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Introduction to Silverlight 3 @


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An introduction to Silverlight 3. Created for a presentation and live demonstration at on Wednesday, 26th August 2009 in Dublin

An introduction to Silverlight 3. Created for a presentation and live demonstration at on Wednesday, 26th August 2009 in Dublin

Published in: Design, Education, Technology
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  • 1 of 2Support for Higher Quality Video & AudioNative H.264/Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) Audio [MP4/F4V]True HD by leveraging the system GPU Hardware accelerationIIS Smooth Streaming Dynamically detect and switches bandwidth streamsCost Effective bandwidth consumptionDRM :: PlayReady Content Protection [nag free to end user]Perspective 3D Graphics [scale, rotate in each of the three axis]Improved text rendering & font supportDeep Linking/SEO/Accessibility [multipage Silverlight application and content mirroring in HTML, high contrast design]
  • 2 of 2
  • Taking advantage of the existing and new feature of Silverlight 3
  • Express Blend :: Visual Studio 20104 clicksExpression Design 3Expression Encoder 3Visual Studio 2010SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Windows ServerMicrosoft Dynamics, BizTalk Server.
  • Express Blend :: Visual Studio 2010
  • BCL. Base Class Libraries
  • Transcript

    • 1. Introduction to Silverlight 3
      Stuart Manning
      Trinity College, Dublin
      27 August 2009
    • 2. Introduction to Silverlight 3
    • 3. What Is Silverlight?
      Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device browser plug-in that helps companies design, develop and deliver applications and experiences on the Web.
    • 4. Who is using it
      • 10,000+ active partners
      NBC, EBay, Hard Rock Cafe, Playboy, Continental, NYMag, Easy Jet, McCann WorldGroup, Renault, ITV, Sky Sports
      • 400,000+ register developers & designers
      • 5. 6 million .NET developers
    • 6.
    • 7. Silverlight
      Create once, use everywhere.
      Platform agnostic
      Mac, Windows and Linux
      Supports ALL major browsers. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer
      Build once.
      Support for PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, Python or any Web Platform
      HTML, JavaScript, AJAX
      Native language support for C#, VB, Iron Ruby, Iron Python, Managed JavaScript, XAML
      Window Presentation Foundation [WPF] subset.
      Seamless development experience. Designer Developer Workflow
    • 8. New features in Silverlight 3
      Support for Higher Quality Video & Audio
      Native H.264/Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) Audio [MP4/F4V]
      True HD by leveraging the system GPU Hardware acceleration
      IIS Smooth Streaming
      Dynamically detect and switches bandwidth streams
      Cost Effective bandwidth consumption
      DRM :: PlayReady Content Protection [nag free to end user]
      Perspective 3D Graphics [scale, rotate in each of the three axis]
      Improved text rendering & font support
      Deep Linking/SEO/Accessibility [multipage Silverlight application and content mirroring in HTML, high contrast design]
    • 9. New features in Silverlight 3
      Improved performance [Application library caching, on demand loading]
      Enhanced Deep Zoom
      Binary XML
      Out of Browser
      Life outside the browser
      Desktop interaction
      Safe & secure
      One Click installation
      Auto update
      Internet connectivity detection
      4.6 Mb Download [8 second install]
    • 10. Rich Web Experiences
      Combines animation, rich layouts, vector graphics, 3D and features like Deep Zoom [Hard Rock Cafe]
      Quality Viewing Experience
      True HD 1080p
      H.264 (MP4/F4V) [iPhone/YouTube]
      Smooth Streaming [IIS Media Services]
      Multicore CPU support
      GPU acceleration enable on both PC and MAC
      100+ Prebuilt Controls
      Business ready data grids, chart and ‘every day’ controls
      Third Parties
    • 11. EasyJet
      EasyJethas used Silverlight to build a smooth interface to help users to explore destinations in detail. It integrates with Microsoft Virtual Earth, so developers can layer the location-relevant data on top of the Virtual Earth map images
    • 12. Real Developer Tools
      Expression Blend 3
      Rapid Prototyping
      Speed & Efficiency
      Reduced Redundancy
      Enhancing creativity
      Delivers Compelling Applications
      SketchFlow [we will visit in depth in the 2nd part of this talk by using an active demonstration]
      Expression Web 3
      [X]HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP support
      Standard based development
      W3C support and reporting
      Super Preview
    • 13. Real Developer Tools
      Expression Design 3
      PSD, PDF, XAML support
      Adobe Photoshop File Format Importer
      Expression Encoder 3
      Create compelling Video experiences
      Multichannel Audio
      WMV/VC1 codec support
      Screen Capture
      Smooth streaming with IIS7
      Visual Studio 2010
      SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Windows Server
      Microsoft Dynamics, BizTalk Server.
    • 14. Real Developer Tools
      Expression® Studio 3
      Expression Blend™ 3 + SketchFlow
      Expression Web 3
      Expression Design 3
      Expression Encoder 3 + IIS Smooth Streaming
    • 15. Rapid Prototyping & Development
      SketchFlow and Expression Blend
      Quick and experimental User Interface & User Experience
      Fast, plentiful, disposable & inexpensive
      Communicate design intent
      Connect and evaluation feedback [Stakeholder meetings]
      Provide immediate business value
      Deliver compelling proposals to clients
      Quick & Cost Effective
      Contenting the left and right hemispheres of the brain
      Unifying the Designer and Developer
      Quick Prototype becomes viable Application
      Import pre-existing assets [Photoshop & Illustrator / Hand Drawn & Stock Assets]
      Scot Stanfield, SEO Vertigo. KEXP Seattle
    • 16. Controls
      100+ Prebuilt controls
      Easily skinned
      Constantly being developed and improved by the WPF/Silverlight team
      Open to third parties
      Virtual Earth
    • 17. Controls
      Input controls
      Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, RepeatButton, HyperLinkButton , ScrollBar (Vert/Horiz), Slider, Togglebutton, Tooltip, Calendar, Password, GridSplitter, Date Picker, DatePickerTextBox, DomainUpDown, NumericUpDown, TimeUpDown, Rating, ButtonSpinner, Spinner, Auto Complete Boxm, Spinner, Time Picker, Time Up Down
      Border, Stack, Grid, Grid Splitter, ScrollViewer, DockPanel, StackPanel, ViewBox, Expander, Page, Frame, Wrap Panel
      Textblock, Textbox, Tooltip, Label , AutoComplete
      Listbox; Multi-selection ListBox, DataGrid, ItemsControl, Content Control, Dropdown list, Treeview, Treeview Item, HierarchicalDataTemplate, FieldLabel, DataForm, ErrorViewer, NEW ! Data Pager, NEW ! Data Field
      Scrollviewer, Tab Control, Tab Item
      Image, MediaElement, Ink canvas, MultiScaleImage, Accordian, ChildWindow
      File Open, File Save, FontPicker
      Area, Bubble, Scatter, Pie, Bar, Column, Line, Legend, Title
    • 18. Prebuilt controls
    • 19. All in the framework
    • 20. All in the framework
      .NET Framework provides
      Common Language Runtime [CLR] C#, VB, C++
      Dynamic Languages Runtime [DLR] IronPython, IronRuby, Managed Jscript
      Threading [Multithreading, Separation of UI and Background Threads]
      Garbage Collection
      Generics/Reflection/Collections B
      Silverlight is a WPF subset.
      If you outgrow Silverlight then you are ready for WPF
      WPF/Silverlight Sliding Scale
      Developed in parallel
      All this in a 4.6 Mb download [8 sec install]
    • 21.
    • 22. Live Demo
    • 23. Questions
    • 24. Useful Resources
    • 25. Thank You
      Stuart Manning
      Twitter: @stuartmanning