Virtual Doctor Visit Introduction


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What if you could visit the doctor online? This slideshow provides some highlights about what people think about the concept based on a January 2009 survey.

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  • The reason why we should have vertual doctors is because there are people out there that have phobias of going outside, and some have phobias of germs, and others have other reasons for not going, like hating to wait in doctor's offices, or traveling to the doctor, waiting in a room filled with sick people, and possibly getting sick, and the fact that the wait is too long... or these people just hate going to any sort of a doctor. I am one of these people and I wish someone will tell me a vertual doctor so that he can give me a prescription for my medication.
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Virtual Doctor Visit Introduction

  1. 1. Imagine… you could meet the doctor… |
  2. 2. …online! |
  3. 3. Would you do it? |
  4. 4. We conducted research with a sample of 1243 people (including people like you), representative of US online adults. |
  5. 5. We asked them what they think of the virtual doctor visit concept and whether and under what circumstances they would use it. |
  6. 6. Many adults actually say they would not use it. |
  7. 7. For example. The Überhealthy. |
  8. 8. Plus, those not that into technology. |
  9. 9. And those who just prefer personal contact.. |
  10. 10. But many would use it! |
  11. 11. The technologically addicted. |
  12. 12. Those strapped for time. |
  13. 13. Those with family responsibilities.. |
  14. 14. What do they say it should be used for? |
  15. 15. Minor issues. |
  16. 16. Follow-ups to existing Recurring or ongoing conditions or illnesses. treatments. |
  17. 17. Prescription drugs (Rx). |
  18. 18. Would the virtual doctor visit replace actually going to the doctor’s office or be in addition to it? |
  19. 19. Some see it as a great alternative, greatly reducing the need to see their doctor in person. |
  20. 20. For others, it is seen as something they would use in addition to going to the doctor’s office. |
  21. 21. And for some people, having a virtual doctor visit may also replace or be in addition to self-education, self- diagnosis and self-treatment. |
  22. 22. The research also reveals much more. |
  23. 23. What percentage of online adults would likely use virtual doctor visits? And more. |
  24. 24. acceptability of virtual visit with new versus exist physician opinions about cost opinions about confidentiality concerns the role that age plays opinions about new versus prescription renewals role that familiarity with internet technologies p opinions about how desirable virtual doctor optio INSIDE THE REPORT for various health insurance providers acceptabil of webcam versus chat opinions about schedulin appointments versus instant access detailed demographic profiles of likely users and non-use state of health the net impact on in-person visits new versus existing illnesses opinions about |
  25. 25. What the future holds for the virtual doctor visit will depend on many factors. |
  26. 26. It does, however, appear to have the makings of becoming an important part of the future of health care. |
  27. 27. Thank you for your attention! If you liked the slide show, please feel free to download or share… For more report highlights: For the report at the Prophis eStore: |