10 faq's about online education


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This presentation is to answer the most frequently asked questions about online education.

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10 faq's about online education

  1. 1. 10 FAQSABOUTONLINEEDUCATIONThe answers may surprise you
  2. 2. How important is online educationbecome really? Since 2000 online educationhas grown tremendously. Today it is theanswer for many students out there. Here areten frequently asked questions about onlineschools, the answers to which may surpriseyou.
  3. 3. freedigitalphotos.netHow Many?
  4. 4. freedigitalphotos.net A: Over 6 MILLION students areregistered in online courses. This number continues to grow every year. WOW!
  5. 5. freedigitalphotos.net Why are students sointerested in online schools?
  6. 6. freedigitalphotos.netA: Because of the economy more and more students are enrolling in schools. Both online colleges and traditionalcolleges have seen increased enrollment since the economywent kaput. People are trying to find better jobs and education is what it takes to get those jobs.
  7. 7. freedigitalphotos.netWho Offers Online Courses?
  8. 8. freedigitalphotos.net A: There are online colleges and universities that offer only onlinecourses. You can also take online courses offered by traditional collegesand universities like Harvard and Yale. All forms of education are taking advantage of the online education popularity.
  9. 9. freedigitalphotos.netHow are TraditionalColleges Adapting?
  10. 10. freedigitalphotos.net A: Many traditional colleges have created "webfacilitated" courses that allow students to study online but in a face to face setting. A lot of colleges use hybrid courses that are both in class discussion with online elements.
  11. 11. freedigitalphotos.netWhat’s in the Future?
  12. 12. freedigitalphotos.net A: In 2010 63% of all traditional colleges agreed thatonline courses were vital to their future. Education online is the way of the future and traditional colleges are taking advantage of that.
  13. 13. freedigitalphotos.netHow Many Students are Learning Online?
  14. 14. freedigitalphotos.netA: Online schools experience a growth in enrollmentevery year of about 20%. Thats about 1 million NEWstudents a year. Everybodys doing it... really.
  15. 15. freedigitalphotos.netWill the Hype Ever End?
  16. 16. freedigitalphotos.net A: Not likely. Most traditional colleges haveimplemented online programs into their curriculums anddont plan to change. Online college courses can help a lot of students so it seems these programs are here to stay.
  17. 17. freedigitalphotos.netWhat Does this Mean for Students?
  18. 18. freedigitalphotos.netA: With the continued growth of online colleges and use of online programs in traditional Universities, this meansthat if you are a traditional student you may be taking somecourses online or using some online programs through yourschool. If you are already an online student you can expect to see more and more of your friends joining in.
  19. 19. freedigitalphotos.netWhat are the Opinions of Online Degrees?
  20. 20. A: freedigitalphotos.net When online education was still a new concept many were skepticalas to the quality of education that students were earning online. Since then there has been a long standing debate of the credibility of online schools.Earning your degree online is the same quality as if you were to earn it from a traditional college. More and more people and employers are accepting this form of education as the norm.
  21. 21. freedigitalphotos.netIs Online Education Here to Stay?
  22. 22. A: freedigitalphotos.net YES! The only thing that may change the attendance rates foronline schools is if there is a change in financial aid. This can go bothways. If the government decides to allow more funding for onlineschools then, attendance may go up even further. If the governmentdecides to reduce the funding for online schools the numbers maydecrease.
  23. 23. Online schools are here to stay. So manystudents benefit from online schools and areearning their degrees through them, that it isnot likely they will ever go away. If anythingyou should expect to see online schools andonline degree courses continue to grow.