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Published in: Spiritual, Technology

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  • 1. The social, political and cultural attitudes and images of the late 2Oth / early 21st century
    • Post -Modernism!!!
  • 2. Postmodernism and Identity
    • Living in a global village - we borrow from other cultures - food/music/clothes
    • Domination of the flow of media images
    • Break up of ‘traditional agencies’ - family, religion
    • Class/gender roles - Noveaux riche
  • 3. Post Modernism in Action
    • Analysis becomes aware that the context of the text and the reader create meaning
    • Literature- pessimistic narratives
    • Art – self reflexivity
    • Music – Generic Hybridisation
    • Visual Culture – the visual becomes more important
    • Architecture
  • 4. Post Modernism and Identity
    • Fragmented identities - Madonna - links with individualisation?
    • Theory - we are made up of several shifting and fragmented identities
    • Identity is define by our lifestyle and what we consume rather than what we produce or by our background.
  • 5. Pastiche & Irony
    • Cultural production starts to speak a new language
    • Architecture
    • Art
    • Music
    • Film
  • 6. Parody and Pastiche
    • Parody aims to mock an original in a critical way.
    • Pastiche is merely a stylistic mask.
  • 7. Baudrillard and Simulacra
    • Explains the way in which simulations or copies that are replacing the real artefacts so that increasingly reality becomes redundant
    • We can longer distinguish between the real and the representation of the real
    • Irish/Australian pubs. Jerry Springer. American Coffee shops.
  • 8. Baudrillard and Simulacra
    • In Postmodernity there is no coding
    • texts reflect other texts rather than anything real
    • the world becomes simulated with no attachment to anything natural (eg: apples not tasting like apple drinks)
    • The Gulf War didn't occur?
  • 9. Bricolage and Intertextuality
    • The way signs or artefacts are borrowed from different styles or genres to create something new.
    • Pulp Fiction clip - Can you identify the post modern elements?
  • 10. Baudrillard: Hyper-reality
    • The media dominate our perception of the outside world - representing a world that is more real than that which we can experience.
    • Media = hyper-reality
    • Reality encountered in the world is a pale shadow of this.
    • Your mind loses the ability to distinguish reality from fantasy, and begins to engage with the latter without understanding what it is doing.
    • Fulfillment or happiness is found through simulation and imitation of a transient simulacrum of reality, rather than any interaction with any "real" reality.
  • 11. Post Modernism: Key Points or how to spot a Postmodern text!
    • Intertextuality
    • Self –reflexivity
    • Generic Hybridisation
    • Kitsch
    • Irony
    • Mix of Low and High Art
    • Nostalgia (for the past)
    • Mass produced is now art!
    • Simulation
    • Hyperreality
    • Semiotics (signification confused)
  • 12. Semiotics and Culture
    • We can apply these structural approaches to culture…
    • Fashion
    • Subcultures
    • Music
    • Advertising
    • Film
  • 13. Marxism
    • key to the Semiotic climate of structuralism
    • sought to understand human culture as a science
    • Attempt to solve the flaws in society
    • attempt to understand societal structures (class)
    • solve the problems of exploitation
  • 14. Your Task! – Spotting postmodernism
    • Choose one of the music videos in your class and watch in your group.
    • Is it postmodern? What postmodern traits does it show?
    • Present your finding to the rest of the group in a short presentation.
  • 15. Music Videos to Choose From
    • Pulp – Babies or Bad Cover Version
    • The Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be
    • Basement Jaxx – Romeo
    • Kylie – Come into my World
    • Muse – Time is Running out
    • Weezer – Buddy Holly
    • Bowling for Soup – Punk Rock 101
  • 16. Literature
    • Common nature of Narrative (Narratology)
    • Grammatical systems
    • Death of the Author (Barthes)
    • readers become a key creator in the text
    • Readily and Writerly texts