Market Liberalism part 2
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Market Liberalism part 2



Market Liberali

Market Liberali



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Market Liberalism part 2 Market Liberalism part 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Market Liberalism In more detail
  • What we know already
    • Economic markets in conjunction with democracy providing personal freedom (of sorts)
    • Essentially capitalism
    • Free markets
    • Supply and demand
    • Minimal intervention
  • Today we will…
    • Look at the role of the state
    • Try to understand different perspectives of freedom
    • Think about what liberalism means in general
    • Understand how pluralism works within free markets
  • Pluralism
    • Pluralism = diversity of views which often stand in opposition to dominant view
    • Economic Pluralism = diversity of competition makes better economic system
    • The more players you have the greater the results (competition is good)
    • What examples can you think of where there is lots of competition and where there is little? What do you think is better?
  • Liberalism
    • A belief in the importance of individual freedom
    • Freedom from despotic rule
    • Governments rule by consent
    • Civil rights
    • But critics argue that only the elite receive true freedom
    • - Limited voting rights/ ‘stuck’ in jobs…
  • Economic liberalism
    • Stress importance of free market/trade
    • Favours privatisation in public sector
    • But what about the welfare system?
    • To be free, do you not need basics? What defines freedom to you?
    • How far should the state go?
    • Essentially this is all Democracy
    • Democracy as a Dominant Ideology
    • What is meant by this?
    • set of common values and beliefs shared by most people in a given society, framing how the majority think
    • What constitutes our view of democracy? How does it allow personal freedom? Can freedom be bought?
    • Watch the clip on You Tube and dominant ideology
    • Your task is to write a 200-300 word report on market liberalism in action using a media form as your example
    • Try to include discussion on the following…
    • How do markets work -very basic eg supply and demand, markets value, cost etc
    • What is capitalism and how does it operate in outline?
    • What are the benefits of capitalism?
    • Where does the individual and their freedom fit into this?
    • Culture as a marketable and bankable commodity?
    • Is a dominant ideology (viewpoint) being spread? How does this fit into debates about personal freedom?