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Chianti Star Festival - press release

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Press release chianti star festival

  1. 1. Art and science the absolute protagonists of the Chianti Star Festival From 29 June to 11 August international artists, researchers and scientists will come together in San Donato in Poggio, one of the most beautiful backdrops in the worldArt and science coincide in a spectacular way in one of the most beautiful settings in the world: this is thepremise of the first edition of the Chianti Star Festival which will be held in San Donato in Poggio, in theheart of Tuscany, from 29 June to 11 August 2013.The stars of the Chianti Star Festival are numerous: the international artists who will be exhibiting atPalazzo Malaspina, the astral stars that can be observed from the Astronomical Chianti Observatory and thefilm stars, thanks to a mini film festival. And typical products of the territory starting, of course, with wine,will also be the protagonists of the Festival.The selected art works will stimulate reflections on the relationship between artists and the socio / culturalcontext. The presence of the artists will enhance the Festival, which also offers a rich calendar of collateralevents including lectures, meetings, concerts and aperitifs in the Square.The mini film festival curated by Gabriele Rizza and Gianna Bandini from the association, AssociazioneAnèmic, will provide some important examples of how science is presented in film: from science fiction tobiographies of leading scientists to controversial issues of great relevance in today’s society.The theme of the dissemination of scientific culture will be addressed, thanks to the participation ofprofessors and researchers from OpenLab, the communication structure of the University of Florence.These are just some examples of these collateral events: Professor Roberto Casalbuoni will talk about thesymmetries and the art of Escher, Professor Luigi Dei will explain scientifically Ravels Bolero, ProfessorAlberto Righini will reveal the secrets of stars, Galileo and wine. The artists will also be present in the firstweek of the Festival to meet the public and disclose important aspects of the role of the artist: when theartist is called upon to interpret the infinitely small so as to provide the scientist with a representation ofwhat the human eye cannot see; when their works are influenced by the evolution of science andtechnology; when their art can improve the lives of hospital patients. This latter aspect will also bediscussed by Professor Donatella Lippi, Director of the Centre for Medical Humanities, Faculty of Medicineand Surgery, University of Florence, who, beginning with the work by Picasso Ciencia y Caridad will addressthe theme of science and art in medicine. Elaine Poggi will present the project Healing Photo Art; her roleto take works that have been donated by important photographers from all over the world to hospitals invarious countries. Some artists will share their experiences of having been commissioned to create anartwork specifically for care homes or hospitals with the public.In short, a calendar full of events and initiatives, available at, withoutforgetting the fundamental pleasures to be found in Tuscan oenogastronomy: every evening, starting at7pm, there will be local food and wine tastings, all produced in the surrounding Chianti area, supported bylocal experts and sommeliers.A jury, chaired by theoretical physicist Roberto Casalbuoni, will award the artist with the finest artworks ofthe festival. The members of the Jury include: Anchise Tempestini, art historian; Giada Rodani, curator andorganiser of exhibitions and contemporary art events, Alberto Righini, Professor of astronomy; GabrieleRizza, journalist and film and theatre expert; Luigi Dei, Professor of chemistry and President of OpenLab;Ugo Chiti, film director and screenwriter. Studio Abba, Borgo Pinti 20 - 50121 Firenze - Italy tel.+39 055292082 - -
  2. 2. www.chiantistarfestival.comPalazzo Malaspina, via del Giglio 31, San Donato in PoggioOpen every day from 9.30am-12.30pm | 4pm-11pmFree entrance. For the lectures and meetings, booking is advised: info@studioabba.comThere is an entrance fee for the guided visits of the Observatory: 7 euros adults, 4 eurosreductions, 10 euros buffet.For information on the exhibition and collateral events contact: Studio Abba +39 055292082info@studioabba.comFor information on the area: Pro Loco di San Donato: +39 0558072338 - Tavarnelle Chianti da Vivere: Organisation: Studio Abba: Giada Rodani: OpenLab: – Communications area of the University of Florence With the Patronage of the Commune of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa Studio Abba, Borgo Pinti 20 - 50121 Firenze - Italy tel.+39 055292082 - -