentary to all Latin America. Bafweek, invited Sr. Amor totake part of the event. The University of Buenos Aires and the UADE included a Sr. Amor Workshop as part of their career of FashionDesign. Design: industrial designers created objects with the donated articles, new design pieces to commercialize at art museums.Music: the biggest local musicians are creating their own covers of the old songs found in the records sold at the stores of theSalvation Army.Insights, Strategy and the IdeaThe Salvation Army, whose solidarity works are mainly funded by the sale at their stores of the donations they receive, was virtuallyunknown by most of its potential donors: the youth. Lacking the budget for a traditional campaign, other communication alternativesneeded to be explored to reach the younger target and make the Salvation Army and its activities known. There was a huge culturalgap between the youth and the Salvation Army, our challenge was to find common points of interest between both worlds to createand establish a durable bond.
  • 246. THANK YOU Cross-over Agency STU:M CREATION서울시 강남구 청담동 126-6 4F 대표전화 02-3444-2789