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  1. 6. I have this asinine script that I have to recite when I answer the phone, “ X Company, our customers are our number one priority – how can I show you how importantyou are today?” Brand evangelist brand franchise brand architecture brand loyalty brand tree attitudinal branding brand management brand identity brand experience
  2. 7. Brand evangelist I wish I was a customer – because they treat their employees like &^%%$
  3. 8. “ A brand is a name or trademark connected with a product or producer.” - Wikipedia What is branding?
  4. 9. Brand Evangelists. Evangelism can spread the bad as well as the good – be careful about the news you are spreading. It’s about the relationship between internal and external that creates the brand – and within your own companies – you have to create positive brand evangelists.
  5. 10. Your reputation is your brand is your reputation…
  6. 11. Positive and favorable WOM “word of mouth” is a result of (and not a Replacement of) the effective intersection of brand and marketing. This is getting people to recommend you when you are not in the room.
  7. 12. “ Lose dollars for the firm and I will be understanding. Lose reputation and I will be ruthless.” - Warren Buffett
  8. 13. Marketing will never again be a one way conversation.
  9. 14. How you describe yourself (your company) is a tactic. The strategy of experience is branding.
  10. 15. “ P&G is a company really committed to doing the right thing. Why? Because the principles don’t belong to Proctor & Gamble, they belong to the people who work there.” - Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide Saatchi & Saatchi
  11. 16. Personal Branding. This is what will matter most to you in growing your companies.
  12. 17. Google yourself. Manage your brand. Sign up for Google Alerts. Manage your reputation and make sure the first three pages of search represent the real you.
  13. 18. Some additional tips on personal branding: Appearance Brand Behavior Communicate your brand Center Stage Evaluate Invest
  14. 19. Don’t ignore social media.
  15. 20. Personal Brand WOM Word of mouth advocating is a direct result of effective personal branding. This is the art of getting people to recommend you when you are not in the room
  16. 21. No one has time for the 30 second elevator pitch anymore. Develop your less than 10 word personal tagline.
  17. 22. Building your personal brand is done by building credibility and understanding what your personal brand is truly comprised of – and then communicating the heck out of that.
  18. 23. Thank You